Facebook Messenger updated with World Cup-themed games, filters and effects

Facebook has just announced that in celebration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it will add new content to the Messenger app, on both the Android and iOS platforms. The new features will be available with the next update that should be released in the App Store and Google Play Store soon.

As the title says, Facebook Messenger will get World Cup-themed games, as well as filters they will be able to use in chats. One day before the tournament, football fans will notice an animated messages showing on their Facebook News Feed will invite them to share their fandom with a profile frame of their …

Yahoo Messenger to be discontinued in July

Earlier today, Yahoo announced that it will forfeit its Messenger service effective July 17. Although users can continue to take advantage of the service until July 17, 2018, Yahoo Messenger will stop working after that date.

The reason for Yahoo’s decision to close the Messenger service is a bit ambiguous, but at least the company offers a short statement that somewhat motivates the closing of the communication service.

We know we have many loyal fans who have used Yahoo Messenger since its beginning as one of the first chat apps of its kind. As the communications landscape continues …

Facebook Messenger will stop with the annoying "New friend" notifications… maybe

Here’s something annoying: every time you accept a Facebook friend request (or get accepted by a friend), the Facebook Messenger will pop up a notification that you are now also connected on Messenger. So you need to leave the Facebook app, go to Messenger and open that auto-generated conversation in order to clear it.

Yeah, you’ve probably gone through that ritual a ton of times already. Guess what — Facebook has just admitted that it’s a tad annoying.

But don’t expect the social media to just peddle back and remove the notifications. No, that’d be too easy. Instead, Facebook will …

Facebook to make Unsend feature available to all Messenger users

Facebook continues to make headlines after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Even though the social network company announced major changes to protect Facebook users, some of its actions continue to amaze the public.

TechCrunch reports that the social service retracted messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg and other executives from their recipients’ inboxes, a feature that’s not available to everyone on Messenger.

We have discussed this feature several times. And people using our secret message feature in the encrypted version of Messenger have the ability to set a timer — and have their …

Facebook gives more power to group chat admins in latest Messenger update

It’s true that the newest revelations about Facebook’s involvement in the US elections cast a gloom on how the social network protects its users’ data. However, the wave of distrust doesn’t seem to have affected Messenger, the company’s other social service.

And so, Facebook has just announced an important update is now being rolled out to Messenger, which is supposed to make the app “better than ever.” The update adds more privileges for admins that allows them to approve new members before they join their group chat.

In addition, admins will have the ability to remove members whenever …

Facebook adds Video Chat option in Messenger Lite for Android

Facebook launched a lighter version of its Messenger app not long ago, but some of the features included in the standard version didn’t make it. Well, it appears that Facebook has decided that adding one resource demanding feature like Video Chat won’t do Messenger Lite users any harm.

According to Facebook, video chat is a core part of communication and so it wouldn’t make sense to be removed from Messenger, even if we’re talking about a slimmed down version of the app.

With the addition of video chat, Messenger Lite offers many core messaging capabilities, including sending text, …

Facebook Messenger major release intros new customer service tools

Facebook has just released a new version of Messenger that’s supposed to make customer interactions easier and smoother. Messenger v2.3 comes with several new tools aimed at businesses such as enhanced Quick replies, customer chat plugin customization, new metrics, and new message tags.

Quick replies, a feature that’s been added to Messenger since 2016, has been improved to offer a more guided experience for users as they interact with businesses bots. For example, whenever a business asks your info, you can now send a quick reply button that will automatically fill in your email or phone …

Facebook Messenger update makes group calls easier

Facebook has released an update for its Messenger app that makes initiating a group call a bit easier. 

Previously, making a group call was not as easy as it might sound. First, you had to video or voice call one of your friends, relatives, pets, or whatever. Then you had to hang up the call, find the other person you’d like to add by writing him/her a message and after that you could turn it all into a group convo. Imagine having to manage a 10 person video call – sounds kind of annoying and time-consuming.
This tedious this process is gone …

Facebook Messenger releases new filters and chat features to celebrate Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day – the perfect time to express your love to an even greater extent. To help you with that, Facebook has rolled out a bunch of new camera filters and couple-exclusive chat features for its Messenger app.
If you have recently made your relationship Facebook-official, you’ll get a special notification from Messenger. Pressing it will lead you to the chat between you and your loved one where a shower of hearts will pour on your screen. Additionally, your chat’s custom emoji will be changed into one that shows your affection, …

The future of Telegram messenger – Telegram X

Telegram was launched back in August of 2013, and since then has made its way onto every OS imaginable, including Linux and macOS

Telegram has announced its newest project – Telegram X, is making its way on Android. It’s an entirely new app, written from scratch and it’s main goal is to breathe new life into the messenger and reach new heights of speed, quality and ease of use. Telegram X was officially presented on Telegram’s website:

“Our mission is to make Telegram faster, slicker and easier to use with each passing month. Competition …