Deal: Grab the iPhone SE 32GB with AT&T prepaid service for just $149.99

The small iPhone SE is very popular among Apple fans, which is why the Redmond-based company was convinced to launch a sequel in the coming months, or so the rumors say.

The 4-inch iPhone has been available in the United States for quite some time across many carriers and retailers. Currently, the smartphone sells for $200-$250, even lower if manage to strike a good deal.

Speaking of deals, Best Buy has a promotional offer for the iPhone SE 32GB, thus enabling customers to purchase it for just $149.99. However, the retailer only offers the AT&T version …

The iPhone 8 image stars in a McDonald’s promo, 'hamburger menu' makes sense now

McDonald’s just leaked the iPhone 8 in a promotional E-Mail to customers #Apple #iPhone #iPhone8 #McDonalds— Marc (@mschwind200) August 17, 2017

Ok, now this is getting out of hand – not only hasn’t the eventual OLED iPhone 8 been announced yet, but we haven’t even seen a glimpse of its production version outside of concept image renders, dummies and admittedly elaborate prototypes. 

That, however, didn’t preclude none other than the McDonald’s brand to already start using the alleged shape and form of the “all-screen” …

Tekken Mobile for iPhone and Android soft launches in Canada

Tekken is one of the most recognizable fighting games out there: many (us included) have grown up mastering the fighting controls and the different characters, and now, developer Bandai Namco seems ready to bring Tekken to iPhone, iPad and Android.
Tekken Mobile has just soft-launched in Canada, but it does not feature the same level of controls as you know from before. Instead, Tekken Mobile relies on the Waza Card system and you tap on your screen for combos and special attacks.
Just like any Tekken game, there is …

Nokia 8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 vs OnePlus and the rest: size comparison

The Nokia 8 is out and it is a beautifully designed flagship phone that will compete with the very best out there.
But there is something interesting and slightly atypical about the Nokia 8: it features a 5.3-inch display, not quite as large as the other 5.5-inch ones out there, but not small either.
The space savings that a smaller display offers can make a difference for those who prefer a more compact phone, but keep in mind that the Nokia 8 does not follow the latest bezel-less, full-screen design trend and has …

New security feature in iOS 11 disables Touch ID and blocks the cops from getting into your iPhone

It appears that with iOS 11, Apple is making it easy to disable Touch ID. This would allow a user worried about being forced to unlock his phone with a warrant or a court order, to prevent Touch ID from unlocking his/her handset. This happens to be a by product of Apple’s new feature that allows iOS users to quickly call 911 in case of an emergency. Pushing the power button five times in a row on iOS 11 will bring up the option to make a call to 911. More importantly for some, it also disables Touch ID, locking out the cops until the correct passcode is entered.

This is liable to set off …

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best-selling Android phone in Q2 2017, but iPhone 7 is king of the world

The only real competitor for Samsung’s flagships are Apple’s iPhones, so there will be no surprise if the Galaxy S8 will be the best-selling Android smartphone in 2017. But for now, let’s just say that it’s the most popular product among Android fans in the second quarter.

The latest research from Strategy Analytics suggests Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones shipped 19 million units worldwide. That makes these two devices world’s best-selling Android phones in Q2 2017.

Apple’s iPhone 7 remains world’s most popular smartphone model overall with no less …

Here is how to fix a broken iPhone 7 screen or replace a battery yourself: use the new iFixit Fix Kits

iFixit has just launched its brand new Fix Kits for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that allow you to fix a broken iPhone screen or replace an iPhone battery at home, yourself.
There are different Fix Kits that include the replacement screen or battery along with all the necessary tools to open your iPhone without damaging it.

Swap out a sapped battery. Replace that cracked screen. Fix your front camera and make your selfies great again. Our latest crop of Fix Kits are packed with all the essentials for your next iPhone …

Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus are the most shipped smartphones during Q2 2017

According to fresh data from Strategy Analytics, the Apple iPhone 7 was the most popular smartphone in the world for the second quarter of 2017 followed by the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Apple shipped 16.9 million units of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 from April through June, and 15.1 million of the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus during the same time period. The two handsets had 4.7% and 4.2% of the global smartphone market respectively.

In third place was the Samsung Galaxy S8, which had 10.2 million units shipped world-wide in the period. The larger Samsung Galaxy S8+ was next as 9 million pieces of that model …

Riptide GP2, one of the best racing games for iPhone and Android, is now free

Riptide GP2 arrived on Android and iOS nearly four years ago and ever since then it has been a benchmark for great graphics and engaging gameplay for mobile devices. Now, it is also free to play. 
The game originally came with a $3 price (then reduced to $2), but just recently developer Vector Unit has slashed the price to zero on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.
Riptide GP2 brings a set of futuristic jets and allows you to pump up your adrenaline against real opponents in online multiplayer races. You can also upgrade your …

High-quality iPhone 8 dummy in the new copper "Blush Gold" color, up close and personal

So, Apple is definitely moving some pieces around with how its iPhones look and feel this year around — some would say “finally”. While the “s” models that will succeed the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are said to be same in form factor, but sporting a glass back and wireless charging, it’s the iPhone 8 (a.k.a. iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Prime) that will have a revolutionary form factor, a proportionally radical price tag, and a bunch of premium colors to entice users to get the special handset.

On that note, we’ve been seeing a new gold shade for the all-screen iPhones. A descendant …