Image of molds for 2017 iPhone units shows size comparison between the three models

Tipster SlashLeaks has posted a picture that allegedly reveals molds that will be used in the production of the 2017 iPhone lineup. That includes the Apple iPhone 7s, Apple iPhone 7s Plus and the 10th anniversary edition dubbed the Apple iPhone 8. The image tells us how big each model will be compared to the other units. The Apple iPhone 7s will be the smallest of the three models, and will be the only one of the three to have a single camera on back.

Now, you might expect that the Apple iPhone 8, with its rumored 5.8-inch display, would be the largest. Instead, it is only slightly bigger …

Deleted iPhone Notes found to remain in iCloud storage long after their 30-day expiration time

Russian company Elcomsoft has a thing about breaking into Apple software and pointing out security flaws. It’s a darn fine sport if you really know what you are doing, and the Russkies do.

Their latest discovery is that notes written into the Notes app and sync’d to iCloud remain in storage after the user deletes them, and long after the 30-day period of keeping them in the “Recently Deleted” category has expired. This goes contrary to Apple’s claim that notes are permanently deleted after 30 days. They might be – on your iOS device – but their ghosts remain in the cloud.

Thankfully, …

3D touch components for the OLED iPhone 8 are allegedly 150% more expensive than for the LCD ones

By now, we have already accepted that there is a lot of truth to the rumors about a special anniversary iPhone 8 with an OLED display. It’s also rumored that the premium Apple smartphone will come with a premium price of approximately $1,000, due to the variety of features that are rumored to make an appearance in the new iPhone.

There is a serious difference between LCD and OLED displays, however, which apparently requires a different technique to be used for 3D Touch implementation. According to the Chinese media Economic Daily Times, with LCD panels the 3D Touch sensors are directly bonded …

8 Reasons to Sell Stuff on eBay For a Recession-Proof Business

If you need reasons to sell stuff on eBay, then consider our current recession/depression. It’s important to realize that in any economy – yes, ANY economy – there are folks who make money. And those who understand why eBay can be a recession proof business will be among that elite group because the truth is that those who have the eyes to see the opportunities will do well no matter what. Some – not all – eBay sellers will profit from these eight advantages.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #1: Zero Dollar Starting Costs

One huge reason to sell stuff on eBay in this scary and uncertain time is that it costs you nothing at all to set up your eBay business.

* In five minutes or less you can be signed up as a legitimate eBay seller: cost zero.
* Then spend another five minutes signing up at so that you can accept money from buyers: cost zero.

How many businesses can be created in less than 10 minutes for no money at all?

Recession Proof Business Advantage #2: “Try Before You Buy”

If you are an eBay seller you can “try before you buy”. This means that you can start your eBay business without spending one single penny on merchandise. To do this, take a quick walk through your home. Look around with a careful eye and find a few items that you really don’t want anymore. You know: that purple hippopotamus statue that you got last Christmas from aunt Edna … do you really need it?

Then experiment on eBay by posting a few items for sale and see what happens. Naturally you will want to look around the site for a while and see listings of successful sellers to get an idea of how this is done, but this is an interesting and educational experiment that costs you absolutely no money at all.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #3: Low Risk

Your risk on eBay is ridiculously low because you can list an item for sale for as little as $.10. What could be a bigger bargain than selling on one of the top websites on the planet for such a tiny amount of money? And what’s the worst that can happen? Wow, you lost ten whole cents.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #4: Self Financing

You can finance your business as you go. Rather then putting out huge expenditures of money, you can use the profits from your first sales to finance future merchandise you can sell to bargain hunters. The trick, of course, is not to spend at your profits at first but to reinvest them into inventory.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #5: eBay Sales As Bargain Sales

In these perilous times, everyone is looking for a bargain. Fortunately for the eBay seller, eBay is perceived as a bargain site [even though often prices are as high as those on other famous eCommerce sites]. This works in your favor because when Internet buyers need something they will often turn to eBay. If you have what they’re looking for, your chances for a sale are excellent.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #6: Enormous Traffic

As one of the top websites in the world eBay has enormous traffic. If you set up your own online store, you have the difficult problem of getting enough traffic to make your store worthwhile. Most would-be Internet sellers fail at this step because they have no idea how to get large numbers of real buyers to eyeball their goodies. Fortunately, eBay takes care of all this problem for you – and at a bargain price.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #7: Cheap eBay Advertising

eBay advertising is incredibly cheap! We have mentioned that you can list an item for $.10. Let’s compare this with a favorite way of getting traffic on the Internet: Pay Per Click [PPC]. With Google PPC the advertiser pays for each individual click. Let’s presume that you can get clicks for $.10 on Google and compare costs:

* eBay cost: 10,000 people view your offer = cost $.10
* Google AdWords: 10,000 people view your offer = cost $1,000

Recession Proof Business Advantage #8: Credibility

When money is tighter people are much more careful about what they spend. Their Scam Alert is on full time. It would be hard to find an Internet user who has never heard of eBay and this gives you instant credibility because everybody knows that eBay is a real site and generates tens of millions of dollars in sales every year. This gives the eBay seller a built-in advantage over an unknown website with an unknown product.

