Puffin Lite is a brand new iPhone browser based on Apple's iOS webkit

Puffin Web Browser is a very old browser that made its debut on the iOS platform many years ago, but as the need for better optimized, lighter apps arises, developers are bringing new apps to meet customers demands.

One such developer is CloudMosa, which has just announced it has released a lighter version of the old Puffin Web Browser. Simply dubber Puffin Lite, the new iOS browser is already available for download via App Store.

It’s worth mentioning that Puffin Lite is based on Apple’s iOS WebKit and promises to combine fast speeds with a sleek new look and updated features.

Apparently, …

Will the iPhone SE 2 have a notch just like the iPhone X?


Like it or not, the notch — that little cutout made famous by the iPhone X — is a thing for new phones. No matter if it’s iPhone or Android, the notch is here for the foreseeable future.

Rumor has it Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE, tentatively called the “SE 2,” might follow the iPhone X with a notch of its own. It could be announced as soon as WWDC next month

The iPhone SE was released in 2016 and is so due for an update that you might have forgotten it even exists. But we assure you, Apple still sells the lil guy because not everyone wants a huge phone.  Read more…

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YouTube now supports HDR video on the Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X users should be seeing an improvement in the quality of certain YouTube videos that they view on their phone. That’s because YouTube has just added HDR video support for Apple’s tenth anniversary model. With HDR, YouTube videos have greater contrast and offer more colors than standard digital video. Besides seeing a large improvement in how a video appears on the phone’s screen, YouTube will also display the letters ‘HDR’ in the quality of the video (for example, ‘1080p60 HDR’). You can find that information by tapping on a video, tapping the three dots in the right hand corner, …

T-Mobile's new Apple iPhone BOGO deal starts tomorrow

Just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday, T-Mobile has announced a new BOGO deal on various Apple iPhone models that starts on Friday, May 11th. With the deal, a new or existing T-Mobile subscriber can buy an iPhone and get up to $700 back. The deal is valid for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. To take advantage of this deal, new and existing T-Mobile subscribers will need to port over their number from a different carrier, and trade-in a qualifying handset. The phones that are acceptable for the trade-in portion of the deal include the Apple iPhone 5s and up …

Apple iPhone SE (2018) case renders reveal a larger camera lens on the back of the phone

According to some recent images posted by accessories manufacturer Olixar and retailer Mobile Fun, the Apple iPhone SE (2018) could feature an edge-to-edge display, a notch, and Face ID. Considering that the first generation version of the phone (released in 2016) had a retro look dating back to the Apple iPhone 5s, this obviously is a big deal. The big question is whether or not the next iPhone SE will truly look like these renders and photographs.

While the renders we showed you were from Olixar’s screen protector, the company’s first case for the iPhone SE (2018) has now been posted on …

OnePlus 6 to feature Pixel 2 and iPhone X-rivaling camera

The latest OnePlus 6 teaser hints at a camera that will take on some of the best camera mobile offerings out there. OnePlus is currently set to unveil the OnePlus 6 in just five days’ time, with the smartphone expected to boast a number of high-end specs, among which will be a new dual-camera setup. Now, thanks to the brand’s latest teaser, it appears the company is certainly confident in its new smartphone’s photography capabilities.

The teaser in question challenges Twitter users to match four pictures to the respective devices, the options being Google’s Pixel 2, Samsung’s Galaxy …

Alleged iPhone SE 2 screen smiles for the camera

For some months now, fans of Apple’s tiniest smartphone — the iPhone SE — have been wondering if there will be an upgrade available for them. An alleged iPhone SE 2 has popped up in various rumors now and again, but Apple has shown no intention of launching such a device, at least not for now.

The latest from the rumor mill suggests that there will be an SE 2 with an all-screen front and a notch with Face ID — much like the iPhone X, but in a smaller form.

Yesterday, case maker Olixar shared some images with schematics showing the iPhone SE 2’s shapes. Today, we get to see an actual …

The iPhone 9 may come with a Super Bright LCD display technology like the G7

Apple is supposed to thoroughly revamp its basic iPhone, introducing one with 6.1″ LCD display in the fall, at the $650 tag reserved for its bread-and-butter handsets that sell the most. That’s quite the jump from the current 4.7″ iPhone 8, but the new aspect ratio brought along with a TrueDepth camera notch, should keep the size nice and compact still.

How will Apple do its giant notch on an LCD screen? Well, the iPhone 9, or whatever it’s called, is heavily tipped to use JDI’s Full Active display technology. While not an OLED screen, it is flexible enough for slight bending, …

Memo from Apple: $29 Battery replacements available for all included iPhone models with no delay?

Late last year, Apple apologized for slipping in software during an iOS update allowing it to throttle the CPU on older iPhone models with weak batteries. Those units would reboot when faced with a complex task due to the lack of battery strength. Apple decided that one way it could make up with its customers would be to offer battery replacements for these devices at a price of $29, a 63% discount from the usual $79 that Apple charges. Models from the Apple iPhone 6 and later qualify for the $29 price, which is good through the entire year.

The discount attracted a large number of iPhone …

New iPhone SE 2 leak reaffirms bezel-less design and Face ID

Rumors of a new iPhone SE compact phone have been circulating around for at least a hundred years, but there’s been somewhat of an increase in the rate and intensity of these rumors lately. And you know: where there’s smoke, there’s fire – a saying that has proven to hold true more times than not when it comes to smartphone leaks.

At this point, the rumor mill tends to agree that an iPhone SE 2, or iPhone SE (2018), is relatively likely to happen, and soon at that. Where the reports happen to be severely conflicting is exactly what this new iPhone SE will look like. The more conservative …