This is how future iOS apps' design should incorporate iPhone X's signature display notch

One of the signature features of the iPhone X that immediately sets it apart from Apple’s other iPhones or the available Android devices out there is undoubtedly the display notch.

Hate it or love it, it’s probably here to stay due to the simple fact that it makes the handset  that much more recognizable in the vast sea of same-looking phones out there. What’s more, we will probably have to get used to it because it was clearly stated that the iPhone X’s design will inspire the majority of upcoming iPhones in the next few years.
So, …

Apple's pricey iPhone X gets a befitting new leather case

Needless to say, $999 is a lot to splurge on a phone, but it seems that flagship prices closing in on a grand are becoming the norm this year, rather than the exception, judging by the best and brightest that Apple or Samsung have to offer. The unique new iPhone X costs a thousand, for Apple has to recoup the development expenses and component costs that go with it, and even then it will be left with a slimmer profit than usual, say Wall Street analysts. 

So, what’s a phone maker to do when it’s not hitting the usual hearty gross margin on the iPhone X, as …

How to download and install iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Today, September 19, is iOS 11 release day, as Apple is set to unleash the official version of the operating system to the iPhones, iPads and iPod touch listed above. The release will likely kick off at around 10 AM Pacific time, which is the usual time Apple seeds major new firmware updates. As usual, it will be rolled out in waves, meaning you should not freak out if you don’t receive the update in a timely manner, it will arrive eventually.

As usual, there are some winners and losers, meaning that really old iPhones and Apple tablets won’t get any of the iOS …

Here's how much space Apple's new HEVC video format saves on an iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8, X and 8 Plus are Apple’s first phones to come with the space-saving, highly efficient HEVC video format, which will be brought to older handsets as well, along with the iOS 11 update that is released today. This format’s compression algorithms usually allow for up to twice less storage space occupied by recorded video footage, with barely a loss in image quality at that. 

The iPhone 8, X and 8 Plus are also Apple’s first phones capable of 4K video recording with the whopping 60fps smoothness, so how much space would recording …

Apple iPhone X's late shipping date eats into iPhone 8/8 Plus pre orders

Earlier today, we told you about a new report passed along to clients by KGI Securities. The report focused on pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 3, and revealed that the version of the timepiece with cellular capabilities was accounting for as much as 90% of pre-orders instead of the 30% to 40% predicted by the brokerage firm. Another part of the report dealt with the Apple iPhone X and how its delayed November 3rd launch is actually having a negative impact on  pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 8 and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

In its report, KGI pointed out that traditionally, …

New Samsung video shows how to switch from an iPhone to a Galaxy Note 8

If you own an iPhone, Samsung wants you to know that it’s
super easy to switch from it to a brand new Galaxy Note 8 (available in the US and other
markets since last week).


The first video embedded below – uploaded today on YouTube –
shows just how simple it can be to transfer your data and content from an old iPhone
to a Galaxy Note 8 – which you may have bought because, as Samsung puts it,
“you wanted to do bigger things.” You’ll have to connect your
iPhone to the Note 8 via cable, then use Samsung’s straightforward Smart Switch app. The Galaxy
Note 8 will transfer your stuff …

iPhone 8 is available for $0 per month at Sprint, but only with eligible trade-in

Sprint today announced that it’s updating its iPhone 8 offer
to include a deal for customers willing to trade in select handsets. More
exactly, Sprint lets you get an iPhone 8 for $0 (zero bucks) per month – if
you’re trading in one of the following devices: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus,
Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, or Samsung Galaxy Note 8.   

In addition to a smartphone trade in, this deal requires a
new line activation, and an 18-month Sprint lease that usually costs $29.17 per
month. Also of note is that the new promotion only includes the iPhone 8 64 GB, so
you’re …

Apple's A11 Bionic is a cyborg: first iPhone 8/X benchmarks crush all Androids, including the S8

Ever since the first benchmarks of Apple’s new A11 Bionic chipset leaked out, we saw that it is going to be a beast, yet nothing really prepares you for two times higher scores of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X on the cross-platform Geekbench, compared to even the fastest Androids like the Galaxy S8, Note 8, or the S8+.
All of the top devices in the Geekbench charts for Android and iOS are now flaunting 10nm chipsets – Android has the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 on top, while Apple’s new phones with A11 topped the charts immediately after their first pass in the …

Huawei takes a jab at Apple for iPhone X Face ID fail, vows to deliver "real AI" phone next month

After releasing its P10 and P10 Plus flagships in the early months of this year, Huawei is preparing another high-profile smartphone announcement. On October 16th, the Chinese phone maker is set to unveil the new Mate 10 – a near bezel-less phablet that will be the first to feature the company’s latest Kirin 970 chipset.
Huawei’s marketing campaign for the device has been a bit peculiar, however. The firm has used every opportunity to taunt competing businesses. 
When Samsung announced the Galaxy …