How to freeze blackberries

Many people are unsure as to whether or not you can freeze blackberries once they have been picked, and the answer is yes you can! Millions of blackberries get thrown away each day because people do not realise that they can be frozen and used in a variety of ways.

When freezing blackberries it’s best not to wash the fruit beforehand as they are prone to going mushy once defrosted.

Place the blackberries on a flat tray (one that is small enough to go in your freezer), arrange the blackberries on the tray ensuring that they don’t touch. Place gently into the freezer and allow to freeze for a few hours.

Once the blackberries are completely frozen, remove from the tray and place in either a sealed container with a lid on or a freezer bag with a tie.

Depending on what you want to do with the blackberries, you can either throw them in a smoothie (defrosted or frozen) or bake in a pie.

By using blackberries in a homemade smoothie you are drinking lots of goodness and vitamins in just one glassful and your smoothie can be extremely low fat too.

Below are a couple of free tasty smoothie recipes for you to make at home. You will not only save money, but you know exactly what ingredients has gone into it.

Blackberry and Honey Dew Melon Smoothie Recipe
(serves 2 )


2 cups of frozen blackberries
2 cups honeydew melon (fresh or frozen)
1/3 cup of sugar (or more to taste)


Place the blackberries into your smoothie machine first, followed by the honeydew melon, and add the sugar. Blend for approximately 45 seconds. Pour and enjoy.

Very Berry Smoothie Recipe
(serves 1)


1 good handful of blueberries
1 banana
1 scoop of low-fat vanilla ice cream


To make this quick free smoothie recipe blend banana and blueberries in your blender for approx 35 seconds. Next add the vanilla ice-cream then blend for a further 20 seconds. Serve smooth and enjoy.

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Sue Debt Collectors Michigan

You may need to Sue Debt Collectors in Michigan if you are a state resident and continue to be harassed. This page will discuss the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as your rights under the FDCPA.

Many consumers do not understand that there are laws to protect them against debt collectors who break the law and creditors who blemish their credit reports. When you experience these problems, you need an attorney with the knowledge and experience that knows how to best utilize these laws to neutralize those who overstep their boundaries and to protect you and your good name.

Debts covered under the FDCAP include personal debts, and household debts. This includes debts owed for the purchase of a car, medical care, or for credit cards.

A collector may only contact you in person, by mail, or telephone. A debt collector may not contact you at an unreasonable time or place though. Debt collectors may not contact you at work either if they know that the employer disapproves.

You can stop a debt collector from contacting you with a written letter to the collection agency telling them to stop. Once they receive that letter, they may only contact you to tell you that there will be no further contact. They may also contact you if the debt collector or creditor intends to take a specific action.

A debt collector may not contact third parties about your debt, except when trying to find out where you live or work. Additionally, if you have an attorney, the debt collector may contact the attorney as well. As a general rule, a debt collector cannot disclose that you owe money.

A debt collector must identify himself/herself as a debt collector and must provide you with a statement that he/she is working in the capacity of a debt collector. Within 5 days from the first contact, the debt collector must send you a written notice telling you the amount of your debt and the name of the creditor that you owe money to.

A debt collector may not contact you if, within 30 days after you are first contacted, you send the collection agency a letter stating that you are not responsible for the debt. However, a collector can renew collection activities if you are sent proof of a debt, such as a bill or invoice.

If this article reminds you of a problem that you or a loved one are experiencing, and are a Michigan resident, you may need to Sue Debt Collectors Michigan.

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Which Is Better – A Non-Binding Moving Estimate Or A Binding Estimate?

If you are planning to relocate and you have a lot to move then you will probably want to hire a professional moving company to make your move as smooth, efficient, and stress free as possible. However, you will have to make numerous decisions prior to your move.

One of the choices you’ll have to make is whether you should agree to a non-binding estimate or a binding estimate. Let’s take a look at how estimates are determined so you will know which choice will be the best for you.

The cost of an estimate is usually determined by the distance your belongings have to travel and how much they weigh. The weight is ultimately determined when the movers weigh your shipment on a certified scale and deduct the weight of the truck from it.

The net weight can raise or lower the cost of your original estimate. If you have a binding estimate the net weight will not matter. If you have a non-binding estimate the price you pay may increase.

