Dirk Nowitzki NBA Season

Born on June 19, 1979, Dirk Nowitzki is a native of Germany and currently plays for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. After applying early for entry into the 1998 NBA Draft, Nowitzki was selected ninth overall by the Milwaukee Bucks. He was immediately traded, however, to the Dallas Mavericks. He struggled during his early career, as many athletes do, but has since risen to become one of the top players in the league.

During his NBA rookie season, Dirk Nowitzki averaged 8.2 points per game. The following year, during the 1999-2000 season, found Dirk finishing second in the NBA’s Most Improved Player voting. That season, he played in each of the 82 regular season games and averaged 17.5 points per game, which was more than double his average for the previous season.

By the time the 2000-2001 season rolled around, Dirk Nowitzki became the first player in team history to be selected to the All-NBA team. At that time, he became the team’s leading scorer with an average of 21.8 points per game. In the 2001-2002 season, Nowitzki’s success continued to grow as he averaged 23.4 points per game. During a bout of misfortune, Dirk Nowitzki suffered an injury to his left ankle that kept him from participating in six games. This marked the first time he had ever missed a game due to injuries.

During the 2002-2003 NBA season, Dirk Nowitzki scored a team-high average of 25.1 points per game. In addition, he averaged career-high assists and steals. In December 2002, Nowitzki missed two games due to yet another ankle injury. This one, however, affected the right ankle, which was sprained during a December 10 game against the Clippers. When the 2003-2004 season was underway, Dirk Nowitzki was averaging 21.8 points per game. During a November competition, a right ankle sprain took him out of the game after only seven minutes of play. This injury led to five games being missed.

Today, Dirk Nowitzki averages 26.6 points per game, stands 7′ tall and weighs 245 lbs. He is a forward that can often be intimidating to opponents as he not only has the height to earn points, but to rebound with ease. Away from the court, Dirk Nowitzki enjoys reading and playing the saxophone. His mother and father, both skilled in sports, have two children. Dirk’s sister, Silke, works for the NBA in International TV. His father, Joerg, played handball and his mother, Helen, was a star player for the German women’s national basketball team. Just before joining the NBA, Dirk Nowitzki served a mandatory term with the German Army from September 1997 through June 1998.

Fans who would like to request a signed photo or simply send Dirk Nowitzki their best wishes are urged to do so in care of his NBA franchise team. If you are requesting an autograph, be sure to include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) along with your request. It is recommended that fans not send an item that they could not afford to lose, such as prized possessions or limited edition collectibles. There is never a guarantee that an athlete will be able to accommodate every autograph request, which is why the most common items to send include a blank index card, trading card and/or photo. Letters and requests should be mailed to:

Dirk Nowitzki
Dallas Mavericks
The Pavilion
2909 Taylor St.
Dallas, TX 75226

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Michigan Vs. Illinois


Michigan – 2 1/2 vs. Illinois

Just when you count them out, Michigan (2-2) (1-0) makes you pay.  Michigan Stadium’s 500th Game was one of the most thrilling in the stadium’s 80-plus year history.  Things could not have gotten worse after the first half in Ann Arbor.  Only one team in the Great Lakes State gets booed off their home field and that is the Detroit Lions, not the Michigan Wolverines, but that is exactly what happened last Saturday.  Then everything changed.  Trailing 19-0, Michigan scored to make it 19-7 and then incredibly scored two touchdowns in less than 10 seconds to take the lead they would not relinquish from the shell-shocked Wisconsin Badgers.  Can Michigan, written off after their turnover, in addition to rain-drenched debacle in South Bend two weeks prior, be a player in the Big Ten this season?  With the Wolverines knocking off the top team in the conference, and #9 team in the country, this is certainly possible.  But the big test will be this week when the Fighting Illini come calling for the 501st game at Michigan Stadium.

