Tennessee Cremation Natural or Propane Gas

Tennessee Cremations:

There are pros and cons to using both natural gas and propane as crematory fuels, heavily influenced by their availability in your crematory’s location. If you’re struggling to make a choice between natural gas and propane, you have to exercise due diligence and precisely calculate which is best for you. Doing so will help your operating costs tremendously.

One crematory that has faced this situation head on is First State Cremation Center, Inc., in Millsboro, Del., which opened in May 2009. American funeral Director asked one of First State Cremation Center’s shareholders, David Salmon, how the company arrived at its decision.

Q: How has the natural gas versus propane situation changed for you over the years?

A: Our facility is a new venture whereby several funeral home owners and myself, a licensee without a funeral home, combined their resources to construct a facility like no other in our area. We built our facility from the ground up as a cremation center, recognizing the increased consumer demand for cremation combined with the opportunity to provide client families a state-of-art facility and incorporating a witnessing room, a pet crematory and a pet merchandise resource center.

Once the shareholders accepted the building design we contacted the natural gas distributor in our area, only to find out that there was a natural gas distribution line that ran in front of our building site, not a supply line we could tap into. In order for us to gain access to natural gas we would have to purchase a “Christmas tree” valve at $50,000, plus the cost of trenching a gas line to the building. Hence, plan B.

We sent out bid letters to four propane gas distributors in our area. Three responded. Of the three, one distributor was 4 cents less per gallon then the next lowest bidder. The price points from the three responders were a total of 7 cents difference. Now, that may not seem like much, however, when you factor in the volume we anticipated through historical cremation call data per the funeral home owners, plus a 3-4 percent annual increase in cremation call volume and adding in the pet crematory, the projected volume, on an annual basis, 7 cents is a significant number. We’re anticipating a 20,000 gallon first-year volume.

The fact that the natural gas option was way out of the budget turned out to be a blessing. With natural gas, the Public Utilities Commission regulates these suppliers in Delaware. Propane distributors are not (regulated), and the opportunity exists to bid-out propane.

Certainly, based on volume, a crematory facility may have some leverage with the natural gas supplier, but on the propane side, even a mid- to high-volume facility may garner a better price per gallon than with natural gas.

To keep everyone honest, based on the bid price, we found OPIS (a division of UCG, the parent company of Kates-Boylston). When we receive a propane delivery, our crematory technician notifies me of the gallon amount, price per gallon and the hazmat charge, I receive via e-mail the daily “rack rate” from OPIS. Our terms and conditions with our propane supplier are as follows: The rack rate at Delaware City, Del., where they receive their fuel, plus a per-gallon transport fee which is currently 11 cents per gallon, plus the bid amount. These three prices combined add up to our per-gallon price.

As it turned out, our first delivery was priced at typical commercial pricing. I notified the distributor and advised them that I was an OPIS subscriber and based on our bid contract they were at 70 cents over contract. They made the corrections in their computer and the subsequent two deliveries have been spot on with the OPIS price guide.

Q: Do you believe one method is more efficient than the other?

A: I’m not confident that one fuel is better over the other. Some like the convenience of not having a fuel delivery truck on site, plus not having to deal with underground or above-ground storage tanks. Ultimately, a crematory operation should spend a great deal of time looking at the peaks and valleys of fuel prices of any source and determine the volatility of each compared to the price.

We have three 1,000-gallon tanks buried on the premises to handle the projected at 1.6 months worth of operation (with reserve). We have installed high-pressure meters (at $225 each) for each unit to get readings at the start of a cremation and at the end of a cremation to determine fuel consumption in 100-cubic-feet increments for humans and pets. Based on usage and applying the conversion formula from cubic feet to gallons, we are able to zero in on the gallons of usage per cremation within 100 cubic feet (the meter factor).

Our units are using at 23 gallons for the first cremation and at a 15 percent reduction in fuel usage for each subsequent cremation. Based on Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control code we can operate during daylight hours.

