iPhone SE rose gold cell phone skins

The newly released iPhone SE has 4 colors: rose gold, gold, gray and black, which has the same appearance with iPhone 5S. If you’d like to change your current iPhone into rose gold iPhone SE, you’d better take a look at the rose gold cell phone skins below before you make the decision.

The picture above shows the rose gold phone skins for iPhone 5s and the gray iPhone 5s. The girl holds an iPhone 5S with rose gold skin which produced by DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine.

Simply by applying the rose gold skin on the back of iPhone 5s, it becomes iPhone SE! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Such skin can be applied on any iPhone to make it rose gold version, such as for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4…etc. Also, the translucence rose gold film can be cut into phone skin for any other brand mobile phone, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, LENOVO, HUAWEI, Blackberry, Coolpad…and many other brands across the world.

Owner of mobile accessories stores is suitable to sell the rose gold skins, which can be produce on spot after receive an order. Also it can be sold in online store. As long as you have the software, machine and rose gold films, rose gold mobile skin can be produced and then sold to customers with any brand and model mobile phone.

The software of 3D DAQIN mobile beauty master contains template for iPhone 5S and over 3,000 other models mobile phone across the world. Newly released phone such as iPhone SE will be added into the software monthly in order to keep it always capable of making phone skin for the latest models.

Except for the rose gold film, DAQIN offers a wide range of mobile skin films with different colors and textures such as the translucence color shining, opaque color shining, diamond, diamond shining, super shining, wood grain, leather, 3D water drop, metal brushed, carbon fiber…etc. There are totally 3 models of cutting plotter available in DAQIN, A4 size A158, A3 size B168 and the GRAPHTEC cutting plotter CE6000-40.

For starting own small business at home, DAQIN will be a nice optional project. You yourself alone can produce custom mobile skins and then sell them online. DAQIN offers all things that needed to start the customized mobile skin business, from the software to machines, materials and online after sales service, DAQIN team has been always making great effort to help the customers succeed in their own business.

Custom Cellphone stickers, phone skins and cell phone skins are the popular Mobile Phone Skin Design System and these deals are available on DAQIN MOBILE PRINK.

How Can You Use Jailbreak Software on Your Iphone?

When you hear the phrase “Jailbreak” used to refer to an iPhone, what exactly does that mean?

If you jailbreak an iPhone or other mobile device, it means that you have “unlocked” it, and are getting around some of the rules that they’ve put on the devices’ use. When a new device comes out, or even just a new IOS, a hacker has to figure out a new way to hack it. Then, normally, they will publish the steps necessary to do so online for other hackers and geeks.

However, I’m not a geek. Or a hacker. Most owners of these devices aren’t. So at some point, some enterprising hacker has to put together a jailbreak software package that us non-geeks can use to crack our phones automatically. The beauty of this is that we don’t have to scroll through thousands of lines of script just to unlock our phones. Instead, all that we have to do is download a jailbreaking app to our PC or Mac, hook up the phone via USB, and press the “Go” button. The app then unlocks the phone automatically, leaving you free to do whatever you want with the IOS, such as installing 3rd party, unauthorized software.

What is so awesome about unlocking your phone? What can you do with a hacked phone?

Well, when you jailbreak a mobile phone, it means that you can then do more things with it. You can begin installing custom skins that either you have made or that you’ve downloaded from Cydia, as well as installing 3rd party apps that haven’t been authorized by the manufacturer.

So you might be wondering – is there any reason that you wouldn’t want to jailbreak or crack your phone or iPod?

Not in my opinion, since it’s legal and you can get so much more functionality out of your electronics once you do. BUT – there is one drawback that might put some people off. Technically, once you unlock your phone, you’ve voided your warranty.So in theory, if something goes wrong with your phone, you’re stuck paying for it out of pocket to get it fixed.

Honestly, though, this usually doesn’t happen in real life.

Let’s say that your phone has a hardware issue. It won’t turn on. If you send it in, the techs will often have no idea that you’ve unlocked it, since they have to reinstall a fresh IOS anyway. If it has a software error, and you can still boot it, then all you have to do is “un-jailbreak” it, which most jailbreak software lets you do, and restore it to factory defaults before you send it in.