Illinois (2-2) (0-1) had Michigan right were they wanted them last season: on ABC in Primetime and in Champaign.  It didn’t work out so well for the Illini however, despite all the hype of Juice Williams and the resurgent Illini, the Wolverines beat them much like they usually do, 27-17.  Illinois may have more famous rivals like Northwestern or Missouri, but their hatred for the Maize and Blue is powerful and why not?  Chicago has a large Michigan alumni base which roots for Michigan and not the school at the other end of the state and the Illini is 21-66-2 since the series began way back in 1898.  Their last win came in 1999.  Last week, despite trying to fight back numerous times, the Nittany Lions had the right answers.  Illinois has got to get back on track and no better than in this game in Ann Arbor.  They must take advantage of their bitter rival in a perceived down year for them.  If they can steal a victory out of Ann Arbor, look for the team to really take flight with games against Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa and Western Michigan in a stretch of five games that includes Wisconsin.

For Michigan, a win against another quality Big Ten opponent will go a long way to giving the young team some confidence in a wide-open conference.


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We buy houses: Do not get trapped in such real estate scams

With the rise in the numbers of foreclosed properties around the world and especially in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas region of the United States, the presence of “We buy houses” advertisements are becoming more and more significant. Many companies in various counties such as Denton County, Dallas County, Tarrant County, Collin County, and Rockwall County have come up to offer solutions for distressed and unfortunate owners of homes by buying their properties. This comes as a relief for those who have invested in real estate.

The programs of We buy houses in Dallas Fort Worth Texas seek to provide multiple advantages to struggling homeowners. Nevertheless, you must be made aware that they have the potential of causing more damage than good. You will realize that whenever there is an opportunity to make a good amount of money, there is always the presence of scammers. These scammers have multiple opportunities by taking advantage of the present crisis in the housing market.

If you have to sell your property very urgently, you do not have to panic or get worried. It is true that in present conditions of recessed market of housing it is quite difficult locating a qualified purchaser. Thus you should look for some reputed and reliable companies of We buy houses in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. You should also be prepared to deal with some buyers who expect to purchase such foreclosed properties at very low rates.

Once any property is declared as a foreclosure, its notice of default becomes rather public in terms of record. In such situations, you can be approached by certain companies offering you protection for foreclosure. Some other ‘We buy houses’ companies will offer to purchase your home for cash. Yet some others will attempt to make very high claims as certified mitigators of bank loss and assist you in negotiating your mortgage land. You should be very careful of such claimants. Most of them are not genuine or trustworthy.

If you want to prevent yourself from getting trapped into scams, you should avoid programs of ‘We buy houses’ that are offered via TV solicitations, phone, and mails. On the other hand, you should look for real estate professionals who essentially specialize in probate properties, foreclosures, and short sales in the region of Dallas Fort Worth Texas. In this context, financial experts advise the consultation of at least three real estate professionals before finally taking a decision.

Once you sign up a deal with a specific program of ‘We buy houses’ in Dallas Fort Worth Texas, ensure that you get everything written very clearly. Do not forget to read and comprehend all the legal documents very carefully prior to actually signing the deal. Most of the documents of real estate can be confusing for lay persons. It is advised that you request an attorney of real estate to review these documents once to see if your interests are protected.

Finally, trust your instincts to guide you. If you feel that any program of ‘We buy houses’ is not genuine then do not go for it. Do some homework to avoid getting trapped in scams. A little research on the Internet can be beneficial for locating the best programs in Dallas Fort Worth Texas.

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Roofers in Michigan

If you need a new roof or a repair on any type of roofing Shape Inc is the name you can trust

A name you can trust

When it comes to roofing in Michigan. There is only one name you can trust. You maybe asking who? Sharpe Roofing is the best in the bussiness and is a roofing brand you can trust. Contact the Michigan roofers today.

The History

They have been in the roofing business since 1991. You can see the Michigan Roofers recent work online. You can also request a qoute from the roofers in Michigan in under 30 seconds.

This roofing company is the best name in Michigan roofing. They have done a lot of work thoughout the Metro Detroit area. They are the top roofing company in MI.

Some of their commercial work includes:

  • Bethesda church in Sterling Hts MI.
  • Priority community bank.
  • GFM corporation.
  • Pet supplies plus.

