Blackberry 9500 Storm and Sony Ericsson C902: The Fight Of Features

BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson are the brands which have created a lot of craze among the mobile phone users for their handset. The handsets of these big brands consist of advanced features and stylish looks. Both the companies have tried their best to fulfill the need of the customers. The Blackberry 9500 Storm and Sony Ericsson C902 can be taken as instances of the models of these two big brands. Both of these are the powerful gadgets with 3G technology smartphones.

The BlackBerry 9500 Storm is a gorgeous looking handset with 3.2 inches touch screen which can display 65 thousand colours. On the other hand Sony Ericsson C902 has a 2 inches QVGA colour screen which can display 262 thousand colours. It has a 5 mega pixel camera which allows the user to capture still images of relatives, friends and colleagues.The other stunning features included of the camera are image stabiliser , red eye reduction and video streaming, etc. The 9500 Storm has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus LED Flash and video features.The sound quality of this handset is very melodious. It helps the user to enjoy and have fun through listening music in Media Player(MP3, AAC, AAC+, etc.). It is a mono and stereo handset. The MP3 and MIDI ringtones help an individual to listen music. The C902 also has video and music capabilities.

The Blackberry Storm has a lot more advanced features like the GPS navigation that helps the user to connect to BlackBerry Map. The handset also has an HTML supported browser which enables the users to surf the Internet smartly. It also allows the user to connect through RIM Wireless Modem for surfing the Internet. The entertainment is the key feature of the 9500 Storm handset as it helps the user to enjoy and have fun through downloading videos, games, songs and pictures. This device allows an individual to send and receive messages through e-mail with attachments,and Wireless E-mail and other messaging services. The user can transfer data from one device to other through Bluetooth, USB cable connector etc.

The Sony Ericsson C902 has a candy chocolate shape with solid casing. It is simple and solid. the weight of this handset is 107 grams where as the weight of the Blackberry 9500 Storm is 155 grams. On comparing BlackBerry 9500 Storm versus Sony Ericsson C902, the conclusion that comes in front of us is that both of them are the handsets with every feature desired by the present day users.

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Smartphones: Cell Phones With Higher Education

Way back in the 1980s the cell phone was revolutionizing business and communication with its amazing ability to make calls no matter where you were. Since then, the world has changed a little bit and cell phones are looking a little bit different as well. Ok, so maybe they’re more than just a little bit different-they’re almost a completely different device! Now not only can you talk anywhere, but you can text and send a picture as well. However, cell phone innovation doesn’t stop there but recently has gone even further to become so much more than a cell phone.

Introducing, the smartphone. It’s a cell phone but with computer like capabilities. Talking and texting are a thing of the past for the smartphone which is busy listening to music and watching videos. The smartphone allows you to access the internet, send e-mails, works as a personal organizer, and drives your car. So maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch, but if the smartphone got together with your navigation system, who knows what could happen.

The first smartphone was created in 1992 by IBM and was dubbed “the Simon”. Since then, there have been dozens of other smartphones following in Simon’s footsteps. Generally the smartphone is thought to be a cell phone with advanced capabilities, often times working like a PC. However, it seems not everyone can agree on exactly what defines a smartphone and the definitions have changed over time. Some see a smartphone as simply a cell phone with some extra cool stuff added, but others say smartphones are only those phones with the capability to add applications.

Regardless of the definition, many smartphones have certain things in common. Most have e-mail capabilities, cameras, built in keyboards and/or a touch screen. These phones work as personal organizers and hold hundreds of contacts at a time. Most smartphones play music and videos and can read documents created in Microsoft Office as well as PDF files. But the most important feature in a smartphone is its unique ability to sync with your computer and its own programmable operating system.

Although there are now dozens of smartphones out there, here are examples of a few. These phones have all the same features as normal cell phones (such as voice dialing and cameras), but kick it up a notch with some added features.

1.) AT&T Tilt: offers a QWERTY keyboard (standard PC keyboard), tilting touch screen allowing for better visibility, wireless options, 3-megapixel camera, and AT&TMusic and Video

2.) Nokia N95: Adds high-speed 3G support, long battery life, 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options

3.) RIM BlackBerry Gold: Uses T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home services to find Wi-Fi virtually anywhere, QWERTY keyboard and 2-megapixel camera

4.) Motorola Q9m: QWERTY keyboard, runs Windows Mobile 6, Bluetooth capabilities, works with Verizon’s V Cast Music Store

5.) Apple iPhone 3G: Has a touch screen, supports 3G networks, can add third-party applications, expanded e-mail, excellent for music and video

These are only some of the phone offering the smartphone capabilities, and some are becoming outdated quickly. Smartphones are improving at a rate so fast that it seems soon they will lose their smarts and just be a cell phone once again. Already most normal cell phones have cameras, originally a smartphone feature, so it may seem some smartphone are now simply “averagephones”.

