HTC releases its Messaging app in the Google Play Store

HTC is the second big name in the smartphone industry that releases one of its own apps in the Google Play Store in the last week. OnePlus did the same with its Weather app, which is now available for download for free in the Google’s digital store.

However, neither OnePlus’ weather app nor HTC’s messaging app can be installed on other phones but those launched by these two companies. The release of HTC Messaging in the Google Play Store will make it easier for the Taiwanese company to update the app without having to push software updates for specific HTC handsets.

That will certainly …

Hangouts Meet finally gains in-call messaging ability in latest update

Hangouts Meet is the enterprise part replacing the now defunct Gchat service. Google announced back in March that it will discontinue Gchat and provide consumers with two new services instead: Hangouts Chat and Meet, as well as Allo and Duo.

The former is aimed at enterprise users, while the latter targets consumers. Hangouts Meet is supposed to offer a video calls service, and it’s just been upgraded to provide in-chat messaging capabilities.

According to Google, the chat functionality was the most requested feature in Meet since the service was launched …

"Anytime" is Amazon's entry in the messaging app business?

With messaging apps red hot, Amazon has decided to throw its two cents into the fire according to Amazon focused AFTV News. According to one customer who has taken a survey from Amazon, it appears as though the app is pretty much completed and is called “Anytime by Amazon.” The messaging app will include versions for iOS, Android and the desktop, and will feature text messages and high quality talk and video chat.

A leaked promotional teaser for the service indicates that it will also feature picture sharing. The messages will include the use of GIFs, stickers and emoji. Like Snapchat …

AT&T rolls out Galaxy S7 update that adds June security patch, Knox and Messaging fixes

While many handset makers are already pushing updates that contain the newest July security patch, U.S. carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T are rolling out the last month security update.

AT&T has just confirmed that a new update is now available for Samsung Galaxy S7. Aside from the June security patch, the update brings a couple of fixes and improvements that are meant to further enhance users experience and phone’s performance.

Although not many details about the update have been published by AT&T, the carrier did say what changes Galaxy S7 owners …

Truecaller for iOS updated with Flash Messaging, here is how it works

The team behind Truecaller, the dialer app for Android and iOS devices, has just announced it has added a new functionality called Flash Messaging. The new feature works cross-platform, so you’ll be able to to use it on either Android or iOS devices.

Flash Messaging has been specially designed to fulfill consumers’ need for maximum mobility. There are times when you want to answer a message from your friend as explanatory as possible, but you don’t have the time for it.

Well, Flash Messaging is meant to make these moments of our lives much easier. So, if …

Kik jumps on the cryptocurrency bandwagon in a bid to copy Chinese messaging apps

You may know Kik as the WhatsApp alternative cool kids use to sext each other, but its executives seem to want to turn it into something a bit different. Once accused of being a clone of BlackBerry’s BBM, Kik now seems to be turning its gaze eastward, where messaging services, such as Chinese giant Tencent’s QQ and WeChat have a variety of other uses, including peer-to-peer payments.

Kik CEO Ted Livingston recently spoke at a TechCrunch event held in Shenzhen, China, where he justified the company’s plans to launch its own cryptocurrency (think …

Binky is your digital pacifier, keeping you satisfied while you connect with a fake messaging app

If you need to constantly scroll through social media apps, but are sick and tired of reading all of the bad news on these sites, you might want to install Binky on your phone. This is sort of a digital pacifier because it is designed to mimic all of the things that you like about reading Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, except the stories are as bland as white rice. For example, you might scroll down and see a “Bink” (as they are called) displaying a random picture of a Hippopotamus.

Most anything you can do on a social media site, you can do with Binky such as “like” a story, swipe left …

Future update to messaging app Allo could bring a "Quick Selfie" feature and more

Google’s Allo messaging app could be soon receiving a number of new features. According to a report published yesterday, one of the new features coming in an upcoming update is called “Quick Selfie.” With the update, a new camera icon is added to the side of the text entry field. Tap that button and the shutter button, and you’ll be given the opportunity to send your selfie to the person on the other end of your chat, or you can throw it out. 

The same report says that Allo could soon offer a way for you to backup your conversations, and bring them back using a new backup and …

Infographic shows who would win March Madness tournament among messaging apps

The other day, the NCAA released the 68-team bracket for the single-elimination tournament that will crown the 2017 Men’s College Basketball champion. But suppose that instead of college basketball teams, there was a tournament that pitted mobile messaging apps against each other. Which one would be named the best messaging app for your smartphone? With that in mind, Apptopia set up a tournament for 32 messaging apps. The seedings were based on global downloads over the last 180-days.

While the apps can’t really compete against each other on the hardwood, they can compete using metrics …

New Face of Retail Banking- messaging app

Similar to what we saw in the 90s, with telecom companies getting into the credit card business, today we’re seeing messaging apps get into the retail banking business. In the past few months, SnapChat and Facebook Messenger have announced payments, the primary service of retail banks. Tencent’s WeChat extended its payment services into merchants and Xiaomi introduced an interest-bearing payments account. Slowly but surely, these apps are becoming the new face of retail banking, catering mainly to millennial, a segment highly receptive to changes to how they bank. In fact, a recent study by Goldman Sachs revealed that 33% of millennial don’t think they will need a traditional bank in 5 years.
Retention rates of messaging apps out-performed the average of all apps. Messaging app retention is 1.9 times better than the average for one-month retention and 5.6 times better than the average for 12-month retention. Here we define retention as users who launched the app “n” months after install. It’s worth noting that the absolute retention rates were slightly lower last year compared to previous years, mainly because of the Apple iPhone base upgrading (in droves) to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But, since we are comparing apples to apples, the point is still valid. Messaging apps rule on retention.
Messaging Apps Rule in Frequency of Use
Ask any parent of a teenager and they’ll tell you that their kid is addicted to messaging apps. Messaging apps’ daily use is 4.7 times higher than the average app. The average daily use of an app across all categories is 1.9 times. Messaging apps are used, on average, almost 9 times every day. By definition, communications apps are chatty. Add to that the convenience of the smartphone device and the fact that it is glued to your body, and you get the multiplying effect making messaging apps rule on session frequency as well.
Messaging As the Platform
Messaging apps have made the leap to become the platform for many services, starting with payments and most likely ending with commerce. Messaging is already the platform of mobile and customer loyalty is its most valuable currency.

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