Which social media “stories” do you use most often?

A while ago, Facebook started adding some pizzazz to its apps — Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram — in order to improve user retention and even attract more users. Such features include the virtual face masks / makeup and stories, with special effects, stickers and emoji on video also making an appearance. Any of these sound like they were lifted off of Snapchat? Naaaah…

Anyway, stories are popular, and fully autonomous within apps — if you post a story through your Facebook app, it won’t be visible in Messenger, nor Instagram, and certainly not in Snapchat. …

New sunglasses can record HD video, snap photos, and stream video live to social media sites

Back in September 2016, Snapchat parent Snap introduced a new product called Spectacles. Basically a cheap pair of sunglasses with an embedded video camera, the device was priced at $129.99 and recorded 10 seconds of video everytime the “record button” was tapped. A maximum of 30 seconds could be recorded and uploaded to social media. Originally sold out of a vending machine that moved from location to location, the company announced last October that in one year it had sold over 150,000 units, 50% more than expected. Once Snapchat started selling them online, sales began to tumble.

Now, …

Analyst says Taiwan media is mistaken; rumored iPhone production cuts are for 8/8 Plus

Yesterday, we passed along some bad news for bulls on China’s equity markets; stocks of companies that supply Apple with parts for the iPhone X had lost as much as 40% of their value in a single day. What brought on such a rush of selling? It was a rumor that Apple had cut production of the tenth anniversary model by 20 million to 30 million units. But today, an analyst with securities firm Rosenblatt says that this rumor is incorrect.

Analyst Jun Zhang says that his firm’s research reveals no such production cut is taking place with the Apple iPhone X, and that Taiwan’s media is a bit confused. …

Vice Media reportedly settled 4 sexual harassment, defamation cases against employees


Vice Media may be hailed as millennial digital-media darling covering edgy, hip topics, but its workplace culture is out-dated and rotten, according to a damning New York Times investigation published Saturday.

The investigation uncovered four settlements for alleged sexual harassment and defamation against the Brooklyn-based media company’s employees — including its president, Andrew Creighton.

The allegations include unwanted sexual advances, forced kissing and groping from the former head of Vice News, and a retaliatory firing after a woman rejected a relationship with Vice’s president Creighton.  Read more…

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Dark vs. Light: 'Star Wars' fans storm social media with dueling 'Last Jedi' opinions


Spoiler alert! This post contains big spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Seriously, get out of here now if you don’t want to know what happens.

The critical response to The Last Jedi has been overwhelmingly positive, with reviews lauding the film for — among other things — deviating from the Star Wars norm.

Audiences online, though, haven’t been quite so enamored of the movieAs Mashable reported earlier this week, the gap between Rotten Tomatoes scores from critics vs. those from moviegoers was, at one point, a whopping 37 percent.

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VLC media player for iOS updated with iPhone X and 4k videos support

It’s been less than a week since VLC, one of the most popular media players for mobile devices, received an important update on Android, and the iOS version is getting the same treatment.

As expected, the new update brings support for iPhone X, but also some fixes that should prevent the app from acting erratically on devices powered by iOS 7 and iOS 8. On top of that, the update adds support for HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding ) 4K videos. Some general bug fixes have been implemented too, so you should have a smoother experienced now.

If you haven’t yet …

Latest BBM for Android update focuses on media sharing experience

A new version of BlackBerry Messenger has just been released in the Google Play Store. The Canadian company made quite a lot of improvements to the media sharing experience in the latest version of BBM.

Here are some of the most important changes that will benefit BBM users after updating to this new iteration. First off, you’ll now be able to customize you unique BBM PIN for free, as well as the background colors in chat.

There’s also a new grid view in the Discover tab for a better reading experience. More importantly, BBM users will now be able to take …

T-Mobile: Astros fans love social media while Dodger fans like to stream video

The 2017 World Series has gone back and forth, a pitcher’s duel one game, a slugfest the next. And the Houston Astros, who just a few short years ago lost more than 100 games for three consecutive seasons, are one win away from their first title. But that isn’t the important thing. What is important is how the fans in each of the two cities used T-Mobile data on their phones while sitting in the stands during the games.

L.A. fans, perhaps due to the city’s close proximity to movie and television studios, used Netflix 250% more in Dodger Stadium during games 1 and 2, than Astros fans did …

Master the art of social media marketing without going back to school


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Maybe you’re thinking about going into the PR industry. Or maybe you just want to pick up some essential communications skills that’ll help you in any industry. Whatever it is, you probably don’t want to go back to school or pay thousands in tuition in order to do it. Because, seriously, who wants that?

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Save 85 percent off the regular price of $199 and get training that’ll help you advance your career, start a new one, or gain skills that’ll help you in industries like advertising, music, fashion, and sports. So much of PR is about learning the ropes and mastering the inner-workings of a complex system that’s built on age-old best practices. This course reveals those industry secrets. Read more…

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Apple to investigate social media claims of swollen batteries on the iPhone 8 Plus

With a pair of claims disseminated over social media pertaining to swollen batteries found on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, the company is going to take the time to investigate the phones, the batteries and anything else it needs to examine to make sure that it has a legitimate theory about the circumstances surrounding the incidents. At least one of the social media posts included pictures showing that the battery swelling pushed the phone’s screen right out of its housing.

In one of the examples, the owner of the phone said that the swelling occurred while he was charging the handset using …