There have been discussions as to which fuel burns hotter (propane), yet which fuel is deemed more efficient and less costly (natural gas). In my opinion, based on last year’s run up in oil, gasoline, propane and natural gas prices and the volatility in the oil markets, whatever fuel a crematory is using (and yes, there are some out there still using heating fuel oil in their units) it makes sense to get the most out of your dollars by shopping around or meeting with the natural gas supplier to try and negotiate a better price.

If a crematory is currently using natural gas and is considering switching to propane, there will be some cost involved (i.e., the burner orifice, the thermal-coupler, spark plugs, etc.) Plus it will require propane tanks, or tying you to the supplier to provide the tanks. If you purchase the tanks, be certain you get a certificate of sale with the tank ID/serial numbers on the documentation, along with the meters and pressure valves where applicable.

The piping for natural gas is the large, 2-inch pipe. This is the pipe we installed and is fine for propane. The propane meters are high-pressure, and the system must maintain an 11-inch water column during the entire operation.

Q: Do you know of any other crematories that are going through the same situation?

A: I shared this information with a funeral home/crematory operation I know in Virginia. He had suspected that his fuel usage was at 40 gallons of propane per cremation. After reading his meter and using the formula to calculate fuel usage, he contacted his propane dealer. The difference in what he was billed and what he used was significant. They discovered a leak between the tank and the meter. He was issued a credit of $5,200. That’s at 2,500 to 3,000 gallons of propane he had paid for and didn’t use. If he hadn’t had a meter, this would have been extremely difficult to prove.

The conversion formulas are readily available online for all fuel types. You will need a source (OPIS) to determine the rack rate from the port your distributor is receiving propane or pipeline for natural gas. However, unless your unit is metered, using the fuel conversion formula and subscribing to OPIS is a moot point.

If you or a family member have any further questions or concerns with respect to cremation, cremation services, cremation costs or a direct cremation please feel free to contact Cremation Options toll free 24 hours daily at 1-877-989-9090.

Source: Joshua Cabe Johnson
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LG Tone Studio Review: a wearable speaker


LG, not content with what is currently on the market, has been doing a lot of experimenting with its audio products lately. Whether this is a good or bad thing is a debate we won’t be getting into today – instead, we’ll be taking a look at one of the company’s latest and most interesting offerings: the LG Tone Studio.

In short, this is an answer to the age-old question “what if we could wear stereo speakers around our necks at all times?” Visually, it looks like a pair of neckbuds whose neckband houses a pair of upward-facing …

Nokia Phone Review Model 1200

Cell phone is very important device to our daily life. Though some of us are already using this product as a fashion but still now many low income based people are finding a used/old model one to communicate with their family members, friends and relatives. So this article can help those people who are trying to get a cell phone by paying little money.

Mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is called the king of Mobile. Worldwide people like this mobile because of its quality and performance. Those of you are using Nokia they have the real experience about the phone company of Nokia. If the phone fall down from your hand there is a some panic about out breaking of your phone. But if the phone is Nokia then you can rest on that nothing happened in your mobile phone.

From the beginning Nokia continually making his various featured phone one after another. Some of them are high price and some of them are low price. Nokia 1200 is a low priced set. It’s a poor people’s hand set. If you are limited budget or very often you loose your phone then you can try it once.

Nokia 1200 is a Unlocked for use with dual-band GSM 900/1800 MHz service provider and SIM card. Affordable candybar-style phone with monochrome display one touch shortcut keys for SMS messaging, Speakerphone and up to seven hours of talk time, up to 390 hours (16+ days) of standby time; measures 4.02 x 1.74 x 0.69 inches (HxWxD) and weighs 2.72 ounces.

Out looking is excellent. very light and small size so it is very easy to keep in your pocket. Although this is a low priced set but lot of functions are present in this phone. Some of them are Alarm clock, reminders, games, Extra (calculator, converter, countdown time, calendar, stopwatch, composer, flashlight, demo of basic operation).