The techs would have no knowledge that the device was ever jailbroken or hacked. This is something to keep in the back of your mind though. Just use your head, and you’ll be fine.

Learn more about jailbreak software . Stop by Tristan Clark’s site where you can find out all about jailbreak software and what it can do for you.

Upgrade your iPhone, iPad and Android phone with the hottest apps

Mobile lovers keep on updating their device with the latest apps and therefore, they always keep in touch with the latest apps with the aid of internet. As you already know that there are tons of mobile apps in the market that are designed for diversified platforms such as Android, iOS and others. Before, downloading and installing the latest app to the device, one explores the app in a broader manner and after digging up all its features, they download that particular app. People mostly prefer downloading the latest apps that have the best rating.
Here, we have brought delineate to the latest apps designed exclusively for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Latest iPhone / iPad apps:
* The Converted:
This is tremendously visual conversion app which will offer you a complete estimate of desired proportions between the conversions that have being made. Instead of typing a number and acquiring one spit back, you can adjust, pinch and slide the screen till you reach the enviable destination.

* Blackbar:
This app will give you an excellent gaming platform through which you can take a adventurous character namely, Vi who will be attempting correspondence with a sister which is associated with a entirely fictional Department of Communications. As per the nature of her designation she will be playing with an exciting role. Moreover, many of the letters will end up censored with the time before you get them, so it will be up to you to decode the mysteries.

* Space Hulk:
Those who are Warhammer lovers will be excited to know that a hard-to-find board game can be availed in the form of this iPad app. Its time; when all fans of space fictional adventure can throw out all their sci-fi fantasies in the form of Geanstealers without making any payment of $ 500. Within the iPad version of this app, the players can play solely in campaign mode as well as against a friend also. All such iPhone Mobile Application Development perks are gaining more and more exposure.

Latest Android Apps:
* Silent Text:
No matter, whether it is your job or not to render all sensitive information or you just pretend to do this, this mobile encryption app will provide you an ease to do so. Users can also transfer all files up to 100 MB, no matter, whatever is the type. There will be end to end encryption as well along with the keys stored on users’ devices. So, even if you will manage to hack, your data will be entirely unreadable.

* AVG Privacy Fix:
As it is fact that sharing stuff on a social media is entirely a mine field along with the default setting management. You might not know that who wants to see which platform. People usually get started with the log in to LinkedIn, Facebook or Google with PrivacyFix. However, you will acquire an instant privacy and audit telling will intimate you that you must keep your bad habits under the wrap.

* MetroNap:
Since, it is a very common fact that after a long tiring day, people love taking a short nap. MetroNap promises you that waking up in a few seconds is possible even if there is no one to give you the wake up call. In order to get started with this app, enter the name of your source station and destinations station. The app will automatically use the accelerometer in order to detect the train movement.

Just download these latest apps and rate them by using them. They might be proven as the handiest app as well. You can also get in touch with Android or iOS App Developer for getting customized apps.

Rick Brown is a tech savvy writer who works for a leading iPhone Mobile Application Development Company. You can also contact him, if you are looking forward to hire iOS App Developer.

10 Must Have Apps for iPhone

IPhone applications keep on updating on daily basis. However, it becomes difficult to choose the best iPhone application available. If a particular application gets a good review, then it must be downloaded. Reviews do play important role in iPhone applications. Every year best applications are listed for all the iPhone lovers. Today, we will talk about the top apps for 2012. To know more about the top apps, read on.

Tone pad: (Music app)

It is the best application for all the music lovers. You might be having virtual musical instruments as application, but this one is the best. Tone pad lets you tune all the verses in on and off mode. It also lets you create your own tone. It is a must download app, if you love playing music. It lets you edit and save different files.


If you love Wikipedia, then this application is surely for you. The application provides special wiki updates that give you details. The application has its own version that can help in editing the information on Wikipedia. All the updates and information is available in this app. Direct sources are also visible.

Evernote: (Utility app)

The application is great if you like to store things and dates. It works like the notepad in computer. The application supports different platforms like camera roll, text, and voice. It also supports the snapshot. Ever note can be downloaded from the apple app store for iPhone. It is a very handy application that can be used anytime.

