Apple I-phone 16GB: a latest technology handset

Nowadays, almost everyone carries mobile phones, including the young children and housewives etc. They have become the most essential commodity an individual can own. They serve as a communication tool used to receive and make calls as well as send text messages, listen to music, play mobile games and surf the internet facility. There are numerous cell phones manufacturers are available in the market such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola etc. All of them are introducing their best and new high-tech devices. Recently, the new Apple mobile phones brand has released its new Apple Iphone 3G S 16GB in the market. This handset is fully loaded with a variety of latest technologies and fantastic features.

The best part of this device is that, this newly launched Apple Iphone comes with an in-built 16GB memory space that offers ample storage capacity for your favourite music, images and data files. This 16GB memory seems to be a step further in the scenario when handset with in-built 8GB is accessible in the mobile communication market.

This handset is fitted with an impressive 3.5” TFT touch resistive screen that display up to 16 million colours. This screen imparts a screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels that allows you bright and crystal clear viewing experience. Moreover, this smart phone offers you a full QWERTY keyboard, which contributes towards fast typing speed and smooth in work. This handset is measured with the dimensions of 115 mm in depth, 11.6 mm in width and 61 mm tall and very portable anywhere with the weight of just 135 grams.

Apart from it, this handset is embedded with a powerful 2 mega pixel camera that can let you to capture quality pictures. When comes to its battery back up, it offers formidable result up to 8-hours in talk time and up to 250-hours in stand by mode. For more fun, this mobile phone offers you various in-built Java games along with an option to download more games. For data sharing capabilities, this multifunctional device supports with a various connectivity options such as EDGE, USB, GPRS and Bluetooth technology. This will helps you to send and receive your data files with ease.

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iPhone 8 Most Wanted Features

A new year means a new iPhone. And for 2017, it will be especially significant: It’s the 10th anniversary of Apple’s hugely influential device. There’s no official news yet, of course, but the rumor mill is already in high gear.


Expect the usual September launch window, and a naming scheme that will probably skew more towards iPhone 8 and 8 Plus — or maybe even iPhone X and X Plus — instead of 7S and 7S Plus, to emphasize what’s expected to be the first major redesign in 3 years.

Return of the headphone jack
This one’s for the folks who said before the launch of the iPhone 7 that they’d never upgrade their iPhone if Apple removed the headphone jack. We’d be shocked if it returned in the next iPhone, but headphone jack lovers can dream.

NFC beyond Apple payments
Although Apple’s last few iPhone models are equipped with NFC (near-field communication) to power the contactless Apple Pay system, it has has yet to enable the tap-to-pair feature found in other NFC-enabled phones: You can tap a headphone or speaker, for instance, to pair the Bluetooth on many Android phones. So long as Apple can guarantee security, it seems like this would be an easy addition. (2016 iPhones and Apple Watch models already incorporate the FeliCa system for tap-to-pay transit in Japan.)

USB Type-C connectivity and charging
Plenty of people would get upset if Apple switched from its Lightning port to a USB Type-C connection, which is gradually becoming the standard for other phones (and laptops, including Apple’s own line of MacBooks). But swapping out the rectangular USB-A connector on the iPhone charger — while leaving Lightning on the phone — would mean that Apple users could charge their iPhones from their new MacBooks without needing an adapter.

Faster processor, improved 3D graphics
Apple has consistently improved the iPhone’s graphics capabilities with each new iteration, and not surprisingly, we’ve come to expect a performance boost, and would be disappointed if we didn’t get one, though we’d sacrifice some power in favor of a big battery boost.

The A10 Fusion chip you see here powers the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The latest rumors have the iPhone 8 getting an A11 processor produced by Taiwanese giant TSMC that’s built on 10 nanometer-process technology. (Samsung will have a competing chip that’s also built on the 10nm process.)

The iPhone 7 Plus got a bump in RAM from 2GB to 3GB, but the iPhone 7 didn’t. Hopefully, the new iPhones will get a RAM bump.