Reminders is one of the most important option of this set. By using this option you can set all your year along programs with time and date. Whose of you forget anything easily this option may be helpful for them. According your setting it will alarm you on the certain time and date.

Another important options are copying contact from phone to sim and sim to phone, speed dialing, chat, call cost setting, control of your number displaying to receiver’s phone, SMS sync facility and some more options.

Nokia 1200 is polyphonic tone based phone. There is an option to load or compose ring tone according your wish. There is a big digital and analogue clock as a power saving screen saver. Phone contacts memory is 200, voice mail, multi phone book using facility, picture image sending and receiving capabilities.

Now the price of this phone at amazon shop is 40 US dollar. Six months ago it was 30 dollars. However if you are searching for lower price set then you can consider it or you can purchase it to present your relative, family member or school going children as a Christmas gift.

Disadvantages: When you go to compose for SMS after 32 characters you cannot type any more character. To ad more character or word you have to push OK button, then select insert option, from insert option you can select word or number, after selection you will be able to add next 32 characters. This is really restriction of Nokia 1200 and time consuming matter.

To konw more you may visit the site at http://wirelessphonereviews.blogspot.com

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Blackberry Bold 9700

Look and feel – extremely Good

as opposed to the last BlackBerry Bold 9000, which was a bizarre mixture of styles and textures, edge got the style perfect with the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The phonephone oozes class, and though it sports a mixture of faux-leather plastics and soft touch paint with that now-signature chrome band, the Buy Blackberry Bold 9700 now feels understated and slight in the hand. It’s smaller and lighter than the BlackBerry Tour, although it packs more features. Overall, the outer layer isn’t a departure from the modern BlackBerry look and feel, it’s simply the most refined version we’ve seen so far.
Like the original Buy Blackberry Bold 9700, the standout design feature on the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the screen. Besides the new BlackBerry Storm two we just reviewed, the Buy Blackberry Bold 9700 might have the best screen we have seen on a portable gizmo. It’s bright and colourful, with deep, inky blacks and colourful, shining highlights. It’s also utterly wasted on the bland, textual and dated looking BlackBerry interface. There isn’t a single feature that looks better on a BlackBerry device than on a more polished looking phone, like the Palm Pre or the HTC Hero on run. From the basic menus to the calendar and productivity apps to even the media player and fun stuff, the BlackBerry OS is wanting a serious overhaul, or fickle buyers will start passing on the great features for a phone that looks much more modern.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 gets the new BlackBerry trackpad, which appears to be the future for BlackBerry telephones with a genuine keyboard. We like the trackpad, and it’s growing on us with each new model. It’s an advance over the trackball that ruled the middle generation of BlackBerry telephones, but we will not help but wonder if navigation on the BlackBerry has gotten any simpler since the days of the old thumbwheel.

The keyboard on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is classic BlackBerry. It’s a bit tiny for our taste, but the marginally angled keys make for a shallow learning curve. But BlackBerry keyboards have a strong fan base, and for simple typing, you will find a quick and easy QWERTY on the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

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The Relationship Between Home Prices and Rent Amounts

It is widely accepted that rent amounts are a fundamental factor in determining the value of housing. If housing prices rise too far out of line with rents, a combination of declines in home values and increases in rent amounts will ultimately occur and enable these two averages to correct back toward each other. Although this relationship between housing values and rents has endured the many peaks and valleys of past real estate cycles, the events of the years from 1996 to 2006 strained this interconnection to unprecedented extents. However, just as gravity causes objects to eventually fall to the earth, subsequent years have shown that this correlation between housing prices and rent is destined to survive.

An examination of Freddie Mac’s conventional mortgage house price index reveals that United States home prices doubled from 1996 to 2006. Alternatively, the consumer price index shows that rent amounts only increased half as much as sales prices over the same period of time. This created an identifiable imbalance in this typically synchronized relationship, which then served as a reliable predictor of the paths that both home values and rental amounts would follow in the years to come.