If you want to know exactly what your move will cost and you can explicitly define each and every thing that is going to be moved then you should definitely consider signing a binding estimate. Keep in mind, though, that a binding estimate may end up costing more than a non-binding estimate.

That’s because your mover will often add in some additional revenue that will protect his company from any variances in the original estimate.

Because of the extra cost, many movers provide a non-binding estimate. In a non-binding estimate the actual charges will be determined by the certified weight.

However, even if the initial weight was grossly underestimated, the mover can’t require you to pay any more that the amount of the original estimate plus a maximum of ten percent.

Let’s say that your non-binding estimate for your move is $3,000 and you didn’t request any additional services. If the weight of your shipment is more than the estimated weight, when your shipment is delivered the most the mover can require you to pay would be $3,300. And the moving company is required to submit an invoice to you for the additional charges.

If you have a non-binding agreement and the actual weight is more than the estimated weight, you will often have thirty days after your possessions are delivered to pay the company for the additional charges.

However some movers require that you pay for the total cost of the delivery in full at the time of delivery. Therefore you should find out when the mover expects to be paid before you sign the paperwork.

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Michigan Car Remote Starter

People are looking for car remote starters in Michigan and other cold places. Remote starters are great for warming up your car and melting the snow from the windshield. Truck remote starters and car remote starters are a great safety feature. Get the free report on car remote starters. Viper car remote starters tend to be the best.

The only reason to have a remote car starter installed is to warm up your vehicle.
No. Although it’s true that a nice warm car is the feature you’ll probably love the most (especially here in Michigan), you’ll find a remote starter lets you “escape the scrape” too. Several models also come with a keyless entry option as well, so you can enjoy the safety and convenience of locking and unlocking your vehicle (and even pop your trunk), all with just the touch of a button. And don’t forget: remote starters are great in the summertime too! They’ll quickly cool off a vehicle that’s been sitting in the hot sun all day!

A warranty or guarantee is not important for a good job.
Rarely to NEVER is seen a reputable company afraid to stand behind its work, but, several won’t including a few right here in Michigan. Advice: Be VERY wary of any shop that won’t include a written money-back guarantee one that guarantees the remote starter will perform exactly as you were
told it would, and insures you’ll be happy with the performance and the installation. Review it carefully before you decide who you will allow to do your installation. Steer clear of retailers that don’t have a written warranty to show you. They probably won’t be around to help you when you need it.

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The super-shiny Silver edition of the Xiaomi Mi 6 will… never see the light of day

Xiaomi — the little-known company with big aspirations, familiar to smartphone fans for its bargain-priced, premium-looking handsets. Well, we’d like to note that when we say “little-known” we mean for the Western markets — Xiaomi is a giant in its home country of China and very popular in neighboring India. It still has troubles with entering US and EU markets, but plenty of fans worldwide have managed to order Xiaomi phones via 3rd party retailers from China.

The company’s top-dog devices come from the Xiaomi Mi series, with the Xiaomi Mi 6 being the latest entry. …

Offense And The Terrorist

Offense And The Terrorist

New York city didn`t have a problem until the Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them into the Twin Towers, which is what terrorism is; telling people there`s a problem when there isn`t one: it`s what child abusers practice agains their victims. The supposed adult tells the child that it`s offended and the child perceives that it has done something wrong for which it should feel guilt and fear. 9/11 was `offense` and `defense` for the child of the United States of America, which reacted to the problem by invading Saddam Hussein`s Iraq rather than dealing with the Al Qaeda terrorist group in Afghanistan and elsewhere because it had perpetrated the assault.