Wireless charging
Right now, if you want to charge your iPhone’s battery using inductive “wireless” charging, you have to buy a separate charging case and mat. For instance, Mophie’s Juice Pack Air battery cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Plenty of Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Sony Xperia Z4v, offer wireless charging, too.

With the Apple Watch charging via a magnetic inductive charger, an iPhone with the same technology seems more likely than ever. The catch? The Watch seems to use an Apple-specific charging method, rather than one that’s compatible with one of the two big standards: Qi or PMA (Power Matters Alliance).

Virtual home button behind screen

A lot of people love the iPhone’s physical home button, but the new iPhone 7/Plus version is touch only, with no physical “clickiness.” The rumor for 2017 is that the fingerprint scanner goes behind the iPhone’s screen, allowing a virtual on-screen home button (with 3D Touch) to handle the unlocking duties.

Bigger screen in same body
Killing the home button below the screen would allow a key design change, too: shrinking the bezels above and below the screen.

Apple grew the iPhone’s screen in 2014 with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and those screen sizes have remained the same the last two years. The problem is the iPhone has a bigger bezel compared with some Android models that maximize screen size. Take the lineup above: Left to right, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S7 (5.2-inch screen); Galaxy S7 Edge (wraparound 5.5-inch screen); iPhone 6S Plus (5.5-inch); and Nexus 6P (5.7-inch). Both Samsung and Google/Huawei are either getting more screen real estate into a smaller body, or more screen into the same-size body.


Shatterproof screen
Back when the iPhone 6 came out, there was chatter that it would sport a shatter-resistant sapphire screen, but that never materialized.

Naturally, the folks at Corning argue that its Gorilla Glass is just as strong — and a better option than sapphire. The company’s new Gorilla Glass 5 made its first appearance in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which had a little battery issue that led to its infamous recall.

The iPhone 7’s is even stronger than 2015’s reasonably tough iPhone 6S/6S Plus screens, but it’s not truly shatter-resistant like the Motorola Droid Turbo 2’s screen is (shown here, getting stomped on).

Better camera
The iPhone’s camera keeps getting slightly better with each iteration. But there’s always room for improvement, and a better camera is one of the main upgrade features people are looking for when they shell out big bucks for a new iPhone. The iPhone 7 Plus got dual lenses that allow for more flexibility while shooting. But the iPhone 7’s camera lacked that second lens. You’d hope the iPhone 8 gets dual lenses, not just the 8 Plus.

OLED screen
There were rumors that the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus would get an OLED screen, which are more energy efficient and offer deeper black levels than LCD, but that didn’t materialize. Those rumors are percolating again for the iPhone 8 and there’s talk of the screen getting a Samsung-style wraparound curve as well.

Significantly better battery life
Apple manages to make each new iPhone slimmer, while equipping it with a faster processor and graphics chip to also improve on battery life. But the truth is, we’d trade a little of that slimness and power for better battery life — and so would a lot of other people.

The iPhone 7 has a 14 percent higher-capacity battery, but to get that slightly bigger battery in the phone Apple removed the headphone jack. One hopes a more efficient processor and OLED screen could squeeze out even more power.

Features the iPhone will never have, but we wish it did
Alas, we know the iPhone will never have a removable back that allows you to swap in a new battery and add your own microSD memory card (yes, those 64GB cards are pretty cheap now). But hey, we couldn’t resist mentioning it.

iPod Touch 4th Generation – iPod Touch 4th Generation Review by User


This iPod Touch 4th Generation Rocks!

*This review is from someone who never owned any Apple products before, married, healthcare professional, blackberry and palm TX owner (yeah I know, belongs in a museum), I was looking for a handheld internet browser by wifi, no monthly fees for 2 years, with camera, video, and apps that i can use for my work, and put in my pocket and it led me to this device. This is therefore a completely un-technical, layman’s review.