As if imitating a cinema production featuring two lovers involuntarily forced apart, the years of 2007 and 2008 set the scene for housing prices and rents to once again be reunited. Nationwide housing values tumbled by approximately 35% in these two years according to the market tracking company MDA DataQuick. Responding on cue, the real estate research firm RealFacts Inc. reported that rents increased by approximately 10% over the same period.

It may seem illogical that rents could actually increase amidst falling home prices and the economic downturn that usually accompanies a poor housing market. Yet it is actually a poor economic environment that often acts to stimulate the residential rental market. For example, the decline of economic conditions from 2007 through 2008 brought the construction of new housing and apartments to a virtual halt, thereby stunting the supply of available rental property. Simultaneously, the demand for rentals was enhanced by a dramatic increase in the size of the available tenant base. Families displaced from foreclosed properties, growing populations, potential buyers refraining from purchasing until home prices stabilize, difficulties in obtaining financing, and widespread job losses all contributed to make renting a very attractive option for large segments of the population.

As evidenced above, housing prices and rents remained interconnected despite the intense pressures that pulled them apart. Although often overlooked, this durable relationship should be utilized to help predict housing market conditions and prevent the occurrence of economic crises well into the future.

Source: Brian S. Icenhower
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Nokia Mobile Phones: Easy to Use and Sophisticated in Terms of Features

In this modern time, mobile phone has become an integral part of human life. The importance of mobile phone is increasing day-by-day. Mobile phones have brought the world closer in a dynamic way. Now a days, people are becoming more sensitive towards their handset. Nokia mobile phones have achieved a big breakthrough in the field of mobile phone communication. Nokia is known as world’s largest manufacturer of the amazing mobile handsets. The Nokia mobile phones have simplified life of common people by offering them easy operating phones. The handsets are well equipped with modern technologies, fantastic applications and excellent designs. These gadgets are very successful in the world of phone communication. Now a days people are demanding more features from their handsets apart from making and receiving calls. These phones are brilliantly managed to satisfy the the growing needs and wants of people.

Nokia has introduced a wide range of unique mobile phones such as xpressmusic group, N series, supernova series, E series and many other groups. Nokia xpressmusic mobiles are popular for amazing music and sound quality. 5130 xpressmusic, 5230 xpressmusic, 5310 xpressmusic, 5210 xpressmusic, 5320 xpressmusic, 5610 xpressmusic, 5700 xpressmusic, 5800 xpressmusic are well known. These are the fantastic creations of Nokia xpressmusic group. These phones are equipped with the innovative features. Nokia xpressmusic mobiles come with high quality megapixel, 3G technology, Better sound, fantastic music player that can play on MP3, MP4, AAC and EAAC formats.

N series is a beautiful creation of the Nokia mobile. N95, Nokia N96, N73, 71 and N85 are member of the N series that offer modern day phone features and applications. The N 95 highly is a commendable gadget with 3G technology that comes with 5 megapixel camera and 16 million colour TFT screen. The device is preloaded with Quad Band and HSDPA. With the aid of these features, users can enjoy a smooth network in roaming even when they are abroad. N73 is another wonderful handset from N series. It comes with the visual Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, megapixel camera and 42 Mbytes memory. In this phone there is also the provision for external memory card. In E series there are a number of high technology mobile phone such as E71, E51, E65, E66 and many others. E71 is a 2.4 inch TFT screen with 240×320 pixel screen resolution that is capable to show 262 K colours.

Nokia mobile phones can impress people from across the world. These handsets are best suited to every pocket as they are available at affordable cost. These mobiles target every section of society with their wide range of assortment. The battery power of Nokia mobile is amazing. For battery back-up, Nokia receives great applause from people. These devices target a big market irrespective of their social class, gender, region and country. So, Nokia is the best in the field of mobile communication.

