LG Ku990 Viewty: a Brilliant Camera Phone

Mobile phones have been triumphantly marching towards more sophistication. Whatever may be the purpose of its creation in the first place; today phones have become all-in-one gadgets with all possible functions embedded in it. Today’s phones are like mini-computers with multitasking capabilities like Camera, Internet browser, Document viewer and music player. Of course! Mobile phones have been metamorphosed to more sophisticated devices which were unimaginable a decade ago.
The LG KU990, the brainchild of LG Electronics is an exceptional camera phone. It has gained wide reputation as a high-performance camera phone. With a brilliant 5-megapixel camera the phone is capable of capturing sharp images and videos.

LG KU990 also popular as LG KU990 Viewty has created a sensation by proving itself to be a magnificent camera. It has almost surpassed its contemporary camera phones manufactured by some of the major players of the industry, including Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. This fabulous creation of LG can capture high-quality images which are no less in quality than those captured by a good stand alone digital camera.

LG KU990 Viewty is also equipped with a large display which enables better viewing of videos and pictures. Since, it is a touchscreen display, users can operate various functions on the mobile phone by simply touching the screen. Above all, users can easily share video clips and multimedia images, as the LG Viewty supports YouTube.

It is worth mentioning that this camera phone LG KU990 is available under various Viewty Deals, which are cheap and also complemented with numerous other freebies. Thus, buying a Viewty deal will not only enable users to become the proud owner of one of the best camera phones, but also help him save enough of his hard-earned bucks.

The camera features of this LG KU990 are just marvelous. It is enhanced with a flash for capturing pictures in dim light. Further the phone is gifted with zoom functions and video-recording and video- playback options. Another adorable qualities possessed by this beautiful handset are–image stabilizer, autofocus and photo editor. So, whether you are a professional photographer or just a general user, you will never be deprived by this easy-to-use device.

Apart from its camera functions, LG KU990 is embedded with some advanced connectivity features like USB and Bluetooth. Users can access Internet with the help of its high-speed Internet browser and also listen to their favourite music in the MP3 player and FM radio of LG KU990.

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Art And Technology

Advances in technology over the years have brought about a phenomenon caused by the fusion of computers and art. The commercial and entertainment industries have been transformed and overtaken by the vast use and demand for computer art. From web design and layout to special effects and animation, the use of computers for art and the skills needed to produce such things are in high demand. Currently one of the most popular uses of computer art is through web design for the Internet. Whether it is for personal use, non-profit organizations, government programs, or commercial use, Web pages are popping up everywhere. So to best understand this development in computer art, especially in Web design, it is important to know exactly what art is, the benefits of Web design, and the history of how art and the internet have come together. With the progressions in technology and art and the high demands thereof it can be expected to only increase in popularity.

Now, if you ask anyone what art is you are sure to get a different answer every time. Art is different things to all people. Some traditionalist scoff at the use of technology for art, while others insist it is the only way, and then there are those who believe everything in itself is a work of art. The saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” can be applied to art as well. For the sake of a definition though, Webster’s Dictionary defines art as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.” With an idea as to what might be considered art, look at it through the eyes of technology.

Computer art can pretty much be defined the same as you would define any form of art. The only difference is the method in which it is produced, and it this case the medium obviously being the computer. Thousands of computer software programs exist to help create graphic images, animation, layout, web pages, and 3D images, such as: Photoshop, Fireworks, Lightwave, Director, Freehand, Quark Express, Inspire 3D and Illustrator. Currently two of the most popular software for creating Web pages are Flash and Dreamweaver, which help save time and reduce the need of having an extended knowledge of HTML.

Programming languages such as HTML (hypertext markup language) are what make up a Web page. Traditionally Web pages were always made by written code. However, today that is not the case. Software programs enable the user to create Web pages with the click of a button, with very little knowledge of programming, if any. For the more advanced programmers the same is true, but these software programs also allow them to work side by side with the HTML code to customize or add to the given source. With all this talk of programming and code, it’s only common sense to question where the artistic side comes in to play.