Around me: (Information app)

It is an updated version, where the application lets you find all the nearest ATM’S, hotels and petrol stations. It works on Google maps system that works well with the application. However, the application can work with a good Wi fi connectivity. It is a must download application that can help you locate things.

Adobe Photoshop express: (Photo app)

It works with the adobe software. All the photos can be edited and saved using the software. It also lets you download the photos from various social platforms. The application is updated on monthly basis to give you perfect results. Therefore, if you love editing pictures, then this app is for you.

Read it later:

If it is difficult for you to adjust time, then this application is perfect for you. The application lets you store pages from the web, so that you can read them later. All your favorite pages can be stored and read later. The application is handy, if you like to research on things. It lets you store all the pages, which can be bookmarked for your reference.

Ibooks: (Book app)

Like reading, then you must have this application. The application was available in iPad, but now it is available for iPhone as well. The application has a great PDF support that helps you to read eBooks. It also supports other reading formats. The application supports bookmark, so you do not have to remember the page. It is a must have app for all the book lovers.
EBay application: (Shopping app)
If shopping is always on your mind, then this application is a must download for you. EBay application lets you purchase and sell items on instant basis. The readability interface of the application is good. It also features reminders and saved searches. It lets you shop with convenience. It also features a shopping cart, that can help you shop better.

Ihandy torch free:

Works like a torch, but it is a very handy option. There are different options in torch to choose from. The neon version of the light is powerful. It is available in new version and is updated on regular basis. It is available free from apple iPhone app store. Ihandy torch free app can also be used for safety purposes. The flash light is good.

Remote: (Best app)

The application can be used to control all your devices. It is a universal remote that can be used for all the devices. However, there must be proper sync feature to use the application. The application supports the home sharing feature. It also supports the airplay feature. It is available free from the iPhone app store.

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iPhone 4 Facetime

The new iPhone has brought many cool features to the table for iPhone fans. The new video phone call feature being called “Facetime” may be the most controversial and one of the most popular. This new 2 way video feature allows iPhone 4 users to make a call to another person and not only talk, but actually see the other party they are communicating with. This is not totally revolutionary because there have been other phones that have had video chat features similar to this in the past. However, much like many of Apple’s most popular product, they are geniuses at “innovating” not “inventing”.

It will be interesting to see how the actual owners of these new cell phones take to this service. Steve Jobs has stated that he is going to make this service a open source project so any developer can tap into the functions and features of the Facetime application. This will allow other cell phones and mobile devices to be compatible with this video call software in the future. For right now you can only make iPhone to iPhone calls and this must be done from WiFi hot spots and cannot be done on the AT&T 3G network at this time. There are some workarounds that will allow you to use the Facetime app from 3G but apps like “My3G” can become costly to those who do not have a unlimited data plan with AT&T.

There are some workarounds that will permit you to make use of the Facetime app from 3G but programs like “My3G” can become expensive to people who don’t have a unlimited info plan with ATT. If you would like to see what folks are using Facetime for have a look on YouTube, you’ll find many videos illustrating how to speak using this new video call technology. If you use the Android OS on your cellular machine you may even connect to iPhone four users by employing the free “Fring” app. This app permits you to use video calls across platforms and this is pretty sweet.

No longer do you need to be sitting at a PC to chat and see your pals, family and friends. The Facetime video call program is just as easy to utilize as the telephone itself, just select video call from your call screen and that is it. Now that older telephones can also exploit the iOS four and all that it’s got to offer, whether or not you didn’t jump for the new iPhone four you’ll be ready to use some of the new features that were brewed up only for it.

Facetime will only function on the newest telephone due to its physical constraints; you can’t do a video call without a forward facing camcorder. This might be one of the most important reasons to go up to the most recent model at this time. In truth video calling would possibly not be practical for the general public, if you’re hearing impaired though , this might be the discovery of the year for both you and your buddies. There are numerous uses for Facetime and now it’s out there, we should see it coming to other gadgets and most likely working easily with desktop programmers pretty soon too. The future is here and Apple has done it again.

Eric C. Herndon is a writer and novice blogger. He spends his time playing motorbike games and volunteering at the local soup kitchen. Eric is a graduate of NYU school of journalism. He still lives in the big apple.

