U.S. reaches deal to repeal export ban on ZTE; company gets fined and agrees to management shake up

According to a senior congressional aide, the U.S. reached a deal on Friday that will lift the U.S. export ban that has practically put China’s ZTE out of business. The ban prevented the Chinese phone and network equipment manufacturer from sourcing hardware, software and components from the states. ZTE had violated U.S. sanctions by selling goods and services to Iran. The Commerce Department fined the company over $1 billion, and ordered that ZTE employees involved in the Iran sales have their bonuses withheld and a letter of reprimand placed in their files. The agency also ordered a seven …

Apple: the new iPhone 8/Plus and X need less power management, as they come with 'hardware updates'

Apple’s iPhone throttling saga continued on Tuesday with a response letter to questions from the Senate committee investigation, from where we learned that it may offer rebates to those who paid full price for swapping their batteries before the $29 consolation price kicked in. Tucked into those questions were a few from Senator John Thune, who demanded to know whether Apple will be engaged in throttling its newer handsets like the iPhone X or 8, too. Well, the head of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation now has his answers:

[The] …

Will you disable Apple's power management if your older iPhone could shut down?

Apple did the right thing after the whole older-iPhones-get-throttled controversy, and, besides a $29 battery replacement service, will be giving users the right to choose whether they want a performance hit but stable operations, or would gamble on current peaks that can force an aging battery to shut the handset down in certain scenarios.

Yes, in a future iOS update, Apple will give iPhone owners the ability to turn off that particular thread in its power management software that throttles the CPU on handsets with older battery packs. Users will …

Apple developing "the most advanced" power management chips, could premiere on iPhones as soon as 2018

Apple seems to be aiming to reduce its dependence on suppliers. Earlier this year, Cupertino cut its ties with GPU maker Imagination Technologies and later introduced an in-house graphics chip on its latest A11 SoC. Now, word has it that the US tech giant is designing its very own power management chips which could be featured in iPhones as early as 2018. 
According to sources of Nikkei Asian Review, the new power management chips would be “the most advanced in the industry”. A power management chip controls …

Apple is developing in-house power management chips, German analyst reports

After signing a $9bn deal with Samsung for the manufacturing of OLED displays earlier this month, Apple is now speculated to be working on an in-house power management chip. Karsten Iltgen, analyst for German bank Bankhaus Lampe, cut his rating on Dialog Semiconductor this Tuesday, sending the chip manufacturer’s shares down the slope. Mr Iltgen statated that “strong evidence” suggests Apple is looking to ditch Dialog’s power management integrated circuits (PMIC), and is allegedly working on its own unit that could go live by 2019.

After Bankhaus Lampe reduced its Dialog rating to “sell” …

“Darth Ventures” and the efficacy of Sith management techniques

(Image: Disney XD via Getty Images) Everyone loves to joke how venture capital is the “Dark Side,” and most of the VCs I know are good-natured about simply accepting the comparison. It’s probably better than “vulture capital,” which was how we were ridiculed when I first started in the business in the early 90s. At my prior fund, my DFJ Frontier co-founder David Cremin coined the term… Read More

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Free 6 apps you should install for personal management on your cheap tablet pc

1) Evernote Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: It is a typical cloud technology software and we can access it anywhere since all the data will be synchronized to their server. We can access it in our tablet pc, smartphone, laptop and PC with the same account. It helps you to jot down every piece of information whatever that is text, pictures and voices. Furthermore, it allows you to organize and give you an easy retrieval of information. To sum up, it is a knowledge management app.

2) App: Remember the milk Platform: iOS(iphone) / android. The ipad version is currently still under testing and should be available soon. Functions: “Remember the milk” is a To-Do-List software. All the stuff were synchronized to the server. It is also known as Cloud technology. That means you can access it anywhere with almost any devices as well. You can also set the priority for the tasks and the User interface is simple and friendly.

3) App: Toggl Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: it allows you to time tracking your tasks and manage the time resources spent on each task. You just have to press a button when recording the tasks’ time when you are doing the task. You can pause it when you switch to other tasks. Then you resume the time count of that task when you change to work on that task latter on. After a day or a week, you can review your time resources by the project category. This helps you to improve your efficiency.

4) Dropbox Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: It is would be the most user-friendly online file storage and management app. Again, thanks for the cloud technology, the data you put on the Dropbox were located on server securely. You can access the same files and same data anywhere with one account. We don’t have to waste time in synchronizing files. We can drag and drop the files easily with this Dropbox and it is so easy.

5) App: ThinVNC Platform: after it was installed in your computer at home or office, it can be accessed by almost any platform including iOS(iphone/ipad) and android. Functions: it is a pure-web remote desktop solution. After it was installed in the host pc, we can access it via HTML5 compliant browser. It is good software allowing you to remote access your pc at home or office. 6) App: Google Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: it allows you to check email, read your favorite news with your Google reader, edit document with Google doc and share with team members, do scheduling in Google calendar, watch YouTube. There are still many free services offered by Google to replace our previous paid services.

Free 6 apps you should install for personal management on your cheap tablet pc