In any economic recession there are businesses that will thrive – and those that will wither up and blow away. If you choose to sell stuff on eBay that is ‘hot’,, you can indeed build a recession proof business for yourself and your family. All it takes is a bit of research and creative thinking to figure out what people will pay for in spite of hard times. Recession? What recession?

Source by: Sydney Johnston
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You can now learn Japanese on your iPhone with Duolingo

You can now learn Japanese with popular language app Duolingo for iPhone.
The most requested language course for English speakers has finally arrived in the application, and like all other courses, it’s completely free. Curiously enough, support for the Japanese course is only available for the iPhone version of the Duolingo app, but not for the Android platform.
With this new pair, Duolingo now supports 23 languages to learn including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and others.
Duolingo …

Iphone compatible CCTV DVR

Hi, I just purchased a Digimerge DH200 4ch DVR with a 320GB hard drive. SDI is running a promotion on this unit for September and October. It is has H.264 compression with a 704 x 480 display resolution and is able to record at CIF, 2CIF, D1 qualities.

  • Four BNC inputs but no loop through
  • One composite output
  • One programmable spot output
  • One channel audio in/out
  • Four programmable alarm inputs and one out
  • RS485/RS232 for PTZ

But, that is enough about the specs the reason why I’m testing the unit is because it is suppose to be compatible with an Iphone. I called and talked with Digimerge tech support and talked with them about Iphone compatibility. Turns out that it is not quite compatible as of 9-4-09 but I bought it anyways. I asked the tech how it was able to work an Iphone because I only know of one other manufacturer with this ability. Basically the way that Digimerge is going to make it work is by building a site that will connect with they’re DDNS server with a special software that allows the DVR to be viewed by an Iphone. I done a little research and believe that they are going to use YOICS software. I don’t know but I assume it is going to be server based as the tech said that no apps needed to be loaded to any cell phone for remote video streaming. Supposedly it is simple as logging in to DVR with user name and password then just view your security cameras.

.The DVR has user friendly GUI interface that makes programming and searching easy. Recorded security camera images are recorded in thirty minute blocks which is not bad for searching with use FF play forward and backwards feature. Continuous and event recordings are color coded so that they are easy to distinguish from each other. The one drawback I see so far is that it can’t record a motion event while in the continuous record mode. So, that means that you can’t program a low fps (frames per second) for continuous and a high fps for motion. Also because of this you can’t receive email notices of a motion event while in the continuous mode. But, switching to scheduled recording is simple with just push of a button on the DVR or a click of the mouse on the viewing software. The reason for my adding this characteristic to this article is my own personal preference for recording both continuous and motion at the same time is to be assured that there is always some recorded images at all times.

The viewing software is easy to load and use either on your home network or over the internet. Any feature on the DVR can be accessed from the viewer this includes setup and search. The software allows you to view multiple DVR’s that might be needed with a chain of convenience stores. You can create a virtual DVR that shows one channel from each DVR so it can be used to live view multiple sites at once. This would come in handy for someone that owns several stores that wanted to keep an eye on every cash register all the same time. It allows you to view up to 64 security cameras on one screen but be aware it is for only one camera from each DVR. You can always view a single DVR and all of its security cameras with a simple click if you needed view all cameras at one site in case of robbery or the like.

Overall I like the unit as it is easy to use, economical, comes with one year replacement, three year repair, and five year hard drive warranty

P.S: It supports up to a 2TB.hard drive. After programming the one I bought for its maximum record quality (704×480) and maximum 30 fps a 320GB will last two weeks recording 24/7.

Alert Networks, Inc

Serving Metro Atlanta

Source by: Vernon DeHart
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iPhone Apps for Newspapers

Times have been tough recently for the Newspaper business. Remember when major cities had at least two competing newspapers, and each newspaper company usually had both morning and evening editions? If you’re under age 40, you probably don’t. The newspaper business has been in decline for some decades, but internet technology has recently speeded it up.