With Web pages there are two sides to the creative and artistic elements of a Web page. The first comes with having an in depth knowledge of different programming languages such as JavaScript. Programming like this helps to make a Website more interesting. If used properly with the right amount of creativity, these skills can enhance a Web page and its navigation ability. Designing the layout of a Web page is the second and most important use of artist and creative talent when it comes to making a Web page. The appearance has to be something that is going to attract and hold the viewer’s attention. A Web page is used to convey a message or information of some extent, and if a Web page is not appealing visually, chances are the viewer will not take the time to explore the site or read the information. So it is crucial that the Website be strong both artistically and creatively, otherwise the Website will be in vain.

As mentioned before, Web pages are used by and for everyone with a universal purpose, to provide information. The Internet has made access to information a fast and quick process, but what exactly makes a good Web page? First and foremost it is important to focus on the graphic design basics such as color, layout, typography and HTML technology. Second, it is important to study the insights of leading graphic designers working outside the context of the Web to give you a framework for what constitutes “good design” in general. Successful Websites come from a dedication to design shaped around content. If the layout and design does not aid the information being presented it is pointless. So there are many things to be careful about when making a Web page, because if it is not artistically made, viewers may not want to read it; if the layout does not represent the content, it takes away from the message. For this reason, Web designers who truly know what they are doing are much desired by businesses and corporations to design their Websites.

Salaries for Web designers can vary greatly, depending on your experience, your skills, and what exactly you would be doing. Plus, there are several titles and position dealing with the Web and Web design such as Site Builder, Designer, Executive Assistant, Site Manager, Senior Technical Consultant, Project Manager, Creative Director, Strategist, VP, and CEO. Designers on the average make around $45,500 while when you work your way to the top of the ladder; the VP and CEO make around $135,800 to $158,000. So there is definitely a lot of money to be made in the field of web design, but how did the Internet get to where it is today?

The history of the Internet has been relatively brief. In the1960’s an experiment was conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense that can be pin pointed as a place of origin for the Internet. The purpose of this experiment by the Department of Defense was to safeguard information in the event of a disaster or nuclear war through the networking of computers. It was necessary to have a way of protecting the network so that the system could still operate if part of the network were damaged. The answer that the Department of Defense came up with was the network known as ARPANET. This network made it possible for U.S. scientific and academic researchers to be linked together. The use of ARAPANET was the forerunner for today’s Internet.

The National Science Foundation, called NSFNET, created a series of networks for education, communication, and research in 1985. It created a national backbone service provided free to any U.S. research and educational institution based on ARPANET protocols. During this time, regional networks were being created to link individual institutions with the national backbone service. As more and more people learned about NSFNET it began to grow very rapidly. Soon, new software applications started popping up to help make access easier for everyone. Other corporations started to form their own networks to link up with NSFNET, such as Sprint and MCI. Since then, commercial firms and other regional network providers have taken over the operation of the major Internet arteries. And that brings us up to where we are today with the rapid use and development of the Internet.

Surfing the Web was not an easy task with the earlier platforms and browsers. The fact that the layout and design was so simplistic, mainly a gray background with black text did not make the Internet very user friendly. Today though, with bright and colorful WebPages, easy accessibility and navigation makes it possible for anyone to use the Internet. And a lot of the credit should go to the artist and programmers who have made Websites what they are today.

The rapid growth and history of the Internet is sure to only continue and progress with time. Possible things to expect are quicker connections, a wider availability and affordability in other countries, the ability to do things on the internet that might seem unconceivable at this point, for example no one would have ever thought you could buy groceries over the Internet, but now it is possible. However, things such as these do not lie in the hands of the web designer, rather it is the programmers and people behind the scene.

Art is a part of everyday life; it surrounds us everywhere we go. The combining of art with everyday objects and things heightens not only our appreciation, but our demand for them as well. This has been made obvious through the use of art and computers together, specifically on the Internet with Web pages. When surfing the Web from now on, pay attention to how many decisions are made based on appearances and special effects, then try to imagine the Web without them. The use of the Internet is going to continue to grow and develop with everyday that passes, and the use of artistic ability will be there every step of the way.

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LG K500 Cookie: Powerful device with interactive features

At present time the level of technology stands at extreme level, which has made the lives of humans full of comforts. The remarkable inventions of technology has delighted the people across the world. In this context, mobile phones have recognized as a priceless boon of technology for the human beings. Such kinds of tiny devices are blessed very appreciable features, which are capable to fulfill human’s many important tasks at rapid speed. In order of communication purpose, such small devices come at top level and have become a part of life for every age group of person. These gadgets have made so much successful by the creative minds of many brands such as Sony Ericsson, LG, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry etc. Such big merchants have suggested many quality devices, which are loaded with many exemplary features and posses elegant looks as well.

