Google reverses servicing policy, no longer replaces defective, out of warranty Nexus 6P units

Bad news for owners of Nexus 6P defective units hoping to get their phones replaced for free. Google had quietly replaced most of Nexus 6P devices affected by hardware issues with Pixel XL units, but only in North America.

Customers in Europe and Australia haven’t been treated the same way, or at least only a small number of Nexus 6P owners have had their phones replaced with Pixel XL devices.

Unfortunately, it looks like Google will no longer replace the Nexus 6P phones and now recommends customers to contact the manufacturer of the device, namely Huawei. It doesn’t matter that …

iOS users, rejoice! Waze's Spotify integration is no longer an Android-only feature

Looking back at all the new features Waze added to its mobile app, we can safely say that this is an iOS-first app. Usually, it takes up to several months until Android users get to benefit from the same new features that Waze users on iOS are treated with, but there are exceptions to the rule.

One of these exceptions is Spotify integration, a feature that was added by Waze back in March but only on Android devices. Well, it looks like the exclusivity time is over and iOS users will get to use Spotify integration very soon as well.

The developers have just announced that the integrated …

BlackBerry splits BBM into three services, switching platforms no longer possible after September 25

In the last couple of weeks, many BBM users ran into issues when trying to switch their BBM accounts from one platform to another. Apparently, they couldn’t access their contacts, groups, and BBM channels after moving from one device to another.

Well, it turns out that BlackBerry was working on something that made the BBM servers temporarily unavailable. The Canadian company announced today that it has decided to split BBM into three separate services: BBM Enterprise for all devices, BBM Consumer for BBOS and BB10, and BBM Consumer for Android, iOS and Microsoft …

Sixth-generation Apple iPod nano is no longer supported by Apple

On August 30th, Apple officially placed the sixth-generation Apple iPod nano on its internal list of “vintage and obsolete products.” In other words, the aforementioned device is no longer supported by Apple. A written memo to this effect has been sent to Apple Stores and authorized service centers. Apple released the product in September 2010 and stopped selling it two-years later. Typically Apple supports a discontinued item for an additional five years after it no longer is available, and that brings us to September 2017.

With its square design and small size, the sixth-generation iPod …

I'm a paleontologist and I won't stop finding out lame shit about dinosaurs until you can no longer enjoy 'Jurassic Park'


Hello. I’m the paleontologist who keeps finding out more and more lame shit about dinosaurs, and I’m here to ruin your life.

You may remember me from last month, when I figured out that the tyrannosaurus rex, the vicious, real-life monster that frightened us all on the big screen in the 90’s, could not actually run. And I won’t stop finding out really lame shit about dinosaurs until you — until everyone, is no longer able to enjoy the film Jurassic Park

I have dedicated my life to studying dinosaurs. Not for scientific curiosity, however, but so that one day you will be watching Jurassic Park and my findings actually break the immersion and ruin the experience for you. For instance: Did you know that dinosaurs were actually feathered? It’s true. Doesn’t that suck to learn? Also, they didn’t necessarily roar, they most likely cooed. Like a bird. Like a big bird.   Read more…

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Google Photos no longer supports the option to backup only while charging

Bad news for Google Photos users, as the search giant quietly removed one of the app’s features that are considered very useful by many. It appears that the ability to backup your photos while charging your phone is no longer available to Google Photos users.

Although it was initially thought that the removal of the feature might have been a temporary bug that Google would address in a future update, it’s been confirmed that Google made the change on purpose.

Currently, those who believe this feature was handy to them can now let the company know by leaving feedback so that …

App Store search no longer shows 32-bit apps; 64-bits only with iOS 11?

Just like the gentle nudge you do to your friend when you want him to see the guy holding the Samsung Galaxy S8 next to you, Apple has been trying to get app developers to pay attention to its desires, Apple wants these code monkeys to write using 64-bit code only. The last gentle reminder was a comment from Apple that future versions of iOS wouldn’t support 32-bit apps. But the time has come for Apple to give developers a more heavy-handed reminder.

So if you’re Apple, the best way to get developers to remember anything is to hit them where it hurts the most, which is in their wallets. …

Hobbyist, non-commercial drones no longer have to be registered with the FAA

We don’t do much coverage in the way of drones, but this is certainly news worth sharing! The court in Washington, D.C. has pulled the legislation requiring hobbyist drone owners from having to notify the federal government about their purchase and register their quadricopters.

Non-commercial drones are now classified as model aircraft and subjected to the FAA’s 2012 Modernization and Reform Act that prevents the government agencies from enforcing new laws to restrict hobbyist flying.

However, said act is set to expire at the end of 2017, which means the …

BlackBerry Priv, Passport, Classic and other models no longer available from BlackBerry in the U.S.

It was back in September of 2015 that many of us heard the phone name BlackBerry Priv for the first time. Prior to a tweet from reliable tipster Evan Blass, BlackBerry’s Android powered QWERTY slider was known by its code name, the Venice. Shortly thereafter, BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed the Priv name (it’s short for Privacy of course), and the Android era was officially kicked off in Waterloo.

It’s clear that the Priv, as hard as it tried, could not deliver the usual BlackBerry physical keyboard experience to BlackBerry users. Because of the slider, the Priv was unable to use …

Several big name apps appear to be no longer supporting the Apple Watch

What is going on with some big name apps that no longer can be found on the Apple Watch? The latest update to Google Maps for iOS ended the app’s support for the timepiece, although to be honest, this was not listed in the changelist. In addition, the eBay app and the Amazon app are both no longer available for Apple’s smartwatch. It is not as though these apps had no functionality. Google Maps was certainly useful to those with Apple Watch as the app allowed users to navigate from one place to another. And the eBay app allowed Apple Watch wearers to check the status of their bids on certain auctions.

If …