First you have countless free online news websites siphoning off newspapers’ former paying subscribers, Craig’s List has ruined classified advertising revenue for newspapers, and printing and other production costs continue to rise. Long time columnists are quitting to publish their own content on the internet. This gloom and doom can also be applied to the magazine business. Is there any good news out there for the publishing world?

iPhone apps may help newspapers to rise again or at least maintain themselves while they reinvent and regroup. Newspaper iPhone apps can bring a leading edge technology to an industry many consider tired and old fashioned, maybe even comatose. What an iPhone app can do is bring the newspaper and its content one step closer to the customers, who are able to personalize and share their favorite news content and read it anywhere they are, even offline. iPhone apps can help newspapers add a social networking feature to their publications and give an advertising sales force something new to talk about with potential advertisers instead of dwelling on declining circulation numbers.

The next iPhone operating system upgrade later in 2009 will add a subscription capability, allowing newspapers, magazines and other publishing formats to take paid subscriptions for their content directly through the iPhone app. It would be advantageous for newspapers and other publications to start planning their own custom iPhone apps now to take advantage of this exciting new technology. Six months from now you’ll be glad you got started now.

Major newspapers with their own iPhone apps inclued The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, and The Telegraph (UK). The Associated Press just released its own iPhone app newsreader, but we don’t consider them an actual newspaper. A group of three major newspapers in Japan has even combined forces to release a combined iPhone application that features all three papers in the same app!

However, you don’t need to be a major newspaper or a newspaper with deep pockets to have your own custom iPhone application. And not every newspaper needs the level of features and functions that the New York Times and USA Today apps incorporate. If your publication’s online version already has RSS Feeds for different categories, you’re halfway there – your custom iPhone app will use your existing RSS Feeds to power the stories in the app. And if your paper’s website doesn’t already have RSS Feeds they’re pretty easy to set up. Now if you don’t yet have a website for your paper, you’re probably in big trouble!

If you need an iPhone app for your publication, try searching online for “custom iPhone apps for newspapers” and you’ll find a developer that can get you started.

Source by: Christopher Stolee

Mla Style

MLA is an acronym for the Modern Language Association of America. The Modern Language Association was founded in 1883. Today, the MLA consists of 30,000 members from 100 different countries. The MLA provides its members with opportunities to share their teachings and scholarly findings with one another and to discuss trends in the field of language and literature.

MLA format is most frequently used to write papers and cite sources within the subject of liberal arts and humanities. The MLA published its third style guide in 2008. The MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing is widely used in the United States and Canada. The third edition updates the second edition, published in 1998. The MLA style guide is addressed mainly to academic scholars, graduate students, professors, and other advanced-level writers. MLA style guide provides guidelines for writing and documenting research.

There are some general guidelines you must follow when using MLA format. Your paper must be typed on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper and the text of your paper must be double-spaced. Moreover, you font must be legible, you should use either Times New Roman or Courier and you should leave only one space after punctuation marks. Your margins must be 1 inch at all sides of the page. You must also have a header at the upper right hand corner of your page that numbers each page consecutively.

MLA is an acronym for the Modern Language Association of America. The Modern Language Association was founded in 1883. Today, the MLA consists of 30,000 members from 100 different countries. The MLA provides its members with opportunities to share their teachings and scholarly findings with one another and to discuss trends in the field of language and literature.

Source by: garretlloyd
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Can I Bring In My Own Garment To Be Embroidered?

Can I bring in my own garment to be embroidered?

When someone usually asks this question, it sends up a red flag!

In my experience, I’ve found a few reasons people would prefer to bring in their own pieces for you to embroider, and they usually have a problem or two to go along with the garment!

One reason people bring in their own articles is that they can purchase them cheaper than you are providing them.  The quality of the item is also cheaper and, as you know, you cannot produce quality embroidery on inferior product.

If people prefer to bring in their own, I will ask for additional pieces, just in case!  At times my machine has put a whole in someone’s shirt, and it helps to have an extra on hand, or at least know where they purchased the item in case you have to replace it.

I have had people ask to bring in their own items and what they are bringing in is old, worn pieces.  Once again you cannot always guarantee quality work on these pieces.

There are the cases where it is a special piece that needs embellishment, such as Grandma’s hankie or the family Christening outfit.  These of course, must be handled with the utmost attention, and I always run the machine way slower than normal.  One occasion had me hiring someone to reweave an antique gown because of a machine error!

Just keep in mind to know where you can purchase the item if it needs to be replaced!

Source by: Terrie Wierciak
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iPhone loyalty rate hits 92% ahead of iPhone 8 release

It appears that iPhone users are extremely loyal customers. In a survey conducted this April, financial services firm Morgan Stanley established that 92% of iPhone owners who were likely to buy a new handset in the next 12 months plan to upgrade to another iPhone. 
This is a sizeable 6% year-over-year increase compared to the 86% recorded by Morgan Stanley in 2016. In fact, the loyalty rate for 2017 is almost tied with Apple’s all-time record of 93% documented in 2015 when the iPhone 6s was launched.
Morgan Stanley …