1. Delivery time: I was supposed to receive iPod Touch 4th Generation on September 10-14 with the regular shipping, but I got it today, maybe because I ordered iPod Touch 4th Generation as soon as Steve Jobs finished presenting, so this deserves more than 5 stars!

2. Dimensions/looks: I actually prefer the “handling” of the bigger and heavier iPod touch 3rd gen that I borrowed, its all smudge now without any cover, but boy! this is the most beautiful handheld device that I ever held, 4 stars for being smaller and lighter and smudgy.

3. Display: The retina display is amazing! Like reading from a glossy magazine, and yes you cannot see the pixels! 5 stars!

4. Wifi: Sync with ATT wifi – no problem, wifi in gym – no problem, monthly fees – no problem! 5 stars!

5. Internet Browsing: Hard to type in the addresses initially, but pages loads super fast (the longest was within thress-onethousand – all news channels), surfed the web with no problems,make pages bigger or smaller… this gets 5 stars as well.

6. Speed (Processor): this iPod Touch 4th Generation is super fast, web pages load within 3 seconds, downloading apps within 30 secs, youtube in a flash, the email attachment that opened in 1 minute in my computer took only 10 seconds! 5 stars indeed!

7. Camera: very grainy, will not use it for any important event, only for quick-I-need-a-camera moments, it will not replace my dSLR, but since it wasnt there in the previous gen, and I only use my dSLR and nothing else, this camera is still a bonus it gets 4 stars.

8. Apps for work/”work”: I already downloaded 4 very useful apps for work for free! plus 5 other free games for me and my 3 year old kid, the fact that I can now have apps without an iphone/ipad is great, the fact that its free is sweet! 5 stars!

8. Video: 720p HD! And I bought a Vado HD that does nothing else! Quality is up to par! 5 stars!

Overall, I have a device that surfs the net very very fast, manages my email, has a camera, great HD videocam, great free apps for work, that looks beautiful, and is great to look at, that I got 1 week early, what more can I ask for?!!! Worth every penny and deserves 5 stars!

And it stores and plays music too?! And has facetime?! And maps?! I feel like I paid for a Toyota and got a Lexus!

Will buy another one for my kid so she doesnt have to borrow mine!

You Can Buy It for Best Price from:

Source by: JD Review

5 Ideas to Leverage Store Windows when you Open a Dollar Store

To many retailers having windows along the front of the store is seen as a liability.  First there is the added risk of broken windows and the potential injury to passers by.  Next there is the open invitation windows make to thieves.  Finally there is the lost revenue from the non-wall space running along the front of the store.  Others realize just how valuable windows can be to the overall performance of their store.  If you open a dollar store with windows running along the front, then read on.  In this article we will review 5 ideas to leverage those store windows to grow sales of the dollar store merchandise you have in-stock.

1) Paint murals and banners on the glass.  Hire a sign painter to paint your windows.  You can change the murals with the seasons, or create murals with characters and change the surrounding window to match your needs.  Well-done murals will attract attention.  They will draw shoppers to your store.

2) Advertise current store specials and newly arrived merchandise.  Create banners and post them on the windows for those who pass your store to see.  But don’t stop there; also add banners and posters to present newly arrived dollar store merchandise that may be of interest to your shoppers.

3) If you open a dollar store use your windows to let prospective shoppers know what departments and dollar store merchandise you routinely stock in your store.  Have a painter list the departments or the hot merchandise you carry across the top of the window.  This strategy doesn’t affect visibility into the store.  As a result you could use this in combination with one of the other ideas listed in this article.

4) Show off merchandise by placing bulk displays against the glass.  Any time you receive a bulk shipment of merchandise the front windows are the perfect place to start your display.  Be sure to include signage facing both into and outside the store.  As merchandise sells down you can either move the remaining items to a smaller display area or onto shelves in the aisles of your store.

5) Showcase your store – if you open a dollar store use the windows to frame samples of the dollar store merchandise you carry.  There are many options to this idea.  You can actually have frames painted onto the windows to highlight specific portions of your store.  You can have frames painted and then bring displays in to match the size.  Fill those displays with newly arrived items, sale items or seasonal items.

