Apple may jump on the triple camera bandwagon for the 2019 iPhone crop

Camera features and quality are now one of the main differentiators when it comes to modern phones, as otherwise they often mostly mimic specs and design from one another, and we aren’t talking glass bodies or notches only.

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to perceived camera superiority, as Huawei just proved with its triple-lens wonder, the P20 Pro, which sports a 40MP snapper underneath two 12MP shooters. Monochrome, zoom, and a huge 1/1.7″ kits combine for unparalleled experience, and, if history is any indication, other phone makers might follow suit with triple-camera …

The best LG V30 deal so far may force you to make the OLED TV jump, too

Starting November 16th, LG will take up to $400 off the price of its flagship V30 or V30+ phones, if you get them together with another LG product, too. The deal will come in the form of a V30 price rebate, and is seemingly valid for most everything LG has to offer, like OLED TVs or washers, but even air purifiers and TONE audio products.

All the rebate details of the deal will be posted in the source link tomorrow, November 16th, where at the moment LG is only running its free Daydream View promo for all carrier versions of the V30 and V30+. 
We’d …

Get a new phone every 30-days with T-Mobile's revised JUMP! On Demand

Remember those days when you would dream about getting a new smartphone every 24-months or so? Now, with new features added so quickly, buying the latest handset every two-years just doesn’t cut it. In fact, T-Mobile thinks that you should have the option to update to a brand new model every 30-days with its revised JUMP! On Demand plan; the original version of JUMP! on Demand launched in June 2015, and allowed T-Mobile customers to switch phones no more than three times each year.

Here is how the latest incantation of the plan works. T-Mobile subscribers enter into an 18-month lease for …

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump dares players to raise the ultimate Pokemon

If you’re a Pokemon GO veteran, then you already know the most powerful Pokemon and those that aren’t worth upgrading. One of the small creatures that are likely to go unnoticed, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about Pokemon, is the Magikarp.

In case you heard about Magikarp, then you know it’s famous for being pathetically weak, unreliable, and generally useless. Well, it looks like The Pokemon Company wants to influence the way fans perceive the Magikarp.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump is a new game about the weakest Pokemon ever. It’s far from being …