The Importance Of Technology News

The importance of technology cannot be underestimated; the technological industries are probably the fastest moving in the world following news stories is vital because technology can cover all manner of industries and hence news stories vary greatly in subject matter.

In today’s high tech world it is unsurprising that so many areas of commerce and life depend upon technology and subsequently, any news in these fields is of vital importance to even the lay reader. Technology news is so important that many news websites have created dedicated pages purely to report on technological developments.

Naturally industries such as computing and video gaming are heavily interested in the developments reported as part of technology news stories. In computing new processor chips as well as other developments are always followed closely to assess the power of future computers. The same can be said for the video games industry that constantly uses technology news stories to keep an eye on what competitors are doing.

Not only can news in this industry contain technological developments but sales figures and levels of worldwide sales of consoles or games. Another essential element of news in the gaming industry is to see which games are being banned and heavily policed by regulators as this can help developers gain a good idea of where the boundaries lay in game development.

There are industries that rely on the technology news pages that may surprise some people; the medical industry relies heavily on technical developments to advance forms of diagnosis and treatment. A recent story on students using consoles to increase their dexterity before surgery was a news article that provided a unique insight into the medical world.

Surprisingly sports are becoming increasingly reliant upon technology to increase their efficiency and skill levels; in cricket it is believed that some players where GPS systems that reveal the amount of running a specific player does during a match and hence alter his training scheme accordingly.

The importance of technology in communications is probably where news is most important. As one of the fastest developing industries in the world, communications has the potential to change our lives unimaginably. Already the mobile phone has revolutionised the way we live and communicate and hence many want to be well informed when a new technology arrives. Next generation phones with full mobile internet as well as GPS navigation systems are at the forefront of the mobile phone industry meaning enthusiasts as well as industry commentators are glued to news stories as they role off the presses.

Other developments reported in the technology news pages include information on the interfaces we use to interact with our various pieces of technology. Recent stories have included reports of headsets that allow users to control game characters through emotions and facial expressions as well as the ability to move items cognitively in a virtual world. Outside of the gaming sphere the rumours of a ‘3D internet’ are rife as increasing progress is made in the way we interact with technology.

Developments include ways in which technology may change our home lives. With news stories reporting of fridges that can automatically order food as it runs out, self cleaning ovens and vacuum cleaners that will clean the house without the lifting of the finger. If you believe all the news stories have to say, in the future we will be living in a world without manual labour.

Everyone should have a passing interest in technological developments as eventually they may change everyone’s lives for the better. Granted some of the technology news stories can be too detailed for the lay reader to enjoy but if the stories are written from a general interest perspective, all should be entertained and educated about technology that may one day change the world.

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The Blackberry Torch – Is It Worth Buying?

A quick look at the recently released Blackberry Torch set our hearts burning with desire. Especially for business executives, the design of the smartphone is sufficient to dazzle your eyes and trigger your curiosity.

The Blackberry Torch carries the distinctive trademark of Blackberry mobile phones through its dashing black color. However, a combination of the elegant curved edges and the white and dark orange colors results in a modern look that will easily capture the attention of the younger professionals and teenagers. The Torch is a similar size to the Blackberry Bold 9700. Although there is a thickness difference of 2.5mm, you’ll benefit from a full-sized touchscreen in addition to a slide out keyboard.

The Blackberry Torch features a full-sized 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. Although the resolution of 360 x 480 pixels is not as appealing as the other high-end smartphones, it works fine with the mainstream users who are non-movie fanatics. To be fair, the full-sized touchscreen and physical keyboard combination carries a huge advantage over majority of Blackberry smartphones. The full screen web browsing experience and “Pinch and zoom” capability will drive most Blackberry fans crazy.

RIM deserves praise for successfully introducing the visual experience without sacrificing any of their key advantages. As with the previous Blackberry smartphones, you’ll find the optical trackpad and their signature QWERTY keyboard. The familiar keyboard effectively improves your email and text messaging capabilities, just like the other Blackberry smartphones. Just before you draft your email, slide the display open to reveal the full QWERTY keyboard.

The Blackberry Torch comes along with GPS, 3G (HSDPA and HSUPA), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a 5 MP camera. It is a surprise that great emphasis was placed on the Torch’s camera. It allows video recording (640 x 480), continuous autofocus, LED flash, image stabilization and 11 camera modes. The only missing capability is HD video recording. The phone also includes 4GB of internal memory and supports up to 32GB of maximum capacity (256MB on the BB9700). As for the battery life, you’ll get 5 hours and 40 minutes of talktime and 30 hours of music.