Among all such brands, many users have become regular users of LG mobile phones, which are very wise choices to adopt in our lives. The devices of this merchant are booming very much in the mobile phone market and also available at very much affordable prices. The mobile phone market is rich with many classic LG handsets such as LG KC910, W550, KP500 Cookie, KC910 Renior, KM900 Arena, KT770 and many more. Such gadgets are reliable proposals of LG, which ensure the users for excellent services anytime and anywhere. Apart from fulfilling communication needs such branded gadgets also permit one to manipulate many manual and multimedia tasks at high speed. Out of huge number of quality LG handsets, many users are crazy about LG KP500 Cookie, which is ruling very much on the hearts of handset users. The reason behind this, its dazzling look and many outlandish features. So, lets try to check out such quality features of this gizmo, which are meant as main attractions of it.

This LG gizmo posses so much ravishing look and claims for reliable services through its useful features. One will surely pleased to see a 3.2 MP camera feature in this device, which allows one to capture stunning pictures of loved ones. Even more this camera also capable for video recording, making video, video player (MPEG4 & 3GP players) and lots more. Furthermore, this gizmo comes embedded with a 3 inches colour (262 K millions colours) TFT screen, which is able to display clearly folders, menus, videos, images and other outputs at 240 x 400 pixels resolution. The presence of a remarkable battery allows one for 3.3 hours of talk time and 350 hours standby time. So, one is free to talk continuously with dear ones through reliable battery of this handset. This is very handy device, which is made possible through its good dimensions like 106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 mm and it weighs only 89 grams. The thrilling music of this gizmo can be delighted with a MP3 music player, which allows one to play favorite songs with surround sound. The musical entertainment also get enhanced through provided FM radio and other MP3 & Polyphonic ringtones. This quality LG mobile phone also offers one for Internet facility in it, which can be made possible through its connectivity features like EDGE and GPRS. The Bluetooth comfort of this device is very good option to exchange videos, songs, images and other important data to the Bluetooth supportive gadgets of friends. Its messaging features as MMS, SMS, Email and Predictive text are perfect means to keep in touch with distant friends and relatives. However, one can observe many creative features in this LG KP500 Cookie, which are enough to lead the interest of one in it.

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5 Essential Medical Machines Used in Hospitals

Today, medical equipment technology is advancing at increasingly rapid speeds, in large part because of the advent of computer technology just a few decades ago. But despite this, some of the most common and essential pieces of medical machinery still in use today had their origin in pre-computer times. Here are 5 of the top medical machines used in hospitals.

Defibrillators remain the best tools for reviving patients during cardiac arrests. Defibrillators can be found in almost every hospital room today along with the first aid kit. Experiments with defibrillation started in the late 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1947 that a defibrillator was first used to resuscitate a human being: a 14 year old patient of Doctor Claude Beck. Beck used his still-not-properly-tested defibrillator when the 14-year-old’s heart stopped in the middle of open heart surgery.  

Patient Monitors

One of the most essential tools in the operating room, the patient monitor is a large device that records and interprets the vital signs of a patient during medical care or treatment. Thanks to patient monitors, doctors and nurses are sometimes alerted of incoming changes or dangers to the patients state before symptoms of the changes become physically apparent.

X-ray Machine
It was German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen who accidentally discovered x-rays in 1895 while working on experiments with electron beams. It took many years to get x-rays machines from the large, cumbersome and fatally dangerous things they were at the beginning to the highly useful and very safe instruments they are today. X-ray machines help doctors diagnose illnesses, detect fractured bones, cavities and foreign objects inside the body.

EKG Machine
The first EKG (electrocardiogram) machine was built in 1903 by Willem Einthoven. An EKG machine detects any abnormalities in heart functions by detecting the electrical signals created by the movement of the heart’s muscles. Einthoven assigned the letters P, Q, R, S and T to the various kinds of electrical signals of the heart. His system is still used in modern EKG machines.