The list goes on but just to name a few Michigan roofing jobs. They do excellent work and as mention before you can go to there website to view more pictures of jobs they have completed.

You could also look at new Michigan roofing jobs that they have done. Sharperoofing.com is a great resource for IB Roofing systems in MI. Find out what they can do for you!

Roofing Decisons

A roof from Sharpe Inc is a great decison, and your money will be well spent on a top quality roofing system. Doesn’t matter if you choice to do your residental roof or a commercial roof. Sharpe roofing stands for more than a sharp roof they stand behind their products and brand.

They put their name into every job they do. And they put their customer first. Which you don’t see that now a days with roofing company’s.

In Closing

You know you have the right roofers, when you call Sharpe Roofing. No one stand behind their roofs like Sharpe does.

So if you are looking for a new roof and want a job well done with a brand you can trust. Sharpe roofing is the Michigan roofing company that stand behind their products and services for life.

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CIA was responsible for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy

LATEST CONSPIRACY NEWS, ARTICLES, LINKS AND VIDEOS. … John Barbour produced this landmark film, The Garrison Tapes.

By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter. June 1, 2009 at 11:00 AM PDT

According to this documentary the CIA was responsible for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in November of 1962 at Daley Plaza in Dallas Texas. John Barbour produced this landmark film, The Garrison Tapes.

This documentary tells the story of District Attorney Jim Garrison, who investigated the 1963 assassination of Ptresident John F. Kennedy his independent investigation according to the movie looked closely into evidence available to him and came forward with an interpretation that went beyond the Warren Commission’s authorized report. The film examines occurrences before and after the assassination and considers theoretical connections with the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, the Cuban situation, the war in Vietnam, and other national and international concerns. An interview with Garrison is included in the film. Footage of the tragedy and interviews with witnesses offer further information and ideas. The complete “Garrison Tapes” can be viewed below for free.

Part 1 |

Last night George Knapp of the nationwide Coast to Coast Am radio show welcomed award-winning broadcaster John Barbour for a discussion about the JFK assassination. Parts of Barbour’s interview with the late Jim Garrison were played during the show. Garrison as the New Orleans district attorney conducted his own investigation into the assassination and implicated the CIA. 

According to listeners and reported on the Coast to Coast Am web site Barbour said his three-hour interview with Garrison was inspiring and exhilarating, but when portions aired on his TV show Real People in 1988, it was edited without his consent to make Garrison look delusional. He told Barbour that he believed six people killed Kennedy, acting in three teams of two, while around 32 individuals were involved in the conspiracy. Included was Lawrence V. Meyers, a businessman with ties to the CIA, who reportedly met with Jack Ruby on Nov. 23rd, 1963. Researcher Jim Marrs has said the CIA used Meyers to get Ruby to eliminate Lee Harvey Oswald.

The popular broadcast indicated that there was evidence that the changing of JFK’s motorcade route in Dallas was part of the conspiracy, and there were also Mafia connections to the killing, Barbour noted. Interestingly, a CIA agent named Richard Case Nagell who had been assigned to keep an eye on Oswald, claimed he wrote a letter to J. Edgar Hoover in September 1963, warning of a plot to assassinate Kennedy in November. He was ignored and subsequently jailed.

Allin noted that even after all these years, people still want answers in the JFK assassination, and that the 9-11 truth movement has served to re-energize the public’s interest in conspiracies. During the Barbour’s interview he said that the head of the CIA Dulles and his second in command were fired by President Kennedy, as an interesting note the 2nd in command’s brother was at the time of the President killing  the Mayor of Dallas and had at the last moment changed the route of the Kennedy motor cade to pass by the Dallas book depositary.

Barbour also claimed during the interview that his efforts to distribute the Film in the USA has met real resistance from the powers to be, but did well in global markets.

The “evidence” this documentary presents makes more since then many other conspiracy theories do and less confusing but still no one can say with any certainty who actually killed JFK. There are so many loose ends like without knowing what really happened, like what the wounds actually looked like and what was taken from JFK’s body, one can only speculate. It is true, some conspiracy theorists have placed gunmen behind the picket fence on the knoll, also on top of both the TSBD and the County Records Building, among other places.

