Augmented reality on the iPhone isn't Apple's endgame, it's a means to an end

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s fondness for augmented reality is far from a secret — he’s discussed the subject at length numerous times, calling it things like “a big idea, like the smartphone.” And most of this hype talk has been happening only in the past year or so — so it’s no coincidence that the upcoming release of iOS 11 will also mark the company’s official entrance into the world of AR.

You may have already heard the name of iOS 11’s biggest new feature, ARKit: while its arcane-sounding name would suggest otherwise, the technology itself is actually pretty revolutionary. …

Alleged iPhone 8 logic board schematics leaks out, here's what it's telling us

Once the iPhone 8 rumor floodgates get open, there’s no stopping the leaks that follow.

The last major leak is a full-blown schematic that shows us the logic board of the anticipated handset. Here it is in its full glory:

Doesn’t reveal much, right? Well, with our knowledge of the iPhone 7’s logic board in mind, we can easily identify some intriguing hardware tidbits.
As we’ve neatly marked-up, some of the modules on the leaked logic board correspond to hardware modules on the iPhone 7 and are …

Elon Musk reveals SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch animation, and it's amazing


We’re only about four months away from the first SpaceX launch of the most powerful rocket ship on the planet, the Falcon Heavy, and now we have an idea of what that’ll look like. 

In a post on his Instagram page on Friday, SpaceX founder Elon Musk revealed a new animation that shows exactly how he hopes the launch of the massive spacecraft will come off. 

There’s no dramatic music or special effects. Those aren’t needed — the process alone is amazing enough. First we see the Falcon Heavy lift off, and soon after its two booster rockets separate and return to Earth in controlled landings, intact and ready to be prepared for future missions.  Read more…

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Alleged Pixel XL 2 case compared to original Pixel and Galaxy S8 – yeah, it's big

So, it has been reiterated time and again by the rumor mill that we will be seeing a Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 — a compact and a super-sized flagship by Google, just like last year. It’s expected that they will have the new 18:9 display ratio, which seems to be hip and cool in 2017, and it’s still unclear how that would impact their physical sizes.

A series of images compare a Galaxy S8 and a 2016 Pixel to what is allegedly a case for the upcoming Pixel XL 2. Now, that’s all well and good, and you can take a look at the photos below, but we couldn’t help but notice a headphone jack cutout on …

Leaked Nokia 8 live pictures show the phone's camera UI (hint: it's not pretty)

HMD’s flagship, the Nokia 8 is supposed to be revealed on August 16, which means there’s plenty of time to learn everything there is to know about the flagship. We already know what the handset will look like and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s under the hood.

One aspect that remains to be clarified is the software that will power the Nokia 8. Also, we know that the flagship will come with Zeiss optics, but the camera UI might not rise to the expectations some consumers might have.

Although HMD recently transferred the Lumia Camera patent from Microsoft, …

Samsung confirms it's working on a new wearable device, not a full-fledged smartwatch

With Samsung Gear S3 already out for a few months now, many are already expecting news about the South Korean company’s next foray into the smartwatch business. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details about the Gear S4, or whatever its name, but we do have some info about a new wearable device that’s now in the works at Samsung.

We know this because Samsung has started to send emails to some of the members of its SmartLab Plus program urging them to share their ideas on a new wearable product that could be launched soon.

Although the new wearable device …

It's not a Vin Diesel movie: iPhones worth more than half a million stolen from a moving truck

Dutch police have arrested five men suspected in the theft of iPhones worth more than half a million US dollars, but it’s not just the sheer amount of iPhones stolen: the men have allegedly pulled off a Fast and Furious stunt to make it happen. Driving a modified van near the truck loaded with the iPhones, one of the men broke into the truck while it was moving and started throwing boxes with iPhones into the van.
The five man, all with their origins in the Eastern European country of Romania, were arrested at a holiday park in central Netherlands …

It's Verizon's turn to brag about the latest RootMetrics report

Early this morning, Sprint sent us some information about how the carrier fared in the latest RootMetrics report. Now, Verizon has reached out to us to let us know how well it did in the same report. First, in response to Sprint’s improving numbers, Verizon pointed out that looking at the overall results, Sprint failed to win or even tie in a single state. Meanwhile, Big Red took home first place in 47 our of 50 states. Verizon also scored the highest for overall performance, reliability, data, calls. That makes it eight years in a row that Big Red finished on top for these categories, and the …

The Moto Z2 Force keeps the modular phone alive, but it's a doomed concept anyway

Lenovo’s Moto has just announced its newest flagship smartphone – the Moto Z2 Force. As expected, it’s the one device to succeed both the Moto Z and Z Force from last year. As such, it fits somewhere between the two in terms of thickness and battery capacity; the happy medium, if you will. There’s nothing that interesting in the Z2 Force specs, aside from the updated chipset (Snapdragon 835) and camera system (dual 12MP snappers).
The main story here, as with most recent Moto phones, are the Moto Mods which the company sells separately. And …

Cersei was channeling her inner Joffrey in this week's 'Game of Thrones' and it's TERRIFYING


Nothing good can come of this.

Now that Daenerys (aka “The Mad King’s daughter”) has landed in Westeros, it’s safe to say that Cersei is feeling the heat of dragonbreath at her door. 

Handily, she still has the reliably creepy Qyburn as her political fixer, and after facilitating the mass murder of several hundred rival nobles and priests at the Sept of Baelor last season, the disgraced former maester has come up with an equally subtle approach to help Cersei defeat Dany’s dragons, should they come knocking:

Image: hbo Read more…

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