Source: David Boon

30+ beautiful high-res wallpapers, perfect for your Galaxy S8/S8+, Pixel XL, LG G6, HTC 10, and others

High-resolution, and high-quality wallpapers are not the easiest thing to find, especially if you have as many as 1440 x 2560 pixels to fill with information – as would be the case if your smartphone has a QHD display.

The reasons for that are several. Perhaps most importantly, however, it’s just exceedingly easy for wallpaper repositories to simply upscale lower resolution content to make it appear as if it would fit perfectly on your fancy screen, but the reality is that stretching the image takes a ton from the quality. And that’s not what you want if you’re looking to …

Nokia 6300: the Smart Phone

The new Nokia 6300 mobile phone coming in an attractive stainless steel casing attracts the eyes of the beholder with its stunning in looks and highly useable features for its user to enjoy. The 6300 mobile handset from Nokia comes in a curvaceous stainless steel casing with a glossy black section around the screen and on the reverse of the handset highlighting the camera features lens. This model mobile phone coming with a large 2 Inch screen succeeds in providing up to 16.7 million colours on a TFT QVGA type display. The Nokia 6300 mobile handset comes with a highly useable and attractive stainless steel keypad

This model mobile phone from Nokia has 7.8 Mbytes of built in memory that could be expanded with the inserting of a 128 Mbytes MicroSD memory card. Weighing 91 grams, the Nokia 6300 model mobile phone makes it comfortable to be held in hand. The handset measures 106.4 mm x 43.6 mm x 11.7 mm making it easy for the user to slip into the pocket.

The added attraction of this mobile phone is the built in 2 megapixel digital camera feature that helps the user in storing perfect and excellent quality pictures on the mobile phone. . The digital zoom facility existing in the camera allows the user to get up close to his desired shot. The built in camera makes the video recording easy and colorful, which can be shared among others.

The mobile phone comes with a fully charged battery that has a stand by battery time of up to 264 hours and up to 3.5 hours of talk time. This model mobile phone from Nokia comes with Edge technology that ensures a high speed data transfer making it more beneficial for the user. The built in Bluetooth technology helps the user in having a wireless connectivity option on the mobile phone which is compatible with other Bluetooth devices. The 6300 model from Nokia also has a USB connection which can connect to any USB compatible device.

Source: Adam Caitlin

Blackberry Storm Review: First Full Screen Touch Phone From Blackberry

It may seem like the iPhone may have the full touch screen smartphone market cornered. There aren’t many phones to choose from in this family. It takes a very innovative company to release a rival full touch screen smartphone. Blackberry offers consumers such a rival. The RIM Blackberry Storm is one of the latest additions to the full touch screen smartphone line. It is the first full touch screen cell phone from Blackberry. Blackberry entered the race with a complete set of advantages and feature set it has brought along with from its impressive Blackberry smartphone line. With its impressive list of features and low price the RIM Blackberry Storm will make a great phone for anyone who is looking for an affordable replacement to the iPhone. But the Storm also does come with a list of minor problems that can hamper a person’s enjoyment of the phone.

The RIM Blackberry Storm is quite similar to the iPhone in its design and look. The notable differences are that the Storm is shorter and heavier than the iPhone. Also there are standard phone controls located under the display screen. The biggest achievement is the Storms utilization of SurePress technology. This allows the user to perform functions by actually clicking on the screen instead of just tapping it. Unfortunately clicking on the screen does take a while to get used to because honestly clicking on the screen feels awkward. Also anyone with big hands or fingers might have trouble typing messages because the keyboard that is displayed is quite small and the letters are crammed together. Those accustom to trackball navigator might miss it as it is absent on the RIM Blackberry Storm.

The RIM Blackberry Storm offers the same features found on all previous Blackberry phones. It continues offering its users an amazing operating system and even upgrades it from the previous installment. The user is able to use and open various Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel and even Power Point. As with previous Blackberry phones the Storm is able to link with your company’s Blackberry Enterprise Server allowing you access to corporate emails and files. The phone can even act as a wireless modem for laptops. It is an amazing application which costs only $15 a month.

