Nokia Mobile Phones: Symbol of New Life Style

Today telecommunication is not possible without mobiles; mobile phones have changed the method of telecommunication. Different companies have come in the mobile world, but no mobile giant is as famous as Nokia. This Finnish mobile giant is the landmark in the mobile world. Users believe in Nokia’s mobiles blindly. If any new features launch in the mobile phones, first this features and technology is launched by Nokia. Mobile phones have slowly and steadily taken over the lives of the people by becoming a fashion icon as well as status symbol. If we note the contemporary trends, mobile phones are constantly occupying our everyday coffee house gossips, specially the Nokia mobile phones. Nokia has launched many different mobile series with in few years. Now its N-Series is the most demanding series in the mobile market. The experts of the Nokia have churned out all the new technologies in Nokia mobile series. Nokia not only provides the latest and stylish mobile sets but also the satisfaction to the users.
Now all the newborn technologies from connectivity to communication, messaging to internet and from music to entertainment all the technologies are available in Nokia’s mobile phones. Mega-pixel camera, music players, internet, Bluetooth Software like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf files are the key features of the Nokia mobile phone. The eldest of the Nokia N-series mobile phone the Nokia N70 is tiny and lightweight phone with 3G-capablities, 2-megapixel camera which can really add a zing to the life. Another member of the Nokia mobile phones the Nokia N90 is also loaded with a 2-megapixel capability that allows photography with great clarity. The screen of the Nokia mobile phone, N70 can be twisted and flipped to enable different shooting perspectives and also it allows video capture.

The Nokia mobile phones are perhaps the most sought-after mobile phones in the market. On the top of the Nokia mobile phones the Nokia N91 is another evidence of the exceptionalness of Nokia mobile phones. With excellent music capabilities, integrated 4GB of memory Nokia N70 is another Nokia mobile phone which deserves wide appreciation. The Nokia N95, featuring a music player, visual radio, document viewer, Internet browsers and 5.0 mega pixel camera is another Nokia mobile phone born to rule the mobile world. This two-way sliding Nokia mobile phone supports Quad Band technology and thus gives a refined feeling to the world of connectivity. Now awaiting Nokia N81 is now about to come in the mobile market and it has all the latest features.

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Deal: LG G6 costs just $20 (was $28) monthly at Verizon

LG has its previous and current flagship smartphones on various deals across the United States. If you haven’t yet purchased the G5 for less than $250, you might want to check out Verizon’s promo on the much newer LG G6.

For a limited time, customers can grab the LG G6 for no upfront amount as long as they agree to a new two-year contract. Moreover, instead of paying the usual $28 monthly fee for 24 months, Verizon now sells the LG G6 for just $20 per month.

Basically, you’ll be saving no less than $192 when you buy the LG G6 at Verizon and commit to a two-year …

The Soft Option: Take It Easy With A BlackBerry Softphone

You know your BlackBerry is a mobile telephone and you know it can run computer programs, even allowing you to access the internet and your emails, but did you know that a BlackBerry softphone will let you make phone calls for free over the internet?  A softphone is a computer program that lets you make phone calls over the internet, for free.  This means that instead of spending a fortune on mobile phone calls, you can use your BlackBerry softphone call anywhere in the world over the internet, for free.

A BlackBerry Softphone really is the soft option when it comes to communications.  It allows you to make a call from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, just as long as you have an internet connection.  Obviously, using your cell phone is also possible almost anywhere in the world these days, but you really do pay for the privilege.  Making a call from a cell phone  in a country outside the country that phone is based in can be exorbitantly expensive, and if you are on vacation but really need to keep in touch you may have no option but to run up a huge bill for calls.

Now, however, you  have the BlackBerry Softphone.  Instead of having to pay to make calls from calling centers or your hotel, both of which can become expensive, not to mention awkward and not particularly private, you can now call from your BlackBerry via the wireless connection that can be found in most modern hotels these days.  Apart from the fact that your BlackBerry is, of course, entirely mobile and can be used anywhere, the BlackBerry Softphone means that you can make those important calls from the privacy of your hotel room or a secluded spot on the beach.  Anywhere you like, in fact, so that your private call will not be overheard by the fifty-three elderly Japanese tourists who just checked in.

