How to backup iPhone data?

iPhone is the latest invention of market and people are ready to buy this new technology. Today millions of people are using this amazing device. Every one wants to buy new phone to get benefits of latest technologies. iPhone is the device full fill your all requirements like music, video, movie, internet browsing, camera and much more which was not available in a mobile phone. You also use iPhone to store important data like maps, calendar, contacts and photos. So now it is a very precious and valuable thing for us. But today there are many causes of iPhone data loss like iPhone broken or virus attack.

To solve this problem you need to download iPhone backup tool. It is one of the best ways to secure & safe data. This software allow you to backup your data in PC that your can also use it in future. You can easily copy your music, video, photos into PC. Remove the chances of data loss by using iPhone Backup software. People also use this to make backup for your contacts, bookmarks, iPhone setting very easily and simply. Try this software for your iPhone.

Many people think that making iPhone backup process would be very tough but it is not true with iPhone backup utility. It is a very user friendly and easy to install software. It also allows you to copy old iPhone data to new one. It is not certain that whenever your iPhone file get corrupt so remove the chances of any type of data loss problem and make full backup to your data into PC. Download this software online.

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Ways to Protect Your Business Security

As a business owner, one of the things you should be concerned about is your business security. ID thieves victimize both individuals and business owners alike. In this article, let’s discuss the ways on how you can protect both your personal and business security:

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Whether you’re a small business owner or a home based entrepreneur, you should get your own Employer Identification Number or EIN. Never use your Social Security Number (SSN) on your business transactions such as when dealing with suppliers and clients.

Apply for a separate business account. Separating your personal credit history from your business credit history is one way to protect your security. Make sure that you only use your business accounts for official business transactions.

Use your business credit card with caution. You need to be very careful when using business credit cards for purchase. It is recommended to purchase only from trusted merchants rather than buy from smaller merchants with no track record. The slight difference in the pricing doesn’t matter as long as you’re sure that your transaction is safe and secure.

Install anti-virus programs in your computers. If you use computers and internet with your business, make sure that you are protected from possible viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious programs.

Keep copies of your financial records in a safe place. Keep your old receipts, old financial statements, contracts, and other documents that contain your business details in a safe place.

Apply for a business credit tracker. Register with a business credit tracker such as Brad and Dunstreet or Experian (business) as soon as possible. Make sure that all your payments are promptly reported to the business credit bureaus.

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Iphone 3G: Your Latest Phone Fad

The latest iPhone 3G S is an absolute example of style and technology blended with professional utility. Smart, fast, sleek and truly professional in every way, the iPhone 3G is today’s deal to die for. Thousands and thousands of workaholics prefer this phone because of affluent features and powerful applications. With commendable functionality, the iPhone brings all its users a great variety of features Such as MP3 player, navigator, PDA, camera, and mini computer, along with the basic facility of making superior quality phone calls. It is a phone that flaunts smooth switch from one application to another without having the need of an uncomfortable keypad, which is often a big deal for many.

With this new modified device, the old problem of inefficient battery back up has also been resolved to a great extent. It has been projected that the new iPhone 3G S will have good battery life that may last for around 9 hours of web surfing with WiFi being on. And finally, with the launch of latest updates on Pay as you go plans from O2, holding the very professional iPhone 3G S has become all the more enticing. The new price packages of PAYG tariffs, customers can avail more free minutes or texts, with every top-up. However, one thing that is not available with the PAYG plan is the facility of visual voicemail.

Another big reason to consider iPhone is its incredible communications capabilities. Just a few taps on the phone can get your message delivered to one or many individuals. Download numerous contact managers to sort down your contact directory in appropriate manner. In brief, your iPhone 3G is a powerful, loaded device that has several features and applications and lets you do almost everything that you can ask from your phone. There is good news for music lovers too, iPhone 3G is free from the requirement of the recessed headphone jack and this is why, you may easily use your iPhone as a portable media player without any requirement of iPhone-capable headphones.

Your iphone makes it superbly easy for you to stay in touch with your important contact at every point. The options of text, mail, chat and talk are effortlessly accessible and you do not have to ever get worried about missing an important call or not being able to find an important contact. All these reasons together make it inevitable for you to not consider the choice of iPhone, whenever you get in the market for buying a new trendy, smart phone for yourself.

Although the market for iPhone 3G, iphone 3G S, 32 GB mobile phones, iPod touch is quite limited to an extent, the chances of getting duped are highly prominent. Hence, a good market research is inevitable before making your final choice. Moreover, in order to avail the most lucrative cheapest in stock deals, it is beneficial for the interested customers to shop around online. A good number of reliable online shopping stores offer an exclusive array of 16 GB, 32 GB mobile phones.