Actor Woody Harrelson’s Father Charles Harrelson confessed to the FBI that he was a member of the assassination team that shot the president. Harrelson was tried and convicted for the assassination of U.S. District Judge John Wood in San Antonio. While he was behind bars in the Dallas jail he told the FBI investigators that he was the hobo seen behind the fence beyond the grassy knoll and was one of the shooters.

Harrelson was sentenced to two life terms for the May 29, 1979, assassination of U.S. District Judge John H. Wood, Jr. Harrelson was convicted of shooting and killing Wood in the parking lot outside of Wood’s San Antonio, Texas, townhouse after being hired by drug dealer Jimm y Chagra of El Paso. Wood — nicknamed “Maximum John” because of his reputation for handing down long sentences for drug offenses — was originally scheduled to have Chagra appear before him on the day of his murder, but the trial had been delayed.

Harrelson was apprehended with the aid of an anonymous tip and a taped conversation between Jimmy (Jamiel) and his brother, lawyer Joe Chagra.

Harrelson was eventually convicted based largely on Chagra’s conversation with his brother who was visiting him in prison. Both Harrelson and Chagra’s brother Joe were implicated in the assassination. Joe Chagra received a ten-year sentence. Jamiel Chagra was acquitted of the murder when his brother Joe refused to testify against him. Chagra was represented by current mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman. In a plea bargain, Chagra admitted to his role in the murder of Judge Wood and the attempted murder of a U.S. Attorney.

Jamiel Alexander “Jimmy” Chagra, brother of famous El Paso criminal trial Lawyer Lee Chagra who was murdered by Ft. Bliss solders, and younger brother lawyer Joe Chagra who was also killed in an auto accident after serving time in prison himself. All brothers now dead.

Joe Chagra died by injuries from an automobile accident on Dec. 6 1996.

Assassin Charles Harrelson died in prison on March 15, 2007.

Jimmy Chagra the man accused of a plot to kill judge in San Antonio died in 2008. He was freed on parole in ’03, he had been living in Mesa Arizona in a federal protection program. He had been battling cancer since November, said his sister, Patsy Chagra of El Paso.

Most all of the conspiracies out there are only guesses, some more educated then others as are most of the investigations, Garrison’s was the only official to bring a case against anyone ever in the assassination of our president and this matter is still an open unsolved case of the century.

For the full articles showing Harrelson’s story of his confession and for more details of the Chagra family saga in-depth articles appeared in the El Paso Journal newspaper and the “fifth estate” news magazine featured on the cover was Jimmy and several other family members, titled “Cash Is King” both publications can only be found and read at the El Paso public Library heritage section.

Editors Note:


Michael Webster’s Syndicated Investigative Reports are read worldwide, in 100 or more U.S. outlets and in at least 136 countries and territories. He publishes articles in association with global news agencies and media information services with more than 350 news affiliates in 136 countries. Many of Mr. Webster’s articles are printed in six working languages: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. With ten more languages planed in the near future.

Mr. Webster is America’s leading authority on Venture Capital/Equity Funding. He served as a trustee on some of the nation’s largest trade Union funds. A noted Author, Lecturer, Educator, Emergency Manager, Counter-Terrorist, War on Drugs and War on Terrorist Specialist, Business Consultant, Newspaper Publisher. Radio News caster. Labor Law generalist, Teamster Union Business Agent, General Organizer, Union Rank and File Member Grievances Representative, NLRB Union Representative, Union Contract Negotiator, Workers Compensation Appeals Board Hearing Representative. Mr. Webster represented management on that side of the table as the former Director of Federated of Nevada. Mr. Webster publishes on-line newspapers at www.lagunajournal.com  and www.usborderfirereport.com  and does investigative reports for print, electronic and on-line News Agencies.