Ultrasound Machines
In a similar fashion as sonar, ultrasound machines map the body’s interior tissue and organs by emitting high-pitched sound waves that bounce off internal body structures to produce a visual image of them. Karl Dussik and Ian Donald are the two most well known pioneers of ultrasound technology. In 192, Dussik used ultrasound to examine the human brain and Donald, in the 50s, used ultrasound for diagnostic purposes.

The next time when looking to buy stress system equipment, think about what type of stress machine would best fit your needs.

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LG GD510 Pop – Pros and Cons

Like most manufacturers, LG seems to be concentrating on the touchscreen phone market. With a view to stay ahead of the competition, it has released a budget friendly touchscreen phone – the LG GD510 Pop. The phone is available in 2 colors – black and silver. Lets look at the pros and cons of this new handset.


1. Design and user interface: The LG GD510 Pop measures 97.8 x 49.5 x 11.2 mm and weighs merely 87 grams. It features a 3.0 inch TFT resistive touchscreen which supports 256K colors and displays 240X400 pixels. LG claims it is the most compact 3.0 inch touchscreen phone in the market. The flash User interface also looks stunning with three homescreens which can be customized. Overall, the phone is quite fashionable and has good touchscreen response.

2. Entertainment: The LG GD510 offers very good entertainment options. It has a music player which allows you to play your favorite music file formats like MP3, WAV, AAC+ and a video player which supports MP4 video formats. You can also listen to Stereo FM with RDS. In addition, six pre-installed games are also provided for your gaming needs. You can also stay connected with your friends from anywhere as the phone offers Myspace, Facebook, Twitter integration.

3. Eco Friendly: The LG GD510 is very eco-friendly as it has been manufactured from non-hazardous materials. Even the packaging is done using recycled paper. You can also add an optional solar-powered battery cover which uses solar energy for charging the phone. Eco-tree and eco-calculator applications are inbuilt into the phone which allow you to keep track of your carbon emissions.


1. Camera: LG GD510 Pop offers a 3.0 megapixel camera which can take images up to a resolution of 2048×1537 pixels and record videos at QVGA resolution. However, the camera lacks flash and autofocus. As a result, the quality of the images is poor in low light conditions.

2. Video Player: The video player doesn’t support DivX files. As a result, you’ll not be able to watch your high quality videos on the phone.

3. Connectivity: With the GD510, you won’t be able to access high speed networks as the phone doesn’t support Wifi and 3G. This is quite disappointing as the phone offers social networking integration.

Overall, the LG GD510 offers good value for money. The phone is currently available in the two colors – black and silver.

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Review of the History and Advancements in Cellular Phones

Amazingly, cell phones are actually around for a lot longer that people can think. There are a number of reviews of the history and advancements in cellular phones from different people giving you a brief knowledge about cellular phones. Right from the early 1970s there were wireless cell phones used and widely available in the markets but not many people used they expect the government and big businessmen who used them. These cell phones were not practical devices that would just work when the wireless network would actually be in proper range and this was not the same during the past. This reason made the cell phones inefficient and impractical. The cell phone of early times also looked like large pieces of devices that would also not fit into the purses and pockets and so there was not point in carrying any one of them. Apart from this there was also not any cellular phone accessory at all for the user that personalized their phone. However this picture has practically changed in to a much larger development and advancement in cellular phones.

Cell phones during 1990s

With the emerging of nineties the cell phones started playing a major role in the communication field. Slowly people had started using cell phones in the main stream population and there were also wireless companies like the AT&T who started pushing their service to make wireless phones the best source of communication. The cell phones of the nineties had started using the digital signals rather than the analog signals which were once having control over the communication markets. The digital technology made the wireless conversation even more like the wired phones calls which were used at homes. The digital technology would also perfectly cut up the waves of sound and deliver them in bursts of data which made sound even more clearer.

Advancement in cellular phones

The cell phones started becoming even more affordable for any average person. The plans offered by cellular phones started becoming more and more family friendly as the packages mainly aimed at the regular customers apart from the businessmen. With the advertisements and improvements in technology and cell phone reliability the industry had started changing dramatically. The cellular phone industry had started out as just three million dollar market and it has exponentially grown to nearly a thirty billion dollar cellular phone market.