Although the qualities of the new Torch sends Blackberry fans screaming for joy, RIM is definitely unsatisfied. Why else would they introduce the Blackberry 6 OS to the smartphone? The new OS6 features comprehensive changes that will place immense pressure on Blackberry’s competitors. Some of the changes come from feedback that “the Blackberry doesn’t render websites accurately” and “the menus look outdated”. As a result, there is new web browser that features tabbed browsing and an intuitive graphical menu that comes along with modern icons. There is also a social feed application that constantly displays new tweets and Facebook status updates in a timeline.

The Blackberry version 6 OS wouldn’t be complete without the ingenious universal search function. Simply by keying in your keywords, your Blackberry Torch will be able to search and bring your required app, email, file or message to you. Just imagine the amount of time you can save!

It is needless to mention how much difference the Blackberry 6 OS has made to the Torch. Although critics might comment that the Torch is still not a mean multimedia machine, it is by far the best Blackberry business phone with extended multimedia capabilities. What do you think?

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Northeast Michigan Property For Sale-How to Find the Best Northeast Michigan Property Today

Northeast Michigan property for sale is definitely in demand among outdoor lovers, as the state of Michigan, and the northern section in particular, offer plenty of outdoor activities to fulfill your needs.

First of all, the northern section of Michigan contains around one hundred state parks, and even some national parks, perfect for your outdoor needs.

From huge forests, water, snow, etc, you can definitely find what you are looking for as far as outdoor activities in the northern part of the state.

Whether you are into fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, etc, you can find it in Northern Michigan. Although the state certainly doesn’t have the outdoor paradise repuation of, say, Alaska, Colorado or some others, it certainly has more than its fair share of activites.

Keep in mind, if you are a big city person, this definitely isn’t the place for you, as it can be pretty remote, but if you are an outdoor lover, it’s perfect.

Keep in mind, now in particular, you will not pay a tremendous amount, as there is plenty of northeast Michigan property for sale for very affordable prices.

The reason for this is that Michigan has recently experienced relatively bad employment rates and a low population increase compared to the rest of the country.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a home anywhere in the state, you can definitely get it for very competitive prices compared with a similar property in another state. Even Northern Michigan Waterfront Property is relatively affordable compared with waterfront housing in other areas.

So where can you find the best northeast Michigan property for sale? Well, you could drive up there and simply start looking this way, but this would obviously be very ineffective and unproductive.

Definitely the best way would be to start looking online, and narrow your search this way. First, decide what criteria you are looking for in your next piece of property, such as the size of the home, the surrounding area, etc.

This is a very important first step, because without having a plan in place beforehand of what you want, how will you know if you find it? This is true for starting a business, and just about anything else you want to accomplish in life.

Try and find 5-10 good properties that fit your criteria, and then have a look at each, and then decide on the best. Also, to save some money, you might consider taking out a mortgage versus paying it all upfront.

Yes, no doubt you’ve heard the saying, never go into doubt for any reason, but this is actually not very smart for several reasons. For example, if you were considering buying a $300,000 home in northeast Michigan, would it be easier to get that money on hand, or to simply pay $2500 a month?

Obviously the latter would be, because you won’t have to wait years and years for the money to be available. Again, start out searching for northeast Michigan property for sale online, narrow down your search to your criteria, and go out and buy your ream home now.

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BullyDog PMT Reviews

I installed one of the BullyDog Performance Management Tool (PMT) systems in my 2005 Ford F-550 with the 6.0L engine. My main purpose was hoping for a significant fuel increase, just like my dad and brother got with the 7.3s.

Since things have been getting a little tight lately with the economy, I have been actively seeking ways of saving as much money as possible, an honest quest that has led to a very nice discovery.  

My first experience with the BullyDog PMT was that I only got an average of a .5 to .8 percent increase, and I was honestly thinking of just selling the unit. Now that I have been using it for about 2 months, I’m proud to say that I wouldn’t even dare to think of parting with it.

I highly recommend BullyDog’s PMT to anyone. I now have more than enough power when I try going up hills, which is everyday where I live. The overall increase in power is definitely worth its weight in gold especially if you are in the position where you have to tow a lot.