 Having defeated Iraq after it invaded Kuwait in the Gulf war of 1990-1, President George W. Bush Jnr took exception to Saddam`s declaration that Al Qaeda could have bases in Iraq. But it was easier to attack a defeated opponent than take on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, which was a historically impossible mission that had been attempted with disastrous consequences by the British Empire and even by the Russians at the height of the Soviet Empire and with similar failure. Although the US` Team 6 Navy unit eventually tracked Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Ladan from Afghanistan to his hideout in Pakistan next to the Military Academy in Kakul in 2011, his removal didn`t explain why the US hadn`t originally sent troops to Afghanistan, where Al Qaeda were based, but invaded Iraq instead because of personal insults and animosity between Saddam Hussein and the Bush dynasty.1

 The US reacted as an abused child and Baghdad where George W. Bush`s  shadow dad was became the target because George Jnr hadn`t yet emerged from the shadow of his father George Snr, who was the victor in the first Gulf War. When 9/11 2001 occurred George Jnr transferred his desire to emerge from his father`s shadow into an ambition to kill Saddam Hussein and, in terms of the psychological transference, `bag dad` in Baghdad as a projection of his own shadow father.

 In the transference feelings are projected away from the object of the subjectivity of the perceiving individual onto an `other`. Saddam Hussein in Baghdad was, for George W. Bush, the father figure he could easily remove, while Osama Bin Ladan and Al Qaeda remained a more difficult proposition, so Bush took the quick route for a psychological fix to his problems with his shadow.

 US President Richard Nixon`s decision to carpet bomb Cambodia in 1969 because it could harbour Khmer Rouge to help the North Vietnamese was a similar quick fix for a leader having shadow problems with what he could perceive but `through a glass, darkly` (1 Cor: 13. 12). George Jnr`s response to his shadow represented another failure to deal with the actual rather than the projected. The war in Vietnam could hardly be construed as Homeland Defense, which was the main criticism against it, but dealing with problems associated with the shadow is what offense and defense are.

 Offense is the notion there`s a problem where there isn`t one, which is what terroism is, and that equates with feelings aroused in a child made to feel that they have to react guiltily to a wrong perpetrated against them by a parent, which can result in an ill conceived response from the child to the threat because of its inability to deal with obfuscatory shadow material arising in the infant`s consciousness after the offense. The ego is prevented from functioning successfully to discriminate between appropriate and inappropriate choices commensurate with the attack upon it.

 The socio-historical role of the US since its inception as a nation declaring its independence form Britain since 1776 is that of a powerful child still dealing with an offensive parent that promoted slavery. Although the French gave the statue of Liberty to the US it remains a symbol rather than a reality because its meaning isn`t understood. Western culture and civilization is based on the Graeco-Roman model of society that emerged as an enslaver of women`s host wombs in Greece`s Athens to spread its contagion of homosexual pederasty through war and plague.

 In the 21st century homosexual pederasty`s `killer disease` was created by mixing blood, shit and male semen in anal sex. HIV/AIDS is described in the Christian Bible as the `blood plague` of Revelation where the `red dragon` is depicted as humanity`s devourer. Pederasty is child abuse and the offense against the human species` nascent infancy is the meaning of the statue of Liberty. The figure of a woman bearing a torch sheds light on the darkness of the shadow, which is the offensiveness of pederasty. In Revelation Babylon is `the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth` (17. 5), because she is `a woman` enslaved by pederasty to spread its boy sons, that is, its poisons, through war and plague.

 Although she doesn`t represent Liberty, the prototypical mother Babylon isn`t volitionally evil because she depicts what men want women to be and they can choose if they have wisdom. On the Greek island of Lesbos was an entire society of women and so the term `lesbian` derives therefrom. However, women have their own penis and socio-economic basis for development independent of men as `futanarian`, which is what `lesbian` translates as for women who don`t know.

 In her birth waters the statue of Liberty at New York harbour represents woman waiting to emerge socio-historically from the shadow where men have kept her in blindness and ignorance. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` in Revelation gives birth to Redemption, because Liberty had victory over the `red sun` of Japan in 1945 and the `yellow moon` of Al Qaeda after 9/11.

 The World Trade Centre was chosen by the terrorists for their offensiveness because, in psychological terms, it represents an attempt to reestablish the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty`s use of women`s host wombs to spread its war and plague against her nascent socio-economic potential as a self-reproducing species independent of men as her enslaver-devourer.

 Liberty is a baby woman trying to be born in freedom from men`s abuse of her `host` womb, which is what the teachings of Jesus Christ are about. His mother was the prefiguration of the `futanarian` woman with her own penis who can reproduce independently of men. The Virgin Mary gave birth to the perfect man uncontaminated by male semen, and woman is the `host` womb that Jesus asks be accepted rather than abused and enslaved so that the human species isn`t devoured by its parasites.

