Apple iPhone SE (2018) case renders reveal a larger camera lens on the back of the phone

According to some recent images posted by accessories manufacturer Olixar and retailer Mobile Fun, the Apple iPhone SE (2018) could feature an edge-to-edge display, a notch, and Face ID. Considering that the first generation version of the phone (released in 2016) had a retro look dating back to the Apple iPhone 5s, this obviously is a big deal. The big question is whether or not the next iPhone SE will truly look like these renders and photographs.

While the renders we showed you were from Olixar’s screen protector, the company’s first case for the iPhone SE (2018) has now been posted on …

Google Lens will be integrated in the cameras of future Android phones

Google Lens is an interesting thing. It’s sort of like reverse Google image search, where you drop an image and let Google find similar-looking ones, only in the real world. But it can be much more than that and it seems like Google has the ambition to bring out the full potential of Lens in the near future.

Lens was added to Google Photos earlier this year, so users could identify different objects or text in their photos and gain more information about them from Google’s vast databases. But the newest update for Lens, coming at the end of May, will …

Google Lens integration starts rolling out to some OnePlus smartphones

Unfortunately, Google Lens integration is not as widespread as one would think, even though Google promised to bring it to as many high-end smartphones as possible. The search giant’s feature made it to Google Photos back in March, but only a handful of smartphones have been “blessed” with Google Lens until now.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S9/S9+ or Note 8, then you should already benefit from Google Lens integration via Google Assistant, but if you have other smartphones it’s unlikely that you can use it. The good news is full Google Lens integration is now rolling out …

Google Lens can recognize the breed of your dog or cat and tell you facts about it

Google Lens is Google’s augmented reality software for picture analyzing, available in both Google Assistant and Google Photos. The way it works is you point the camera at something and Google Lens will give you some information based on what it sees. For example, holding your camera against the Statue of Liberty would make Lens give you info about the building, including location, height, weight and so on. Google Lens is still in testing phase but gets smarter and smarter as days pass. As of today, the app can recognize different cat and dog breeds and give you information about them.

The …

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S9/S9+ and Galaxy Note 8 now receiving Google Lens (camera version)

Google Lens is a feature that uses AI to turn your pictures or camera (depending on your phone) into a search tool. Found originally on the Pixel series, there are actually two versions. There is the Google Lens that was pushed out by Google to all Android handsets with the Google Photos app. This version of Google Lens allow users to look at pictures already taken and see more information about the subject of that photo. Thanks to AI, Google Lens can identify a picture of the Mona Lisa, or the Empire State Building, and tell you all about them.

The second, and vastly superior version of …

Google Lens now rolling out to some Android handsets with the Google Photos app installed

Last month, we told you that Google Lens was coming to other Android handsets besides the four Google Pixel series phones. Heck, Google is also going to offer it to the Apple iPhone. Google Lens is a way to see the results of an internet search for the subject of a picture. Or, if you own a flagship model from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, and Nokia (HMD Global) with Google Assistant, you can just point your camera at something and learn all about it.

Well, Google used the Google Photos Twitter account today, to announce that it has started rolling out Google Lens to Android handsets …

Google Lens is coming to other Android flagships and the Apple iPhone

AI/AR powered Google Lens is a feature currently found only on Google’s Pixel line. You could consider it a way to use your camera instead of your voice or fingers to initiate a search. Whatever you take a picture of becomes the subject of an internet search. This was unveiled last May during Google I/O 2017, and Google Lens will soon be made available for other handsets.

Google Lens will soon be supported by flagship phones from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, and Nokia (HMD). The feature works with the English language only, but can be found in various countries …

Attention photographers: This wireless charging pad looks like a DSLR lens


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New year, new phone? Congratulations! Speaking of the new year, wire-powered charging is so 2017. Now that the new era of smartphones is here, it’s only right that you free yourself from the nuisances of cords and cables and embrace the wireless life. No more tripping over wires, no more untangling wires, and no more dealing with flimsy cables — wireless charging is what you deserve.

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OneNote for Android scores Office Lens integration in latest update

OneNote for Android has scored a new update that adds Office Lens integration to the note-taking app. Google recently did something similar with Keep and Google Lens, although the feature is currently available only on a limited number of phones that support Lens. Microsoft’s solution, on the other hand, works on pretty much any device, so long as it has OneNote installed on it.

Office Lens is Microsoft’s take on mobile document scanning and has been quite reliable thus far, in my experience at least. It’s pretty adequate at cleaning artifacts from your …

Telephoto or wide-angle lens? Nokia camera app update hints at possible dual-camera setup for the Nokia 9

As you might have heard, HMD Global announced an Android Oreo beta program for its Nokia 5 model. Surprisingly, the recently released Oreo beta for the affordable mid-ranger also includes an update for the camera app which reveals some pretty interesting details. 
A teardown of the APK package shows that the camera app now features support for both wide-angle and telephoto dual-camera setups. The Nokia 5 packs a single 13MP main sensor, so these functionalities are obviously not intended for the budget-friendly smartphone. 
Nokia …