I like to camp on the weekend in a 38 foot 5th wheel, and it pulls it with no problems. The PMT unit still allows me to use the tow/haul mode from Ford, and I haul in the performance and extreme mode mostly as this is where I found the best fuel mileage is at.

My Ford truck weighs around 10,800 lbs, empty, but I can now easily out accelerate my dads F-250 gas job (and he has an F-350 diesel too). I advise anyone to invest the little bit of extra money, and get the PMT because of the ease of use, screen size with great readability, and with a very easy installation process.

The installation directions for the PMT were also very good from the BullyDog factory manual, and BullyDog’s customer support actually seemed like they enjoyed us calling them for information. It was a pleasure talking to someone that actually wanted to talk with me, which a lot of companies do not make you feel that way.

I would suggest shopping around online if you’re looking for the best deal. I don’t know if it’s just the ‘old school’ in me, but I would make sure that you go with a trusted recommendation of someone that has purchased online.

There’s a lot of ‘traps’ and false advertise companies online that after doing an extensive research process I found doesn’t even have a warehouse. They just drop ship, which means they have no control over my purchase. I didn’t like that, but the one company I found that had great customer service was, and that’s where I bought my BullyDog PMT.

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Blackberry 8310 Curve – Your Personal Computer

The BlackBerry Curve 8310 is very small and light phone, which only weighs a total of 111 grams. The dimensions of this small handset makes the handset easy for the user to hold, use and carry, which are 107 x 60 x 15.5 mm. It has a large colour screen and QWERTY keyboard dominating the front of the handset. The screen is 2.5 inches in size and displays up to sixty five thousand colours on the LCD screen. The mobile user can input text using the full QWERTY keyboard, which comes with a back light to enhance the individual keys. A trackball navigation tool allows the user to search through menus and features with ease.

The built-in media player allows the user to enjoy music playback in all popular music formats. The BlackBerry Curve 8310 supports a selection of ringing tone formats, which include MP3 tones, polyphonic tones and MIDI tones. The BlackBerry Curve 8310 is a business Smartphone, which comes with fun and everyday features including a digital camera feature. The camera is a 2 megapixel camera, which comes with easy to alter camera settings and with a zoom feature which allows the user to zoom in or out when taking a shot. The built-in flash feature provides the user with the ability to take picture in darker environments. The BlackBerry Curve 8310 comes with video capabilities, which allow the user to record, playback, store and share video on their Smartphone.

A password protection feature allows the user to protect their smart phone’s data being stolen by others and the users can lock the keyboard when the handset is not in use to avoid the keyboard being pressed by accident. The voice dialling feature can help the users to make calls to frequently used contacts. The BlackBerry Curve 8310 comes with easy to operate everyday features with a built in calendar, everyday to do list and an alarm clock feature. There is an option for sending vibration alert when the user is in a meeting type environment where a ringing handset would make a disturbance but the user will still know if that important call comes in as the BlackBerry 8310 will gently vibrate to let the user know that a call or new message has arrived.

The BlackBerry Curve 8310 is equipped with a built in GPS navigation system, which allows the user to get direction to their next destination. The GPS navigation feature is available depending on the network provider of the BlackBerry Curve 8310. This small Smartphone is fitted with document viewing capabilities, which allow the user to view documents in popular document formats on their handset. The email service on the BlackBerry 8310 is a wireless email service, which allows the user to send and receive attachments with their emails. The user can send and receive a variety of messages, which include MMS picture messages, SMS text messages and online instant messages. The instant messaging service allows the user to communicate with contacts that are online when the user is online and allows the participants to share instant text and symbol messages with each other. The user can also access the World Wide Web and enjoy a mobile Internet experience on their Smartphone, which comes with a HTML Web browser complete with a RIM Wireless modem.

The BlackBerry 8310 Curve Red is loaded with a Quad Band Technology Smartphone, which covers GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 and provides the user with worldwide roaming. The network coverage is fully dependent on the network operator and may vary from place to place. The user can store their contacts, messages, music, ringing tones, pictures and much more on the phone internal memory which is 64 MB of Flash memory. The BlackBerry Curve 8310 comes with an expandable memory option which allows the user to add a memory card to suit the user memory needs. The user can also connect their Smartphone to other devices using either a wireless Bluetooth connection or a cabled USB connection between devices to transfer files. The built in EDGE technology and GPRS allows the user to enjoy high speed data transfers. The user will feel fully in control of their business and personal life with the compact BlackBerry 8310 as their companion. The BlackBerry Curve 8310 is packed with incredible features including camera, a multimedia player, a built-in GPS, voice dialling, black Berry Maps, email, instant messaging and web browser. The black Berry 8310 is the phone for everything that matters to the high-end users.