Being able to make calls on your BlackBerry Softphone also means that you can make those calls, not only in a private place but in a place with little or no background noise.  Calling centers can be incredibly noisy, as you have ten or twenty people all making their calls at the same time within a few feet of you.  The man behind is yelling at his wife, the woman in front is highly amused by something being told to her on the other end of her line.  If you have an important call to make, the BlackBerry Softphone is the answer, since the last thing you want is to be distracted by everyone else’s calls, which, let’s face it, may be important to them, but probably aren’t to you.

Your BlackBerry Softphone truly sets you free in the world of mobile telecommunications.  You can call anyone from anywhere and if you are dialling them up via their computer or their BlackBerry Softphone you should be able to make the call for free.  When two users or more are working with BlackBerry Softphones, the world really is their oyster.

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LG files to trademark LG G6 Alpha and LG G6 Prime in Europe

It would seem that LG is not done producing different variants of its LG G6 flagship model, especially in Europe. On the continent, the company filed to trademark a couple of names that give us clues about its future intentions. The LG G6 Alpha and the LG G6 Prime were both listed on the application submitted by LG. By coincidence, LG today will release two other versions of the LG G6 in South Korea.

The LG G6+ will support wireless charging in certain markets and carries 128GB of native storage. A pair of premium earphones from B&O  Play comes out of the box. The other model getting …

Nokia 6300: Nokia’s First Slim Phone

The Nokia 6300 model is a reincarnation of the top selling Nokia 6100 that arrived in the market early in 2003. Not to mention – these two models share almost the same strategies say in marketing and positioning. But they do differ in the sense of casing’s thickness, which is squarely highlighted more for the 6300.

It is worth to mention the target audiences for Nokia 6100 and Nokia 6300 are men and women with more or less equal ratio for either model. They want to acquire a fair feature-pack they call it “modern” and by that mean player, radio and crisp display, eye-candy design and, more importantly, an eye-picking brand on the phone for reasonable money.

Relying on this audience is not a miscalculation – the way Nokia 6300 is positioned has been proven by the experience of the prior offerings, thus give a warm welcome to a new Nokia’s bestseller.

Another thing about the 6300 model is that it is the successor to Nokia 6100, apart from positioning, is its size – previously we saw 102x44x13.5 mm on the 6100, and today a slightly bigger 106.4?43.6?13.1 mm.

Such uneven thickness distribution is nothing new, though – some other Nokia-branded solutions sport the same peculiarities, for example Nokia 3230. But getting back to the 6300, such approach to the design is not a coincidence, for the developers wanted to make it gain some resemblance with sliders that would boost the handset’s image and looks.

As for the negative experience of Nokia 6100 usage, there were some complaints about the plastic quality, the back cover reliability and the painting. Basically what they would have overlooked on less popular and demanded devices was the sticking point for the 6100 and created certain issues with post-sale service and built up a somewhat negative image of the product.

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Samsung drops, Apple hops, LG flops: US market share in June

On this last day of the month, analyst shop Wave7 Research ran some numbers for how the big two – Apple and Samsung – fared in the past four weeks at various US carriers and retailers. Samsung, it turns out, has flatlined a bit after the initial surge owing to the release of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagships, and Apple has taken advantage. The reason? Well, while the new puppies were going strong, sales of the good ol’ Galaxy S7 and S7 edge sales took a nosedive in June, while at the same time Apple’s iPhones have rebounded, as per Wave7’s analyst Jeffrey …

A Review Of The Blackberry 9700 Bold

RIM have been working hard on an updated version of their incredibly popular Blackberry Bold handset. Originally one of THE stand out mobile devices, can the improvements see off the competition in the form of the iPhone and the host of Android handsets being released.

In terms of the look of the 9700 Bold, physically it is much smaller than its predecessor. Weighing 16 grammes less and also shaving off millimetres in every direction, the handset looks sleek and stylish. Obviously considerations had to be taken so the physical keypad didn’t become too cramped, and they seem to have just about got away with this. The screen is 480 x 360 HVGA resolution and measures 2.44″. The touchscreen also features a neat light sensor which adjusts the brightness of the screen according to your current surroundings. The optical trackpad located beneath the screen makes navigation of menus extremely easy, which adds to the appeal of this very high spec handset.

