Huawei pokes fun at Samsung, touts the 2-day battery life of its Mate 10

In a few new video commercials released on YouTube today, Huawei
presents its Mate 10 smartphone series (announced last month) as being superior
to the competition – at least in some regards.


In one of the new videos, Huawei introduces us to a young smartphone
owner who uses both a Mate 10 Pro, and a Samsung Galaxy S8 (this phone’s name
isn’t specifically mentioned, but it’s clearly an S8, probably the + model). Living with the device that’s not made by Huawei is presented as being complicated, as you’d need to often charge its battery,
either directly from a wall socket, or with …

Apple iPhone X battery life test comparison vs iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy

The Apple iPhone X comes with a brand new 2,716 mAh battery that takes a weird L-shape and it’s clear that Apple has made the most of the available space to cram in a big battery cell. It’s not as large as on Android phones, but it is bigger than the battery of the iPhone 8 Plus.
So what is the actual battery life on the iPhone X?
We have spent a few days with the $1,000 phone and we have run our battery test to get the numbers. But first, here is how the iPhone X battery size compares to other iPhones and Samsung …

HTC U11 vs HTC U11 life: what's different, what's similar?

So, HTC dropped a pair of brand new phones — the HTC U11 life and HTC U11+. The latter is a version of the flagship U11, but with a new, 18:9 display to meet current trands. Unfortunately, that one will only be sold in select markets across Europe and Asia. What will be a bit more widely available, including in the US, is the HTC U11 life — an upper-midrange handset, made to look like the flagship.

So the U11 life is sort of like a “light” version of the HTC U11. And it’s even lighter on the wallet — it only costs $350, while the U11 has the flagship-standard $650 …

HTC U11 life is official, will try to squeeze into your mid-range budget

HTC has announced the almost-immediate availability of its latest mid-range smartphone, which it lovingly calls U11 life. Physically resembling the flagship U11, the U11 life aims to bring the signature features that made the U11 a good smartphone to a more affordable market. Starting today, the U11 life will be available for purchase via HTC’s own online store in US and Canada, while T-Mobile is promised to have it in stock on Nov 3. The phone will go for $349, which feels like a competitive enough price for what’s on offer. So, what’s on offer?

The HTC U11 life gives you a 5.2″ 1080 …

HTC U11 life

The HTC U11 Life is a mid-range phone made for buyers on a budget. Priced at $350 or below, it is visually similar to the U11, retaining the highly reflective and colorful design, as well as the water resistance and the fingerprint scanner, yet it is built of less sophisticated materials. Edge Sense is also on board, allowing you to trigger certain actions by physically squeezing the U11 Life. To sweeten the deal, HTC includes noise-cancelling earphones and a fast charger with its shiny mid-ranger.

HTC U11 Life size comparison vs iPhones, Galaxy and mid-range phones

The HTC U11 Life is… well, live, and it is the company’s newest affordable phone that will be sold in the United States.
The U11 Life is a 5.2-inch device with the Snaprdagon 630 chip inside, which usually translates into better battery life than usual, a key advantage for a modern smartphone.
But how does the phone stack up against the iPhones, major Android phones and other phones closer to its price range in terms of physical size? After all, many 5.5-inch devices these days might be just too big to comfortably …

HTC U11 Life price and release date

The HTC U11 Plus, the company’s just-announced Snapdragon 835 flagship phone, will not make it to the United States, but HTC has something in a different class that looks very appealing as well and is actually coming to the US: the HTC U11 Life, a new mid-range contender.
The HTC U11 Life features Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support and comes with HTC Sense on top of Android 7.1 Nougat, but an update to Android 8 Oreo is promised to come within 30 days. With the battery-savvy Snapdragon 630 system chip on board, this new mid-range phone …

HTC U11 Plus and U11 Life show up in a hands-on video

Following various leaks presenting renders and
less-flattering photos of the unannounced HTC U11 Plus (or U11+), we can now
see the smartphone in a hands-on video. Inadvertently published
by Swiss publication Blick, said video can be watched at the second source link below
(unfortunately, we can’t embed it in this article).


Thanks to this leaked video, we can take a pretty good look
at the HTC U11 Plus and its 6-inch, 1440 x 2880 pixels display with an 18:9
aspect ratio. The new phone has thin bezels around its screen, but can’t really
stand next to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8, …

Apple, looking ahead to life without Qualcomm, designs 2018 models for Intel and MediaTek modem chips

The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple over patent royalties, which led Qualcomm to seek an injunction banning iPhone sales in China, may end up permanently damaging the San Diego based chip designer. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is designing its 2018 iPhone and iPad models to work with modem chips supplied by Intel and MediaTek. Apple will apparently not use Qualcomm’s modem chips for its 2018 mobile devices even though Qualcomm says that the “modem that could be used in the next generation iPhone has already been fully tested and released to Apple.”

Apple has always …

Nokia 2 announced: Stock Android, solid 2-day battery life, ultra-affordable price tag

HMD and Nokia just unveiled the latest affordable device in its device lineup, the Nokia 2. What makes it a noteworthy entrant? Let’s break those specs down and see what the fuss is all about.
Ticking inside the Nokia 2 is the Snapdragon 212, a 1.2GHz chipset comprising four ARM Cortex-A7 cores. Although it’s a rather humble chipset, the Snapdragon 212 seems like the perfect match for the Nokia 2: aside from being extremely affordable and LTE-ready, the real ace up its sleeve is its exceptional power efficiency. Couple that one with the large, 4,100mAh battery …