To your dollar store success!

Source by: Bob Hamilton

iPhone 8 Feature Iris Scanner to Authenticate With Your Eyes

Apple is widely rumored to launch a high-end iPhone with an edge-to-edge OLED display this year, which has been variously called the “iPhone 8” or “iPhone X” to commemorate the smartphone’s tenth anniversary, and rumors suggest the device will an include iris scanner to authenticate with your eyes.


Taiwanese website DigiTimes, citing unnamed “industry sources,” claims the so-called “iPhone 8” will include an OLED display, wireless charging, and iris scanning technology, the latter of which would presumably enable iPhone users to unlock their device or use Apple Pay by authenticating with their eyes.

A person’s iris, or the circular colored muscle of the eye, contains a complex and random pattern that is unique to each individual.

DigiTimes has sources within Apple’s supply chain, but it has a mixed track record at reporting on Apple’s unannounced product plans, so this latest report should be treated with a proverbial grain of salt. The publication previously said iPhones with iris scanning capabilities would not debut until 2018.

DigiTimes previously cited a Chinese website that said 2017 iPhones will include iris scanning capabilities, but today’s report is based on its own sources. The original report claimed Taiwan-based supplier Xintec, an affiliate of Apple manufacturer TSMC, would begin mass production of iris-recognition chips this year.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the more reliable sources of iPhone rumors, believes Apple is leaning toward facial recognition technology rather than iris recognition, based on the bio-recognition patents it has filed. Way back in March 2016, he said the “iPhone 8” will include either facial or iris recognition.

Kuo said he believes Touch ID will “ultimately be replaced by a facial recognition system” for enhanced security, in line with rumors Apple will remove the Home button; however, if the technical challenges cannot be overcome, he noted a “combination of fingerprint and facial recognition” is another possible solution.

Last month, Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri said the “iPhone 8” could include facial or gesture recognition technology powered by a laser sensor and an infrared sensor located near the front-facing camera. The feature could allow users to control their devices with simple gestures for tasks such as adjusting volume.

Lending credence to these rumors is Apple’s trademark for “Iris Engine” and the acquisitions of companies such as Faceshift and PrimeSense.

iPhone would not be the first smartphone with an iris scanner, as Samsung included the technology on its now-discontinued Galaxy Note7.

DigiTimes also said the “iPhone 8” will enter production earlier than in previous years, in line with a report from earlier this week.

Apple has requested its chip and component suppliers start trial production, inspection and prepare inventories for the new iPhone series earlier than usual, said the sources. Deliveries of chips and parts for the new models are expected to kick off in the second half of first-quarter 2017, the sources indicated.
Apple’s trio of new iPhones, including more iterative “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus” models, are still expected to launch in September per usual. The “iPhone 8” in particular may cost upwards of $1,000 in the U.S. due to its significant redesign and features that require more expensive parts.

Apple may add wireless charging to iPhone 8, but top-end model could cost $1,000

There are rumors swirling around the iPhone 8 suggesting Apple could be planning to offer a major technology leap forward with its 10th Anniversary iPhone, but the highest-end devices may not be cheap.


Business Insider has published a pair of rumors on various aspects of the upcoming iPhone 8. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will move back to all-glass construction with the iPhone 8 for all three models. The use of glass could make it more difficult to implement the wireless charging support Kuo expects the new device to offer, and overheating could be a problem due to the difference in thermal dissipation between glass and metal. Kuo writes:

Adoption of glass casing & wireless charging unfavorable to thermal system operation for three new 2017F iPhone models; bigger impact on OLED model. The thermal system becomes less efficient with glass casing, as compared to metal casing used previously. Furthermore, wireless charging increases handset temperature. While we don’t expect general users to notice any difference, lamination of an additional graphite sheet is needed for better thermal control and, thus, steady operation; this is because FPCB is replaced with film, which is more sensitive to temperature change of the 3D touch sensor in OLED iPhone.

