LG V30 rumor review: design, specs, price, release date, and all we know so far

LG has something big and powerful to show us later this month. That would be a new phone, naturally – the LG V30, as it will be called. Its purpose: to be the most technologically advanced smartphone LG’s mobile division is capable of creating, to be a multimedia powerhouse capable of capturing and reproducing music, images and video with top-notch quality, and to be a worthy successor to the LG V20 from last year, of course. Here’s how LG plans on achieving all of this.
Design and display
The LG V20 from last year was a rugged, manly-looking …

New LG V30 renders leak out

While LG shared plenty of things about its upcoming V30 smartphone (including details about its cameras and user interface), the device won’t be properly unveiled before August 31 – that’s two weeks from now. However, we’ve already seen the V30 in some screenshots snapped from a leaked video.

Today, we can take another look at the handset – this time thanks to clear renders revealed by the ever-reliable Evan Blass (aka @evleaks). These appear to be press renders that LG itself will be using to promote the new smartphone once it fully announces it.

As expected, the V30 looks like …

Take Advantage of Powerpoint and DVD in School Activities

When the new term begins, we often tend to get some new ideas on how to make our school activities such as academic activity or administrative activity go better and better. Here I am going to tell you something which can improve your school activities like training, teaching, conference, speech, school ceremony, etc with PowerPoint and DVD player.
Love it or not, Microsoft PowerPoint is widely accepted and used, epically in school. We all know that PowerPoint can only be played on computer with MS PowerPoint installed. But things have been changed all the time, PowerPoint is such a wonderful presentation tool, we are always expecting more. For example, when we made some excellent slides, we often want to share or enjoy the information that contains in the slides with others, and sometimes, we must tell someone something, like training, speech…school requires more. But if you are skilled in PowerPoint, you know it’s often not very convenient to show your PowerPoint Presentations, there must be a computer with MS software installed.
We want to find an easy and convenient way to Bridging the gap between the presenters and the viewers!
Ok, then why not play your PowerPoint presentations on TV with DVD player, the cheapest DVD player costs only $20, maybe less than that!
First, let’s have a discussion on what we will benefit if we play PowerPoint presentations with DVD player.
DVD player is cheap, but it’s not that easy, I am sure you care more about how to show your presentation in an efficient and effective way! We can take some examples to make this clear.
At the beginning of each term, school administration department need to arrange training for new teachers, sometimes including old staffs, it’s wonderful to show training courses with PPT, but often need to prepare too many things. How about DVD presentation, you only need a DVD player which cost $20, then you can held your training anywhere with a TV, of course, there are almost one TV in each class room, and more than one set in the hall. Another reason is that school often different from other organizations, maybe the whole training need no instructor, school only want to show PowerPoint to teachers and let they learn themselves, Play PowerPoint presentations on TV with DVD player will be the best choice, school can also burn PowerPoint presentations about the training to DVD and give the DVD Disc directly to teachers, so they can learn at home!
Does School need AD? Are you kidding? The answer is yes! Every school want to be more famous, set up a good reputation both in parents and society! They also need to publicize their newest policies so that more students will enroll, and positively apply for expenditure from the government. So AD is important to school, at the beginning of each term, it’s very important to make a Presentation about school, with pictures and audio insert, then present to places (such as spot for enrolling) which will let parents of the students who often come to school at this time know something about the school. It is wisdom to burn your PowerPoint presentations to DVD disco and play on TV which we call it DVD Presentation! The school can do the same thing when any other organizations or individuals come to have a visit, besides, they also can take their DVD presentations to other school or use in any other activities(such as School Ceremony)! The most advantage of the DVD presentation is that the presentation can play itself and very convenient for delivering. In my opinion, each school should make a completely DVD presentation disc just like each school have a website. In a word, improve the quality of AD to make school famous with lowest cost!
Teaching and Academic activity:
It’s a fact that more and more teachers are tending to use PowerPoint in the class to make their courses more attractive, the same thing happened in Academic activities. As a teacher, are you tried of open the computer and click the PowerPoint Program to show your presentation once and once again, why not sit down with your students and watch your excellent PowerPoint slides on TV, just like watch Spider Man or Harry Potter,you can also explain your slides while it’s playing with no need to click your computer, everything is your hand with a DVD remote controller! During Academic activities like Speech, Proseminar, we have the same application! Maybe more than that, that’s your problem, I am sure you have more imaginations.
Here I only list a few of the applications in school, there are more than that, and you’d better try yourself! Now I’m going introduce the tool which will help you burn your PowerPoint to DVD/Mini DVD.
A $99.95 product called Wondershare DVD Presenter enables you to burn PowerPoint presentation to DVD/Mini DVD, or save it as DVD quality video formats (MPEG). You won’t get bothered with the 3-Click simplicity. With this tool, you can make a DVD copy for the PowerPoint slides with DVD menus, keeping the exact timings, transitions, sound and movies embedded, all in sync with the presentation.
It’s better for you to learn more about the product to have a better understand (http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-dvd.html)if you want to work in an efficient and effective way.