Reasons Why Buying A Blackberry Makes More Sense Than A Iphone

iPhones without a doubt get the most media coverage of all the latest generation ‘smartphones’ but that doesn’t mean it’s better than the rest. This article looks at the iphone’s main competitor the Blackberry and discusses why it’s a better phone.

1. Security – The Blackberry is the most secure phone on the market and the iphone cannot compete. There have been numerous successful attempts to hack into its systems and this has caused iphone users all over the world to lose numerous files and data.

Security has never been a problem with the Blackberry and it’s used by some of the top politicians around the world including Barack Obama. This tells its own story.

2. Typing – The Blackberry benefits from a full QWERTY keyboard which makes it very easy to type at a decent rate. The iphone has a touch screen keyboard which for people with large fingers or for those who are quite clumsy makes typing very hard.

3. Network Providers – Unlike the iphone, the Blackberry is available on every network and this competition has led to downward pressure on price. The iphone is only available on a selection of networks so prices have remained high. If you get poor signal where you live on one of the only networks to do iphones you can’t really get one!

4. Picture Messages – Not a lot of people know this but iphones cannot actually send picture messages. Apple obviously deemed it unnecessary which seems like a big oversight to me. It is possible to send pictures via email but it’s impossible to send to someone who doesn’t have a smartphone.

5. Emails – The ability to send and receive emails messages on the move is one of the greats technological advancements brought to us by the smartphone. Blackberry have perfected this process and integrated email seamlessly into the phone’s menu and alerts systems. The integration between an iphone and an email account is more clunky and can be a cumbersome process.

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Your App Download Could Be Increased with iPhone Apps Trending Searches

As an app maker, you must realize it is so difficult to increase your apps downloads in app store in a short time. All the app makers want to improve their apps ranking with aso services. We know that there are many factors of ASO, such as the basic title, keywords, description, screenshots, videos, ratings and reviews sections. Today, I want to tell you another way to boost app download. It is the new feature of iOS 8—iPhone apps trending searches.

The new iOS 8 feature “trending searches on app store” is recognized to be the most favorable position to boost your downloads. The “Trending Searches” section in the App Store is very interesting, and possibly one of the more important features of the new release, as it gives developers another way to get their apps found.

For starters, and something which you may have also noticed as you hopped into this section since iOS 8’s launch, is that the iPhone trending searches are often one-to-one matches with apps in the App Store. In other words, there tend to be more proper app names featured here than generic search terms.

The new trending searches on iphone feature will be intriguing on two levels, as it pertains to aso services. First, it is interesting to see what exactly determines a trending search. On Twitter, trends are often related to big global news. It’s hard to imagine thousands of users searching for the same thing in a short period of time. That’s it is quite beneficial to issue on how to increase your app traffic. Most people would like to click the hot, top, recommendation, suggestions, and trending if they are not sure what they exactly want. You can push your app to the most favorable position by iPhone app trending searches promotion. #@*lid3@!4@$ 23vdylmh@#gyili

You can think of this section as something like Twitter’s trends, as it will give a look at what’s currently hot on the App Store, without the reliance on App Store chart rankings, which have been repeatedly gamed by unsavory developers who know how to hack the algorithm. Your app ranking could be increased with Trending Searches. If you are looking to base your app on what is trending, it will only make sense to look at the trends over a large period of time. You are allowed to attach a number of keywords to your app in App Store, to make it more searchable.

Of course, you might assume that Apple is simply curating this section to remove generic search terms. Our understanding is that “Trending Searches” is not editorially driven at all. At least one or two of the apps on the “trending searches” page are not in the top-ranked list of popular apps. If the list of trending apps is meant to better reflect what people are searching for right now, you would expect to see those popular apps’names appear in the trending list and the top charts at the same time or soon after.

Don’t worry if you don’t know well about iphone trending searches promotion. It is new thing to every app makers. You can get many detailed information of iphone app trending searches promotion on our website. Our team will provide you with the professional services. Please pay close attention to our website.

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Cool New Apps For Your iPhone

If you really want to have some fantastic apps for your iPhone, you know that the best place to look for them would be in iTunes. ITunes lists hundred, no make that thousands, of apps and new and exciting ones are getting added every single day. It’s hard to make your choice from amongst so many but they’ve made it easier by categorizing the apps according to their function. So, you can find apps there which are based on Sports, Education, Finance or solely entertainment. Here’s a look at some such apps.