Kuo suspects that Apple can solve this problem by adding the aforementioned graphene sheet, but that it could increase the cost of the OLED panel by as much as 50%. That brings us to our second rumor. Scuttlebutt suggests the top-end iPhone 8 with an OLED display, wireless charging, and a 5.8-inch screen could hit $1,000 or even more. Mark Sullivan of Fast Company agrees with Kuo on this point. Sullivan expects the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) to offer more RAM, more storage, and possibly higher clock speeds than other Apple devices.

The iPhone 8/X is also expected to offer home buttons and fingerprint sensors built directly into its edge-to-edge screen, a double camera, and 3D-sensing technology provided by Lumentum. Companies like Amazon and Google have played with 3D-sensing technology to varying degrees, and the tech could be useful in augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

Now, keep in mind, that $1,000+ price tag is strictly for the premium model. There would be three smartphones in total: A 4.7-inch model (iPhone 7s), a 5.5-inch model (iPhone 7s Plus) and the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 or iPhone X with higher specs wherever possible. Apple has supposedly tied up OLED suppliers and is working on integrating a much larger battery into the iPhone 8/X. The company is also expected to use both Intel and Qualcomm modems.

For now, it looks like Apple will debut a number of brand-new features for the iPhone 8/X, then roll those features out to the entire product lineup, most likely the following year. That would keep some technologies positioned as halo items for the luxury buyers, while simultaneously ensuring over the long term that these features would be used.

How To Use An iPhone Tracking App To Uncover Infidelity

An iPhone tracking app or an iPhone spy app might seem straight out of science fiction or a James Bond movie. Right after all, being able to see exactly where your cell phone (and its user) is located in real time remotely as a result of a web site is the sort of stuff one particular sees in spy movies. On the other hand, with the iPhone’s in-built GPS, and the right tracking application, one can effortlessly turn an ordinary iPhone into a high tech spy gadget.

But why would you genuinely need an app to track iPhone mobiles? One particular cause would be to track your phone in case of a theft or loss. But an additional, much more typical cause would be to track one’s spouse. When you believe that your far better half is having an affair with someone else, a basic iPhone monitoring application will allow you to monitor his/her movements in genuine time and figure out where by he/she is in any way times.

Suppose your wife or husband tells you that he/she is going to the grocery store, but whenever you check the iPhone tracking app data, you realize that he/she was definitely at the local Starbucks meeting up with an individual. Such concrete proof can lay to bed whatever suspicions of infidelity you may perhaps have and put an end to all the pain, anxiety and agony that comes along with it.

Inside past, in the event you wanted to keep an eye on your loved one, you had to install pricey GPS tracking devices to his/her automobile. Not only was this answer terribly costly, it was also really ineffective. Soon after all, the automobile could be parked anywhere, although your husband or wife might be somewhere else altogether.

The other option was to use a private detective. This can be a woefully paranoid and outdated technique to understand if your wife or husband is having an affair. Why spend thousands of dollars on a PI who might or may perhaps not do his job when you can maintain track of your husband or wife through an inexpensive iPhone-tracking app?

Now, you may possibly be wondering how an iPhone Tracking Application in fact works. Simply place, the app uses the iPhone’s in-built GPS to send information about the area of the cellular phone to an on the net account. This account is password protected and may be accessed by means of any personal computer. The GPS monitoring information is translated into actual location by way of Google Maps. This shows you the exact location in the cell phone on the map. You possibly can zoom-in, zoom-out, use Google Street View (if accessible), etc. to figure out exactly where by your partner is in any way times.

The greatest part about iPhone monitoring applications is that they are very uncomplicated to set up. You may well be aware with the Apple application shop exactly where it is possible to quickly comb by means of all the apps offered for your iPhone. A quick search for ‘tracking app’ or ‘gps app’ will show 20-30 diverse apps. You just have to pay for that application and press a single button to set up it.