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How Should You Practice Guitar, How Often, How Long

Most people are confused about the amount of time that they should practice the guitar especially when they are beginners. But practice is the sole ingredient that is going to turn you into an advanced player from a beginner. Let me explain to you, how I used to practice the guitar when I was a beginner. I always made it a point to keep the guitar right in front of my desktop so that I would see it the moment I walked into the room. Then I would put in about 15 minutes of practice in between other activities. My whole day would have about five or six such sessions and at the end of the day, I easily practiced for about an hour and a half. On weekends, I used to practice for an hour at a stretch. Without sounding clichéd, ‘practice makes a man perfect. And you cannot deny this fact.

The difficulties in practicing

It isn’t easy to practice. At times, you can simply become de-motivated and put the guitar down. So it is very necessary to set short term as well as long term goals. Then simply work towards achieving these goals rather than practicing everyday.

Write down your goals: A lot of people have difficulties setting goals and then working towards completing them. The first step in overcoming these problems is to write down your goals. Make sure that you write it down at a place which you can see everyday. Slowly, but surely you will find that yourself working automatically to complete those goals. And let me add that you will never find yourself short of goals to complete when you are a beginner. There are arpeggios, sight reading, improvising on chords, strumming patterns and a lot more to learn.

Daily Goals: Let’s say that your last guitar session consisted of a chord progression. Then your current goal should be to perfect that chord progression. Work on it everyday for an hour and then by the time your next class arrives, you will be perfect with it. You see, the practice happens automatically.

Monthly Goals: Your monthly goal should be to learn at least 4 to 5 new chords and then alternate between them easily. You should also try to learn at least one song every month.

Time for finger exercises: Make sure that you allot at least 15 to 20 minutes of your practice time to finger exercises each day.  Finger stretching, fret board playing, chord practice etc should be a part of your everyday routine and there is no room for complacency here.

Time Management

You need to be adept at time management. It might seem difficult at first to allot a fixed time for guitar practice. But you need to be persistent and eventually, your body will adapt to the new routine. If you find yourself making excuses like, ‘I don’t have time to practice’, then go back to the drawing board and think about it. Do you find time to brush your teeth everyday? Do you find time to log on to myspace and spend at least 20 minutes on it? Then why not practice a guitar? If you still can’t, then maybe it’s time to accept the fact and move on in life. You are not made to become a musician.

A place to practice

It is very important to find a quiet place devoid of any distractions to practice. If your home isn’t the best place, then maybe you can move on to the terrace or your backyard. If you read tablature, then the place must have sufficient lighting to help you read it.

I ensure that you will no longer find yourself a beginner after just a couple of months of playing if you practice everyday.

Jeff Carson is the owner of TheReviewMine.Com.  His web site offers a diverse selection of ebooks, CD’s, DVDs, and other information that will teach you how to play guitar.

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Protect Iphone – How To Prevent Scratches On An Iphone Screen

Protect your iPhone. Those are some pretty good words to live by.

After all, most people use their iPhone more than any other item in their pocket (or pocketbook), bar none. We use them more than our house keys. More than our car keys. We even pull them out of our pockets more than a wallet or purse.

Let’s face it – when you use something over and over again, eventually it’s going to start showing signs of wear and tear. In the case of an iPhone it’s going to get scratched by keys, coins, pens, and other sharp objects… it may get dropped on the floor or a sidewalk. The screen may even crack.

That’s a lot of risk for such an expensive (and beloved) gadget.

So be smart. Protect your iPhone. Especially protect your iPhone screen. After all, you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at it.

How to Protect an iPhone Screen:

There are a couple of simple ways to protect your iphone and your iphone screen from scratches or even worse, cracking. Let’s examine a few of them.

Tip1: Watch Where You Put It

It almost goes without saying, but if you want to protect your iPhone screen, watch where you put it! Before you cram it in a pocket or a bag, make sure it’s not next to your keys, paper clips, or whatever other semi-sharp objects you carry with you.

Tip 2: Boost Your Grip

Almost everyone drops their cell phone on the floor every now and again. What’s worse, some of us have dropped our phone into the dreaded toilet! Even if you haven’t, you probably know someone who has!

The truth is, phones can be slippery. Apparently having such a sleek and sexy gadget comes with a price. There are a lot of iPhone accessories out there that boast the added benefit of boosting your grip. It may seem like a silly thing, but in reality, the better your grip, the slimmer the chance you’ll drop it. It’s a simple iPhone screen protection tip that will prevent the accumulation of scratches and cracks.