The big question now is who will be the new genius on the cell phone block? What will be the new features? It all makes you wonder what the next step will be with the mixing of computers and cell phones as the lines blur with smartphones’ computer-like capabilities and programs such as Skype offering phone calls on your PC. I’ll leave you to ponder that on your own as I have to go for now -my phone just received an e-mail and my computer is ringing.

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LG V30 appears on Geekbench?

The LGE LG-H932PR was discovered today on the Geekbench benchmark app. This could be the LG V30 getting sized up. We come to that conclusion because of the Snapdragon 835 SoC listed as powering the device. The latter is equipped with an octa-core 1.9GHz CPU. The LG Q6 is out of contention because that phone is powered by the Snapdragon 435 chipset.  Android 7.1.2 is pre-installed.

While not mentioned on Geekbench, we expect the phone to carry a 5.7-inch OLED display with the FullVision 18:9 aspect ratio. 4GB of RAM is said to be inside along with 64GB of native storage. A dual camera …

Electric Truck Conversion – 4 Tips For Conversion

Having made up your mind to do an electric truck conversion, a well detailed plan should be handy to get started. You can get started following these easy stages.

1.    Identify a small decent truck to convert.
2.    Get common home tools like sews, cordless drill, wrenches etc.
3.    Identify a work place- workshop, garage etc.
4.    A well detailed plans.

Good candidate for electric truck conversion plan is usually, small trucks because they are featherweight and strong. They also provide a enough room for D.C motor and better placement. Since the number of batteries determine your effective range this makes a small truck a good choice.

Just recently, l assisted a friend to complete electric truck conversion of his Toyota Tacoma. It was a miracle, all the functionality and its vintage feeling were still in tight.

I recommend standard transmission truck to be converted, automatic transmissions trucks will require high expertise to achieve. Don’t worry even though, you known only how to drive automatic vehicle, your truck will drive just like an automatic. I was stunt at its ability to accelerate; it has the keep up with any vehicle town and travel 50 mph on the highway. Not to mention the truck ability to go a range of over 200 miles for a single charge, just as stated in the detailed plan.

The principal author in electric truck conversion are batteries and D.C motor, they are attract the heaviest cost. It was stunting to known that the plan outline, even identify some sources of free deep cycle batteries we can use for electric truck conversion. I know this must be good news for budget minded family like me; I guess that is why you will like to embark on conversion, is to save money.

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Aesthetic wallpapers in high resolutions, perfect for your Galaxy S8, Pixel XL, iPhone 7, LG G6, LG V20, HTC U11 and others

Hey kids, have you ever dreamed of browsing the web on your Nintendo 64 while waiting for the cassette deck to finish recording your friend’s hot new mixtape (that features 45 minutes of a 56k modem having a seizure with Windows 95 sounds playing in the background)? No? Well then… Have you ever dreamed of cruising around Miami in your DeLorean, slowed-down 80’s elevator music blaring in the background, as you speed along a seemingly endless row of palm tree silhouettes smeared against neon-lit skies?

If the answer to at least zero of these questions is “YES”, …

Blackberry in indonesia , Positive growth

The growth of BlackBerry services in Indonesia increased significantly of late. Information from analysis in Motion (Rim) as the provider of BlackBerry technology, notified that the growth of the service in Indonesia is the highest among other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Currently there is only about 3 hundred thousand more users from the BlackBerry service, which provides 3 services in Indonesia, namely Indosat, Telkomsel and Excelcomindo Pratama (XL). the amount of surprise considering the high price of this device is relatively more overpriced compared with other mobile devices.

Merebaknya the use of BlackBerry service would additionally not released from the a many efforts made by these 3 operators. Not only from the side fungsionalnya course, but additionally the efforts they make use of a BlackBerry as component of the lifestyle.

This has been obvious. Use BlackBerry earlier does not identify boundaries of age, occupation, or attributes, other attributes of social status. Moreover, since the service is able to provide innovative services to BlackBerry basis that the more inexpensive rates.