Numerous diverse corporations offer different monitoring applications that fulfil distinct purposes. Even Apple has stepped into the monitoring game with its Mobile Me platform. The range of possibilities available at your disposal, therefore, is rather vast.

Most applications could be largely divided into two categories: hidden and visible. Hidden monitoring applications remain undetectable inside the background. This means that your partner wouldn’t know that he/she is getting tracked. These apps tend to be slightly far more expensive. However, these iPhone spy apps are definitely worth the money.

With a visible iPhone tracking app, your loved one would know that he/she is becoming tracked. You may be able to talk him/her into installing the app for ‘safety’ reasons, but if your spouse already knows that he/she is getting tracked, it defeats the whole purpose of monitoring.

When you truly want to know where your wife or husband is just for that sake of safety, these visible iPhone-tracking applications could be far more than enough. Nevertheless, should you would like to catch him/her from the act of cheating, the latter kind (‘hidden’ apps) will be a greater alternative.

All the apps are priced differently and have diverse features. Your choice must depend your budget as well as your needs.

For more info, check out this iPhone tracking site.

Source by: Spyphone Guy

Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen

Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch ScreenLegacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen
Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch ScreenLegacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen
Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch ScreenLegacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen

Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen. An incredibly distinctive quadband GSM cellphone presented in a stylish form factor, the CVSC-M41 is housed in raven black with a chrome finish to frame its luxurious curves.

Fully unlocked, the Legacy Cellphone offers native quadband functionality (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) to work on any GSM network of your choice. Coming with two SIM card slots, you can be confident in never missing a business or personal call with two active phone numbers stored inside one individual mobile phone (dual SIM with dual standby).

Packed with plenty of easy-to-use productivity tools and multimedia features, this modern-day mobile companion is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle, maximize your productivity and lets you take your entertainment wherever you go. Use it at work, use it at home, use it anywhere in between for travel, business or leisure. Enhance your personal and your business life with the CVSC-M41. Among the many features available in this modern mobile phone include a robust phonebook and contact manager for those who want to stay on top of their busy lifestyle, an easy to use intuitive touchscreen interface and a silky-smooth accelerometer to give you easy access to all onboard media and communication features, plus Bluetooth for excellent wireless connectivity.

The CVSC-M41 is proudly brought to you by the leader in China Wholesale Electronics, Chinavasion. Order your stock now at a superb factory direct price, and while you are at it, don’t forget to look at our Bluetooth adapter section of the website for earpieces and other accessories you can utilize while you are making calls while on the road.

At a Glance…

  • Quadband Dual SIM Cellphone with 2.8 Touchscreen
  • Fully unlocked quadband mobile phone for worldwide use
  • User-friendly touchscreen UI.
  • Designed for travel, business and leisure

NOTE: This product is compatible with GSM at the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. This can be used throughout the world.Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch ScreenLegacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen

China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Main Function: Unlocked quadband mobile phone with dual-SIM functionality
  • Additional Functions: video player, audio player, digital camera and video recorder, Analog TV, TV record, FM Radio, sound recorder, Calendar, To Do List, Alarm, Calculator, Currency Converter, World Clock
  • GSM Compatibility (Quad Band): Frequencies 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
  • Screen: 2.8″ LCD with 260K colors
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion
  • Color: Black with chrome highlights
  • Dimensions (mm): 107 (L) x 55 (W) x 14 (H)
  • Bluetooth Profiles: Handsfree, Headset, SPP, DUN, OPP, FTP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Bluetooth Type: MTKBTDEVICE
  • SIM Card Slot: YES – 2
  • SIM Card Modes: Dual SIM open, Only SIM1 Open, Only SIM2 Open
  • Mobile Internet: Yes – WAP (if supported by your data plan)
  • Security Settings: Phone lock, Auto Keypad Lock, Change Password
  • Accelerometer Settings: Wallpaper Switch, Song Switch, FM Channel Switch, TV Rotate, Video Rotate, Image Rotate, Call Silent
  • Languages (8): English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Greek
  • SMS/MMS Capacity:
    – SIM1: 250 MMS
    – SIM2: 250 MMS
    – Phone: 500 SMS
  • Battery Charge Time approx: 2 hours
  • Playing Time (music) approx: 6-8 hours
  • Playing Time (video) approx: 4-5 hours
  • Standby Time approx: 40-60 hours (depending on use)
  • File Formats:
    – Music: MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV
    – Image: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
    – Video: 3GP, AVI
  • Digital Still Camera:
    – Resolution: 640×480, 240×320, 80×60, 160×120, 320×240
    – Image Quality: High, Normal, Low
    – Snapshot Options: Digital Zoom, Timer, Continuous Shot, Scene Modes, Color Effects, White Balance
    – EV: 8 steps (+4 to -4)
    – Banding: 50Hz / 60Hz
    – Formats: JPG
  • Video Recorder:
    – Video quality: Normal, Low, High
    – Video Settings: Digital Zoom, Night Mode, Effects, White Balance
    – EV: 8 steps (+4 to -4)
    – Banding: 50Hz, 60Hz
    – Video Record Format: AVI
  • TV:
    – Type: Analog
    – Record Function: YES
    – TV Record Format: AVI
  • Preset TV Region Profiles (33): China, Shenzhen, America, Canada, England, Europe, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Turkey, UAE, Afghanistan, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Hong Kong, South Africa, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Czech Republic
  • Audio Player:
    – Formats: MP3, WAV
    – Functions: Playlist Auto Generate, Repeat, Shuffle, Background Play, Spectrum Display, Lyrics Display
  • Video Player:
    – Formats: 3GP, AVI
    – Functions: Screen Display, Snapshot, Rotation
  • Sound Recorder:
    – Type: Analog
    – Record Format: AMR, AWB, WAV
    – Quality: Low, High
  • FM Radio:
    – Frequency: 87.5MHz to 108MHz (worldwide)
    – Background Play: On, Off
    – Loudspeaker: On, Off
    – Record Function: YES
    – Record Format: AMR, AWB, WAV
    – Record Audio Quality: Low, High
  • Manufacturer Ref: 4RG71ZWQ1TR4

Product Notes

  • Unlike the iPhone, this phone is fully unlocked; it can be used with any carrier, network and SIM card(s) of your choice
  • Pre-loaded PDA software tools; To-Do List, Alarm, World Clock, Calculator, Stop Watch, Calendar, Bluetooth, User Profile Manager
  • Excellent multimedia functionality, including video player, audio player and analog TV

Package Contents

  • Model CVSC-M41 Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen
  • Phone Stylus
  • 2x Li-ion 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 1GB Micro SD card
  • USB to mini-USB cable
  • Travel Charger (100-240V 50/60Hz)
  • Wired earphones with MIC and clip
  • 2x Replacement Earbuds
  • Leather (Faux) Carry Pouch
  • User Manual – English

Legacy Quadband Dual SIM Touchscreen Cellphone w/2.8 Inch Screen 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this phone like the iPhone?
    No, this phone is better than the iPhone! Unlike the iPhone, the M41 comes fully unlocked and ready for use with any network or carrier straight out of the box. You do not need to use any firmware hacks and risk “bricking” the phone. The M41 also has dual SIM and video recording functionality (unlike the iPhone) and doesn’t require a firmware update to send/receive MMS messages.
  • Is this phone like the Chinese HiPhone, APhone and other Chinese touchscreen phones?
    No, this is better than all of them. Unlike with other Chinese touchscreen phones, the M41 comes with a full 12-month warranty from Chinavasion along with a professional in-house customer support service. You can also be secure in the knowledge that your M41 has gone through rigorous QC testing before it is shipped direct to you.
  • This phone has an accelerometer, what exactly is that?
    This is a built-in motion sensor that tracks when the electronic device has been tilted or swiveled. It is a feature most commonly used to change images in a photo viewer or to change tracks in an audio player.
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  • Written By: D.T.