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Dentists Discuss Benefits of MI Paste

Cosmetic dentistry experts use the tools to combat their patients’ caries and other dental disease. Numerous activities can harm teeth and create an acid imbalance in the mouth. When that happens, teeth can lose nutrients and strength, and patients could have trouble producing enough saliva containing the minerals needed to keep teeth strong and healthy.

It strengthens tooth enamel, reduces sensitivity, prevents white spot lesions from occurring during orthodontia and provides a buffer from plaque acid, working with the mouth’s natural defense system, saliva, to create a healthy oral environment.

Aging, reactions to medications, disease, chemotherapy and stress all can cause lower. Pregnancy or chronic gastric reflux also can create an imbalance in the mouth. Tooth sensitivity due to routine cleanings, tooth-whitening procedures or worn tooth enamel can interfere with everyday life.

One fast-acting, effective way to counter these problems is by using MI Paste, which restores minerals. The milk protein-based paste binds to plaque, bacteria, soft tissue and dentin and slowly releases the minerals needed to form enamel.

MI Paste works in conjunction with the mouth’s saliva to protect teeth and soft tissues, flush bacteria and food away from the teeth and reduce enamel abrasion. The increased saliva flow helps restore normal pH levels in the mouth and replenishes the key minerals needed to rebuild the tooth enamel, which include calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions.

patients usually comment on less tooth sensitivity after one application. The dentists notice significant improvement in the strength and health of the patients’ teeth after regular use of the paste.

Depending on the patient’s individual needs, they may apply MI Paste in the office or give the patient directions on how to apply the paste at home.

After cleaning the teeth with fluoride toothpaste, the patient or the dentist smear a small amount of MI Paste across the tooth surfaces with a clean finger or cotton-tipped applicator once or twice daily. Patients should leave the paste undisturbed for a minimum of three minutes, and they do not need to rinse or spit it out. Dentists recommend applying the product before bed to allow the material to dissolve slowly overnight.

Individual results of MI Paste’s effectiveness may vary from patient to patient, depending on their situation and usage. When MI Paste is prescribed for tooth sensitivity, most patients notice results after one application, but when MI Paste is used to reverse or minimize white spot lesions from orthodontic procedures, patients often need two to three months of twice-daily applications to see satisfactory results.

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Mavericks Tickets – Pure Adrenaline Rush

The Beginning
After the departure of Dallas Chaparrals of the American Basketball association to San Antonio in 1973, there was no professional Dallas team. In 1979, businessman Don Carter and Partner Norm Sonju requested the right to bring an NBA franchise to Dallas, Texas. The league owners of the NBA All-Star game voted to admit the new team in 1980. The team name was chosen after the 1957-62 TV western, ‘Maverick’. James Garner who played the character, was one of the owners. The teams first head coach was Dick Motta, a man well known for his disciplinary sternness. Mavericks tickets for the season shows you the team in action which had a roller-coaster ride complete with thrills and spills.

The Dallas Mavericks quickly rose to become a competitive franchise, when they joined the NBA in 1980-81. The decade saw a steady improvement in the team due to its premium draft selection. The Mavericks looked like the most promising team of the future. In the early 1990s, Mavericks experienced the steepest spiraling decline in the NBA history. The team’s downward show was so bad that it twice threatened to record the worst single-season ever recorded. Mavericks tickets were not looked upon as a cherished possession. But true to its worth, with a solid foundation of strong, young and talented players, The Mavericks started their ascent on the NBA ladder.

The Stars

In the 1994-95 season, the main reason for the turnaround was rookie point guard Jason Kidd. He led the NBA in triple-doubles with 4 and averaged 5.4 rebounds, 11.7 points and 7.7 assists for the year. Along with Detroit Pistons’ Grant Hill, Kidd was awarded co-rookie of the year. He finished 7th in steals and 10th in the league in assists. On 11th April, Kid gave a triple-double (with 38 points) and also hit a triple three pointers during the final, nail biting 55 seconds in the first overtime. This feat took the team towards a win of 156-147 double-overtime against Houston Rockets. There were other two talented and strong mavericks worth mentioning, Jamal Mashburn and Jim Jackson. Together they were the league’s highest scorers. Mashburn averaged 24.1 points per game and finished fifth in the NBA. Jackson averaged 25.7 points. Due to a sprained ankle in February, he could not continue for the rest of the campaign. In the following year, forward Popeye Jones displayed his prowess. He averaged 10.6 rebounds per game and registered 10th in the NBA. Jones had 329 offensive rebounds and no other NBA player has matched him yet. With such treats to be watched, Mavericks tickets sold out regularly.