The Blackberry 9700 Bold features an improved 3.15 megapixel camera. This device is supported by an LED flash facility for capturing moments in darker conditions. Autofocus and zoom facility are also covered. The integrated media player works very well. MP3, WMA and AAC+ audio files are all catered for, and an external 3.5mm stereo jack allows you to enjoy your music on your own set of headphones. Album art is displayed on the main screen, which is also very good at displaying video playback due to its excellent resolution. Internally the 9700 Bold has been tweaked. A 624MHz processor makes all aspects of use very quick. The Operating system has been upgraded to, now running on BB OS5.0. To the user this means that the user interface seems to be a much neater and more functional design. A good example of this is that video and music are now located in the same place rather than the user having to find them in totally separate areas of the phone. The main aspect of the Blackberry, which is the messaging facilities, have however not been touched. Sending an e mail is still as easy as ever, and typing of messages is easy due to the new design of the keys. Battery life is one area where there have been huge improvements. With WIFI running constantly you an expect approx one and a half days of normal use.

The above mentioned changes means that using the Blackberry 9700 Bold is a pleasant experience. The gorgeous looks seem to have taken a leaf out of the Blackberry Storms book and the overall reduction in bulk means its going to be much more accessible by the everyday phone user. I certainly think Apple will be looking over their shoulders with the release of this handset.

The Blackberry 9700 Bold and the Blackberry Storm 2 are available now.

Source: Emma Rosher

Free Games For Mobile Phones

Gone are the times when mobile handsets were limited only to voice communication or basic SMS services. The field of telecommunication has indeed advanced by leaps and bounds and technology has now enabled mobile phones to be equipped with additional features such as proper music systems, high resolution cameras and last but not the least is the feature of mobile games.

Typically most mobile phones are provided with basic games such as Snake, Mine sweeper etc. However, with the increased popularity of online games and their easy availability, a huge mass of mobile phone owners are attracted to websites on the World Wide Web that feature free games for mobile phones.

These websites boast thousands of highly-rated free and download able java games for your mobile phone. Apart from featuring free games for mobiles these websites also provide players with other services and mobile content such as free mobile applications and software, ring-tones & mobile wallpaper.

Some of the key services and mobile content that these websites offer include Racing mobile games, Multiplayer mobile games, Sports Mobile Games, Free Java Mobile Games, Free Mobile Casino Games, Online Cell Phone Games and Mobile games based on brands such as Nokia, Sam sung, Sony Ericsson etc.

The download process is also simple and the players are only required to select the mobile cellular phone, hand-held or PDA from a given list of supported phones, mention the mobile game they wish to download and easily avail the facility. The player may also browse through these websites in search of free games for mobiles by either category or by choosing from the most popular downloads list.

Moreover, most websites do not require the users to register first in order to access the free mobile games. Nor do they charge any subscription prices. While downloading free games for your mobile phone it is worth mentioning that even though the games can be downloaded free of any cost, you may be charged by your service provider for the airtime usage.

Furthermore, the games may be provided with ads which may in turn require a network connection in order to download newer ads. The player maybe charged for this connectivity. However, the advertisement support downloaded is no more than a few kilobytes and does not dig holes into the player’s pocket.

While downloading free games for your mobile phone make sure that the games you are downloading are compatible with your phone and will work on it. Preferably, browse for free games specifically with reference to your phone and model number only. Most websites try to resolve this issue by only enlisting those games that are compatible with your device.

If your cell phone supports Java applications then you have the added advantage of downloading and choosing from a wide range of Java MIDP games.

Not only do these games provide the player with an enriching gaming experience but with the advancement in Artificial Intelligent and GUI (Graphical User Interface) these games are now more engrossing and attention holding than ever.

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Report: LG V30 might not feature secondary display, concept could be replicated on new OLED screen

With the LG G6, LG made a statement. It no longer wants to be Gyro Gearloose of the smartphone industry, pushing bold innovation that no one outside its focus groups asked for. LG cleaned house, stripped away all the complexity, and introduced one of 2017’s most understated – and all-around pleasant – premium phones. It was a solid strategy, even though displays of clever engineering, such as the LG G5’s removable battery, will be missed by those able to appreciate them.

According to a “trusted source” as cited by the ever diligent XDA Developers, the same revision …

LG X Charge brings its large battery to Comcast's Xfinity Mobile

LG today introduced the X Charge, a new smartphone that will be available on Xfinity Mobile – the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) unveiled earlier this year by cable giant Comcast.

The LG X Charge appears to be a rebranded X Power 2 – a handset released by LG last month in various markets around the world. 

The new phone’s highlight feature is its very generous 4500 mAh battery that should, according to LG, be capable of keeping the lights on for a whole weekend on a single charge.

Running Android 7.0 Nougat, the LG X Charge sports a 5.5-inch 720p …