Current Reviews:    2 This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 June, 2009.

Source by: Raphael Hidalgo

Samsung Galaxy Tab Contract – Most Amazing Tablet in the Whole Galaxy

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is the new Android super technology released by Samsung, the Tab is available with all the major networks including retailers like o2,vodafone,orange and is available throughout the UK. The Samsung Tab doesn’t come cheap and is priced higher than the iPad, but with the features and the capability to double in to a phone makes the price comparatively relevant in the context. At around £499, the Tab is on the higher side of being priced by the networks.

The Tab is a true tablet, and needs to have internet connectivity for browsing through the pages with ease, the deals which include free browsing upto 1GB are ideal for the customers. The value pack deals mainly come without free minutes or texts, opting for data browsing options could end up the user with higher bills on their call rates.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Contract offered by these networks, o2, Vodafone, orange, Three are the best in the industry, the prices offered are as follows on various networks:


For £15 a month, monthly contract, the Samsung galaxy Tab three is available for £500 and offers 100 network minutes free, 2000 Three to Three minutes free, 3000 texts and 1GB of data. Other deals cover the Tab for £99 with a Two-year contract and 5GB data per month free and the monthly charge will amount to £40. As the monthly charges reduce, the cost of the Tab increases, for example for the same contract as above, the cost of the Tab increases to £199 with the monthly charge reducing to £35, Tab price goes up to £299 for a monthly charge of just £30, the least monthly charge is £25 and the Tab is available for £399 with this deal.

With a two-year contract and a monthly charge of £40 and added benefits like, 5GB per month plus 250 texts, the Tab is available for £99.99.

There are many such deals with the network for the Tab, which the user can choose from and buy as per his convenience.


The Galaxy Tab is available with T mobile on pay as you go deals and with these deals the user can avail T-mobile’s pay-per-day mobile broadband. Many options are available for the user to chose from, with a charging done on daily, weekly and monthly basis, the cost for one day is £2,  for a week is £7 and 30 days will cost the user£15. The daily rate will allow you 500mb of data browsing, while the weekly plans give the user 1GB worth free data browsing and the monthly 2GB.  The cost for the Tab is such deals is £529.

There are many other deals in the market by many other networks which are suitable for the users demands.

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What is the Difference Between a Business and a Company?

Many throw around the terms business and company as if they were the same thing.  However, there is quite a difference between the two structures.  Confusing these terms may create problems for legal documents or conversations if one refers to their company as a business or vice versa.  Once you learn the differences between these two structures, you may be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like your business to stay a businessor register it as a company.

What is a Business?

A business is not a legal entity and therefore, cannot be treated as such.  A business allows you to earn money but it does not have to be incorporated.  As a business, you must report your earnings and pay tax on them under your personal taxes.  Since your business is not its own separate entity, if your business fails, your personal assets are at risk.  You must register  your business name with the territory or state that you plan to work under – unless your business name is your first name or initial and surname that is used.  No matter how similar your business may be to a company, the business will never receive the same benefits that a company is entitled to, such as limited liability and a fixed corporate tax rate.

What is a Company?

A company is its own entity completely separate from its directors, members, owners, etc.  This means that a company can be sued and sue as an individual can, enter into contracts on its own behalf, and own property and assets as an individual can.  A company will have its own income tax liability so that you will never be personally responsible for the financial state of the company.  

Registering as a Company

To register as a proprietary company, the company needs at minimum one shareholder and can have a maximum of 50 share holders who are not working for the company.  Shares cannot be sold to the public but shares can be given to employees of the company, to subsidiaries of the company or to existing shareholders.  

A Public Company Versus a Proprietary Company

Besides the share holders, there are other differences between a public and proprietary company.  The latter only requires one director to permanently reside in Australia whereas a public company requires three directors, two of which that live in Australia.  

Small businesses often prefer to become proprietary limited companies rather than public companies.  They can label themselves as a small company and benefit from the privileges that a company has over being a business.

Source by: MaddocksSolicitors