The Mavericks performed very well in the 2006-07 season, winning the Southwest Division. Now the head coach Avery Johnson has set his goal on bagging the championship for 2007-08.The addition of Eddie Jones to the roster looks exciting, and the new assistant coach Paul Westphal will also provide a much needed shot in the arm to the Maverick’s defense. Get your seasons Mavericks tickets to watch the magic unfold. Tickets can be bought online through a broker or also over the phone. No basketball fan would want to miss this year’s thrilling game.

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Board Up Services in Detroit, Michigan, Mi

So the worst has happened. There’s been a fire, and windows have been broken or blown out. There’s also a large hole in the roof where the fire burned through. You’re out, the family is safe. The forecast for the next couple of days is rain. By calling board up services in Detroit, Michigan, your belongings and home will be protected from the elements. Your insurance company will appreciate this because the overall cost of the claim will be smaller than if rain damage occurs. If the fire was arson, they will work with arson investigators to make sure evidence is not disturbed.

They will use the necessary materials to make sure that your property is safe from the rain. If necessary, they will stabilize the house so it doesn’t collapse.  This alleviates the liability of the property owner. If also needed, they will put up temporary fencing around the property to make sure people and your property is safe.

Not just residences need board up services in Detroit, Michigan. Businesses also experience damage to glass walls and doors. This glass needs to be ordered and delivered, generally taking up to a week. In the meantime, the boards help keep inventory safe from the elements and people. Businesses also use the service to block public view when remodeling.

Whatever the reason, fire, flood, storm, fire, remodeling, vacant property, vacation property, business opening, closing or business relocating board up services in Detroit, Michigan is there to help. They can be on the site usually within an hour. There are both local and national companies available.

There are also companies available for environmental remediation. This means that if hazardous materials are on site and need to be cleaned up before they can be disposed of, they can certainly handle this quickly and professionally.

Be sure to check out the phone book for a full listing of businesses that offer board up services in and around Detroit, Michigan.  Many of these businesses will specialize in glass repair and many of them will be specifically some sort of glass company.  There are some businesses that will specialize in board up services and repair of your property. 

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Dallas, TX – Personal Trainer anwers question, "Should I Use Exercise Machines or Free Weights to Lose Weight?"

Dallas, TX – Boot Camp Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer Answers – “Should I Use Exercise Machines or Free Weights to Lose Weight?”

Many of you have been in a fitness gym or at least have seen what a fitness gym looks like. Fitness gyms can be a little overwhelming with all the different types of fitness equipment and machines they have in there. Most all fitness gyms have exercise machines, a free weightarea (benches and dumbbells) and they also have an area where there is cardio equipment. If you have not been in a gym, you have at least scene them on TV trying to sell a machine or some fitness equipment that will help lose weight, tone up, and look better. This article will help answer some questions you may have about machines and free weights (body weight or resistance training).  What fitness equipment is right for you? Which ones are safe? Which area in the gym would be best for you to work out? Why are some of the personaltrainers using the machines with a client and other fitness trainers are using the free weight area? What exercises should I do for weight loss? Should I use the machines or free weights? These are just a few of the questions that I get asked about when it comes to machines, free weight, and cardio equipment.