Amazing Hallucinations: What’s the point of calling something an Amazing Hallucinations app if it doesn’t make your head turn a few times over? You could be familiar with these visual tricks but seeing them on your iPhone seems nothing short of a hallucination. It could be the secret in the roses of the silhouette of a girl that changes as you rotate the phone, there’s loads of cool stuff here and who knows, I might just help you make an impression.

A Mister Prank: It’s so tempting and yet terribly nerve racking to try and make a prank call to someone, but with this app, nerves needn’t worry! All you have to do is decide who you want to call, once you’ve chosen your victim, simple turn on the speaker, turn up the volume and get to the home screen to launch this app. That’s it. Mister Prank will now simulate over 50 sentences to start simple conversations.

Music Jam: Always dreamed of instructing your own orchestra? Fancy being a conductor? Well now you can be the conductor to some really messy music and learn just how tough the job really is. How you do this is, by listening to the tune, figuring out which instrument is used and then, have the Herculean task of trying to replicate the tune by taping on the appropriate instrument players! Since there are 8 players, the task is not easy, but if you keep trying you might just get through all fifteen levels!

Palm Reader: Do you want to know what your future holds? Palm reading is the key to the future is what they all say, so grab a hold of your chance to have some fun with your friends while you let the Palm Reader app on your iPhone do all the magic for you. You could make your readings serious or simply trick your friends and even have some silly predictions given that will make you all laugh. Remember though, that this is only a palm reading simulator and doesn’t actually scan or read palms.

Thom crafts articles for apple software leader, PocketMac. They specialize in Apple and Mac related software, including their Apple iPhone game, Rock, Paper, Airplane.

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Android, Iphone, Blackberry Mobile Development Services in India

Evince Development have a vast experience in mobile web/application development. Use of mobile technology is increasing day by day. It provides mobility to access from any part at any time. We have a team of experts in latest platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile platform. From simple application and websites to pioneer projects we help you to turn your vision in mobility world. A huge advance in mobile phone technology has left no difference between real and mobile internet. Users will be able to see the website in small screen and will be able to take an easy advantage of mobility.

The importance of developing a mobile websites and application is experienced as the numbers of users are increasing day by day. Evince Development will help you to build your fully customise mobile application across various platforms.

Mobile app design is an art as much as it is a science. If you’re looking to build an amazing new mobile application for your business or if you have an awesome new idea for a product, Evince’s team of experienced developers and designers can build your vision.

Our team of designers has been working with Mobile apps since the platform was introduced. We create beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use.
Our Mobile App Developers have the programming knowledge to bring these designs to life. Our Mobile apps aren’t just functional; they’re also responsive, so you know they’ll work beautifully on just about any screen across the menagerie of Mobile devices.

Mobile Application Development Services

Evince Development is a full service agency that provides strategic, design and development services to our clients. We are product specialists who build awesome apps for mobile and web platforms. The Evince team works in a SoHo based environment called the Evince Collective, where entrepreneurs and startups come to grow and be surrounded by like minded people who are building amazing technology products.

We like to work on “product driven” (an app that does something) projects rather than “campaign driven” (an app that sells something). We make apps that are innovating, game changing, functional, beautiful and above all – useful.

We bill hourly and we only handle the part of the project that you need us to. Evince Development doesn’t lock you into a long term contract or force you to do everything with us. We do what you need and you can cancel at any time.

Application Development Services

Application Development Services ensures high quality performance with fewer defects along with best results for any business application. Application Development Services also helps to achieve less rework and lower cost.
Mobile Platforms we are best at

* Android: –

Our Android Apps development company offer clients top quality services in all aspects. We advance with latest version available to provide client best and secured version and also provide their upgrade in future if required. In addition to development we also provide best designs and implementation software that will come perfectly on the devices. We also modify existing application and give them new avatar.

* Blackberry: –

We have a vast experiencing in blackberry solutions such as email, field service, ERP, instant messaging and many others. We have experienced developers proficient in BB enterprise servers, widgets SDK, JDE, APIs etc. for creating featured successful BB application. We also started development in Blackberry 10.

