Snap Inc. introduces Snap Kit for 3rd party Snapchat integration

Today, Snap Inc. introduced a new API called Snap Kit, which will allow 3rd parties to integrate Snapchat features into their apps. Snap Kit consists of four sub-Kits: Creative, Login, Bitmoji, and Story.

Now that Snap is allowing 3rd parties to access user data, privacy is of the utmost concern. Snap is addressing privacy by deactivating apps that are inactive for 90 days, as well as only providing the basic data: your username and Bitmoji. And when you choose to share your data, you are sharing only Your data, not your friends’ data as well.
Creative …

Unlocked Nokia 6.1 now comes with a free photo/video kit in the US

Officially released in the US earlier this month, the Nokia 6.1 is an unlocked smartphone made for users who don’t plan to spend more than $300 on a brand new handset. The device costs $270 regardless of where you’re getting it from (Amazon, Best Buy, or B&H), but one of these retailers is offering a free gift with it.

When purchasing the Nokia 6.1 from B&H, you’re getting a photo/video kit at no extra cost. Normally priced at $34.95, the kit includes a flexible tripod, a smartphone mount, and an external USB-chargeable LED light (with 48 LEDs), so it should be useful if you’re into …

Deal: Unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9+ now come with a free SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Back in February, we reported about a Best Buy promotion that allowed US customers to get a free Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit when purchasing an unlocked Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, or Galaxy S8+. 
This week, Best Buy revived the promotion, but it dropped the Galaxy S8 series in favor of the new Galaxy S9 family – which is, of course, good news. There are no specific requirements for this deal, all you need to do is purchase an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 ($949.99), unlocked Galaxy S9 ($719.99), or unlocked Galaxy S9+ ($839.99). The free …

Deal: Buy an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 or S8 and get a free Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit ($200 value)

Want to hear about yet another deal involving Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S8+? If you do, we’re glad to inform you that the unlocked versions of the three smartphones are now offered by Best Buy alongside a free SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit. 
Normally costing around $200 (more or less, depending on where you’re getting it from), the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit enables you to automate, control, and monitor your home via a dedicated SmartThings app. The kit is compatible with a wide range of smart appliances, lights, speakers, locks, cameras, …

After receiving complaints, Google changes its trade-in kit so incoming handsets are more protected

When the Google Store started offering a trade-in program in October for the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, Google sent out a special trade-in kit that received a number of complaints. Those taking advantage of the deal received a 4 x 6 envelope that contained a very light amount of padding. This worried a number of Google Store customers who were afraid that without enough protection, their trade would never make it through the U.S. Postal System unscathed.

Considering that the terms of the trade-in deal say “refund is based on phone received matching the description provided at time of estimate,” …

The iPhone X doesn’t actually need the TrueDepth camera kit in its notch for Animoji

Apple is betting so hard on the added value of its inimitable TrueDepth camera kit that allows Face ID biometric unlocking and entertaining crowd-pleasers like Animojis, that it made several compromises with the look and app compatibility of the iPhone X (looking at you, notch-y top).

Well, folks were perfectly fine with unlocking their phone via the Touch ID finger scanner, and now it turns out that the Animoji feature may not even need the TrueDepth set, so… Wait, what? Apparently, even when you cover everything in the notch area but the regular …

Cardi B, Kit Harington, and Lin-Manuel Miranda audition for 'The Lion King' on 'SNL'


Beyoncé is starring in the new remake of The Lion King, but did you know Cardi B auditioned first?

Saturday Night Live presented auditions from Cardi B, Kit Harington, Oprah, Eminem, Sterling K. Brown, Celine Dion, and plenty of other stars who could have appeared in the movie. It’s amazing none of them got the parts they were going for.

Even John Oliver, who actually is in the remake, has an audition. Can’t wait for summer 2019

(Editor’s note: None of the celebrities named actually appeared in this sketch.) Read more…

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Kit Harington clarifies his 2016 comments about sexism 'towards men': 'I was wrong'


Kit Harington has clarified comments he made in 2016 about his experience with “sexism” as a male actor, in a new interview with The Guardian 

The Game of Thrones star said he “was wrong” to conflate his experiences as a man with that of the very real sexism women face in the film industry. 

As Harington told The Sunday Times in May of last year:

Harington’s comments drew criticism for framing his experience and the experiences of women working in show business today as equal. It’s a deeply unfair comparison, considering women in the industry, in addition to being under hired and underpaid, are routinely subjected to horrific sexual harassment and assault by powerful industry men.  Read more…

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Lego targets pre-Mindstorms minds with its Boost educational kit

img_0703 Boost is an impressive kit. The five on-board building experiences cover a lot of ground, from a robot to a guitar, to quasi Lego “3D printer” that’s more like an assembly line Rube Goldberg-style device that pieces together its own Lego creations. The set is being couched as an educational kit, joining Lego’s line in a difficulty level a step down from the… Read More

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