It is important to know what you are doing because many people get hurt both on machines and doing free weights because they just do not know HOW TO PERFORM THE EXERCISE. I am a firm believer that if you know HOW to perform the exercise, you will get much more OUT of the exercise. If you do this for each exercise, your body will have to work harder which means that it will burn more calories. Most people that are looking to exercise or that already exercise are looking for a few things. Weight loss, better health, a jump start on a program, body toning, slimming down, sports performance, and other health and wellness goals are some of the reasons people look us for help. When it comes to what exercise equipment to use, I am just going to help give you suggestions and what we think and what we believe helps produce results. As with anything, we suggest you do research and see what other personal trainers and leading fitness professionals think about this topic. Most of the research will say there is not really a scientifically proven answer to this. Exercising regularly (5-6 times a week), eating a healthy diet, and ensuring your body is getting enough vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants to help fill in the nutritional gaps are all factors in staying healthy and reaching your goals. If you are doing all of these (consistently over time) it is just a matter of time before your body responds in a positive way and it changes into its natural state (which is different for everyone). Before starting any new fitness and nutrition program, it is recommend that you consult a professional to help you get started.

Benefits of using machines
If you are new to exercising and don’t really know what you are doing, using the machines can be a good start. Many beginners are not sure about their body’s range of motion and the machines help keep the body in the right range of motion. This will help reduce the risk of injury for most people starting out if they are using the proper weights. Many gyms also have all the machines close together. This allows people to go from one machine to another helping you work different muscles in a circuit. Another benefit is that many machines have a picture and explanation of the machine making it easy to use for people who are still learning.

Negative or Cons for using machines  –
Since you are moving in the same range of motion, your muscles and your body gets used to that same motion and can cause muscle overload on those muscles. This can increase the risk of injury to the muscles because you may overwork the muscles. Think about picking up a child for a second and what muscle or muscles you would have to use when picking that child up. You use a number of different muscles when reaching down to pick up a child, so machines are not very functional at all.  Functional means everyday activities that you do like walking, picking up things, pushing something, throwing, running, jumping, and other exercises your body does every day.

Free weight (body weight or resistance training) – Benefits or Pros
Most boot camp programs and a lot of personal training programs are based on body weight and resistance exercises. Functional training, body awareness, body alignment, balance, stability, strength, flexibility and other factors are all a big part of what fitness professionals do each and every day for their boot camp and personal training clients. When it comes to fitness professionals and personal trainers, people are paying them for one reason, to get results (weight loss, toning, health, so this article is not only going over how you can more effectively do more with an exercise, but also which workout style is better for your fitness and weight loss goals. Looking at the difference between machines and free weights (body weight or resistance training) it is easy for fitness trainers to know which one will help with everyday functional use AND for what their real goal is (mostly to look better). Each body weight or resistance exercise calls synergistic muscles that help to support your body through the lift which just means that more than one muscle groups is having to work during the exercise. Whenever you perform a free weight (body weight or resistance training) exercise, you are using proprioreception, which is the brain’s ability to know where the body is in space and whether or not it is balanced.  Choosing free weights and performing resistance training exercises will help to train your mind and improve everyday activities. This is a very important skill for athletes or anyone who plays sports. It is also very beneficial for helping to decrease the severity of those freak injuries like rolling your ankle. One of the most basic benefits is that the cost is very inexpensive. A mat, medicine ball, stability ball, dumbbells, tube bands, and a kettle bell are just a few of the inexpensive fitness items you can get. You go and look at any park out there and see people doing body weight exercises which points out that resistance training can be done anywhere, which is very convenient. You don’t have to have a gym with fancy equipment. 

Negative or cons of using free weights –
 Free weights (body weight or resistance training) can lead to injuries to your body if you do not know HOW to properly perform an exercise. Look at the top boot camp coaches and personal trainers and you will see how well they know how the body moves and how to explain to boot camp participants and personal training client how to properly perform an exercise. If the body is not moving properly when performing free weights (body weight or resistance training), there can be some injuries that occur. This is one of the main reason why people will also mention that you should learn how to exercise from a fitness professional, a personal trainer, or someone that can teach you how to exercise. This would be one the biggest problems with  free weightsand resistance training. If some is performing the exercise wrong or does not know HOW to do an exercise, it could possibly lead to injury.