Today there are a number of cell phone companies and you have a several choices in selecting cell phones and the plans for cell phones which would rather confuse any average person. The advancement in cellular phones was gradually recognized by the development of cell phones that offered different features like storage feature and later cell phones allowed data cables to be attached for further accessibility. Mobile broadband, Bluetooth, multimedia players and features were some other features in the cell phones. In addition to this you will also find cell phones today that include GPS navigation system and the latest touch screen technology cell phones.

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LG Viewty – Award Winning Mobile Phone

LG Electronics has now progressed into the high-technology camera mobile phone category with his new invention, LG KU990 Viewty. LG Viewty wins several technology awards this year due to its unique design and features. Most of the young generation youth likes to put this slim and sexy handset in their pocket. Now, question arises why? Here is the explanation of why they want this latest LG handset.

Firstly, LG Viewty has inherited with all latest mobile phone technologies which a person wants in their mobile phone. Secondly, this funky handset is available in several colour models which are very shiny in their nature that’s directly impact on others. Thirdly, LG KU990 is available on our mobile shop along with some saving plans, gifts and incentives. We describe each point in very details below.

LG’s latest camera phone i.e. LG Viewty might sounds like it’s a digital photo frame but in reality it’s a master creativity of LG engineers that features a mind blowing 5 megapixel camera with auto focus capability. So, you can make your friends jealous because you have a mobile phone which is loaded with latest technology to get crystal clear images and videos. Its MP3 players have high quality of sound feature which makes your leg shaking for dance. If you are interested in digital photography then you can do it with LG Viewty, there is no need to buy a digital camera. Image quality and print quality is superb with 5 megapixel camera. Not only this handset has superb quality camera but also have a large touch-screen, which makes navigation through out the phone very easy. LG Viewty has the ability to upload your video clips directly to Youtube. Web browsing on this mobile phone is very easy because it is well equipped with a latest web browser that makes your web navigation easy and fast. This is not the end, it also have some other best features like EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA, triband network support, memory card slot and so on. That is what our current generation wants.

LG KU990 Viewty Phone is the most superior phone from LG and this is only the beginning. LG promises to offer a number of exciting experiences in the field of mobile technology. Currently, LG has three different colour combination of LG Viewty: Black, Silver and Purple. But, very soon LG launches its latest colour model of Viewty i.e. LG KU990 Viewty Pink. So, you have several choices to choose best for you.

LG KU990 Viewty is available on our esteemed mobile shop which is known as Cheap Monthly Mobile. We scan all the best possibilities for you to make your investment worthwhile. You can buy this phone with free line rental offer deals and cashback offer. But, every person has its own interest, so keeping this in mind we bring deals with free game console like Nintendo Wii, Xbox and Sony PS3. Music lovers have an opportunity to buy LG Viewty with free iPod touch or iPod Nano or iPod Classic or iPod Shuffle deals. So, bring it today before these exclusive offers being expired.

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Business & Technology Crack – Does Business Drives Technology or Technology Drives Business?

Information Technology and the move to a computerized infrastructure model are bringing great changes to many industries. Often it is the CIO of the company who escort this fundamental shift in the business revenue stream. Leading others through modernization, revolutionize and transformation means you must be able to make changes yourself.

Forget about asking whether technology drives business or business drives technology. Stop perturbing about whether or not technology is strategic. Silence all the confusions about how advance this technology is to that technology. In technology, there are numerous questions that if you have to ask, you probably already know and don’t like the answer. A more satisfying line of inquiry is how much of your technological horsepower is actually being used to turn the wheels of innovation.

Some people says that Technology drives business modernization, novelty, success & Innovations that opens up new doors of opportunities, improves the company’s performance on the whole, sharpens the company’s market intelligence, and makes new things possible for the clients. Another school of thought is that the Business Drives Technology, as such integration is about assisting business to facilitate their profitability by utilizing technology and other resources available to the enterprise. But realistically speaking, the driving force comes from the CEO and CIO of the company, who both endeavor to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

In a society that has become entirely dependent on computers and immediate communications, technology is becoming the heartbeat in the process of office design as decisions on layout and services. Some aspects of technology, like the computer animation & communication, are highly visible demonstration devices. But more of it is in the largely unseen infrastructure, with the emphasis on sophisticated wiring and smart communication devices to provide for an ever greater flow, and on communications and power facilities to keep operations running through almost any anticipated calamity.