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Free Advertising On The Web – Top 5 Resources

So your looking for where you can find free advertising online? No problem let me show you the top 5 resources that work well for my business.

Social Bookmarking Sites

These are a good way to get links and traffic to your web page, these sites are designed for users to share with each other interesting links and resources they have found on the web, if your choice proves to be popular the more people voting on it the more people it will be exposed to.

The Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites:

  • twitter

  • digg.com

  • Yahoo! Buzz

  • tweetmeme.com

  • StumbleUpon.com

  • reddit.com

  • Technorati.com

  • del.icio.us

  • kaboodle.com

  • mixx.com

  • Propeller.com

  • newsvine.com

  • Fark.com

  • Slashdot.org

  • twine.com

  • clipmarks.com

  • dzone.com

  • faves.com

  • blinklist.com

  • diigo.com

Press Releases Sites

These can be a good way to get the word out about your site, and you have a chance of it getting picked up and used by the media. PR Web is the most effective one but very expensive, here are 2 free sites you can use to get started:

  • PR Leap

  • PR Blog

Web 2.0 Sites

These rank very well in the search engines and are a good place to syndicate your content to, some of the sites that you can make pages on include:

  • Squidoo.com

  • HubPages.com

  • WetPaint.com

  • Blogger.com

  • WordPress

  • LiveJournal.com

  • WebNode.com

  • Blog.com

  • Webs.com

  • Blogspot.com

  • Wikihow.com

Forums (message boards)

This is often an overlooked method, but can be effective if you have useful, relevant and interesting content to contribute to the conversation on these message boards, most message boards allow you to have a signature where your allowed to include a link to your site and small message. You can use this to drive traffic to your website.

I won’t list any forms here as it is very dependent about what market you are promoting, but lets say your website was about golf and you wanted to find the top golf forms on the web, then go to Google and type in “Golf Forum” all the ones on the first page are likely to be the biggest.

Free Video Sites

You can get a lot of traffic from free video sites like Youtube, if you don’t have a video camera you can download some free software called cam studio which will allow you to record your desktop on your PC, so you can make some tutorial videos or record and slide show presentation.

Failing that there is another really cool and fee service that you can check out that allows you to make short interesting video clips out of pictures and text check it out here: www.animoto.com

Here is a list of free video sites you can post your videos too:

1) Blip.tv

2) VideoEgg

3) Dailymotion

4) YouTube

5) Veoh

6) Google Video

7) Grouper

8) Jumpcut

9) AOL

10) Eyespot

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LG V30 said to sport a pressure-sensitive TouchSense display, with animated UI to match

Not to be outdone by Samsung, LG is planning to introduce a pressure-sensitive display on the upcoming V30 phablet, tip supply chain sources out of Korea today. Previously, it was reported that the Galaxy Note 8 will sport a pressure-sensitive “force touch” display. Samsung already equipped the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with such a tech, but in a limited execution, only where the virtual home button lies, probably for those nostalgically inclined fans that miss the signature physical home key.
What’s not clear for the Note 8 wonder of nature, is whether its …

Get To Know Bucket Truck Regulations Before You Buy

The owner of a bucket truck should have certain knowledge of this type of vehicle before operating it. In fact, if a bucket truck for sale interests you, you should learn a bit about it before making the purchase. If you are unsure about certain features of bucket trucks, you can ask the experienced staff at Utility Fleet. Not only can our expertise keep you from purchasing a vehicle that is not right for your company, but we can also help you determine if a bucket truck rental is better for you than buying.

OSHA has many guidelines surrounding boom trucks, and while most apply purely to the operation of such trucks, many rules should be kept in mind before you buy. Most regulations can be adhered to simply by taking a look at the bucket truck for sale that you are interested in. For example, guidelines state that all of the controls should be clearly marked so that the operator knows exactly what each lever, switch, or button does. Controls also need to be tested everyday prior to use, which is not a problem at Utility Fleet. We make sure everything is in working order before we offer bucket truck rental or sales to anyone.

You should also be aware that truck operators are expected to adhere to the rules after the initial purchase of the truck. No amount of safety features or perfect performances on operations tests will stop a bucket truck from breaking or harming a worker when grossly misused. Make sure your employees understand the limitations of the unit, boom weight capacities, and the necessary protective gear to be worn, to name a few important guidelines. If you have any questions about a particular bucket truck for sale or the regulations regarding the vehicle, we at Utility Fleet can likely help. Buying a bucket truck can be exciting because it often signals that your company is growing, taking on new projects, and improving the quality of its fleet. However, owning or renting boom trucks is also considered a responsibility, which is why an education regarding the regulations is important. Let Utility Fleet help you select the best truck for your company, and allow us to use our knowledge to answer any questions you have.