 In Revelation Jesus is depicted as the `New Redeemer` born to the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him. In Genesis God tells Eve she`ll have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` until she leaves crushing `the head of the serpent with her heel` (3.15). In Revelation God promises a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed`, which suggests the human species is `futanarian` woman with her own penis and semen or `seed`. Although a man like Jesus can enter into heaven if he accepts woman, the parasites of pederasty will have the unendurable eternal pain of perdition as God`s punishment for their sins:

`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)

 George W. Bush`s declared `War On Terror` (2003-) activated the surveilance powers of the NSA, CIA, and FBI, amongst other secret or less secret organizations in the US, but also invoked others such as MI6 on the Thames in London, England, and GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucester, with a brief to spy on their own citizens internet activities. Equivalent to suggesting to the Earth`s community that it`s guilty of doing something it shouldn`t, such spying constitutes a form of offensive abuse and global terrorism against the Earth`s child that`s at least equal to 9/11.

 `PC` is `political correctness` but, if there`s no `PG` because the global policeman is a secret child abuser, which Revelation suggests because `the number of the beast is 666`, that is, the reverse of the 999 telephone number of the police in the rest of the world apart from the US, where it`s 911 mocked by 9/11, `PC` is open to criticism. In feminism it`s `politically correct` to label lesbians as homosexuals, whereas men can`t reproduce independently of women while women can continue as a species alone. The term `lesbian` is born of women`s being kept in ignorance and blinded to the knowledge that they are self-reproducers enslaved in pederasty for war against the civilization, culture and art that she`s able to produce from her `host` womb despite her parasites` depredations against her.


 Internet censorship is just one symptom of the aim to keep women enslaved to a false paradigm in which men are her protectors and marriage isn`t a slave ring, whereas the truth is that men are parasites imprisoning women in order to devour the products of their `host`. If 9/11 was designed to reimplement the paradigm of pederasty and enslavement of women`s `host` wombs for war and plague, the World Trade Centre was the reestablishment of rough trade in boys` abuse, and George W, Bush Jnr`s `War On Terror` through international surveillance of the Earth`s citizens was the predictable reaction of the US` strong infant to demand the installation of `kiddie alarms` that would keep woman a prisoner of her spy ring forever if she couldn`t see a picture of herself as she truly is due to her devouring parasites` censoring of the media they continue to control.

 In war rules of engagement are designed to allow someone to conventionally attack you, so it`s about conventional marriage insofar as it sanctions attacks upon the woman of the Earth who is defenseless against the offense because defense isn`t the object of the game played against her by men who want her to be easy meat for their devouring parasitism. The concept of defense presupposes offense but it doesn`t seem to have occurred to anthropologists that the women of the Earth don`t have any adequate defense systems because men want to continue being offensive. In conventional war, that is, the rules of engagement for women, shields are deliberately weakened so that they can be penetrated: although there`s no reason to presuppose that shields have to be penetrable. In sociological terms, `futanarian` woman, as the human species` independent reproductive valence, doesn`t need to be penetrated by the male penis becasue she can self-fertilize, so she`s deliberately weakened to be unable to withstand an assault, which is the paradigm of pederasty`s devouring war. God`s warning to Eve of her `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` and predicted war in heaven with the `red dragon` grown since Eden requires her to gird herself and prepare her defenses after 9/11, which proclaimed once more men`s desire to keep her `host` womb in enslavement to her devourer`s parasitism through its own fear of being found out.

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Reasons to Visit & Move to Holland Michigan

Holland is one of Michigan’s richest cities in terms of diversity, architecture and culture.  Situated near Lake Michigan, this city has its roots in Dutch culture.  It is world renowned for its abundant tulips and people come from everywhere to view them in the state parks and gardens.  Anyone looking to relocate to the area will find the best in housing opportunities and lifestyle.  For those looking to visit or live in Holland, there are many sites to see and things to do.  Whether a permanent resident or a vacationer, Holland, Michigan has an abundance of things to do and see from cultural events and recreational activities to fine dining and shopping. 

