Google is 'arrogant', 'conservative', 'can no longer inovate', says Googler of 13 years as he quits

Steve Yegge, an ex-Google employee of more than 13 years has left the company, and while such a news would hardly ever make a lot of headlines, his last words as he left the technological giant are certainly worth reading.

According to Yegge, who was a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Mountain View, among the chief reasons for his departure from the company is its transformation to a “100% competitor-focused” and not “customer-focused” entity that’s no longer an inspiring place to work at. 

This strategy on catching up and one-upping its rivals on the tech scene …

Cortana's music recognition feature not working any longer due to Groove Music closure

If you have a device that uses Cortana, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised to know that the music recognition functionality will not work anymore. Microsoft announced last year that it will shut down its Groove Music streaming service at the beginning of 2018.

Because of that, Cortana’s music recognition functionality has been retired, Microsoft recently confirmed. Even so, if you’re using Cortana on a smartphone, there are plenty of alternatives that some would say that make a better job.

It’s unclear whether or not this feature will make a comeback to Cortana …

Gameloft brings back SEGA's Sonic Runners Adventure mobile game, but it's not free any longer

SEGA launched Sonic Runners Adventure for Android and iOS a while ago, but for some reason, the publisher pulled the game from App Store and Google Play Store. Perhaps SEGA wasn’t content with the quality of the game or there have been other issues that required its removal from the stores.

In any case, if you’re a Sonic fan, you’ll be happy to know Sonic Runners Adventure is now back in the App Store and Google Play Store, and it’s now being brought to life by Gameloft, not SEGA. The bad news is the game is not free any longer, so you’ll have to pay $2.99 if you …

Even if it's no longer in production, ZTE Axon 7 will receive Android 8.0 Oreo soon

Despite the fact that ZTE Axon 7 is no longer in production, the smartphone will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo in the not so distant future. The information comes straight from the Chinese handset maker, so it’s 100% accurate.

If you’re still using the Axon 7, which was originally launched with Android Marshmallow on board, you should know ZTE is already working on Android Oreo for this specific smartphone.

Apparently, ZTE was inspired by customer feedback and decided those who purchased the Axon 7 deserve to keep using it for a longer time. Here is ZTE’s …

NFL streaming on mobile is no longer Verizon-exclusive, including Super Bowl 2018

The Super Bowl may not be Verizon-exclusive to stream on mobile devices any more, it seems, as the NFL announced a new five-year deal with America’s largest carrier that introduces other carriers into the mix. Under the auspices of the new streaming deal that Verizon and NFL just outed, “All in-market games including national pre-season, regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl will be open to all mobile customers across Verizon and Oath’s platforms next season.”

Starting from the playoffs next month, sports fans on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or another service, can access the …

American football won't last much longer, because it's killing itself


Football is violent, but the public’s disgust with the damage caused by America’s most popular game might finally have reached a critical point this season. The sport is killing itself, and the most powerful arbiter of its practice, the NFL, might just let that death happen by not taking care of its players. 

Football’s high potential for injury is obvious whenever it’s played, but a particularly egregious moment of official malpractice came during the Houston Texans-San Francisco 49ers matchup on Sunday, which drew fresh rounds of criticism, for good reason.  Read more…

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iPhone volume buttons no longer control your ring volume? Here's how to fix that!

Anyone owning an iPhone out there, either old user or newcomer, who has iOS 11 on their device has probably noticed something weird since updating — the phone’s volume buttons don’t control its ring volume.


Yeah, for some reason, Apple thought that it’s better to have the volume buttons only control media volume, not ringtone or alarms. But fear not, that’s easily remedied with the touch of a setting. In fact, it’s a toggle that has been there for quite a while, it’s just now that Apple decided to reverse its default position. Here’s where to find …

ZTE Axon 7 is no longer in production, but a successor is coming next year

It looks like ZTE will not be manufacturing its Axon 7 high-end smartphone even though the device made its debut on the market one and a half year ago. The good news is the Chinese company hinted to a successor of its “incredibly successful” Axon 7, which could be unveiled as early as January.

ZTE doesn’t sell the Axon 7 on its online store any longer and if you visit the phone’s page you’ll that it’s “out of stock.” That made consumers who were still willing to pay to get one to turn to ZTE for more details on when exactly the Axon 7 will be back in stock.

Well, …

iOS developer creates stand-alone Animoji app with longer recording time

Apple’s new animated emoji give you a rare opportunity to experience what it would’ve been like doing face mo-cap for a turn of the century CGI film. Doing animoji overdubs and karaoke is all the rаge right now, but with severely limited recording times—just 10 seconds—coupled with the fact that the 3D characters are exclusive to iMessage, it isn’t exactly easy to go wild, unless you want to do some stitching and editing in post.

I made a thing. #AnimojiKaraoke #ACDC #iPhoneX #moneywellspent— Duncan Birnie (@duncanbirnie) …

Results: the iPhone X – no longer simple and straightforward

So, the iPhone X is hitting preview rooms around the world and impressions are raining down. We now have the full information how the new gesture-based UI works, and it sounds quite different from anything that iPhones have been doing thus far. See, there’s no longer a single home button to help you navigate the interface… there’s actually no button on the front. Instead, the power key has adopted some of the physical home button’s functions and the rest have been transferred to on-screen swipes and gestures.

A single tap on the power button is a sleep / wake, as before; a dual-tap activates …