New Twitter feature highlights news links tweeted by members you follow

Twitter has a new feature that highlights in your timeline, links to news stories that are tweeted by those subscribers you follow. The tweets that contain the link are posted underneath. If you have read Twitter lately, you’ll understand why it is focusing so much on news. The US vs. THEM mentality that has divided the U.S. is quite apparent on the site. News links are constantly being tweeted and Twitter even streams live news when conditions warrant it.

Twitter’s new feature dovetails with its 2016 switch in app stores from a listing under the “social networking” category to “news.” In …

Instagram now allows users to add hashtag and profile links to their bios

Instagram announced today that it will now allow subscribers to add hashtag and profile links to their bios. The live links will take Instagram users to a hashtag page or to another subscriber’s profile. Adding a hashtag or profile link is a snap. Tap on Edit Profile and go to the section marked “bio.” Type in a “#” or an “@” and you will see a list of recommended hashtags and profiles. Select the ones you want to highlight in your bio, and as we said, they become live links.

With the new feature, Instagram subscribers can link to any hashtag or profile that they want to. Keep in mind however, …

Nintendo releases Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a day earlier, download links available now

Although Nintendo announced yesterday that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released in the App Store and Google Play on November 22, the developer decided to take the wraps off the highly-anticipated game one day early.

If you’re rocking an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can now download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on your device. It’s available for free via App Store and Google Play but includes some serious in-app purchases. Also, make sure you have a persistent Internet connection, otherwise you won’t be able to play the game.

In Animal Crossing: …

This list of cool vape cloud GIFs is a minefield of college application links, so your son has to click at least one


We understand you want your rebellious teen to go to college, so we’ve laced this list of cool vape cloud GIFs with college application links so your son has to accidentally click at least one. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Hell yeah, it’s time for some lit big vape cloud GIFs.  

Haha, sick

Image: via giphy

This one is wearing a horse mask, fuck yeah

Image: via giphy

This one has a smaller circle going through a bigger circle and it looks cool as hell

Image: via giphy Read more…

A vape girl? Now that’s even better

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Sailfish X for Sony Xperia X goes on sale, download links are now live

The time has come for Sailfish fans to support their favorite mobile platform by purchasing the new Sailfish X, specifically designed for Sony Xperia X.

Unlike Android, Sailfish X costs money, so unless you’re not one of the lucky Jolla Tablet backers who have been given the option to get it for free, you’ll have to pay €49.99. Before doing that, you should also know Sailfish X is only available in the EU countries, as well as Norway and Switzerland.

After purchasing Sailfish X for Sony Xperia X, you will be able to download the factory image and flash it …

Google turns phone numbers, contacts and addresses in Gmail and Inbox into clickable links

Most email clients for Android and iOS allow users to copy/paste contacts, addresses and phone numbers from other apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. Gmail and Inbox are no exceptions, as Google added these features since their release.

However, the Mountain View company announced today that it has improved on that feature to save Gmail and Inbox users a lot of time by skipping the whole copy/paste procedure.

Starting today, Gmail and Inbox by Gmail, on both the Android and iOS platforms, will convert text into hyperlinks whenever they detect phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses …

Skype Preview for Android update adds option to share links and photos from other apps

The beta version of Skype, better known as Skype Preview has just been updated with a couple of new features. Although the app appears as “unreleased” in the Google Play Store, you can download it on your Android smartphone for free.

So, here is what the Skype has added in the latest update, which will become available to everyone in the coming days if the testing doesn’t reveal any unexpected issues.

First off, users will now be able to share photos and links to Skype from other apps. Also, there’s a new option that enables Skype users to add or remove contacts …

Watch ABBYY TextGrabber Pro 6 lift text, phone numbers, links, and addresses straight from video & TV

Digital scanning powerhouse ABBYY’s character recognition app TextGrabber has been an example of “black magic” mobile technology for a long time. If its ability to capture text from written pages failed to entertain you for some reason, check out what has come to the newly released version 6!

TextGrabber is now able to pick up text from live video streams, entirely offline and with support for 61 languages. Of course, we aren’t talking only articles or some sort of long-form literature. Rather, TextGrabber nabs links, phone numbers, addresses (e-mail, www, street), times and dates, and other …

Russian hackers using Instagram to mask malware links

Turla, a Russian hacking collective, was recently found to be using Instagram comments as a means of hiding links to its malware. Known for targeting governments in the past, the hacker group appears to be experimenting with familiar routes of infection, although targeting rather unfamiliar victims – everyday citizens. By planting encoded links to their malware within the comments section of a photo on Britney Spears’ official Instagram page, hackers were able to infect some visitors with malware. Fortunately for most Instagram users, this particular attack only affects …

Facebook's latest update aims to reduce links to spammy websites filled with ads

The almighty Facebook announced plans to limit linking to low-quality websites that could be considered spammy or sensational. The social network claims the changes will be introduced based on the community’s feedback and will be rollout out starting today on all platforms.

Upon the arrival of the update, Facebook users should see fewer posts and ads in News Feed that link to these so-called “low-quality web page experiences.” The update is meant to help reduce the level of monetization of these spammy websites.

Facebook claims that it reviewed hundreds of …