Anyone who is interested in the Dutch culture will find Holland, Michigan an ideal place to visit.  There are many attractions that center around Dutch culture.  You can see the only authentic Dutch windmill in the United States by visiting Windmill Island Gardens.  Settler’s House Museum, Holland Museum and Nelis’ Dutch Village offer visitors a unique experience in seeing authentic Dutch life and culture first hand.  At DeKlomp Wooden Shoe Factory you can watch local artisans make authentic Holland wooden shoes.  There are several festivals held throughout the year celebrating Dutch traditions and customs.  These events are fun for the entire family.

If arts and entertainment appeal to you, Holland, Michigan certainly has its share of venues to cater to just that.  There are several museums, libraries and theaters from which to choose with a variety of entertainment options.  If you have children, Holland offers many attractions designed to be kid friendly.  Parks, miniature golf, bowling, petting zoos and laser tag are among the many recreational opportunities for children.  Downtown Holland is a unique experience with plenty of shopping and dining venues as well as live street performers and beautiful architecture. 

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, Holland is known for its beautiful beaches and waterfront activities.  There are numerous beaches from which to choose with a variety of amenities sure to please anyone looking for a waterfront experience.  Boating, swimming, fishing, camping and tours are available for some fun in the sun off the Holland beaches.

Never forget dining and shopping opportunities in Holland.  If you are looking for modern wares, there are numerous shopping centers and malls available to get the finest in clothing and house wares.  If antiques appeal to you, rustic shops and authentic atmospheres abound in the antique shops.  There are plenty of arts and crafts venues located throughout the shopping district also.  For dining, there is an abundance of various cuisines available in all price ranges whether you are looking to grab a quick snack or have an elegant formal dinner. 

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Dental Implants Vs. Dentures – Which Is Better?

Are you considering dentures? Instead of these plates of false teeth, why not consider dental implants? Dental implants have all of the advantages that dentures do not have. While dentures may have been the gold standard for teeth replacement years ago, dental implants are what is being used now.

Dental implants consists of tiny metal devices that are affixed to where your teeth used to be. Just like dentures, your original teeth have to be removed and swelling must go down before you can get dental implants. This does not take more than a day or so. If you have dentures already, you will not have to worry about the swelling and can get dental implants immediately.

The screws that are used in dental implants are affixed to your mouth with a temporary device such as a bridge. They are then capped with a crown that looks exactly like a tooth. The bridge will hold the teeth in place until the bones in the mouth have made the implants their own. This takes about four months, after which time the bridge can be removed. As the bridge goes on the inside of your mouth and is not visible to other people, no one will know that you have dental implants at all. They will think that you had your teeth fixed.

After the four months are up, the bridge can then be removed and you can use the dental implants like you would ordinary teeth. You do not have to worry about eating an ear of corn or biting into an apple and leaving behind a set of dentures, as you might have to do with dentures. Nor do you have to worry about taking the teeth out of your mouth periodically and cleaning them in a cup, as you do with dentures.

Are dentures cheaper than dental implants? Yes and no. They may be cheaper in the long run, but dentures do not last forever. You have to get them adjusted periodically. This means every year or so you need a new set. They are not cheap and run in the thousands. As insurance covers some dental work such as dental implants, dental implants make better sense in the long run as you do not have to continue to get them replaced. You have to take care of them as you would any other tooth, but you do not have to get them removed and replaced.

Removing your teeth can be embarrassing for some people, especially if they get dentures at an early age. Having bad teeth or missing teeth can be a confidence killer. In some cases, people have such bad teeth that they get an infection that spreads all over their body because of that which is in their teeth. In those cases, the teeth have to be removed.

If you have been advised that you need dentures, or just want a straight and healthy looking smile, consider seriously getting dental implants instead. They are the wise investment when it comes to confidence and will end up saving you money in the long run as they do not have to be replaced. You never have to worry about losing them when eating anything hard nor do you have to remove the for cleaning. Dental implants are the gold standard when it comes to teeth replacement.

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Becoming James Bond – Security Services Job Profiles

The Security Service protects the country against threats to national security, safeguarding the economic well-being of the country. To defend against terrorism, espionage, crime and proliferation. It also provides advice for national infrastructure such as power, water and transport systems.