* IOS: –

Evince Development is an offshore iPhone application development company providing IOS development at affordable rates. Our team has an experience of years using Mac systems, iPhone 4/4S/5, iOS 5/6 and iOS simulator for quality app development. We add values to your product through business and customer insights. Design plays a parallel role with development.

* Windows Mobile Platform: –

The latest and recently launched version of windows is windows 8. Windows 8 have new Metro UI and common tools for web, desktop and phone. We have a team of experienced developer and a creative team having an expertise in Visual studio and HTML 5 and CSS to provide your application a new feel.

Evince Development is Great way to Develop your Mobile Application Development Services with our large Application Development Services Team in India with Different Web Development Services Platforms.

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Troubleshooting Your iPhone When Application Crashes

The most common iPhone crash is one where the application you are working in suddenly ceases operation, the screen momentarily turns black, then the iPhone home screen appears. In a slightly more serious manifestation, the crash will result in a complete freeze where the iPhone is unresponsive. Your initial reaction could be… simply yank the battery to cut the power and reset the phone, but there is no batter! But let me remind you that before you do anything to your iPhone, finding out what causes the problem is necessary.

Crashes are most likely to occur when loading graphics-heavy pages, or those with large (in terms of file size) images or music. The Apple has some sort of a contingency in place for lock-ups or a frozen iPhone. Here are the safest ways to troubleshoot your iPhone when an application crashes.

The very first thing to do is to make sure that your iPhone is fully charged. You can charge your iPhone by using your iPhone AC adapter or with a high-powered USB port. Make sure that the USB port is high-powered, otherwise your iPhone will not charge. Your keyboard USB port is an example of a low powered port. If you see the red part of the battery image flash three times and then the screen goes black, this means that that the iPhone is not charging.

If recharging your iPhone doesn’t solve your problem try this one – Restart. Try restarting your iPhone but if your iPhone is locked up or an application was frozen, you need to cancel the frozen application first before you can restart. To cancel the frozen app, press the home button and hold for about 6 seconds. You should be able to cancel the program that is locked up. Then restart your iPhone. To do this hold the sleep/wake button and wait for a red colored slider to appear. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off your iPhone. Before you turn it back on, wait for at least 10 seconds. To turn your iPhone on, hold the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo.

If restarting your iPhone does not unfreeze your iPhone, the third option is to reset your iPhone. Sometimes the iPhone gets so frozen that the standard force quit process for programs doesnt work. In that case, youll need to reset the iPhone. To do this, hold both the sleep/wake and Home buttons together for at least 10 seconds. The red shut down slider will show up at the top of the screen and then disappear. Keep holding the buttons. The screen may even go black, but dont let go of the buttons until the Apple logo shows up. When it appears, let the buttons go and the phone will start up normally. The Apple logo signifies that a reset is well done.

Another factor that causes your iPhone to freeze is the content. This will require more than a restart, you need to remove the content that is not properly synced. It could be your contacts, calendars, songs, photos, videos, or podcasts. To do this, go to iTunes, select Preferences from the File menu, then iPhone and delete your backed up iPhone settings ” this includes text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings. Again, one or more of these content might be problematic.

Fifth option is to reset the settings of your iPhone. You can either choose to reset the settings and retain all content or reset the settings and erase all the content including all data and media of your iPhone. If you plan to use the reset setting and erase all content, you may want to back it all up to your PC or Mac. This option will surely turn your iPhone back to the state when you first bought it. So, you should use it with care.

If all the tips mentioned above didn’t work… you may try this option – Restore. Try restoring iPhone using the latest version of iTunes. Connect iPhone. When it appears in the Source list, click on Restore in the Summary tab. This will also wipe the iPhone and all your information on it.

As I’ve mentioned, resetting my iPhone fixed my issue and Im even jamming with my iPhone now as I write this. There are lots of ways to fix a frozen iPhone and troubleshooting your iPhone is so easy. Also, remember that you can send a crash report to Apple when your iPhone is connected providing the crash report will enable the iPhone software team to have valuable data that might be rolled into a future update.

David Chan shares his first hand experience working on the iPhone and the ways for troubleshooting your iPhone. Find out more about how to best use the iPhone and even how to win one for free at http://everypathnbeyond.com.

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