Google removes changes made to improve battery life on Wear OS preview beta

When Google wanted to extend the battery life of smartwatches running on Wear OS, it came up with a plan. Qualcomm’s new wearables chip would conserve battery life, and receive help from the reduced background activity of apps on Wear OS. But after gathering feedback from developers using a beta version of the preview software, Google decided to forgo the changes which returned the Wear OS preview beta for developers to its previous state.
Unlike Android P, which limits the background activity of smartphone apps that are used the least, the change to Wear OS blocked …

The Galaxy Note 9's horizontal camera setup is returning because of battery life

Last year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 were highly criticized because of their fingerprint scanner placement, although this was ultimately corrected with the Galaxy S9 lineup earlier this year by introducing a new vertical setup. However, according to recent Galaxy Note 9 images, it appears the horizontal camera module may be making a return along with a repositioned fingerprint scanner, and here’s why.

With the Galaxy Note 8, the brand included only a small 3,300mAh battery pack, with many fans calling the brand out for the size after its announcement. Ultimately, because of this, it …

The BlackBerry KEY2 has been announced: improved keyboard, Optical Superzoom, 2-day battery life

The BlackBerry KEY2 has just been announced. It’s a reiteration of last year’s KEYone and it looks like this is the smartphone that TCL Communication wants to push as its flagship device. Rocking the latest improvements in software and hardware and introducing a few features for the first time ever seen on a BlackBerry phone, let’s dive in and see what it’s all about!

The BlackBerry KEY2 looks a lot like its predecessor from last year. We don’t mean this in a bad way, not at all. It’s a classy-looking device, with a series 7 aluminum frame, the signature …

Square Enix confirms teen drama Life Is Strange lands on Android in July

It’s true that Square Enix’s teen drama, Life Is Strange made it to iOS first a few months ago, but the publisher promised that Android users won’t be skipped for too long. Today, Square Enix confirmed once again that Life Is Strange will be available on Android, but this time also offered gamers a time frame.

So, if you’re an Android user, you’ll be able to play Life Is Strange sometime in July, but that’s not the only good news. Square Enix announced Android players will get all five episodes on release day and full controller support.

You can even pre-register on Google Play Store …

OnePlus 6 battery life test results: above average

The newest OnePlus 6 has just gone through our proprietary battery life test and the results are in.

We have been using the new OnePlus 6 for more than two weeks now and it has all been a breeze as the phone gets us through a full day with ease, but to get a true understanding of its battery life we had to compare it on equal terms with other devices.
The OnePlus 6 features a 3,300 mAh battery and the latest Snapdragon 845 system chip on board. While the chip is new, the battery is the same size that we have seen in the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. With a …

Tim Cook receives letter from 76-year old man whose life was saved by the Apple Watch

Based on several incidents that we have told you about, it would seem that there is a valid reason to call the Apple Watch a life saver. The latest story comes out of Hong Kong where 76 year old Gaston D’Aquino was sitting in church, feeling fine. It was April 1st, and D’Aquino spotted an alarm on his timepiece telling him that his heart rate was too high. Familiar with previous situations where the Apple Watch provided a prescient warning to others, D’Aquino skipped Easter lunch with his family to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, D’Aquino told the doctor that his Apple Watch sent him, …

Bluboo's blowout anniversary sale offers free gifts with the S3 battery life champ

This story is sponsored by Bluboo. PhoneArena’s opinions in this article have not been affected in any way!
To celebrate the cusp of its 12th year anniversary, Bluboo is holding a blowout sale for some of its most specc’d-out phones, including the S3 with its giant 8500 mAh battery. Not only is the handset an endurance champ you can actually power other electronics off of, but it also offers fast charging out of the box, so that topping up the enormous battery pack doesn’t take forever.
The phone is rocking the trendy tall and narrow design …

Apple Watch saves another life

Just the other day we passed along the story about a Florida teen whose chronic kidney disease was discovered thanks to the Apple Watch. Today, we have a new report about another life saved thanks to Apple’s smartwatch. It appears that on April 3rd, 32-year old William Monzidelis was working at his family’s bowling alley in New York City called Bowlerland (it’s in the Bronx in case you’re interested). He was taking a bathroom break when he started feeling dizzy, and began to bleed. At the same time, his Apple Watch told him to seek medical attention immediately.

Once out of the bathroom, …

Upcoming LG Watch Timepiece to feature Wear OS, long battery life

LG is reportedly getting ready to launch a new and interesting watch running Google’s Wear OS (formerly Android Wear). According to Android Headlines, the new wearable device will be called LG Watch Timepiece and could be officially announced on Monday, April 30. 
It’s said that the LG Watch Timepiece is a water-resistant hybrid device combining Wear OS features with the benefits of a mechanical watch. Made out of steel, the new LG wearable device has physical watch hands and, thanks to Wear OS, it can use apps and display compatible …

Samsung Gear S3 gets better battery life via new update

The last major update for the Samsung Gear S3—Tizen 3.0, which rolled out in December of last year—was full of new features, but also took a bit of a hit on the Gear S3’s excellent battery life. Samsung then halted the roll out and released a revised version that rectified the battery drain issues. Now, with things back to baseline, Samsung is rolling yet another update for the Gear S3 that aims at further improving battery life.
The latest Samsung Gear S3 update is currently rolling out in the US, Canada, and South Korea, SamMobile reports, with firmware version …