Apple expected to release a cheaper MacBook Air this year


So, you love Apple products but you also love still having money in your bank account — what’s a shopper to do? 

Why, buy one of Apple’s rumored less-expensive MacBook Airs allegedly dropping later this year, of course. 

Predicting what’s going on inside the minds at 1 Apple Park Way is a notoriously tricky proposition, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has a track record of being pretty damn good at it. His latest investor note, according to 9to5Mac, suggests the tech behemoth plans to release a MacBook Air “with a lower price tag” sometime in the second quarter of 2018. Read more…

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Apple patent shows iPhone docking into a MacBook shell

Apple has made it very clear that the MacOS and iOS software will not be converging, but apparently that doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple can’t at least dream about ways to make the hardware mingle a little more. As you should know by now, Apple has a habit of patenting all the things regardless of if those things will ever see the light of day, and we’re kind of assuming at least one of these options will be left in the bin.
Not to be outdone by previous versions of the same idea, Apple has received patents for two hybrid designs that we’ve seen in various forms …

WikiLeaks releases documents on Macbook and iPhone CIA hacking tools

When Edward Snowden made his claims that the NSA was tapping into personal data and had access to many people’s computers, a lot of folks took it as “random” news, or “just another headline”. Earlier this month, whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks published thousands of documents that reveal various ways in which the CIA is able to break into your smartphone, computer or Samsung Smart TV. It has now published a second batch of documents, called Dark Matter, showing that the CIA is in possession of malware able to easily get into iPhones or MacBooks, too.

Sonic Screwdriver is the name of one …

Phil Schiller says Apple is working with Consumer Reports in wake of MacBook Pro battery issues

MacBook Pro In a year that’s been largely lackluster for Apple and downright bizarre for battery technologies, Consumer Reports’ refusal to recommend the new MacBook Pro feels like a too perfect microcosm of the past twelve months. In the wake of online complaints surrounding the recently refreshed laptop line’s longevity, the review stalwart handed the 15-inch version of the laptop… Read More

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Leather Macbook Case

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Trade in any smartphone to get a Cheaper iPhone

It’s no longer a question: Apple will now officially accept certain Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices in exchange for credit toward new iPhones.

The original rumor only mentioned Android phones, but 9to5Mac confirms that BlackBerry and Windows devices are also now accepted.


Apple made no formal announcements, but the company’s individual retail store pages in the US, UK, Canada and other regions now state that users can “get credit when you recycle your eligible iPhone, iPad, or select smartphone from another manufacturer.”

TechRadar contacted an Apple Store representative in the UK who confirmed you can trade in any smartphone to receive the discount on an iPhone or iPad, but you can only trade in one smartphone for each purchase.

Once you take it into the store, Apple will run a diagnostics check to make sure there isn’t any damage and to test out the battery before offering you a price for it.

You’ll then get an Apple gift card to the quoted value and be able to use it on either the purchase of an iPhone or an iPad – but sadly there are no MacBook or Apple Watch purchases here.

Despite the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus earning Apple a mind-blowing amount of money since their launch last year, the company is still coming up with new ways to boost sales.

Its latest ploy? Courting disillusioned Android users with the allure of discounted new iPhones, according to 9to5Mac.

Is the iPad Pro still happening?
Just like it already does with old iPhones, Apple will soon begin offering gift cards for use toward new iPhones in exchange for non-Apple phones, including Android devices, the site says.

The program will reportedly begin in a matter of weeks, following training for employees.

Take the sting out

Apple is no stranger to trade-ins, but with this promotion the company could potentially attract Android users put off by the relatively high price of new iPhones.

It makes perfect sense, although we haven’t heard anything official about the program yet.

Apple let us know that it has nothing to share about the program at this time, but we’ll keep an ear to the ground.

12-inch Retina MacBook Will Be In Stock At Apple Stores By End Of May

If you’ve been thinking about picking yourself up a new 12-inch Retina MacBook then we have some good news and some bad news for you. Are you sat down? Good, let’s get started.

The good news is that the new 12-inch MacBook is set to become available to buy in-store from the week of May 25th according to a memo sent out to retail stores – as revealed by 9to5Mac. Some select outlets should already have stock available for sale right now, though that is limited to stores in the US, UK, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and China. Everyone else will have to wait.


That wait is still considerably better than the current situation which has potential buyers with no option but to place an order online for home delivery. The same situation currently exists for the Apple Watch, with Apple hoping to get that particular product into stores some time in June although we don’t yet have any concrete details as to which side of June it is aiming for.

While ordering online is an option currently, most countries have Apple Stores that are equipped with MacBooks for customers to try before they buy, but reports have been rife that this isn’t the case everywhere, with Turkey in particular apparently short of models even for demonstration purposes. We expect that situation to start to ease sooner rather than later, too.

Weighing almost nothing and impossibly thin, the new MacBook may not be cheap and infamously only has the one USB Type-C port on the side but that doesn’t seem to have stopped many from lusting after it. The report that in-store orders are on the horizon should come as welcome news to those looking to pick a new MacBook up without having to order online.

So the bad news? Well, if the new MacBook can be bought in stores soon there really isn’t a great deal to stop you from buying one now, is there?

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iPhone 6S Release date Price Specs and Features

Following Apple’s history with smartphones, the next iPhone will be an ‘S’ model. However, there’s always the possibility it will put an end to this tradition so we may be in store for the iPhone 7 this year – you just never know. In fact, reports suggest that the new iPhone is going to be so different from the current models that Apple will indeed skip to the iPhone 7. This is what KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks who has a proven track record of predicting Apple launches correctly.

iPhone-6S-iPhone 6C

For the last two launches, Apple has introduced two new iPhones. We currently have the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus and previously Apple launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Will we get two models again this year? We think so but rumours are thin on the ground on the subject at the moment but it’s early days so stay tuned as we’ll be updating this article as new information becomes available.

iPhone 6s release date: When is the iPhone 6s coming out?

