Rumored Apple acquisition of Snapchat parent Snap is not going to happen says market expert

The Wall Street rumor mill is always full of possible merger combinations. Most of the time, these rumors really are fake news broadcast by Wall Street pros looking to game the system for millions in trading profits obtained by goosing a stock for a quick pop. This month’s Vanity Fair, of all places, contains a rumor stating that Apple could be looking to purchase Snapchat parent Snap.

Purchasing Snap would give Apple access to messaging app Snapchat; despite the recent change to the Snapchat UI that caused many users to sign a petition demanding the old Snapchat back, Apple might see the …

Xiaomi plans to enter the US market by 2018's end or by early 2019

Xiaomi has been planning to start selling its smartphones in the United States for many years now, but the Chinese company never found the right moment to make such an important move.

It appears that this year Xiaomi is closer than ever to an expansion into the US smartphone market. A new report from Wall Street Journal cites Xiaomi’s Chairman Lei Jun, who said his company plans “to start entering the market by end 2018, or by early 2019.”

Xiaomi is the fourth largest handset maker in China and has already successfully launched its smartphones in India and other countries in Southeast …

The HomePod digs into the smart speaker market, as Tim Cook dubs it the first 'modern' one

From the folks that brought us endless fun comparing Apple’s new HomePod smarts to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, now comes a more scientific research which follows the market share that said HomePod managed to carve out after its launch on February 9th.
It turns out that Apple’s smart $349 speaker already has 3% of the growing market just two weeks after launch. Given that Google and Amazon are saturating the industry with 50-buck speakers, and even less on promotion, this is no small feat.
As to what people are using their smart speakers most for, that’s music, unsurprisingly, followed …

Best camera phones of 2018: the leading smartphone cameras on the market

Finding the best smartphone camera is no easy task these days. Most all flagships now come packing some serious camera tech and software, and while certain brands and models may excel in certain areas, it’s pretty much a neck-and-neck race.

Some phones perform better in low light, others have HDR modes that are way ahead of the competition, and then there are those that are not as good for stills, but are great for video. It’s not easy picking the best of the best, especially if you don’t get the chance to try out many, many phones for yourself.

Thankfully, that’s our job here at …

After nearly six months, Android Oreo finally breaks 1% market share

Google has just released the Android distribution numbers for the month of February. At first glance, the situation looks terrible for those hoping that Oreo will pick up the pace and improve its market share.

However, looking back at the same numbers one year ago, we can confirm that deployment of new Android platforms is within the parameters. Google announced today that Android Oreo has finally passed 1% market share worldwide, which is exactly what Android Nougat did exactly one year ago.

Apparently, Android Oreo is now running on 1.1% of devices, while Android Nougat is now at …

Apple working on four next-generation iPhone models, but only three will make it to market

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple is working on a handful of iPhone prototypes before taking a final decision, but since plans can change on the fly, it’s hard to tell which of these projects are going to be finalized and which will be abandoned.

However, Digitimes Research senior analyst Luke Lin believes he has the answer. According to him, Apple has four next-generation iPhone projects in the works, but only three of the products will eventually make their debut on the market.

The four iPhone models that Apple is now prototyping feature 5.7- to 5.8-inch LCD display, 6.0- to …

How has the Maya Principle influenced the smartphone market?

I have often wondered how some companies have succeeded where others have not. But when I discovered the Maya Principle, everything started to make sense. For some background, the Maya Principle (MAYA) stands for the Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable, and the term was coined by Raymond Loewy, who you might know as the creator of the Coca-Cola logo. This philosophy states that when iterating on a product, one should be careful with implementing change. The idea is to offer enough change to make an exciting new product, but not so much as to confuse the consumer. In general, people do not like change, …

Led by iPhone X, Apple's Q4 U.S. market share rises 17% over last year

The Apple iPhone X made its debut during the fourth quarter of 2017. The tenth anniversary model launched during the first week of November, which helped Apple’s U.S. market share rise sequentially by 10 percentage points during the last three months of the year. For the period, the iPhone saw its share of the stateside smartphone market rise to 39% from 29% during the third quarter. On a year-over-year basis, the iPhone’s Q4 market share was up 5 percentage points (17%) from the 34% it achieved in Q4 2016.

Apple had a seven percentage point lead over Samsung from October through the end …

Analysts see uphill climb for Apple HomePod as Amazon and Google rule smart speaker market

2017 was the first year that smart speakers became extremely popular as Christmas and Chanukah gifts. Amazon, who created the category in 2015 with the Amazon Echo, has a huge lead in market share over Google and its Google Home series. This past holiday shopping season saw both Amazon and Google fight over market share by cutting the price on their low-end smart speaker. Combined, both firms have a large lead in smart speaker market share.

During the holidays, the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini were both priced at $29. Both were about $50 prior to the sale. Amazon’s cost to produce …

Qualcomm had the highest share of the smartphone SoC market during Q3 2017, followed by Apple

Just the other day, we mentioned how rough 2017 has been for chip designer Qualcomm. Thanks to a number of lawsuits filed by Apple against Qualcomm and vice versa, there is a good chance that Qualcomm will not be supplying CDMA iPhone units with a modem chip next year. That could be a role that MediaTek will play in 2018, with Intel supplying Apple with the component for GSM models.

As the year started to come to an end, Qualcomm received an unsolicited takeover bid from Broadcom. The latter is prepping a proxy battle and is seeking to replace Qualcomm’s board. Even with all of these negatives …