iOS developer creates stand-alone Animoji app with longer recording time

Apple’s new animated emoji give you a rare opportunity to experience what it would’ve been like doing face mo-cap for a turn of the century CGI film. Doing animoji overdubs and karaoke is all the rаge right now, but with severely limited recording times—just 10 seconds—coupled with the fact that the 3D characters are exclusive to iMessage, it isn’t exactly easy to go wild, unless you want to do some stitching and editing in post.

I made a thing. #AnimojiKaraoke #ACDC #iPhoneX #moneywellspent— Duncan Birnie (@duncanbirnie) …

Results: the iPhone X – no longer simple and straightforward

So, the iPhone X is hitting preview rooms around the world and impressions are raining down. We now have the full information how the new gesture-based UI works, and it sounds quite different from anything that iPhones have been doing thus far. See, there’s no longer a single home button to help you navigate the interface… there’s actually no button on the front. Instead, the power key has adopted some of the physical home button’s functions and the rest have been transferred to on-screen swipes and gestures.

A single tap on the power button is a sleep / wake, as before; a dual-tap activates …

The United States is no longer the second-largest phone market in the world

Just a few years ago, the United States was the world’s biggest phone market with millions of devices being sold each year, but as China’s standard of living grew and phone prices decreased, China grew to become the world’s largest phone market.
This state of things has remained steady in the past couple of years, but it did change this last quarter.
As of Q3 2017, the United States has dropped further in this ranking to number three, as India overcame it to take the second spot, according to Singapore-based Canalys.
Of …

Nokia 6 is no longer exclusive to Amazon in the US

It’s been more than three months since the Nokia 6 made its debut in the United States, but the mid-ranger could only be purchased at Amazon. HMD and the US major retailer inked an exclusivity agreement, which was supposed to come to an end at a later date.

Apparently, that exclusivity deal is over now since another retailer in the country, namely B&H, is now selling the Nokia 6. The smartphone is available for the same price you would pay if would choose to get it from Amazon, $229.

However, B&H throws in some freebies if you decide to go for its …

OnePlus 5 "more popular" than OnePlus assumed it would be – that's why you can no longer buy it

Last week, OnePlus stopped selling the OnePlus 5 in the US and various other markets, prompting us
to believe that a OnePlus 5T (or maybe a OnePlus 6) would be announced in the
near future.


While OnePlus has yet to mention anything about a new
handset, one of the company’s co-founders did comment on the fact that the
OnePlus 5 is no longer available to buy. More exactly, Carl Pei took to Twitter
to say the following: “Guess the OnePlus 5 was more popular than we
thought.” No sales numbers were provided, but the was in that
sentence suggests that OnePlus is no longer producing its current …

You can no longer buy OnePlus 5 in the US (OnePlus 5T imminent?)

The OnePlus 5T seems imminent: you can no longer buy the OnePlus 5 on the company’s official website in the United States.
And since OnePlus only officially sells its phones via the website, this means you can no longer buy the phone in the US, period (but you can still buy the phone in other markets).
So what does this mean?
Last week, we already noticed that the OnePlus 5 showed as out of stock in the US and was available in limited quantities globally, and now as the ‘Buy’ button completely …

LG V30+ is no longer exclusive to Sprint, U.S. Cellular sells it for $850

Sprint announced last month that the LG V30+ will be available exclusively through its online and retail stores, at least for some time. Well, it looks like the US carrier jumped the gun with the announcement since U.S. Cellular now offers the V30+ as well.

For those who don’t want to purchase the LG V30+ at Sprint, U.S. Cellular offers the chance to grab the flagship smartphone for no less than $850 on prepaid, or $30.20 per month for 30 months.

In addition, U.S. Cellular is selling the regular LG V30 model as well, and customers can buy it for $800 on prepaid …

Holding out for an unlocked LG V30 in the US? You'll probably have to wait a bit longer

Yesterday marked the long-awaited U.S. release of LG’s latest flagship phablet, the V30. However, this release was limited to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile only, with Sprint getting the device on October 13 instead, and the unlocked version being simply listed as coming “soon”

But an eagle-eyed reddit user going by the name demonjrules may have just uncovered said release date, and it’s fair to say it isn’t as soon as LG would like you to believe. Visiting the device’s store page on B&H’s website — but only when browsing on a smartphone — reveals a piece of …

LG G3, G4, G4 Stylus and Stylo will no longer receive monthly security updates

LG quietly removed some of its older smartphones from the list of device eligible for monthly security updates. If you own one of these devices, then you shouldn’t expect any security updates going forward, unless LG changes its mind.

The company’s security bulletins containing information about all the patches the company releases lists all the smartphones that should receive these updates. Here are all the devices that are NOT on the list any longer: LG G3, LG G4, LG G4 Stylus and LG Stylo.

LG will continue to provide security updates to some of the smartphones …

Google reverses servicing policy, no longer replaces defective, out of warranty Nexus 6P units

Bad news for owners of Nexus 6P defective units hoping to get their phones replaced for free. Google had quietly replaced most of Nexus 6P devices affected by hardware issues with Pixel XL units, but only in North America.

Customers in Europe and Australia haven’t been treated the same way, or at least only a small number of Nexus 6P owners have had their phones replaced with Pixel XL devices.

Unfortunately, it looks like Google will no longer replace the Nexus 6P phones and now recommends customers to contact the manufacturer of the device, namely Huawei. It doesn’t matter that …