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Selling A Used Or Broken Laptop

If you have an old laptop that you want to dispose of then you can sell it.  It does not even have to be in working condition.  There are places that will buy broken laptops as well. One such place online is  I have not personally used this site but have read a review on Squidoo that was positive about them.

If your laptop is used and in working condition and you want to get a little money out of it then make sure you clean your hard drive of all your personal data and remove any software that is registered in your name.  It would also be wise to make a backup of the data before you erase it just in case you accidentally missed moving something important to your new computer.

Clean the computer and try to round up and provide all the documentation and/or software that came with the computer originally.  This will help bring a little better price for the laptop.

If your computer is broken then it would probably be best to go online and find one of the recycle companies to sell it to.  These companies will either repair the computer for resale or strip it and use the good parts in other computers.

If you just bought a new laptop because you wanted a newer model with more bells and whistles and your old laptop is still working fine then there are a number of people who would like to purchase it for one reason or another.

A lot of parents like to purchase used laptops for their small children to play on.  This way the parents don’t have to worry about the children accidentally messing up something important on their computer.

Some schools buy used laptops just because they are strapped for funds and this is a good way to get a computer that is adequate for their needs at a cheaper price.

Some students will also buy a used computer because they are also short on funds for such items. 

To sell the laptop you might post a flyer on the bulletin boards at some of the local schools or universities. You could also run an ad in your local paper.

If you can’t find a buyer locally then post an ad online at some places like: Ebay, Craigslist or USFreeAds. 

If you can’t find a buyer that will give you the price that you would like to have then consider donating the laptop to a local school, animal shelter or library and then take the donation as a tax deduction.

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Michigan Car Accidents, Car Repairs, & Damage Claims – FAQ's

The insurance laws in Michigan regarding motor vehicle accidents are very confusing and change on a daily basis. The No-Fault law was created in 1973 and there have been over 2,000 written court opinions regarding these laws.

1. In Michigan, who has to pay for the repairs and damages to my car? How much you will receive depends on whether you or the other driver was at fault and on what type of collision coverage you had on the car. Your own car insurance pays for the repairs on your vehicle.

2. What types of collision coverage are there in Michigan? There are three types of collision coverage for repairs to your car. They are called Limited Collision Coverage, Standard Collision Coverage, and Broad Form Collision Coverage.

3. What if I did not buy collision coverage in Michigan? If you did not buy collision coverage, you will have to pay for the repairs to your car even if you were not at fault in the accident. You may be able to recover up to $500.00 from the other driver or his insurance company. This is called a mini-tort claim.

4. What is a deductible? This is the amount that you agree to pay toward the cost of repairs before the insurance company steps in to pay the rest.

5. How much money out of my pocket will I have to pay for the repairs after the Michigan car accident? This depends on which type of coverage you had at the time of the accident.Once you have determined whether you have Limited Collision Coverage, Standard Collision Coverage, or Broad Form Collision Coverage, you need to determine who was at fault for the accident. Call your car insurance agent for a further explanation of the type coverage on your vehicle.

6. Do I have to pay for repairs and damages to another person’s car if I caused the Michigan auto accident? If you had insurance on your vehicle, the most you will have to pay is the deductible for the other car. The maximum is $500.00. If the other car was not insured for collision coverage, the most you will have to pay is $500.00 even if the damage costs much more to repair. The amount you are required to pay is still based upon your percentage of fault in the accident. Also, many times your insurance policy will cover the other driver’s deductible if you were at fault in the accident.

Source: Lawrence J. Buckfire
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A solid team of technology support individuals is important to a companies success and reputation for several reasons. The technology support staff is often the consumers first and last impression of a company. That is a huge responsibility to the technology support team memebers. In dealing with technology support a consumer builds an immediate opinion about the products and brands sold by a company. Consumers also develop an idea of how imprtant they are as customers to a company. The most significant reason that a consumer calls the technology support department of a company in the first place is because they spent their hard earned money on a product that is no longer operating as it should. In general, this let down of sorts creates dissatisfaction in the consumer and so the technology support individual begins at a disadvantage.

