LG G6 finally makes its way to the European market

LG has rather a tough time competing in the premium smartphone marketplace, such is the dominance of Apple and Samsung. In an attempt to break the duopoly on higher-priced, feature-laden handsets, LG recently unveiled the new G6. Over the next few days, consumers in Europe will finally be able to get their paws on it. 

As we noted in our initial review of the G6, there’s not much about the device that can be faulted. However, with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 duo breathing down its neck while breaking pre-order records in both firms’ native South Korea, it’s clear that …

Google Areo is a new food delivery and home services app aimed at the Indian market

Quiet launches are typically not Google’s thing, but the company’s latest app seems to be an exception. A new Google-developed app by the name of Areo has popped up on the Play Store without any notice whatsoever, and it aims to provide a wide variety of home services for the Indian market under one roof.

Areo lets users order food from local joints, get in touch with service providers from their area (e.g. plumbing and cleaning companies), and schedule appointments in-app. Users can currently checkout by making a payment in-app (using netbanking or card) or opt …

Following the Galaxy S8 reveal, does the LG G6 actually stand a chance on the market?

It’s fair to say that last week was pretty much dominated by news about Samsung’s latest flagship offering, the Galaxy S8. But now that the dust has settled a bit, let’s take a second look at the other spring 2017 flagship out there – the LG G6.

Following the failure of the modular G5, LG’s mobile division desperately needed a winner, and its successor clearly proves it: the G6 is, for all intents and purposes, a conventional flagship, opting to offer a good all-around experience rather than rely on gimmicks like its predecessor. But is it, perhaps, a bit too conventional? …

BlackBerry KEYone market release delayed, now shipping after May

BlackBerry fans must have been disappointed to learn that the new KEYone smartphone, teased back in January at CES 2017 and introduced one month later at MWC 2017, will not be shipping within a month since the official announcement.

Chinese company TCL announced back in February that the BlackBerry KEYone should be available globally starting April. Unfortunately, the market release timeframe of the smartphone has been moved to May.

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen confirmed during the company’s earning calls that the KEYOne will be in production at the end of …

Market analyst: iPhone 8 to be more attractive than Galaxy S8

We are in the last days before the launch of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 and all kinds of speculations are being thrown across the mobile tech forum. From spec rumors to sales count predictions, we are flooded by a number of leaks, and honestly, we can’t wait! 

However, a recent statement, coming from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, a respected Apple-leaker, suggests that the Galaxy S8 “lacks sufficiently attractive selling points” and will most likely lag behind the also much-talked-about Apple iPhone 8. Kuo put emphasis on the OLED screen the next iPhone …

Garmin's Vivosmart 3 looks like every other fitness tracker that's already on the market

When it comes to fitness trackers, room for innovation is quickly dissipating. All devices in this category serve the same general purpose of tracking your physical activity throughout the day, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, it does create for a lot of similar-looking and feeling products. The folks over at Wearable claim to have gotten their hands on newly leaked renders of an upcoming Garmin Vivosmart 3, and if these pictures are anything to go by, we’re in for somewhat of a snoozer.

Wearable doesn’t say where it obtained these photos from, and while there are some …

No promo left behind: Samsung cornered 72% of the VR market last year

By now it’s clear that Samsung’s Gear VR is one of the most popular headsets around – so much so that, when consumers start thinking of a VR headgear, they almost automatically imagine Samsung’s bundle offerings. The company made it a deliberate strategy to put its Gear VR in as many hands as possible by giving it away with its flagship handsets in many cases, and has been doing this for a while now. The end result?

Well, according to the latest estimates, Samsung controlled more than 70% of the consumer virtual reality market last year. Yep, its virtual …

Apple's AirPods have taken 26% of the online market for wireless headphones

After a two-month delay while Apple was ironing out some problems with the product, the wireless Bluetooth powered AirPods finally launched on December 13th. Already, AirPods own 26% of the online wireless headphone market, cementing what Apple CEO Tim Cook has called “a runaway success.” The data comes from Slice Intelligence and is generated from actual receipts. This means that the figures should be very accurate.

In December 2015, wireless headphones accounted for half of the entire online U.S. headphones market for the first time. Last month, three out of every four headphones sold …

Windows Mango Phones On The Market Today

Windows has taken a major spot in the world of operating systems for mobiles. The corporation was able to launch its selection of operating systems with the new windows mango. Several of the biggest companies that produce cell phones are using this recent OS because it is versatile.

