Sprint lets you lease two Samsung Galaxy S8 phones for the price of one

Sprint announced the opportunity to lease two Samsung Galaxy S8 phones for the price of one with each new line activation. The promotion starts Friday, April 21 and goes through April 27. And with Sprint’s Galaxy Forever program, customers can upgrade to the latest Galaxy any time after 12 lease payments are completed.

Sprint also touted the Galaxy S8 and S8+ as HPUE-enabled (High Performance User Equipment) smartphones. It’s a fancy way of saying both phones will be fast on the carrier’s 4G network. Sprint claims HPUE can extend existing 2.5GHz coverage by up to …

This free app lets you play Overwatch on your Android, Apple, or Windows phone

We know you want to play Overwatch on your phone, because we want to, too! Problem is, there really isn’t any game on mobile that compares to Blizzard’s colorful team multiplayer shooter – at least to our knowledge.

While we’re waiting for Gameloft or some unscrupulous East game studio to produce an enjoyable Overwatch clone, we found a very interesting solution to having the real deal run on your Android, Apple, or Windows phone, tablet, or even TV. As with all things in life, there’s a good side and a bad side to it.

The good? If you do it right, it works like a champ! …

Toca Life: School lets you recreate school adventures; it's the free iOS app of the week

Miss those carefree school days? With Toca Life: School, you can control five locations (house, cafeteria, school building, youth club and playground) and up to 34 characters with different outfits to change into. You can teach a class, run a science experiment, teach band and coach the hoops team. You can even have a fight in the cafeteria! Ahh, don’t you miss those old days? And using the in-app recording feature, you can save two minutes of the action and share it with your friends and family.

The game is free through this coming Wednesday from the Apple App Store. Android users …

Sky pool in Houston lets you fly and swim at the same time


Real estate developers use a lot of clever techniques to sell apartments, but this is a new one: stomach-churning fear, with a splash of luxury. 

Situated 40 stories above the city of Houston, with a glass bottom view of the street below, the sky pool at the Market Square Tower probably seemed like a good idea when the developers of this high rise came up with it. 

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New Honor Beta program for the US lets users mould phones that are still in the pipeline

The Honor 8 is already one of the best unlocked phones money can buy in the US, but Huawei’s loosely-affiliated brand is ready to take the relationship with US customers to the next level now, by introducing the Honor Beta program.

The brand has been testing the waters with beta software subscription, for example of the Nougat update for the Honor 8, but the new initiative takes listening to users to a whole different level, with the final aim of becoming the best provider of unlocked handsets in the US by incorporating features that users actually want. For the purpose, anyone …

Galaxy S8 system dump lets Android users test drive the devices' apps

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are finally here, and while neither device is yet available to purchase, this hasn’t stopped many of the new apps from leaking out into the wild. A system dump over at XDA-Developers has outed a slew of S8 goodies, and many can be installed by those rocking other devices. 
A package totalling just over 1 GB inside, some have had luck installing Messaging, Clock, Video, My Files, Galaxy Apps, Samsung Account and Samsung Cloud successfully, and without root. The new Bixby virtual assistant can also apparently be installed, though it’s …

Whew! Galaxy S8 lets you move the back key and adjust the home button feedback

With the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung finally ditched the retro physical home button, and got on with the times by introducing on-screen navigation like every self-respecting Android that wants to come with good screen-to-body ratio. Samsung, however, went a step further, and introduced a very intriguing hybrid home key that is still a virtual endeavor, yet has a pressure-sensitive layer and haptic feedback engine underneath it. This way, you can still feel as if you are pressing a physical button of sorts, and you can call the home key from any app by just hard-pressing the respective area …

The HTC Vive Tracker is not a fitness tracker, but it lets you shoot dinosaurs in the face!

A few weeks ago, we heard that HTC is working on a Vive-branded tracker. Of course, no one ever said it was a fitness tracker, but such a possibility did come close to mind. So we are surprised by the turnout, but very pleased nevertheless! You’ll see why below.
Anyway, the $99 Vive Tracker is now available for developer purchase, and it’s the Vive headset’s nimble little friend. It looks like a charging cradle, but its purpose is being strapped onto an object, such as a replica of a gun, and tracking its motions to turn it into a VR controller.

HTC is …

Viber now lets you slap stickers on photos and send them to your unsuspecting friends

Popular messaging and calling app Viber has been updated to version 6.8. Live on Android and iOS, the new release gives users a fun way to share their favorite stickers. Users can add any sticker from any pack downloaded to their photos, giving them a fun, personal twist.

The update also includes a brand new sticker pack that’s specifically designed for the “Stickers on Photos” feature. It features items such as hats, glasses, beards, and other designs to brighten up your photos.

Apparently, Viber users sent over 40 billion stickers last year. The new “Stickers on Photos” feature …