There are a range of roles available in the Security Services –

Surveillance Officer – A surveillance officer watches and reports on the movements and actions of those under investigation.

Intelligence officer – An intelligence officer uses relevant intelligence data to assess and investigate threats to national security.

Linguist – Linguists translate and transcribe intelligence information from bugged phone calls, emails and mail, and interpreting it into a social context.

IT Specialist – Providing protection and IT support to the government’s computer systems, networks and communication systems.

There are also a number of very specialist posts, as well as support roles including administration, security, driving and building services.

Desired Qualifications and Experience
There are strict residency and nationality criteria to work for the Security Service. Applicants must be over the age of 18 and have very special skills in relevant areas.

Surveillance officers need a full driving license as well as personal skills and relevant experience, rather than academic qualifications.

Intelligence officers usually need a 2:1 degree in any subject as well as any relevant experience.

Linguists’ language ability is tested during the selection process. Knowledge of certain languages, such as Arab, Sorani, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Mandarin, Somali, Pushto, Persian and Russian, are preferential to others.

IT Specialists are in a better position with qualifications and experience, but the Security Service does administer it’s own IT test.

Training & Development
All staff are greeted with an eight-day induction, and most of the job specifications within the Security Services require that individuals are trained and developed.

For example, a new intelligence officer would complete a development programme which includes on-the-job and in-house training exercises.

A surveillance officer must complete a 75 day development programme which tests physical and mental ability. Passing this test is essential to remain in employment, and move onto the next training stage. It can take up to two years to fully qualify for a surveillance role. There are also many disparate elements which individuals would need to be separately trained for such as photography or bugging technology.

A Linguists training would include on-the-job and in-house development programmes, learning how to use special equipment.

Whatever the position, employees of the Security Services are encouraged throughout to take part in internal and external training courses to serve personal development.

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Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP) – Michigan

The purposeful destruction of property owned by someone else is considered a criminal offense. While commonly referred to as vandalism, this category of crime is classified in the Michigan criminal code as Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP).

MDOP charges usually stem from domestic disputes, road rage incidents, confrontations with neighbors and events involving juvenile delinquents. There are a variety of different acts that constitute a malicious property damage crime. Among these include tampering with property, defacement, littering and even the threat of inflicting damage. The most common targets include parked vehicles, homes, personal effects and yard fixtures. The callousness of the act itself usually suggests intent and willful malice.

If you have been arrested or charged with Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP), we recommend that you retain experienced counsel to aid in the defense of this charge. We know the law and can help you understand your rights and develop defenses to charges levied against you.

Property Damage Consequences

Property damage crimes are a serious and a growing societal problem. They present a multitude of negative consequences such as higher insurance rates and lost business productivity. Those who engage in the intentional destruction of personal property also inflict a great deal of anguish and suffering upon their victims. As such MDOP crimes carry a variety of tough statuary penalties. These include prison sentences, fines, restitution or a combination of all three.

  1. Misdemeanor offense of less than $200: A conviction can result in a prison term up to 93 days and/or a fine up to $200.
  2. Misdemeanor offense between $200 and $1000: A conviction can result in a prison term up to one year and/or a fine up to $1000.
  3. Felony offense between $1000 and $20,000: A conviction can result in a prison term up to five years and/or a fine up to $10,000.
  4. Felony Offense more than $20,000: A conviction can result in a prison term up to ten years and/or a fine up to $15,000.

Legal Representation

Anyone accused of committing a property destruction crime will require the immediate counsel of a qualified MDOP lawyer. Additionally, since property destruction is an act often committed by juveniles, it is important to aggressively protect and defend their rights. Frequently, juvenile MDOP crimes are motivated by peer pressure or parental defiance. Lawyers that understand the nature of these crimes can often minimize the legal consequences and help their clients move on with their lives.

Remember, judges have a tremendous amount of discretion when imposing your punishment. Without us, or another competent attorney, you may say or do the wrong thing, increasing your punishment. For this reason, looking for an attorney who practices in the county where you were violated is particularly helpful. That said, we regularly practice in the counties of Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, and Lapeer, Livingston, Washtenaw, Genesee, and St. Clair.

Source: Matthew R Van Steenkiste