These days it relatively easy to predict when a new generation of a flagship smartphone will arrive. Most manufacturers announce a new model annually while some go for every six months.

Apple is one of the former and if we look at previous launches, it’s highly likely that the iPhone 6S will be announced in September and will go on sale a week or two afterwards. Of course, if the launch event is towards the end of the month, the iPhone 6S release date could be early October. Bear in mind that if there are two new iPhones announced this year, they may not go on sale on the same day.

iPhone 6S: Design and specs

With an ‘S’ model iPhone, most things tend to stay the same in terms of design and specs. Usually there are a few tweaks here and there but Apple will save major changes for the next full model number – ie the iPhone 7.

It seems likely then that the iPhone 6S will look the same as the current iPhone 6. It will use the same chassis and come in the same colour options. The weight might change though due to different components inside or a new sapphire glass.

An S model sticks with the same screen size so we’re probably looking at 4.7in and if there is an iPhone 6S Plus then it should remain at 5.5in. Resolutions are also likely to stay the same although one rumour suggests the new iPhone will have a 5in display with a 400ppi and what about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge rivalling concept below by Michael Shanks?

So what will change?

If the design of the iPhone 6S remains the same, then Apple will provide upgrades in the form of new hardware. There are various rumours floating around, the most obvious of which, is of a new processor. The iPhone 6S will come with an A9 chip and could also get an upgrade in the RAM department to 2 GB.

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner could be integrated into the display, according to one rumour, rather than sitting in the home button. We thought the cameras would almost certainly be upgraded, although we’re not sure a rumoured 21Mp rear camera is probable and analysts are now saying Apple will stick with 8Mp for the iPhone 6S.

More likely is a reversibly USB connector. We already have the Lightning connector which can be plugged in either way round so we’d put money on Apple doing it at the other end of the cable, too. Also highly possible, practically a given, is that the iPhone 6S will come pre-loaded with iOS 9 which will probably be detailed at Apple’s WWDC which normally takes place in June.

There’s also a rumour suggesting that Apple may decide to use the same series 7000 aluminium that they use for the Apple Watch with the iPhone 6S. The Series 7000 aluminium is 60% stronger than standard aluminium, but keeps its lightweight form factor making it a great candidate for the iPhone 6S.

There are also reports from the WSJ that the iPhone 6S (possibly only the 6S Plus according to conflicting rumours) will support Force Touch. Currently built into the Apple Watch and the new 12inch MacBook, Force Touch gives the device pressure sensitivity, allowing them to distinguish between a light tap and a hard press, enabling opportunities for new gestures. The source is apparently an Apple supplier, so it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt – Apple often tests technologies using suppliers that never make it into the final product, so this may also be the case with Force Touch.

Apple new MacBook compared to MacBook Air in new Video

The new MacBook, which features a newly-deigned keyboard and a single USB-C port, among other things, launches Friday, April 10.


But, while the portable isn’t available to buy just yet, that hasn’t stopped the device from popping up in a video already. Just recently a Vietnamese site was able to publish a first-look video of the device, giving a glimpse of what to expect come the end of this week. Now, the MacBook with its 12-inch Retina display has shown up again, this time in a new video sourced from Ukraine and compared directly to the MacBook Air.

Ukrainian website Rozetka has put together a video that compares Apple’s newest MacBook to the mid-2013 MacBook Air, essentially taking an in-depth look at how the newest portable’s physical design compares to the older model. The video also makes mention that the new MacBook, at its thickest point (.51″), is nearly as thin as the original iPad (.50″).

The video comes in at just over 15 minutes, and does a nice job of showing off the many key features of the new MacBook, including the newly-designed keyboard, the new Force Touch trackpad, the single USB-C port, and the thin profile. You can check it out below. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles.

Youtube Video Here

Meet the Thinnest and Lightest Macbook Yet

From the stage of what was supposed to be the ‘Apple Watch event’, the world’s most admired tech company has released another game changer- an all new Apple Macbook. The rumours were already pointing to an unveiling soon enough, and they came out to be true. This new Macbook is the result of the challenge to ‘reinvent the notebook’ that Apple took on itself.

Simply called the Macbook, this tiny notebook is ‘the future of notebooks’ according to Apple. It is the most power efficient notebook and the first fanless Macbook. This is what the Senior VP of Design had to say about it.


First a quick rundown of everything that’s new and shiny:

– A Fanless design. All thanks to the new Intel Core M Broadwell processors that have made this possible.
– Ultra-thin unibody design at only 13.1 mm at it’s thickest. Slick!
– It weighs 2 pounds ~ 907 gm. Unbelievable!
– 12-inch retina display at 2304 x 1440 pixels that is 30% more power efficient than previous displays and also the thinnest display on a Mac ever.
– Full size keyboard that has a new key mechanism making it ‘much more precise’ and obviously thinner. Each key now has its own illuminating LED that gives a better backlighting solution.
– New touchpad that now senses the force that you apply on it and has the ‘taptic engine’ that we saw on the Apple watch. Tapping anywhere on the touchpad gives the same precise click feel which can be tweaked from software.
– All the ports that we are used to on a notebook are gone. You heard that right. No USB. No HDMI. No Power port. A single new USB Type-C point sits in their place and Apple claims its all we need.
– Some new battery wizardry still keeps the battery life at 9 hours of web browsing.

The new Apple Macbook will start shipping on April 10 and is available in three colours- Silver, Space Gray and Gold.

Though not the cheap version of Apple Macbook that every one of us dreamed of since we heard the rumours, this notebook is everything that a portable device should be.