Facebook shows great resiliency in the face of a major scandal

You might have thought that Facebook subscribers would be deleting the app in droves following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. After all, at least 87 million members had their personal information used without permission. But since the news about the scandal first broke, Facebook has since found religion. The social network instituted some new rules, and suspended over 200 apps.
All of the things that Facebook is doing in order to keep members feeling that their personal information is safe and secure must be working. According to global securities house Goldman Sachs …

Flaw in webpage demo could have allowed anyone to track cellphones on major U.S. providers

A company based in San Diego, LocationSmart of Carlsbad, collects real-time data on wireless mobile devices. A computer science student said in a report published today, that a flaw in the company’s website could have revealed to anyone, the real-time location of any cellphone running on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint. The information would have been accurate to within a few hundred yards.
If your first thought is, what purpose do companies like LocationSmart serve, they sell location data to companies that want/need to track their employees. Another part of …

Lineage 2: Revolution major update adds massive 200-player Castle Siege mode

Saying that Lineage 2: Revolution is a big MMORPG would definitely be an understatement, especially after the last update announced by Netmarble. The massive multiplayer real-time RPG is getting a huge update that adds a new PvP mode, dungeons, levels, regions and more to offer players new ways to spend quality playing time.

As the title says, the update introduces the so-called Castle Siege mode, which allows players to team up against each other. There will be a total of four clans (1 defending and 3 attacking) that can battle to conquer a Castle by imprinting the opponent’s Holy Artifact.

On …

"Snapchat is a camera" says messaging app's first major television spot

Messaging app Snapchat has been running its first major television ad campaign over the last few weeks. Have you seen it? The ad, which debuted during the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, starts out with the statement that Snapchat is a camera. And then the ad starts displaying some of the app’s AI features including Lens. The point being that Snapchat is a different kind of camera, albeit one that is still easy to use.

Some of the other features seen in the ad include Snap Map, which allows users to see Stories from all over the world. And of course, the ad shows a user snapping …

PUBG Mobile major update adds Arcade Mode, Training Grounds, loads of improvements

The PUBG phenomenon arrived on mobile last month, but the game is still in “early access.” Even so, it looks like the developer is pushing out important new updates almost on a weekly basis. The latest update that has just made its debut on Android and iOS, brings quite a lot of new gameplay features and many improvements.

The latest version of PUBG Mobile includes a new Arcade Mode that allows 28 players to face each other, as well as one of the six following variations: Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, All Weapons, Melee, Pistols, and Item Heaven.

Another important new addition is Training …

The Moto E5 line might not receive any major Android updates

Motorola isn’t promising any major OS upgrades for its newly-announced Moto E5 series. The company launched the new line of devices yesterday alongside a trio of Moto G6 smartphones. Despite guaranteeing at least one major update for the latter series, though, it appears the company couldn’t make the same promise when it came to its budget line.

In recent history, the company has been historically slow pushing out software updates to its devices, despite the fact that all run a near-stock experience of Android. At yesterday’s launch, however, the company did give a glimmer of hope by announcing …

Google's new spring wallpapers might be giving us a major hint about Android P's name

Google just shared a bunch of spring wallpapers in its recent Instagram stories, and while the wallpapers themselves are a pretty cool as far as backgrounds go, it’s one specific wallpaper that has the full scope of our attention. 

Featuring a slew of tasty and super-vibrant popsicles, one of the wallpapers could be either giving us a really major hint about the upcoming Android P’s name… or be yet another massive tomfoolery on Google’s part the purpose of which is to lead us by the noses as far as the next Android’s name is concerned.

Among the multiple probabilities …

Daily Steals offers major discounts on unlocked Motorola smartphones

Motorola fans looking to upgrade to a newer model are given the chance to do that at a very special price. Daily Steals is running a promotion on five Motorola smartphones that have been released in the last two years.

Assuming that you have a Motorola smartphone that was launched back in 2015 or earlier, you can now upgrade to the Moto Z DROID for just $180. This is Motorola’s flagship from 2016, which originally sold for $700 outright. The same goes for the Moto Z Force DROID that sells for only $180.

Obviously, these deals aren’t aimed at people who already own a Motorola smartphone, …

Cortana will soon get a major new feature on Android smartphones

It looks like Microsoft’s Cortana has been further improved with one mandatory feature that all personal digital assistants should include at launch: the option to call and text by voice.

The new feature is coming to the beta version of the app for the moment, but Microsoft makes it available to all Android devices in just a couple of weeks if testing goes smooth. 

In case you’re wondering what support for calling and texting via Cortana voice input means, you can think of it like hands-free calling and texting. If you’re using the beta version of Cortana …

Major Deal: Samsung Galaxy S9 costs only $595 at Boost Mobile (limited time offer)

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, has a pretty cool Saint Patrick’s Day Promotion that allows customers to save 15% on any new Android phone. Of course, we’re talking about any phone from the ones that Boost is currently selling. Included here are the just-released Samsung Galaxy S9, or the older (but still powerful) Galaxy S8. In case you’re wondering, the S9+ and S8+ models are not available at Boost.
To get 15% off the Galaxy S9 or any other Android smartphone, you need to visit Boost Mobile’s website and use the promo code LUCKY at checkout.
Normally, …