There's an extremely relatable hidden message in the title of 'Isle of Dogs'


Where were you when you realized that the title of Wes Anderson’s new movie, Isle of Dogs, is also “I love dogs?”

A lot of people seem to be having that epiphany on Twitter today — perhaps because the film is generating so much (good and bad) buzz. Or maybe everyone’s just thinkin’ about dogs. That’s fair! Dogs are good, and we love them. We also love a good pair of homophones.

And now, a few of our favorite a-ha moments:

Isle of Dogs…

— Jon Negroni (@JonNegroni) March 18, 2018 Read more…

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New Apple iPhone X ad shows you how to send money using a message

It’s hard to believe that it was just yesterday when we told you about the latest ad for the Apple iPhone X. The commercial showed how users of Apple’s tenth anniversary handset can pay for a purchase using Apple Pay, and verify their identity using Face ID. Called “Fly Market,” the ad takes place in a flea market as hats, shirts, glasses and jewelry fly through the air to outfit our hero, who is also looking pretty fly at the end of the spot.

The new ad is called “Pay With A Message,” which refers to the Apple Pay Cash feature. Using the iMessage app, users can send and receive …

Apple virtually cleans the message bug in its iPhone X ad, keeps it in iOS 11

OK, get this! Apple have updated the ad so the text doesn’t overlap anymore. The animation isn’t as elegant as I’d like but I’ll take it. Hopefully, this means the software bug is actually being worked on now.— Benjamin Mayo (@bzamayo) 23 март 2018 г. 
If you remember, Apple had a fun new commercial a few days ago, demonstrating the unlocking power of gaze, hinting at how awesome the new Face ID scan biometry on the iPhone X is. While a girl is happily frolicking through a school, and ravaging open doors, cars, and locker rooms with the power of …

Anyone can use Facebook to boost a message. Even Russian agents.


There’s no longer any question at all: Russians meddled in the 2016 U.S. election, and they relied on social media tools we can all use.

Facebook and its photo-sharing site, Instagram, are mentioned dozens of times in the indictment handed down Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller. Twitter, YouTube, and PayPal are also mentioned at various points. 

Mueller, for those catching up, was appointed by the Justice Department in May 2017 to investigate alleged foreign meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. The Friday indictment is only the latest development in the lengthy process of disentangling who interfered and how they did it. Read more…

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'Stranger Things' Shannon Purser got a delightfully sneaky message from her barista


#JusticeForBarb, though yet to be fully realised, is still at the top of our minds. 

Perhaps also for Stranger Things star Shannon Purser, known to fans as the doomed Barb Holland, who received a strong and rather sneaky message of support from her barista on Wednesday.

Picking up a chai latte from Starbucks on Burrard & Smithe in Vancouver, Purser found a little surprise on her cup.

thanks guys

— Shannon Purser (@shannonpurser) February 7, 2018

That, is one legendary barista. In fact, the Stranger Things-savvy employee behind the hidden message, Starbucks barista Gail, tweeted her delight while Purser was in the cafe. Read more…

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Kristen Bell delivers strong Time's Up message in opening monologue at SAG Awards


Kristen Bell just delivered a strong opening monologue as the first ever host of the SAG Awards on Sunday.

Fronting a deliberately all-female presenter bill for the 2018 ceremony, The Good Place star presented a strong opening speech — and with the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements against systemic sexual abuse in Hollywood gaining immense traction, Bell’s monologue was always going to include a nod.

Mid-way through Bell’s monologue, she really hit the Time’s Up button on the head.

“Everyone’s story deserves to be told — especially now,” she said. “We are living in a watershed moment, and as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let’s make sure that we’re leading the charge with empathy and diligence. Because fear and anger never win the race.” Read more…

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White House government shutdown away message is a political attack on Democrats


Donald Trump’s White House sunk to a new level of petty on Saturday, as the United States government shutdown.

Callers dialing into the publicly available White House comments line — at 202.456.1111 — are greeted with a recorded away message. An unrecognizable female voice politely explains that the government is shut down because Democrats are holding it “hostage.”

Listen for yourself. This is a recording we captured ourselves when dialing the White House comment line shortly after 6:00 p.m. ET on Saturday. Read more…

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's tender New Year's message made the holiday a little less horrible


Unless you live in a designated warm place like Miami or Los Angeles, New Year’s is widely accepted as the worst holiday of the year.

Thankfully, there are little tweets for us cold climate people that keep us goingHamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had one of the sweetest this year, with just the right amount of corniness to make it chug.

Miranda pulled up a Facebook post he wrote on New Years Eve six years ago as he was creating Hamilton.

“It’s very hard to write battle wraps between Jefferson and Hamilton when you’re nowhere near as smart as the people for whom you are writing. The hamster in the hamster wheel that runs my fevered brain needs a drink,” Miranda wrote at the time. Read more…

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George Michael's family shares touching message for everyone missing him on Christmas


It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since pop star George Michael passed away.

He will forever be tied to Christmas, as the mastermind behind Wham! tune “Last Christmas” passed away on Christmas Day 2016.

Michael will also be forever remembered for his many acts of kindness, the details of which didn’t emerge until after his death at age 53.

A year later, his family has shared a Christmas message to his many fans who are still mourning his passing. (“Yog” is a nickname for Michael, which comes from the pronunciation of his given name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.)  Read more…

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New Android Messages update adds Duo integration, new message indicators, RCS for dual SIM phones, and more

Google’s Android Messages has received a new update. The patch log of the new version 2.7 doesn’t contain details about any changes, but a teardown of the APK file has revealed a few notable additions. 

One of the important features coming with the latest update is integration with Google Duo. If you have contacts that have Duo installed, their respective title bars should now include a video camera icon. 
Android Messages will also indicate how many new messages you’ve received when you re-open a conversation. Last …