Tip 3: Get iPhone Screen Protection (or Full Body Protection)

Probably the best way to protect your phone screen is to get an iPhone screen protector. Some companies now sell ultra-thin clear protectors (or iPhone skins with cool designs) that prevent scratches on your screen.

You simply apply a thin and nearly invisible shield that can withstand the multitude of daily threats most iPhones face. In some cases, you can even find full body protection that can keep your entire gadget free of dings, scrapes, and scratches.

When you compare the cost of these shields to the cost of the gadget itself, these are a great solution!

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Apples I phone 3G 8GB: King with the new cloths

Apple, the renowned manufacturer of I Pods, has set the fire all again. Apple has recently launched Iphone 3G 8GB. The previous version of Apple I-Phone created much hype all over the world but people were disappointed by the performance and the features that this phone gave. But now this manufacturer has come up with Apple IPhone 3G 8GB. As the name suggests the phone has the 3G support platform and offers you on board memory of 8 GB.

This third generation smart mobile phone has a grand 3.5 inches display touch screen that works on the capacitive mechanism that makes it user friendly display type. The screen has a support of 16 million colours which occupy 320 X 480 pixels of screen size. Additional feature that this display offers is auto rotate mechanism. The surface of the screen is made with a scratch less glass that allows you to use your phone with much worry.

IPhone 3G 16GB is a smart phone that operates on MAC operating system. 32 Bit, 620 MHZ processor by Samsung powers the whole mechanism of the phone. This phone has HTML browser by the world famous Safari. The phone offers you seamless connectivity with several data connectivity features like HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS USB, WLAN and Bluetooth.

To guide you at all the way, this little gizmo has GPS navigation support and comes along with the pre loaded Google maps. The gorgeous beauty is made to stay longer with you and hence you can use up this phone for 300 hours. It offers 10 hours of talk time.

Now it can be said that an apple a day keeps the hassles away. This phone is a complete package that will take care of all the communication, data and entertainment needs. The phone can be availed with all the leading networks such as T-Mobile, O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin and Three. Deals on Apples I phone 3G is available online at mobile stores and other retailers.

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A Short History Of The Smartphone

Modern technology moves fast and furious, especially when it comes to capabilities of the smartphone. Just what is a “smartphone”? Actually there are no agreed upon or exact definitions for the term. Most would agree however that smartphones do more – much more – than what Alexander Graham Bell first envisioned when he invented the original telephone back in the 1870s.


The smartphone differs from ordinary mobile phones in that they are capable of advanced functionality because they contain software applications that can be run directly from the phone itself. This software is typically open-source, an advantage that makes adding applications as easy as loading them onto the phone via wireless downloads. Today, these devices are not considered very “smart” unless they can accomodate a datebook/calendar, advanced internet connectivity, photography, music and even video capability.


IBM was the first to venture into the business of offering consumers a highly advanced mobile phone. In 1993, the company introduced what could be considered the world’s smartphone – simply called Simon. Considered low-end by today’s standard, this first smartphone featured an amazing array of features – email, address book, clock, calendar, note pad, and even the ability to send and receive faxes.

During the mid-90’s, Nokia began to heat things up by introducing its first line of smartphone – the Nokia 9000 series. This phone was not only the first in a series of popular smart phones manufactured by Nokia, they were also the most expensive, coming in at 20-40% more costly than its rivals. The Nokia 9210 was indeed the first real and true smartphone due to its open operating system.

Cutting Edge Smart Phones

The 21st century has spawned smartphones that are incredibly powerful and easy to use. Touch-screen functionality has become the norm and manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia and Research in Motion are furiously vying for the smartphone consumer and business dollar.

Apple changed the smartphone industry with its introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007. Nokia has since countered with the unveiling of its Nokia XPress Music Phone in 2008. The Nokia 5800 is a touch-screen lovers dream that includes just about every feature a user would want. The handset even comes with millions of downloadable music tracks at no cost. Google recently joined the fray by introducing it Android phone during the same time period.

The Future

Could the smartphone get any smarter than it already is? Sure can! In the not so distant future, virtually everyone on earth will be carrying some type of smartphone – devices that will make today’s handsets pale in comparison. Increased bandwidth and speed will allow phones to be able to handle video in real-time with no problem. In the future, these mobile handsets will be indispensable to daily life, used for a wide array of functions, including consumer purchases, banking, real-time video connectivity, advanced GPS tracking, entertainment and much more.

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What is Android and What Does it Do?

By now you have seen the commercials for the new Android phone that state that it is something that “does” things. The things that this new smart phone does were created by Android application developers in conjunction with Google. Introduced as an alternative to the iPhone, the very things that this smart phone does will be what can differentiate it from the competition.

