All four major U.S. carriers team up to form a task force on mobile authentication

All four major U.S. carriers are teaming up to form the Mobile Authentication Task Force. The goal is for the wireless operators to prevent identity theft by scanning data and analyzing patterns. This will be done in order to make sure that subscribers’ identities aren’t being stolen by people who plan on using them for illegal activities. The four carriers plan on using SIM card recognition, network-based device authentication and geo-location. This plan will go into effect next year to protect both consumers and businesses.

With all four major carriers putting their heads together for …

Microsoft says the newest Cortana for Android is a “major evolution”

Microsoft has just released a major update for Cortana on Android devices. The new version of the app is called a “major evolution” suggesting many important features and improvements have been added. Well, let’s take a look at what Microsoft confirmed for Cortana v2.9.4, which has just been published in the Google Play Store.

First off, Cortana users will now be able to create a new list and edit list items on Android devices. Also, smart suggestions have been added too to help users do things faster and easier.

In the latest version of Cortana, …

Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8+ UI comparison: are there any major differences?

When the Galaxy S8 and S8+ broke cover back March, it became clear that Samsung did a bit of a visual overhaul on the flagship duo’s TouchWiz interface. The tech giant even renamed TouchWiz to the more regal “Samsung Experience” in accordance with the added layer of polish to the UI.

Today, Sammie unveiled another one of its high-end contenders – the Galaxy Note 8. Apart from the dual-camera setup at the back, the handset’s appearance is almost identical to that of the Galaxy S8+. At a first glance, it looks like the UI has also largely remained …

OnePlus confirms Android O will be the last major OS update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T

Most OnePlus fans remember the way those who purchased the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X were treated when they asked the Chinese company to provide them with the Android 7.0 Nougat update.

Things could have probably been different if OnePlus would have said these two smartphones will stay on Android Marshmallow in the first place. Well, it looks like the company has learned from its mistakes and is now communicating with its fan base more often than not.

Since many customers who purchased the OnePlus 3, 3T and 5 are wondering if they will be treated the same way …

Note 8 vs Galaxy S8+: all major differences to expect

Now that we have most major specs of the Galaxy Note 8 leaked and reviewed, we know what’s the question on a lot of minds – how would the phone differ from the Galaxy S8+? After all, from the looks of it, the S8+ may end up having a very similar screen diagonal to Samsung’s upcoming phablet. 
Don’t all jump at once shouting “S Pen!” now, as there will eventually be some pretty major differences between the larger of the S8 duo, and the silo-equipped Note 8. Check them out in the slideshow above, and tell us if you think the Note 8 will …

A major Gear S3 feature has been broken in the U.S. for months, Samsung yet to issue a fix

Back in April (and as it happens, exactly four month ago today) Samsung pushed out a so-called “value pack” software update to U.S. users of its Gear S3 smartwatch. The update brought a lot of new functionality to the device, but it also seems to have broken one major feature: text message voice input.

The issue occurs when a user tries to send a text message through their smartwatch via voice input: as reported by multiple users on both XDA Developers’ forums and Samsung’s own Community message board, the feature only works a couple of times before …

HomePod firmware may have just confirmed two major facts about iPhone 8


Apple’s HomePod isn’t even available for purchase yet, and it’s already leaking secrets about the company’s upcoming iPhone. 

According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith. whose findings were reported on by 9to5Mac, the firmware for the smart speaker all but confirms the new iPhone will be almost all screen in the front and will have face-unlocking capabilities. 

If this sounds like old news to you, it’s probably because you’ve heard tons of rumors about these features. To summarize, Apple is likely to launch three iPhone models, two of which be evolutionary upgrades of the iPhone 7, and one (probably called iPhone 8 or iPhone X) with a larger screen-to-body ratio, no home button, and some sort of 3D scanner which will use face recognition to unlock the phone.  Read more…

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Major US city bans smartphone use by pedestrians while crossing the street

Using the smartphone while driving is already banned in many countries across the globe, but there aren’t many places where pedestrians can’t use their handsets while walking. It appears that Honolulu, the largest city in Hawaii, will be among the first to impose a ban on the use of phones at crossroads.

Honolulu’s Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed a bill that is meant to prevent “smartphone zombies” from injuring themselves while trying to cross the street, Reuters reports.

The new legislation was passed recently and will take effect starting October 25. Pedestrians …

Cortana gets a major redesign and a few new features on Android

Microsoft’s Cortana has been significantly improved this year on Android platform thanks to numerous updates released by the Redmond-based company. Of course, the Android version of Cortana is not yet on par with the Windows Phone app, but nice to know that Microsoft is doing everything it can to appeal to Android users.

The latest update for Cortana on Android brings some noticeable visual changes, as well as important under the hood improvements meant to enhance user experience with the personal digital assistant.

First off, Cortana users will notice the …

OnePlus 5 users complain of major battery drain issues after 911 fix

It’s been a week since OnePlus addressed a weird issue with its flagship that behaved erratically when an emergency number was dialed. The Chinese company was quick to release a small software update that patched the issue which was explained in an official statement later on.

Unfortunately, it appears that the update broke something as many OnePlus 5 owners now complain the battery life is draining unusual fast when the smartphone is idle. Even with the Doze mode enabled, some OnePlus 5 owners claim their battery level dropped by 20-25% during the night.

There’s …