Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 could become official in late July according to report

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could make its official debut in late July. Despite the Samsung Galaxy S9 series recently reaching the 1 million sales milestone in South Korea, shipments are reportedly lagging behind Samsung’s initial expectations. Because of this, one new report claims the smartphone giant will bring forward the launch of the Galaxy Note 9.

In actual fact, the new information claims Samsung will be officially unveiling the Galaxy Note 9 one month earlier than usual, towards the end of July, with sales of its next flagship reportedly beginning mid-August. This decision will ultimately …

HTC could release the U12+ late next month: rumor

The HTC U12+ could hit markets across the globe in just over a month. It has previously been rumored that the Taiwan-based company would be introducing its 2018 flagship sometime next month. Despite the nearing date, though, the company has so far remained quiet in regards to its announcement. But now, a new rumor appears to back up these launch dates by hinting at when the device could go on sale.

Specifically, the HTC U12+ could reach certain markets towards the end of May or the beginning of June, suggesting a mid-May reveal is likely on the cards for the smartphone. This would continue …

LG G7 confirmed to be unveiled in late April, to hit store shelves in mid-May

LG recently confirmed to the South Korean media that its flagship smartphone will be officially introduced in the country in late April. Reservations for the LG G7 will begin one week later and the smartphone should hit the shelves in mid-May. The handset maker said the LG G7 will be available in South Korea through all three major carriers in the country.

The LG G7 or whatever name the company decides to use is expected to be the first LG smartphone to pack an M-LCD display, which is said to be 35% more energy efficient than a typical LCD panel.

The M-LCD manufacturing technique …

Alleged Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 may be unveiled in late April

Following the success of the Star Wars variant of the OnePlus 5T last year, another limited edition OnePlus smartphone is expected to be unveiled later this month. If we are to believe the teaser trailer attached to this article, OnePlus may have already teamed up with Marvel Studios for the launch of an Avengers-themed smartphone.

It wouldn’t make sense for OnePlus to rebrand one of its older flagships for this partnership, which means an Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 is quite possible. Since the Avengers: Infinity War movie is scheduled to hit theaters on April 27, we believe there’s a high …

AT&T to launch super-rugged Sonim XP8 smartphone in late April

AT&T and Sonim recently announced they will soon launch the world’s toughest smartphone, the XP8. Although the ultra-rugged handset is already available for purchase for $699.99 or $23.34 per month, the Sonim XP8 won’t ship until April 30.

The XP8 has the price of a flagship, but it’s got the hardware of a mid-range phone, which means you’ll mostly be paying for its rugged features rather than specs.

According to Sonim, the XP8 has been designed to perform in the harshest environments. The smartphone has been military tested and rated to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G standards …

Google Flights can now forecast how late your flight will be even before the airline knows

Google Flights not only helps you book a flight, it will now tell you if your flight will run late even before the airline knows. Witchcraft? Black Magic? How does Google do this? Actually, the Search giant uses historical data and AI-based algorithms to come up with realistic flight times. Google says that it won’t call a flight delayed unless it is at least 80% confident with its call. Google will also give an explanation for the tardiness, such as a previous flight arrived late, or there is a problem with the weather.

Another new feature, designed with …

Huawei P Smart (aka Enjoy 7S) goes on sale in Europe in late January for €249

If you’re following our daily news stream, then you probably know Huawei’s recently launched Enjoy 7S will be released in countries other than China as P Smart. Huawei introduced two Enjoy 7S variants in China, one with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory, and the second version with 4GB RAM and 64GB expandable storage.

However, the European version, also known as Huawei P Smart comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. It’s yet unclear whether or not the bumped up model will arrive in Europe as well.

Huawei P Smart will make its debut in Europe in late January …

Late to preorder? No worries, the iPhone X is already being flipped at double the price

Just as we thought, anyone who wished to get an iPhone X come next Friday, will be able to do so… depending on the price they are willing to pay. In the few short hours since Apple’s preorders went live, eBay was literally flooded with “any color, any carrier” offers, complete with screenshots of the order confirmation as a proof. 

Our top-notch favorite (pun intended) is the guy that is asking nearly three grand for his 256 GB silver model preorder, and is generously throwing in $125 shipping for all those poor chumps abroad that couldn’t get …

OnePlus 5T could be released in late November

A couple of days ago, we saw what’s allegedly the OnePlus 5T
– an unannounced handset that OnePlus is seemingly working on, with the
intention of launching it in the near future. According to ever-reliable Evan Blass (aka
@evleaks), two trusted sources have it that this new smartphone will be
released before the end of November, though not sooner than November 20. 


Last year, November brought us the OnePlus 3T, so it makes a
lot of sense for the OnePlus 5T to be unveiled and launched in November, too. Unlike
the 3T, which was a OnePlus 3 lookalike with some upgraded internals, …

Nintendo announces Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game, coming to Android and iOS in late November

As expected, Nintendo unveiled its newest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Not yet available for download, the game will be launched in the App Store and Google Play in late November, the developer announced.

If you’re not familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise, then you’ll probably want to know what’s this all about. First off, this is an old series of games that made its debut on the Nintendo 64 back more than 15 years ago.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a game in which players must build a camp life with friends and their favorite animals. …