Nintendo announces Super Mario Run has 200 million downloads, but it's not too profitable

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile gaming industry. Even though the game proved to be pretty popular among Android and iOS users, it didn’t reach the level of profitability Nintendo expected.

During Nintendo’s latest earnings report, the Japanese company announced Super Mario Run now has more than 200 million downloads on both Android and iOS platforms. However, Nintendo claims that despite this impressive numbers, the game “had not yet reached an acceptable profit point.”

Super Mario Run is a free to download game but requires players …

Super Mario Run now on sale for 50% off, new update brings many new features

Nintendo has just unleashed a new version of its highly-acclaimed Super Mario Run game on Android and iOS platforms. On top of that, the mobile game has been discounted by 50% for a limited time, which means iOS and Android users can purchase it for just $4.99.

One of the most important updates that have been released since the launch of Super Mario Run brings a new mode, a new character and a new world with lots of new levels to visit.

Daisy, the new playable character introduced in this update, brings a new double-jump skill with her. In order to unlock …

September 29th update coming to Super Mario Run brings new new character, new world and 50% off deal

Remember last December when Nintendo released the Super Mario Run game for iOS? On March 22nd of this year, the game was made available for Android users. For a period of time following the launch of the game on each platform, there was a flurry of activity as fans of Nintendo in general, and Mario is particular, installed the app. The game is free, by the way, but that gives you only limited game play. It costs $9.99 if you want to unlock the entire game.

While the excitement of Super Mario Run has died down, Nintendo is hoping to raise the “thrill” level with an update to both the iOS …

Super Mario Run hits nearly 150 million downloads, but makes less money than Fire Emblem

Super Mario Run, one of the most successful mobile games launched by Nintendo this year, has reached almost 150 million downloads on both the Android and iOS platforms combined.

Although that’s says something about the game’s success, it appears that not many of those who downloaded Super Mario Run were willing to pay for it. As some of you might know already, Super Mario Run offers the first couple of levels for free, after which players must pay to access the full game.

Moreover, the second mobile game released by Nintendo in 2017, Fire Emblem has a bigger …

Super Mario Run gets its first major update on Android

Nintendo’s first major hit in the mobile game industry, Super Mario Run made its debut on Android a while ago, but it’s already received a couple of minor updates.

Well, Super Mario Run players will be pleased to know that developers have just released the first major update for the Android version of the game. This update is not about repairing things, but about adding new features and improvements.

Among the most important new features added is the ability to find friends from your Nintendo Account, which wasn’t available until now. Also, the maximum number …

Super Mario Run for iOS gets new playable characters, tons of new content

Nintendo pledged to bring its Super Mario Run game to Android in March, and the Japanese company has delivered on that promise. The game is now available for download via Google Play Store, and you’ll be able to play the first three stages for free.

In the meantime, the iOS version got a consistent update that brings lots new game features and improvements. Super Mario Run 2.0.0 comes with new playable characters, new buildings, and enhanced tutorial.

The “new playable characters” are in fact just one that you can have in four different colors. Super Mario Run now allows players to …

Super Mario Run for Android is now available to download

Last week, we told you that Super Mario Run would be released on Android on March 23, three months after debuting on iOS. While it’s not yet March 23 in the US (though it is in Japan and other parts of the world), the game can already be downloaded from Google Play – all you need is a device running Android 4.2 or newer. Oh, and you’ll also need an Internet connection to actually play the game.

Just like the iOS version, Super Mario Run for Android is free to download and play. However, only a limited number of levels are available for free, and you’ll have to pay $10 if you want the complete …

Super Mario Run officially hits Android on March 23rd; v2 coming to iOS as well?

It’s been a long wait for Android users who wanted to get their hands on Super Mario Run and the wait is almost over. Nintendo was clear the game would be hitting the Google Play Store in March and now we have a more specific release date — March 23rd — this coming Thursday. The big question remains though: Did Nintendo do anything to fix the issues of the iOS release?

According to the tweet by Nintendo announcing the release date of Super Mario Run for Android, the version being released to the Play Store will be v2.0.0. Unfortunately, we don’t know what exactly this update …

Nintendo grossed $53 million from Super Mario Run since its launch last month

Since its launch in December, mobile video game Super Mario Run has amassed $53 million in revenue for Nintendo, according to the company. And that amount was achieved with the game available only for iOS devices. The Android version of the game, which is expected to launch in March, could bring tens of millions of additional dollars into Nintendo’s coffers. The game is free to download and a couple of levels of game play are also on the house. After you play those free levels, you will have to shell out $9.99 to enjoy the rest of the game. The Android version of Super Mario Run is expected to …

Register to Download Super Mario Run for Android

Super Mario Run is on the decline over on iOS, so Nintendo is probably feeling like it’s time to get it going on Android. They’re preparing themselves to do so with this latest move.


You can now pre-register to download Super Mario Run for Android. By doing so, you’ll get a notification on any of your Android devices you’re signed into when the game becomes available to download.

In case you haven’t heard, Super Mario Run is an endless runner by Nintendo, and it’s their first proper game after launching a chat app called Miitomo and having a limited role in launching Pokemon GO. It was first available on iOS, but likely delayed for Android due to some sort of exclusivity deal.

Super Mario Run features super simple gameplay. Mario runs on his own, and you tap the screen with a single finger to help him jump over, under, through, and on top of obstacles. You collect coins just like you would in any Mario game, too. Youtube Video

The game will be free to try for 3 levels, after which Nintendo is expected to ask for $10 for the entire ordeal as that’s the asking price over on iOS. Head to Google Play to pre-register if you want to know the moment this thing goes live. Unlock to LIKE and Get Register Link to Download

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