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Maybe you’re thinking about going into the PR industry. Or maybe you just want to pick up some essential communications skills that’ll help you in any industry. Whatever it is, you probably don’t want to go back to school or pay thousands in tuition in order to do it. Because, seriously, who wants that?

That’s why this Digital Media and Public Relations Course Bundle is so clutch. You can learn PR skills online for just $29—it’s that simple.

Save 85 percent off the regular price of $199 and get training that’ll help you advance your career, start a new one, or gain skills that’ll help you in industries like advertising, music, fashion, and sports. So much of PR is about learning the ropes and mastering the inner-workings of a complex system that’s built on age-old best practices. This course reveals those industry secrets. Read more…

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Apple to investigate social media claims of swollen batteries on the iPhone 8 Plus

With a pair of claims disseminated over social media pertaining to swollen batteries found on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, the company is going to take the time to investigate the phones, the batteries and anything else it needs to examine to make sure that it has a legitimate theory about the circumstances surrounding the incidents. At least one of the social media posts included pictures showing that the battery swelling pushed the phone’s screen right out of its housing.

In one of the examples, the owner of the phone said that the swelling occurred while he was charging the handset using …

Too many volume sliders? VolumeSync will let you link your notification, media, and alarm volumes

Android’s always been a platform rich in options and choice for its users. This is easily evident even in its volume slider… sliders, sorry. Yeah, Google’s operating system has three different volume controls – ringtone, media, and alarm. Or, if you are on a Samsung phone, you have four to juggle with – ringtone, media, notifications, and system. Yeah, it’s both kind of cool and kind of annoying — on one hand, you can fine-tune your notifications, alerts, and keyboard click sounds, on the other — that’s a ton of micro-management just to get your phone’s volume right.

Well, …

T-Mobile customers turned to messaging apps and social media during the eclipse

So what the heck do you do during a solar eclipse?  Well, if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber you pick up your phone and hit your messaging and social media apps. T-Mobile subscribers in the path of totality during the eclipse, used 4 times the usual amount of data they consume to visit Snapchat. The amount of data used on Twitter by T-Mobile subscribers under the same conditions was up 300%, while Facebook usage was up 260%. The rest of the top six includes Instagram (up 225%), YouTube (up 156%) and Netflix (up 125%).

Overall, T-Mobile data usage in the path …

Google’s Nearby 2.0 releases, enabling offline communication, media sharing, and more

Google last talked at length about their Nearby API (application programming interface) at IO 2017, where its mission statement was detailed. Fast, encrypted, offline, peer-to-peer communication is Nearby’s goal, and today Google opens up the doors for developers to integrate the latest version into their apps. 

Nearby uses a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and regular Bluetooth to discover and connect to devices that are, well, nearby. Although the Wi-Fi chip is being used, a connection to Wi-Fi or any form of cellular data is not necessary, …

Survey: social media use poses risks to young people's mental health, but can do good as well

You do not have to be an experienced psychologist or scholar to suspect that there is a direct relation between young people’s mental health and the fact that most of them spend a substantial part of their time in social media using their phones, tablets or computers. But is the use of a particular social media platform good or bad for the well-being of teens and young adults? Interesting answers to this question can be found in the report of a recent survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) in the UK in early 2017. It appears that social media can …

Is the media misleading you about the Samsung Galaxy S8 display?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is arguably the best smartphone currently available on the marke; it has the one of the best designs of any phone in history; and, it is certainly the best phone Samsung has ever made. That said, there is one thing that has bugged me in the hype of the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus — do consumers really understand what they’re getting in the display?

The issue is this: Samsung’s “Infinity Display” is gorgeous, but most places you might look for information about said display will tell you that the device has a Quad HD display …

This week in apps: Uber adds a safety feature, Gorrilaz launch an AR app and Microsoft tries social media


It’s been a busy week: Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla Semi truck is coming soon, Instagram announced reaching 200 million daily active users on stories and Messenger reached 1.2 billion, so it’s understandable if you missed some of this weeks best apps.

Luckily, we’ve kept up for you. Each week, we round up the latest app news, along with a few of our favorite new and updated products, to keep you in the loop with everything coming to your smartphone.


Here’s what caught our eye this week. If you’re looking for more, make sure to check out the installment. Read more…

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Instagram Direct gets update that allows disappearing media and permanent texts to share a thread

Today, Instagram announced that it is launching what it calls the “New” Instagram Direct.  The feature is used to send threaded messages to individuals or groups. It also allows you to share posts from your Instagram feed as a message. With the update, permanent text messages will combine with disappearing photos and videos into one thread. Previously, the disappearing media were given their own place under the “Direct” tab.

In five months, the number of Instagram users taking advantage of the Direct messaging feature has risen from 300 million to 375 million  Disappearing media …

Google's CBO Schindler blames the media for putting YouTube's video content issue on the front page

In the U.S., the media is getting beat up. Even Google is accusing the press of making a mountain out of a molehill. Firms like AT&T, Verizon and Walmart have been canceling their ads on Google owned YouTube because they have discovered that their spots are being placed before videos with racist and bigoted content. Companies like the nation’s first and second largest carriers do not want to be associated with videos promoting hatred and violence.

Considering that these ads generate a ton of dough for Google, the company had to nip this in the bud. Google’s chief business officer, …