In the modernization of the today’s businesses, Common business drivers include; Mergers and Acquisitions, Internal Reorganizations, Application and System Consolidation, Inconsistent/Duplicated/Fragmented Data, New Business Strategies, Compliance with Government Regulations, Streamlining Business Processes. To achieve the success in the accommodation of these business drivers, the sturdy and smart input would be required from both the parties i.e. the business as well as the technology.

In a company, you could cover every surface in your office with how to manage change. But one aspect of change management that often dodges IT Managers is how to better influence corporate colleagues. If information technology drives business decisions, the IT executives must communicate and be persuasive with other department heads on key project management issues.

Strategic planning for Information Technology is one component of an overall company vision for success. This psychoanalysis facilitates IT professionals to successfully define short and long-term goals and ascertain the resources necessary to apprehend such goals. To ensure success, the strategic plan should be developed in a thorough but rapid manner, consist of a brief, succinct compilation of analyzed data, and provide opportunities by which additional planning and analysis can occur.

Several important benefits occur as the result of a successful strategic IT plan. First, employees are provided with an understanding of how their role fits in with the overall company structure. Also, this planning allows managers to realize additional opportunities for growth and success. Finally, important relationships between technology investment and positive outcomes, such as increased market share, are revealed.

It’s now become the industry dilemma that IT people need to know more about business. They need to understand the disciplines and the lingo of business process management, business performance management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, financial management, human resources management, operations management, etc. Lacking that knowledge, communication with business people and understanding of business requirements will forever be troubled.

On the other hand the Business people should also drive their efforts to know more about information technology. As with all communication and relationship issues, this is not a prejudiced problem. Just as IT people need to become more business-oriented, business people need to be more IT-oriented. They need to understand the roles and relationships among the many different kinds of technology upon which their information systems depend, and they need to understand the dependencies among those technologies. Business people need to have a working knowledge of the technology stack as it affects their capability to get information, perform business analysis, and make informed business decisions.

Beyond the relatively straight-forward needs of business becoming IT-oriented and technologists becoming business-oriented, there lies a new challenge. We must develop common understanding and shared perspective of value, an issue that is both a business concern and a technology consideration. When business and IT have different meaning and outlook for value, conflicts are certain to arise.

Business and IT organizations often have two evidently different perspectives of value. IT expert generally take a data-to-value approach. Where Data produces information, information enhances knowledge, knowledge drives action, action produces outcomes, and favorable outcomes deliver value. Business management typically uses a goals-to-value system. Business drivers and goals determine strategies, strategies drive tactics, which in turn produce results, and positive results produce value.

Effective business/IT relationships are ultimately a question of alignment. New IT skills, new business skills, and new perspectives that sets the stage for business/IT alignment. But it doesn’t assure alignment. To achieve genuine association there are several things that must be done; some by IT, some by the business, and some collectively.

Conflicts between business and IT organizations have existed from the very beginning of automated Information Systems. We have accelerated in so many ways both in business and in technology. However, the problem still pestilences most of the businesses. The Business/IT crack must go away. The cost is high; the value is null; and the barriers that it crafts grow bigger each moment. The problem can be fixed, and the time to fix it is now!

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LG enV Touch Reviews

The LG enV Touch VX11000 is probably not in the same league as iPhone or Palm Pre. But that doesn’t shadow this feature-rich cell phone from being desirable.

With its full touch-screen interface, The LG enV Touch looks like a successor to the much acclaimed LG Voyager VX10000, but comes with a better design and features. It has two 3-inch displays and both of them support an incredible 1.6 million colors which is very helpful in viewing images and videos. The outer display uses a touch-screen interface. The spacious QWERTY keyboard comes with a better layout and makes typing a pleasant experience.

The 3.2 mexa pixel camera is more advanced than that found on Voyager. And with EV-Do Rev.A and a full HTML Web Browser, you can surf the net faster. But unlike Voyager, the enV Touch doesn’t have a V Cast Mobile TV feature.