Machines vs Free weights (body weight or resistance training)? If you are educated on HOW to do the exercise, both machines and free weight can be effective at helping you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. There is not a perfect answer to this one because everyone has different fitness levels and different goals. Each person will need to factor in a few things when working out that will help them get the most out of the workout. Exercise tempo, repetitions, how long each exercise takes, how long of break you take in between, and exercise programming are all factors that help make your workouts harder and tougher, which will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals fast.

Brad Linder is the owner of a Dallas health and fitness company called Get You In Shape. Dallas Boot Camp and Coppell Boot Camps, Personal Training, and their 40 Day Challenge make Get You In Shape one of the top fitness companies in the Dallas, TX area. Visit www.GetYouInShape.com for more information.

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Coronary Artery Anatomy as related to EKG Interpretation

Patients undergoing Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) are at an increased risk of coronary artery occlusion related to clot formation (thrombosis) or plaque rupture, especially in the acute period after procedure. It is imperative that individuals providing care for this patient population are knowledgeable in reading EKG’s and are able to correlate EKG changes with acute coronary artery occlusions and / or spasms.

When a patient presents with chest pain, pressure, tightness, shortness of breath or other related symptoms status post PTCA, a STAT EKG should be ordered. When caring for a patient post PTCA, is important to know which coronary artery was ballooned and/or stented and be able to identify the EKG leads which reflect those coronary arteries.

The best way to learn how the EKG reflects the coronary anatomy is to take a systematic approach.  Think about where the EKG leads are placed on the patient’s chest and visualize the heart within the chest.  This article assumes that the reader already knows how to read an EKG strip and understands what the P, Q, R, S and T represent on the EKG.

The limb leads are I, II and III. Lead I is between the right arm and left arm; Lead II is between the right arm and left leg; Lead III is between the left arm and left leg.

            The precordial leads are V1- V6. V1 is the fourth intercostal space to the right of the septum; V2 is the fourth intercostal space to the left of the sternum; V3 is directly between leads V2 and V4; V4 is the fifth intercostal space at midclavicular line; V5 is at the same level as V4 but at the left anterior axillary line; V6 is level with V5 but is at the midaxillary line.

The right coronary artery (RCA) provides oxygen supply to the inferior portion of the heart. Therefore, it is leads II, III, and aVf that reflect this artery.

            Next let’s look at the anterior and septal leads. These are V1 , V2, V3 and V4. These leads lay directly over the anterior and anterioseptal area of the heart.  The left anterior descending artery (LAD) lies down the front of the heart, providing the septal and anterior walls with oxygen. Leads V1 and V2 reflect the LAD and septum. The LAD and diagonal branches are reflected in the EKG leads V3 and V4.

            The lateral wall is exactly that. The part of the heart that faces the lateral part of the chest wall. This area is reflected in the leads V5 and V6, I and aVL. These leads reflect the circumflex artery.

            Myocardial ischemia and injury are reversible (2). This is due to an increase in demand, or a decrease in supply of oxygen (2).  An acute MI will have the following progression: Tall T waves in the first few minutes; ST elevation or T wave inversion in the first hour(s); possibly pathologic Q waves in the hours after onset; Q waves remain and ST and T waves return to normal in the days following acute myocardial infarction (AMI) (2).

            Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) must be 1 mm in the inferior leads and 2 mm in the anterior leads (2).  There MUST always be a presence of ST elevation in 2 or more contiguous leads (2).

By definition, a myocardial injury has ST segment elevation of at least one mm above the baseline (1). Other signs may be: straightening of the ST segment that slopes up to the peak of the T wave without any time spent at baseline; tall, peaked T waves; or symmetric T wave inversion (1).

            Myocardial ischemia has a classic pattern of T-wave inversion (1). The ST segment may be depressed 0.5 mm or more below baseline, or the ST segment may remain at baseline longer than 0.12 seconds, or from a sharp angle with the upright T wave (1). The EKG may also present tall, wide-based T waves and inverted U waves.

            A myocardial infarction (MI) may present with the development of Q waves on the EKG in the leads reflecting the affected coronary artery (1). Decreased R-wave amplitude, ST segment depression and T-wave inversion are also sometimes noted on the EKG (1).


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Source: Jaaska Lyn Cather