AT&T turned off its 2G network on January 1st; spectrum will be used to expand 4G LTE capacity

Just announced on Monday, AT&T greeted the new year by shutting down its 2G network. So much has taken place in the wireless industry since AT&T launched the network. Since 2007, data use on AT&T’s network has grown an astonishing 250,000% led by video streaming. 2007, of course, was the year that the Apple iPhone first launched as an exclusive on AT&T. The carrier first announced that it was going to shut down its 2G pipeline more than four years ago.

The nation’s second largest carrier says that it will use the spectrum over the next few months to expand its LTE network. …

After 24 hours, the Nokia 6 tallies over 250,000 registrations for its January 19th flash sale

Unveiled last weekend by HMD, the Nokia 6 is an exclusive for China’s online mall. The phone is priced at the equivalent of $245 USD, and those interested in purchasing the device can register for a flash sale taking place on January 19th. Each registration you enter for the handset costs $9, which is deducted from the price of the phone for those who end up buying it via the flash sale.

In the first 24 hours, over 250,000 registrations have been received for the Nokia 6. This is a mid-range model powered by Android. The Nokia 6 is just the first of what will be as many as seven new …

First BlackBerry 10 Devices Coming January 2013

Research In Motion (RIM) tech news has divulged systems to standardize the image resolution of their Blackberry 10 technology. Not alone will the shift make app design a trouble-free task for programmers, but it also concurs with that most of Blackberry 10 devices will characteristic hd displays.

The on-going variety of Blackberry cell phones live with from the really serious fragmentation condition. The Bold, Curve and Torch collections use a series of resolutions, cover anything from 320 x 240 around 640 x 480. This will make the work of crafting for the software tricky, as it’s tough to make applications that will fit the type of unique resolutions as well as form components. This can be an issue on a volume of programs, along with Apple’s App Store that allows members to install iPhone apps on the larger iPad tool, resulting in a range of significant letter-boxing or even a vastly decreased in-app file size.

RIM’s standardization of its display screen resolutions will all but eradicate this difficulty for the long run era of smartphones on the market running BlackBerry 10 OS. Whilst the remedy does not support users of current Blackberry systems, it’s possibly to be liked by coders. The firm will generate 2 sorts of mobile, with solutions of 1280 x 720 for 100 % touch systems as well as 720 x 720 for those with keyboards. This is the substantive jump-up from the latest generation of gadgets.

Even so, the headline does leave out one vital device: the primary Blackberry 10 full touch device. The corporation says that the mobile phone handset is simply too far through the generation procedure for this sort of major amendment to be manufactured. RIM are counseling builders to only “letter box” their apps for the system, thus future proofing them for the following generation of full touch screen resolutions. This work around will leave a 24 pixel gap on either side of the device’s display, which makes it an oversight that end users aren’t going to appreciate.

The shift can also be created to draw in creators to the platform. The Blackberry App World is lagging tremendously behind its opponents, with less than 100,000 applications in the ecosystem. Comparatively, the Google Play Store along with Apple’s App Store each and every propose owners greater than 600,000 programs.

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