The high level of demand akan BlackBerry, clearly can not afford to fully filled service. many users use the BlackBerry device is unauthorized or BM (black market). This signifies users don’t buy a BlackBerry device from the operator as the official provider of BlackBerry devices and service.

BlackBerry BM growth was additionally not released from the lack of understanding about the attributes of potential service users own a BlackBerry. Potential users who still lay an average level that the BlackBerry service is considered an identical as using regular phone service.

According to the frequent user, the process is using a BlackBerry device with the handset pay for, pay for a card / SIM card from one of the operators, and then activated, and prepared to use. Even many who don’t know the existence of a unique identity with a PIN and IMEI.

Even if the general public to know the user PIN and IMEI, average only know of the term for the factor that it was often heard from friends, relatives or relations, the first utilizing the BlackBerry service. many of the prospective users, who don’t know or comprehend that the BlackBerry service in the provision of any of many parties. Parties here this includes the service provider as the network, its users and the course itself as a provider of technology Rim BlackBerry service.

Ignorance about this, acapkali make users think that if the device BlackBerrynya experiencing setbacks related to the PIN and IMEI (eg suspend), it is only by means of service only. But the setbacks that have relation with the PIN and IMEI, as experienced by a number of users, must be referred back to the rim. Only the rim and have the data to know exactly circumgyration PIN and IMEI from the official one BlackBerry device.

Increased use of the BlackBerry is notably fast, and doesn’t offset that with enough understanding of the potential users of the BlackBerry service itself, will ultimately encourage the existence of black market sales or path is not the official BlackBerry.

This seems to be a “blessing” for merchants mobile devices. On the one hand, many potential users who comprehend less about the BlackBerry service, but may want to have and use the BlackBerry service. On the other hand, the sale of BlackBerry devices is not the official additionally offers a notably profitable margin arouse.

Besides the price difference is quite large compared to the official who sold the device operator, a business turnaround is also notably fast. The emergence of several situations of BlackBerry users who experience setbacks with the PIN and IMEInya, additionally triggered by the “shrewdness” of the seller in the handset utilizing the ignorance of the potential users.

To anticipate and minimize the opportunity of the emergence of BlackBerry situations that prosecuted trouble of the role and potential of the user with the operator in Indonesia, this includes the rim as the provider of BlackBerry technology.

Users expected more charming and not tempted to pay for a BlackBerry device sales outside the official channels are owned by the operator and the other official who has been appointed by the operator. never forget the factor of safety and comfort. essentially if only for the factor that tergiur price of the device that is cheaper, is supported with the ease of subscribing to the BlackBerry tariffs every day, weekly, or monthly.

There is no prove your BlackBerry will continually work in an appropriate way. perhaps tomorrow your BlackBerry akan setbacks with the PIN and IMEInya. for sure you don’t want this happen, is not it?

Apart from the guaranteed safety and convenience, the pay for of a BlackBerry device by means of your service, will provide after-sales prove of better. This is acquired because of the certainty about the authenticity of the BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry prove you will get the official’s Rim of the applicable year. in addition, you will additionally find it simple to upgrade and fix the system on the BlackBerry while your BlackBerry setbacks. By deciding a BlackBerry device from the official service, it signifies you have set yourself that your BlackBerry has a small risk even from a PIN and IMEI phenomenon that many problems occur, the

Plans additionally have started intensify educational program or learning about the require to use this official BlackBerry. They are not easily pushing a sales-oriented tasks profit only, the service is additionally fully aware that no educational effort to encourage this, doesn’t use a BlackBerry akan official goes on. Ultimately, the service additionally will be getahnya. purchaser complaints will keep it up to expand, and most absolutely felt, was “no movement” the official BlackBerry dijualnya.

In fact, unit sales target BlackBerry is one of the official bonds charged by each operator to the rim. Which is yet a huge question mark among BlackBerry users is yet the lack of consideration and the role of the rim.

Is not reasonable, when the amount of users of BlackBerry services in Indonesia to grow so quickly, Rim additionally has not opened offices (especially service center) in Indonesia. All seems to be the operator, this includes damage to a number of situations and ter-suspend its BlackBerry device experienced by clients.

Honest, we must identify that is not fair if each and every one of the handling setbacks BlackBerry must be absolutely to the operator. Therefore, when would that support BlackBerry users a full step made by the operator to encourage the rim as in short as probable in order to provide purchaser service (service center) for BlackBerry users in Indonesia.