The phone feels as if it was rushed to be released just in time for the holidays because there are a lot of bugs and small glitches. The accelerometer needed more work. Switching the phone to and from landscape mode was fine but websites took a while to change screen position. The multimedia controls are also affected by this. When rotating the phone the controls sometimes appeared to be flashing and even disappear from the screen at one point. Aside from the accelerometer websites generally took a while to load and certain apps were sluggish upon launching.

As far as the phone performance the RIM Blackberry Storm did great. Callers can enjoy clear and crisp calls. The voices on the other end will sound very well. Also your voice will sound clear to your caller as well. The microphone is great at isolating and not picking up background noise.

The RIM Blackberry Storm could use more work. There have been promises of firmware upgrades which will fix many of the bugs found on this phone. While the updates to fix some of the problems they don’t address all of them. But for the price of the phone and amazing capabilities it is still a reasonable buy. Just be sure to get the firmware upgrade if you decide to purchase this phone.

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Strength Master Treadmills – The Review

Strength Master is a fantastic treadmill brand that has rapidly emerged and established itself as a manufacturer of top quality fitness equipment in every corner of the world. The quality fitness equipment includes treadmills produced by Strength Master, which are extremely innovative, packed with very useful features, and available at affordable prices to meet the demands of a growing market.

Located in the Asia, specifically Taiwan, Strength Master was founded in 1994, specialising in the design, development and production of consumer fitness and exercise equipment. Since then the manufacturer has gone from strength to strength and has proven their expertise and potential in what is a competitive market. In recognition of their effort, StengthMaster has earned global awards, certificates and commendations. This has paved the way for Strength Master to compete well in the worldwide market.

With their treadmill range Strength Master have shown great product innovation. They produce treadmills with great specifications while being able to keep the costs low. Two prime examples of quality treadmills in their range which meet the demands of consumers are the Strength Master MI-411 and MI-611. These treadmills are essentially the same, with the MI-611 a more powerful version.

The StrengthMaster MI-611 is the biggest and most powerful in the range. Strength Master has done an excellent job as it meets the needs of the entry-level fitness enthusiast as well as the trained athlete. This is a well-built, sturdy and reliable treadmill that is semi-commercial. Strength Master has really paid attention to detail in every aspect. There is a big running track and fantastic features that are sure to motivate anyone, including a built-in screen, which can play TV, DVD and MP3!

The Strength Master MI-411 and MI-611 both have great specifications. This includes controls to adjust both the speed and incline, including feedback such as distance, speed and calories. With 16 programmes including user-defined programmes and a body fat calculator, Strength Master treadmills aim to provide consumers with powerful features to help them achieve their goals.

Specifically in the aforementioned treadmills, there is also a 7-inch TFT-LCD TV screen that is sure to keep any user entertained and motivated during workouts. This screen can be connected to an MP3 player and includes a TV aerial socket. Composite video inputs mean a DVD can be easily connected. You can also adjust how the screen shows, such as the colour and brightness. Strength Master treadmills are easy to use, so you can play around the screen while adjusting your workout. There is no excuse for getting bored while running on the treadmill, Strength Master have made sure their treadmills are fit for this century.

Another fantastic feature that Strength Master treadmills have is that they have a hydraulic folding system and wheels so are easy to fold and can be moved around with ease. This is great for most consumers as they are manoeuvrable, and practical for home use where space can be limited.

There are good reasons why Strength Master treadmills are sold over the world, they are very consumer orientated, packed with features and are priced extremely well especially in comparison to other treadmills with similar features. Strength Master is a reliable and trustable brand in the world of treadmills, as they continue to grow. For anyone wanting good quality treadmills at a reasonable price, Strength Master really are recommended.

Source: Dave Ashton
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