Sony might stop making phones

Sony has a new chief executive officer that replaces long-term CEO Kaz Hirai and a new CEO also means a new plan for the company’s future, a plan that might include a move away from consumer gadgets. And yes, while nobody at Sony admits that, this might well mean that the company is stepping away from making not only phones, but other consumer gadgets as well, including the popular Playstation and Sony cameras.

While we hope this does not happen, new Sony chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida unveiled a new three-year plan for the company on Tuesday and the focus of that plan was …

Lol now Facebook is just making fake news smaller


Facebook really wishes its problems would just disappear. But, since that’s clearly not going to happen, maybe they could, I don’t know, get smaller?

That appears to be the thinking of Mark Zuckerberg and Co., who on Friday announced that the company’s new plan to combat fake news essentially boils down to font size. 

So reports TechCrunch, which notes that Facebook’s latest grand idea is to reduce the amount of space articles take up in the News Feed if their accuracy has been disputed by the company’s third-party fact checkers.  Read more…

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Now Steven Spielberg is making a DC movie


Steven Spielberg is headed to the DC universe.

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that Spielberg has signed on for Blackhawk, an action-adventure movie based on the DC comics.

The press release notes that Spielberg has “an eye to directing” the film, which suggests he’s not quite locked in for that role yet. Either way, though, he’ll produce with his company Amblin Entertainment. 

“I am excited,” Spielberg said in a statement.

David Koepp, whose credits include Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, will write the script.  Read more…

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Don't look now, but flip phones are making a comeback

According to a number of media outlets, the biggest trend this year is the return of the humble flip phone. The Seattle Times said, “The flip phone is the new protest statement.” Baltimore Sun Op-Ed writer Katie Reid swapped her Apple iPhone for a Kyocera flip phone. She did it at first to disconnect from a social media addiction (which seems to be a common thread among those turning to an unconnected handset) and then to make sure her infant daughter doesn’t grow up with a smartphone as her best friend.

Perhaps it is no surprise that those leaving a smartphone for a flip phone feel more …

An LG V40 (codenamed Storm) is seemingly in the making

LG already announced a new V-series smartphone this year – the V30S ThinQ, pictured above – so one may be wondering if the company has any other new handset from this series to reveal in 2018. Well, it looks like it has one.
According to Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), an LG V40 is in the making, and it’s codenamed Storm. The new phone should be a true successor to last year’s V30 – which the V30S ThinQ certainly isn’t, as it’s pretty much the same device (albeit with new AI-powered software tricks, and more memory).
Unfortunately, at this …

Is Google in the making of a smart display?

Essentially a smart speaker with a display, smart displays are already a thing, and some of the big players – namely Amazon, Sony, and Lenovo – have either released or announced their own. And speaking of big players, where is Google?

The company will provide its Google Assistant for both Sony and Lenovo’s smart display endeavors, which means there is interest on Google’s part in the new niche that smart displays are. However, does this mean we will get a Google-branded smart display in the near future?
The answer …

People are so furious about the Snapchat redesign that they are making rap rants now

The recent redesign of Snapchat is having devoted users of the social app throw fierce temper tantrums that border with psychosis. Actually, close to a million people are so infuriated with Snap that they have signed a petition that’s calling for the original design of Snapchat to be brought back from the dump as soon as possible. 

Yes, this last update is bringing the worst in users, but it’s also the butt of the joke for many a social media comedian, including the one and only @leekjack_, who is mostly popular for his short comedy videos. Just as you might imagine, one …

Polanski rape survivor hopes Tarantino stops making 'an a** of himself'


Roman Polanksi’s rape survivor responded to the recently resurfaced Howard Stern interview in which Quentin Tarantino defended the actions of the disgraced French-Polish film director. 

In the interview, Tarantino characterized the survivor as a “13-year-old party girl” who “was down with to party with Roman.” In reality, she was drugged and raped by the then 43-year-old Polanksi. Tarantino even went as far as to claim that, “She’s talked about it since, about, ‘No, he didn’t really do anything to me, it was a technicality from being 13.'”

But the now 54-year-old Samantha Geimer doesn’t need Tarantino to put words in her mouth and is perfectly capable of speaking for herself. Read more…

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A Samsung Galaxy S9 Active is likely in the making (alongside many other 2018 Galaxy devices)

Samsung already confirmed that it’s going to announce its Galaxy S9 smartphone series on February 25 at MWC 2018. For the beginning, the company will most probably unveil just two new handsets: Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. But we’re also expecting a Galaxy S9 Active to arrive this year (likely in the summer), and some freshly leaked info is suggesting that this should indeed happen.  
According to a list that reportedly contains codenames of upcoming Samsung devices – uncovered by XDA Developers – Samsung has made three different Galaxy S9 models, codenamed star, star2, and astarqlte. …

Sony CEO Hirai says it will continue making smartphones, but not to compete with Apple or Samsung

Just because Sony CEO Kaz Hirai expects the company to report its largest ever operating profit this year (equivalent to $5.83 billion USD) doesn’t mean that the company has fixed everything that has prevented it from rivaling Apple and Samsung in the smartphone business. In fact, the executive has a less than convincing answer to those who think that Sony should just give up when it comes to connected handsets.

Hirai says that Sony isn’t sticking with smartphones because the product is the future of tech. He says that Sony needs to continue to sell the product in order to stay in the communications …