Looks and Design:

In looks and design, this phone has similarities with LG Versa and LG Dare. The construction is sturdy. The touch-screen interface is quite responsive. Drag your fingers across the screen and you will be able to scroll through menus and web pages. There is, nevertheless, some problem. Using the web browser on the touch screen interface may prove to be slightly difficult and demands some time to get used to. You need to tap just right in order for a link to register. This is particularly true on a crowded page. And sometimes you might inadvertently launch an application when navigating the menu. Another disappointing aspect is the lack of Wi-Fi.


The phonebook can store up to 1,500 entries. Each entry can consist of up to five numbers, two email addresses and a street address. Other features include a vibrate mode, a speakerphone, a calendar, an alarm clock, a notepad, text and multimedia messaging, voice messaging, and even a drawing pad. The built-in Bluetooth supports dial-up networking, phonebook access, basic printing, basic imaging and file transfer among others.

If you have a Mobile Broadband Connect Plan, you can use the enV Touch as a wireless modem for your laptop or computer. There is a document viewer with which you can read Microsoft Office documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You will be able to access and read Adobe Acrobat .pdf files.

As for e-mail, there are three options. The mobile e-mail feature makes it possible for you to get e-mail from a variety of services (like Yahoo, AOL, and Windows Live) directly into your in-box. The other two options are mobile corporate e-mail and mobile Web e-mail.

Overall, this is a great phone. In a market swamped with touch screen enabled cell phones, the enV Touch is an outstanding model among the entire range. It has a wide array of powerful features packed in a sleek design, making it one of the better phones currently available.


Two large and beautiful displays

Spacious keyboard with QWERTY Layout

Good camera with excellent picture quality

Full HTML browser


The touch-screen interface can do with some refinement

Lacks Wi-Fi

Visual voice mail and corporate mail comes at an additional monthly fee

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3D Printing Advantages For Prototyping Applications

3D printing applications are continuing to develop as the technology expands. Designers and engineers find it very useful in the creating of design prototypes. Not only does 3D printing technology offer many useful design features, but prototypes can consist of many different kinds of model materials.

Read more on Rapid Prototyping

Currently, fabrication materials used to produce prototypes range from resins, polymers and plasters, many new ones may be on the horizon as well. Depending on the scope of the prototype to be produced will determine which 3D printing fabrication materials designers prefer. Key factors that can influence the choice of materials used in 3D printing prototypes are model durability, expected lifespan, and the complexity of design.

3D Printing and Enhanced Product Development

Many companies rely on the use of prototypes and models produced by 3D printing for the purpose of conducting product, and focus group testing. The test groups are looking for design preferences from consumers or end-users. The feedback received is incorporated into the design during this stage of the process.

The data gained is used to make changes to the product as it is prepared for manufacture. 3D printing is a crucial tool for quickly making cost efficient design changes, and the ability to rapidly produce a new prototype. 3D printing applications for marketing and design function is able to cut the time necessary for producing a workable prototype. Time and cost savings using 3D printers can be as much as two-thirds.

Prototypes produced, tested and redesigned utilizing 3D printing is highly efficient because designs can be easily changed until the engineering is ideal. Instead of gaining performance data as a result of field failure, data can be easily gained in the design process. Inexpensive materials such as resins and polymers used in 3D printing offer the most durable prototype models, and also reduce cost. Research and development in 3D printing technology continually advances with new materials being developed all the time. This technology plays an important role in the efficient production of prototypes for research and product development.

3D Printing CAD Software Advantages

The advantage of using (CAD) software in 3D printing technology stands in stark relation to traditional prototype technology. Traditional prototyping technology employed plastic formers to create models. These required large and bulky platforms and a major financial investment for design, or engineering firms. 3D printing systems that are not only more compact, but are cost efficient to purchase and operate also. The technology has reduced the set up time, and operation requirements are easier too. This has made the technology a popular choice for many models and toy manufacturers.

3D printing stands on the forefront of many new product markets, fabrication materials, and hardware applications, both for the business and consumer markets. Advancing technologies are steadily developing and many advantages in advanced hardware, software and fabrication materials used in available rapid prototype systems have resulted.

3D printing advancements allow for the faster and more cost efficient prototype, and fabrication model. 3D printing advantages also include the elimination of expensive tooling, manpower, and the costs associated with the creation of design prototypes. All of these 3D printing advantages help firms to create the models necessary in order to bring their products to market.

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