Many Indonesian blackberry users sharing online for downloading ringtones , wallpapers , themes , tips and tricks from forum blackberry Indonesia website. For more information and your contribution please visit

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Overcoming the Challenges in Market Intelligence for India

India presents lucrative business opportunities, but both foreign and domestic enterprises face formidable challenges in conducting business there. Dealing with construction permits requires around 195 days and 37 procedures while enforcing contracts requires 1,420 days and 46 procedures, for instance.

Not surprisingly India ranks 133rd among 183 countries for ease of doing business, according to the “Doing Business 2010” Index from the World Bank. Conducting market intelligence in India can be equally daunting, says Peter Read, Senior Vice President for GIA Asia-Pacific.

India has the lowest rank among the BRIC nations. Low ranking for parameters such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, paying taxes, enforcing business and closing a business have pulled India’s overall ranking in the index down.

However, on the brighter side, India falls in the top 50 ranks for protecting investors, and access to credit parameters. India ranks 51st among 139 countries surveyed for the Global Competitiveness Index 2010-11 (published by the World Economic Forum) and scores higher than Brazil (58) and Russia (63). However, it still falls far behind China’s competitiveness, which is ranked 13.

In the World Competitiveness report, while India is rated highly on certain parameters including financial market development, business sophistication and market size, it fares poorly on various other parameters including core infrastructure and labour market efficiency among others.

What challenges do businesses face when conducting market intelligence in India? We ask Peter Read, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific for GIA.

What are some typical challenges that clients you have advised face in India?

“India is a complex market due to regional diversity, the rural-urban divide, the presence of a large unorganized market and multiple legal and administrative systems. Further, lack of proper infrastructure facilities, bureaucracy, and corruption accentuates the challenges of doing business in India in general.”

Can you give any examples of foreign companies that have been successful in India?

“Companies that have understood the nuances of handling India’s complex business environment have been successful.

For instance, auto giant Hyundai was sensitive about the fact that Indian consumers attached a lot of importance to lifetime ownership costs while purchasing a car. It thus kept the fuel efficiency high, priced spare parts reasonably and incorporated other changes to suit Indian consumers. As a result Hyundai has emerged as a leading player in India’s small car market.

LG is another successful foreign player in India. It invested in feeling the pulse of the Indian consumers. For instance, it introduced a 6kg washing machine instead of its 4.5 kg model, keeping in mind the need of a large Indian household. Thus, market intelligence (MI) is very important for understanding the Indian business environment.”

In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge of conducting market intelligence in India?

“I would say it would have to be the presence of large unorganized and grey markets.

The grey market in India is swamped with a wide range of products ranging from electronics to cosmetics. These markets take advantage of the price sensitivity of Indian consumers. In the grey market for electronics, customers can get up to 20% to 25% discounts on prices at which these products are available in legal outlets.

Grey markets have flourished particularly well in the case of mobile handsets. A large number of mobile handsets are sold in the grey market, which include smuggled handsets, handsets brought by people travelling abroad and parallel imports. Since transactions in grey markets are not reported, it is difficult to assess the number of goods sold or revenues generated from such markets.

There also exists a large unorganized sector, which employs about 90% of India’s labour force and contributes 60% to India’s GDP, according to National Sample Survey Organization. The unorganized sector consists of ‘mom n pop’ businesses, which exist across industries such as textiles, automotives, engineering goods, food products, and so on.

These businesses may be formed as proprietorships or partnerships. The unorganized sector is characterized by high level of fragmentation, and activities do not get updated in the government records. It is thus challenging to assess the scale of operation and revenues of these businesses. Also, activities such as market sizing and identification of suppliers and competitors become very difficult due to the fragmented nature of the market. For instance, assessing the market size of car batteries is a challenging task, as about 90% of the market is unorganized.”

In view of such market complexities, how developed is the field of competitive intelligence in India?

“Competitive intelligence is a new concept in India, and a number of unethical means are being used to extract information. For instance, lot of ‘under the table’ dealings are required for extracting information from judicial or government officials. Industrial espionage, which is an unethical practice, is often used to gather information about competitors. In a scenario where unethical methods of data gathering are rampant, it becomes a challenge to gather information ethically.

It is critical to work with an intelligence partner who upkeeps high ethical standards.”

What can listeners learn from the webinar, Market Intelligence for India?

“First of all, we will give an overview of India’s states, as well as the major themes underpinning the country’s growth story.

We will also cover the challenges of conducting market intelligence in India and some best practices within the India market context. Two case studies will provide further insight into these best practices and demonstrate the unique environments amongst India’s states.”

