Google satisfaction survey found on the Android Messages client

Just the other day, we told you how some Google Pixel 2 XL owners have been asked to take a “one minute” survey to “Help improve Pixel.” If you decide to opt-in, you’ll be asked questions about the level of satisfaction you have with your Pixel 2 XL, and which brand of phone you previously owned. The survey was found on the settings page at the bottom of the handset’s screen.

As it turns out, Google is not limiting the survey to Pixel 2 XL owners. An invitation to answer some questions was also discovered on the Android Messages SMS client, which happened to be running on a ZTE Axon 7. On …

Android Messages 2.8 introduces a white navigation bar

image courtesy of Reddit user R0BBiNG

In November of last year, it became clear that Google has a plan to mitigate screen burn-in on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL by introducing light-colored nav bars in its apps. Well, to be absolutely fair, this won’t negate the problem, per se, but rather “even out” the burn-in, so you don’t end up with an imprint of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The Google app and Google Photos were first in tow to receive the treatment, and now it’s time for Android Messages to follow suit.

One of the …

New Android Messages update adds Duo integration, new message indicators, RCS for dual SIM phones, and more

Google’s Android Messages has received a new update. The patch log of the new version 2.7 doesn’t contain details about any changes, but a teardown of the APK file has revealed a few notable additions. 

One of the important features coming with the latest update is integration with Google Duo. If you have contacts that have Duo installed, their respective title bars should now include a video camera icon. 
Android Messages will also indicate how many new messages you’ve received when you re-open a conversation. Last …

Telegram 4.5 adds iPhone X support, albums and saved messages

Telegram is getting a major update that brings some important changes. First off, starting with version 4.5, users will be able to group multiple pictures and videos they want to send into albums.

Obviously, you won’t be able to group too many pictures or videos in an album, but you can include up to 10 of those, arranged in the chat as thumbnails. More importantly, the person receiving the album will get just one notification for the album instead of ten for each item.

The update also adds the ability to choose the order in which the photos are sent. You’ll also notice that each …

WhatsApp rolls out the ability to delete sent messages, but you'll have to be quick about it

It looks like WhatsApp has finished testing the ability to unsend messages that you feeling are inappropriate and wish you could take back. Yes, you will finally be able to delete WhatsApp messages that you sent to a contact, but you’ll have to be quick about it.

Although WhatsApp did not yet announce anything related to the new feature, the FAQ page of the application has been recently updated to reflect the addition of the new functionality. The new feature is called “Delete for everyone” and will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

In …

Google Duo 21 hints that users will be able to send audio and video messages to contacts

According to a report published today, video conferencing app Duo could soon be used to send and receive audio and video messages to and from contacts. Breaking down Duo 21 reveals button-like icons that users would press to start and stop the recording of a video message. Also discovered in this teardown are several strings that are related to the message notification that a recipient would receive from Duo. The notification reveals if the message is via voice or video, and who it is from. Of course, a Watch or Listen button would be included depending on the form the message takes.

Speaking …

Latest Viber update brings pinned messages, replies in group, more

Viber, one of the many popular messaging apps for mobile devices, is often seen as the underdog. Nevertheless, many favor Viber over other bigger apps like Messenger or WhatsApp, hence the large number of users reported by the developer. If you’re one of those Viber fans, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a new version available for download.

The more important feature included in the latest update – pinned messages – allows group admins to set a specific message to stick to the top of a group chat. That will make important messages more visible in group …

Apple starts promoting iOS 11 changes with pop-up messages for iPhone and iPad users

A new “Tips” pop-up found on certain iPhone and iPad models is showing users of the two iOS powered devices some of the new features to expect when iOS 11 is pushed out to compatible models. One big change with the new build of Apple’s mobile OS is that it supports 64-bit devices only. That is why iPhone models older than the Apple iPhone 5s are excluded from receiving iOS 11. It also explains why 187,000 32-bit apps will eventually be removed from the App Store.

The “Tips” pop up started showing up yesterday and highlighted several of the new features coming to the iPhone and iPad such …

With the latest update, you can reply to messages on Instagram using videos and photos

A new feature on Instagram will allow users to respond to certain video, photos and reshared posts in Direct by sending photos or videos. The reply includes a sticker of the image that you are responding to. Get the ball rolling by tapping on “Reply,” just like you would do with any other response you would be sending. Pressing “Reply” automatically opens the camera. Snap a selfie and send it. This is part of the changes to the app found with the update to version 10.34 of Instagram for both iOS and Android.

In addition to responding to Direct posts via a picture or video, you can send a …