The first thing one needs to do in beginning to build an effective technology support staff is to get stakeholder buy in. By that I mean high level management and or executives within the company. Based on my ownexperience, most companies, American based companies that is, do not view technology support as significant because there is no direct impact on sales. However, from my vantage point, I am firm in the idea that poor technology support over time will have an immense affect to sales and under mine brand marketing initiatives. With this in mind, we need to facilitate a bottom up understanding that there is in fact a correlation between technology support  and sales to get upper level buy in.


Documentation of technology support issues, responses and fixes is key in developing a well funtioning technology support team. It is preferable to have a computerized trouble ticket system in place with a database backend to aid in resolving consumer issues. This way the resolutions for the most frequent consumer problems are easily accessible. In addition, an effective computer response system should provide a trouble tree like work flow. This allows the technology support team member to walk through a series of steps with the customer in deducing the cause and nature of the problem.

The absence of some form of computerized technology support system creates a scenario where technology support team members could potentially wind up solving the same or similar consumer complaints over and over again. This is not condusive to any company regardless of its size because any duplication of effort costs money. Another method of documentation is just as is indicated, physical documents or refence cards that are maintained by the technology support staff.


When searching for candidates to fill a role on a technology support team, one of the most important capabililites is to select a candidate who has excellent communication skills. As I stated earlier in this document, your technology support staff are often the only representation that customers have of a company. It is important that the hiring manager selects a candidate who listens and understands the customers complaint or issue. Also that technology support person needs to be knowledeable of his role and responsibilities in order to resolve the issue quickly.

The technology support employee must also be curteous, patient and professional at all times. Remember, more often than not, the technology support call coming from a customer is because your companys product has failed and let them down so they are frustrated and perhaps angry. The technology support team member must be able to work through this respectfully in order to diffuse the situation.


Another element in building an effective technology support team is the consideration of the individual personalities of the team members. A team leader or management putting the team together needs to able to read people and decide what impact those team members may have on a team. Do the individual work well in a team environment? Do they handle peer critisism well? Are their work efforts and goals in line with the good of the team as a whole or are they self seeking? These are critical questions that a manager needs to consider if he or she is to build a team that will work well together for an extended period. If there is a significantly high rate of turnover on a team then training becomes an issue.


In my own experience in dealing with a technology support team as a consumer, it is important to me that the technology support person be sensitive to my particular problem. As recent as this passed week I had to call tech support for a network access issue with a company that I deal with regularly. I simply wanted to know why it was that I could send and receive emails from my personal email account using Microsoft Outlook without error at home, work and public access points; but I could not do so when connected to this one particular network. This was a network, which I spend a good deal of time on and it is a problem that I have to wait until I get home before I can send emails.

I suspected that it was a network security issue and that port 25, the outgoing mail server SMTP port; was closed to students. Instead of giving me an answer, the technology support staff member first tried to push the responsibility off onto my ISP. When I explained to her that I am the ISP and that I have a business which supplies web and email hosting services she seemed frustrated. After a brief discussion she indicated that I needed to contact Microsoft technology support and have them fix the issue. I explained to her that it is not a Microsoft issue because the software operates as expected on every network except theirs. Further I told her I had been setting up email clients since 1995 and this was not the problem.

Finally the technology support person placed me on hold for more that 20 minutes and I began to feel like I had been hung out to dry and so I eventually just hung up the phone because time was being wasted. This is a potentially volitile situation because had this been a consumer who was frustrated, they may have hung up the phone even more frustrated. These non-resolutions can severely impact brand popularity and sales over that duration of time.


Arellano, Nestor E. (2008). Eight strategies to build a strong tech support team. Retrieved September 6, 2009, from

TechSoup for Libraries. (2009). Building a Technology Team. Retrieved September 7, 2009, from

Source: William Kearns

How to freeze blackberries

Many people are unsure as to whether or not you can freeze blackberries once they have been picked, and the answer is yes you can! Millions of blackberries get thrown away each day because people do not realise that they can be frozen and used in a variety of ways.

When freezing blackberries it’s best not to wash the fruit beforehand as they are prone to going mushy once defrosted.