Peter Read, Senior Vice President Asia Practice, Global Intelligence Alliance

Source: Global Intelligence Alliance
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Best Diesel Fuel Saver? – Best Diesel Fuel Additive?

Looking for the best diesel fuel saver?  Boy,  the last year has been tough on truckers all  over the country, hasn’t it?  I don’t mean to be preaching to the choir here, but something  has to be done with these high gas prices or you all are going to go bankrupt.  For those  who are using diesel, it’s even worse, isn’t  it?  Just the other day, there were prices  ranging anywhere from $4.76-$5.00 a gallon plus  for diesel.  Not something you really want to  be thinking about while you’re traveling OTR.

What’s that old saying, “If you want something  done you have to do it yourself.”  Well, now is  the time to take matters into your own hands  where you won’t feel like you’re working to pay  for gas.  Diesel fuel savers are set up to work  for any vehicle and bigger engines only mean  better gas mileage in the long run.  Here, let me explain.

Getting You Better Gas Mileage

While many smaller vehicles are using a diesel fuel saver with one electrolyzer hydrogen  generator, trucks get a bigger role.   Especially huge semis and campers will enjoy  what I’m about to tell you.  Instead of using just one, you will be able to build multiple  generators to get better fuel mileage.  In fact, they are set up where you can utilize six  electrolyzer units, getting more for your  money.

Just remember we can’t really put an exact amount of gas mileage improvement you’re going to receive because it’s going to vary for each vehicle.   There have been some OTR truckers who have experienced substantial increases and some that are simply minimal.  However, with that being said, something is better then nothing, and every little bit helps right now, right? 

Large Company Benefits

Listen, if you’re reading this and you own a fleet of trucks this water fuel saver system is  simply a gold mine.  Most likely you are spending thousands of dollars a month just on  fuel.  Wouldn’t it be nice to alleviate some of that financial burden and put it back into your  pockets?

Don’t forget you’ll be gaining a nice big tax  break as well.  Eighteen wheelers that run on  clean burning fuel get an energy tax that can  hit about fifty grand before it’s all said and  done.  Then of course, just think about the  “Pollution Free” advertising you can gather.   If you didn’t know, the HHO gas that is extracted from the water in the hydrogen generator turns back into its original form  throughout the system.  This creates a steam cleaning process and can cut down on costly repairs down the road.

What Do You Think

We can sit here and write fifty thousand words about these diesel fuel savers and everything they have to offer truckers and large companies using box trucks and semis.  The only problem is you have to realize it’s time to do things on your own and quit waiting for the government to do it for you.  Something that could take twenty years to make could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Might as well take a look at your options and keep an open mind about it.  We already know many people who are using it  today.

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Alleged LG V30 cases might be giving away some design clues

Online mobile accessories retailer MobileFun last month gave us a possible look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 thanks to several cases it was taking pre-orders for. Renders showing the Galaxy Note 8 inside these cases provided legitimate looking images of the phablet. While the device has not been released yet, several subsequent leaks matched the exact renders found on the MobileFun site. 

Now, it is the LG V30’s turn to possibly appear inside cases that MobileFun is taking pre-orders on. The first one is a clear Rearth Ringke Fusion LG V30 case, and is priced at $19.49. The second …

Michigan Car Remote Starter

People are looking for car remote starters in Michigan and other cold places. Remote starters are great for warming up your car and melting the snow from the windshield. Truck remote starters and car remote starters are a great safety feature. Get the free report on car remote starters. Viper car remote starters tend to be the best.

The only reason to have a remote car starter installed is to warm up your vehicle.
No. Although it’s true that a nice warm car is the feature you’ll probably love the most (especially here in Michigan), you’ll find a remote starter lets you “escape the scrape” too. Several models also come with a keyless entry option as well, so you can enjoy the safety and convenience of locking and unlocking your vehicle (and even pop your trunk), all with just the touch of a button. And don’t forget: remote starters are great in the summertime too! They’ll quickly cool off a vehicle that’s been sitting in the hot sun all day!

A warranty or guarantee is not important for a good job.
Rarely to NEVER is seen a reputable company afraid to stand behind its work, but, several won’t including a few right here in Michigan. Advice: Be VERY wary of any shop that won’t include a written money-back guarantee one that guarantees the remote starter will perform exactly as you were
told it would, and insures you’ll be happy with the performance and the installation. Review it carefully before you decide who you will allow to do your installation. Steer clear of retailers that don’t have a written warranty to show you. They probably won’t be around to help you when you need it.

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