Windows also is in favor over almost all the operating systems mainly because many people worldwide use the same computer software on notebooks or computers. So, by purchasing one of the leading cell phone deals which has windows is an advantage for individuals who are used to the way of the business.

There are now two top cell phone deals who use Windows Mango so they are named Samsung Omnia W and HTC Titan. Both phones have outstanding capabilities and they deserve to be in the crest of the market.

The Samsung gadget comes with a big display that provides a really good visibility. You will have the satisfaction in using social networks by utilizing this handset. Because of the Windows OS you will be able to use all the standard windows formats for documents and spreadsheets. You will be able to make changes on the run and by using the internet you will be able to send all the files effortlessly. The Bing search engine has a particular design just for mobile devices. This design makes it extremely attractable for all users of mobiles.

The HTC Titan overpasses the Samsung offering a larger display. I am not used to see such big monitors on a phone. The large display allows the phone to run HD movies and you will enjoy the sensitive touch screen benefits without a doubt. Furthermore the HTC has a better digital camera than the Samsung and by utilizing some of the Windows applications you can modify the photographs right on your cell phone. You can also compress the pictures to get them to manageable for email attachments. By using this feature you can update you zynga page without any problems and you will talk about your location by using pictures made with the phone.

Windows Mango is far better than the other Windows Mobile versions and its opens a brand new world for mobile devices. It is a strong business rival for the Android OS and I think that the future version may become the favorite on the market. The people at Google should think hard and come up with some thing better and more advanced.

Windows Mango Phones On The Market Today

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Smartphone Market US : Samsung Having iPhone In Headlock

Samsung Electronics often have surpassed Apple to be the major smartphone maker in the states in May perhaps, according a great analyst’s document. Sales connected with Samsung’s completely new flagship cellular phone, the Galaxy S4, put together with its bigger-screen Galaxy Note II along with the older Galaxy S III, lifted Samsung’s gross sales above Apple’s past month, this report claimed.

Canaccord Genuity, a investment exploration firm, said the item surveyed the retail stores of insurers including AT&T, Verizon Wi-fi, T-Mobile STATES and Dash. The Galaxy S4 seemed to be the top-selling cellular phone for Verizon, T-Mobile in addition to Sprint past month. Although at AT&T, the Galaxy S4 was your second best-selling phone as soon as the iPhone 5, this report claimed.

“We imagine Samsung on the effectiveness of strong Galaxy S4, Ohydrates III, and Notice II gross sales surpassed Apple to find top share on the U. Ohydrates. smartphone current market for once since this iPhone 5 introduction, ” claimed Michael Walkley, this Cana cord Genuity analyzer who done the customer survey.

That may appear like a Motorola milestone Cheapest mobile phones, but this report need to be taken that has a grain connected with salt. The customer survey doesn’t include things like Apple’s retail stores, where quite a few i-Phones are traded. And the item remains for being seen no matter if Samsung can certainly beat Apple company company in gross sales after Apple company company releases the latest iPhone (or possibly cheaper new i-phone 4, as rumors suggest). On one position, Samsung’s Galaxy S III surpassed this iPhone 4S to be the best-selling phone on this planet, but as soon as sales numbers with the new new i-phone 4 5 got in in the future, the new i-phone 4 was Not any. 1 all over again.

Also, strong effectiveness in May perhaps alone doesn’t indicate Samsung possesses crushed Apple in the states over many. Com Score, the online world analytic corporation, issued a report on The following Thursday that predicted that Apple company company had 39. 2 percentage of smart data phone subscribers from the first 11 weeks of 2013 in addition to Samsung, with second area, had 23 percent. That incorporates all models of i-Phones in addition to Samsung phones in the states.

What Samsung’s sturdy performance with May uncovers is which the South Korean supplier has worked out how to make simple good by using the many weeks between new i-phone 4 upgrades, in the event the current iPhone is getting old and sales usually are slowing. Samsung is usually releasing it is New phones of these months. And many Apple customers who definitely are waiting with the next iPhone can be caving in and buying Samsung devices instead.

To put it differently, Samsung has taken advantage of the predictability on the iPhone generate cycle — Apple’s pattern has become to enhance the iPhone every year in this fall to target the winter season. Will Apple company company switch in place its future move?

Worries between Apple company company and Samsung, in the meantime, are warming up as the patent challenge continues. With Tuesday, north America International Deal Commission supplied a suspend on several older Apple company company devices, like iPhone 5 for AT&T’s circle. Apple expects to appeal choosing one.

Smartphone Market US : Samsung Having iPhone In Headlock