Place the blackberries on a flat tray (one that is small enough to go in your freezer), arrange the blackberries on the tray ensuring that they don’t touch. Place gently into the freezer and allow to freeze for a few hours.

Once the blackberries are completely frozen, remove from the tray and place in either a sealed container with a lid on or a freezer bag with a tie.

Depending on what you want to do with the blackberries, you can either throw them in a smoothie (defrosted or frozen) or bake in a pie.

By using blackberries in a homemade smoothie you are drinking lots of goodness and vitamins in just one glassful and your smoothie can be extremely low fat too.

Below are a couple of free tasty smoothie recipes for you to make at home. You will not only save money, but you know exactly what ingredients has gone into it.

Blackberry and Honey Dew Melon Smoothie Recipe
(serves 2 )


2 cups of frozen blackberries
2 cups honeydew melon (fresh or frozen)
1/3 cup of sugar (or more to taste)


Place the blackberries into your smoothie machine first, followed by the honeydew melon, and add the sugar. Blend for approximately 45 seconds. Pour and enjoy.

Very Berry Smoothie Recipe
(serves 1)


1 good handful of blueberries
1 banana
1 scoop of low-fat vanilla ice cream


To make this quick free smoothie recipe blend banana and blueberries in your blender for approx 35 seconds. Next add the vanilla ice-cream then blend for a further 20 seconds. Serve smooth and enjoy.

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Compare Laptop Price, Features, User Reviews, Laptop Hot Deals

Using Compare Laptops tool to select a laptop that meets all your needs

Buying a laptop is not a guessing game and with so many laptops in the market. Most often, it becomes very difficult for you to make up your mind on what to buy. Every laptop manufacturer today has at least a minimum of 10-25 notebook models to offer, and even if you have the basic idea of what you want, it becomes hard to narrow down to your perfect choice.

Today laptops are not just machines that provide mobile computing. Rather they have evolved into tools of digital lifestyle. Today a laptop is used for computing, entertainment, mobile internet, video conferencing, gaming and much more. But not all laptops have all the functionalities, and each functionality adds to the cost. So how should you systematically go about selecting a laptop that meets your needs and comes at the affordable price?

One feature that is effectively used by comparison websites is Compare Laptop tool. This tool allows you to compare various models on price and features across brands and also different models of the same brand. The common mistake committed by most of the first time buyers of laptop is that they tend to compare only prices of laptops without looking at the features and configuration of the laptops, and therefore buying decision reached is never right.  It is like comparing Maruti 800 with Mercedes Benz C220, and if price is the only consideration then nobody would ever buy Mercedes Benz C220. Compare Laptop toolnot only allows you to compare prices of different laptops , but it offers comparison based on features and specifications like Processor, Ram, Hard Drive, Optical Disc Drive and so on. Basically Compare Laptop tool allows you to do like- to- like comparison to arrive at the right buying decision.
A simple three step process will help you select right laptop or any other technology gadget:

  1. Decide what you need laptop for.  For instance, do you need it for basic computing, or running high end applications, or graphic work, or gaming or entertainment? For example a HP pavilion laptop offers more multimedia capabilities when compared to a Dell Studio laptop, but at the same time a Dell Studio is much more suited for heavy computing as compared to HP pavilion notebooks.
  2. After you’ve decided on the use, shortlist models using Compare Laptop tool that meet your criteria with respect to features, components and overall specifications.
  3. Finally compare price of shortlisted models and further narrow down your choice to one to three models that are lowest priced.

Having said that, comparison tool as used in most the comparison websites today has its own limitations and it becomes difficult to narrow down your choices beyond a point. takes this concept a step further and tries to address some of these anomalies. Consumermate allows you to shortlist models based on brand, screen-size, weight, and price before you do comparison on components & features. This allows you to specify your basic requirements before you go to detailed specification sheet. The buying decision is much more simple, accurate and precise this way.

Besides, Consumermate has a user friendly feature of Laptop Guru that through set of simple questions guides a lay-man to ascertain his exact requirements and select appropriate models. This is a very handy tool if you are unable to define your requirements, which is the case most often. In addition, Consumermate has features like Expert Ratings & reviews and user reviews that help you further refine your search.
The whole idea behind comparison tool is to provide choice and transparency to the prospective buyers and thus helping them reach objective and correct buying decision.

Read more about Laptops on, your expert buying advice.

Source: David Hawks
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