Utility Fleet is proud to serve Cities and other Municipalities, Power Cooperatives, Investor Owned Utilities, Utility Contractors, Telecommunications Service Providers, Telecommunications Contractors, Sign and Lighting Companies, Tree Care Services, Commercial Construction Contractors, Road/Infrastructure Construction and Repair, Crane Distributors and Operators, Oilfield Service Companies, as well as a variety of independent users throughout North America.

Source: Bucket Trucks

Deal: Get the unlocked LG V20 for just $350, the lowest price to date

We’re expecting the LG V30 to be unveiled on August 31, just one day before IFA 2017 trade fair starts. Until then, retailers and carriers in the United States continue to discount the previous V-series model, the LG V20.

So, if you’re don’t plan to buy the upcoming LG V30, then you might want to take a look at the LG V20, which is now available for purchase for the lowest price possible.

There have been a couple of sales that allowed customers to buy the LG V20 for as low as $355. However, for the next two days, the LG V20 will be available for purchase …

LG V30 receives upgraded UX allowing for more customization options

With the LG V30 due to be introduced on August 31st (that is the day before IFA 2017 opens in Berlin), LG has upgraded the UX on the phone to version 6.0+. The update optimizes the UX so that it will offer more personalization with the 18:9 FullVision OLED display. As we’ve pointed out, the LG V30 is a multimedia beast and with the phone set on Manual Mode, Graphy can be employed. With this feature, users of the LG V30 will have access to a number of professional quality tools for photography.

With settings like white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO at the fingertips of the phone’s …

This is LG V30's new ticker "display"

With the V30 just around the corner, LG has given us the first official look at the phone’s refreshed user interface and the successor to V10 and V20’s ticker displays.

Turns out all the rumors were true, LG is dealing away with the ticker in favor of a larger main display. And good riddance! Hey don’t get us wrong, the ticker displays on the V10 and V20 were a fun gimmick, but why waste space when you can just emulate much of the same functionality on a single OLED display? Ah, we’re sure the dedicated ticker screens have their fans but it is what it is – the ticker …

Hindi TV shows- entertaining a large group of audience

Long gone are the days when Hindi TV shows were only watched by the retired people and housewives. Today, even the youth wait for the clock to tick 9.00pm to watch their favorite TV show. Drama, soap operas, family stories, love stories and romance were always the most popular TV serials, they still are. To add to the taste, today, TV channels produce and telecast different set of programs to attract different age groups. Reality shows, competitive events, dance and singing competitions and programs based on real life stories are made very often to entertain the audiences. Youth like to engage themselves with reality shows and love stories while the retired ones or housewives still prefer to watch daily soap operas. Hindi channels are doing a great deal of business by telecasting a wide range of programs on TV. With many animated programs and cartoons, even the kids get a chance to get entertained.

As far as Hindi serials are concerned, audiences get a chance to watch all different shows that reflect their real life, families and love events. From action packed serials like ‘CID’ and ‘Adalat’ to comedy serials like ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma’, you have many choices. ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du’, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, ‘Diya Aur Baati’ and many more serials have attracted TV viewers in the recent past. With many new programs set to be released soon, the TV industry in India is ready to develop faster in coming years. Unlike the traditional drama serials of earlier days, recently produced programs were recorded to be different. Drama serials on popular Hindi TV channels are made with a combination of emotions, love, affection, fights and heavy dialogues.

Watching TV programs online

Watching any Hindi TV program online is a rising trend. People do like to watch their favorite Hindi TV shows when they are telecast on TV at scheduled time. Have you missed an episode of your favorite TV program? Nothing to worry at all! Log-on to the TV channel’s authorized online portal and watch entire episode again. The good news is that you can avoid all advertisements from the programs when you watch them online. All old and recent Hindi drama shows are available online for the TV lovers. It doesn’t take much time for the TV serials and drama programs to reach the net, as they are uploaded as soon as they are telecast on TV for the first time.

When it comes to TV entertainment, a lot of variety is offered by the Indian television industry. A mixture of entertainment, drama, reality, romance and family matters is what it takes to entertain the audience. It goes without saying that a combination of actors, script, music, location, studio and songs, still remain the base for the success of any program telecast on TV channels. By reviewing the choice of audience, producers of serials take constant efforts to produce programs that match their likings. Hindi TV shows indeed offer real entertainment for viewers of all ages!  

Source: Neha Sharma