What exactly is an Android phone and what does it do? Is it like the iPhone or better? To better understand what it is and what it can do, you first need a little background information on cell phones and how they work.

All cell phones smart or otherwise, have operating systems. This software that is permanently stored on your phone is what makes the phone function. In the past, these systems would only support apps or programs that were created by the original developers giving them complete control over the functionality of the phone. With Android, this is not the case.
Android features and open source operating system which means that anyone who wants to develop apps for the Android platform can. Android apps developers can create new applications or programs for anyone to use. This shift from the past proprietary systems gives freedom and offers advantages for users.

Some notable benefits are:

•Application Variety. With innumerable apps developers using their creativity to develop unique apps, there can be an endless variety of types and functions of apps. Nearly any idea for an app that can be conceived can be made into reality.

•Innovative applications. In the past, applications could take months to create. With this platform, Android developers can create their applications in less time while bringing new and fresh ideas to life.

•Money saving. Due to the move past proprietary systems to open source systems, the cost of your cell phone will be reflective of the actual hardware as the costs for research and development will not be present. This used to be a major part of the cost of the phones in the past.

•Multiple carriers. With Android you have your choice of cell phone carriers rather than just one carrier, like the iPhone. This can possibly be money saving as well as you can compare several companies to find the best plan for you. Additionally, there have been issues with the coverage area for iPhone users that may not be present with those that offer Android.

•Multi-task. With the Android phone, the notification bar will alert you to various things such as new voice messages, email messages (in Gmail and others), Facebook notifications and new text messages for example. If the Android app developer created an app that has notification capability, it can alert you quickly and in the background without disrupting anything else you may be doing with your phone. With the iPhone, which depends on a single system where not all applications may have access, you do not have this ability.

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Apple Iphone Clones

iPhone by Apple has created a furore in the world mobile market. The brand which was till now synonymous with world class laptops, the iPod and other electronic gadgets has now stepped into the ever growing and competitive mobile phone market. Every announcement by Apple is waited for with bated breath and the announcement of Apple iPhone generated the same reaction and anticipation from the mobile enthusiasts the world over.

The release of Apple iPhone was hugely welcomed. Its success was almost guaranteed and when the promised got developed it reflected in the millions of sales that the phone marked in its introductory phase itself. Success breeds clones and the same holds true for the iPhone. miniOne by Meizu is one such handset that looks almost similar to the phone in question. Even the manufacturers themselves might have to strain really hard to spot the differences, if any, between these two handsets. One conspicuous difference—the 16 GB memory which is double of what the iPhone has to offer.

IP200 is another contender in the race. In looks, it is similar, but some differences in terms of features and applications are definitely there. One major difference however is the added keypad, as the touchscreen in the phone is optional.

The other iPhone clones already pervading or soon to be released includes the likes of Teclast T59, LG Prada KE850, ASUS Aura and iSoftPhone. Creating clones is a different matter, but being able to elicit the same response and success is not too easy a task. Apple has a brand name, its products are highly anticipated in the world market and are accepted with open arms even before the initial reviews begin to pour in. The clones might emulate the design, the features and specifications, but the brand value is something exclusive to the Apple.

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Bookkeeping Business Advice: Put Value to Your Time With Zero Dollar Checks

In the last bookkeeping business advice article, we agreed that tracking your time with QuickBooks Timesheets or QuickBooks Pro Timer is the first step to becoming successful in your bookkeeping business. When you start tracking all of your daily time – and detailing what you did in the “note” section of the timesheet – it is easier to put value to your time. 

In my own QuickBooks file, I set my own business mentoring company up as a customer with sub-accounts.  Some of those sub-accounts are Marketing, Paid Time Off, Education, Administration Time, Letters/Contracts and Bookkeeping – to use when I work on my own company’s bookkeeping.  Breaking it out this way has helped me with my hiring process by calculating the administrative cost to run my company. It has helped me determine how many new clients I can take on, and the value of my unpaid time.

If you are an individual bookkeeper like many of my business mentoring clients, you can enable the timesheets in QuickBooks and use them to keep track of your time and run reports.  If you have more than one person in the office, as in my firm, use the QuickBooks Time Tracker, which comes on your QuickBooks Installation CD.  

So now what do you do with the information after it is entered?  How many of you actually know what your profitability is per client?  One of the common practices that I see as a bookkeeping business coach is bookkeeping service owners do not attach a value to their time.  Most bookkeeping business owners are ‘dba’s or ‘LLC’s.  As you know, owners of these types of business do not take paychecks, they take draws.  So how do you put the value to your time? 

Before we get started setting this up in QuickBooks, you need to think of how much money you want to make this year in your bookkeeping service business and break it down to an hourly rate. Then you want to set yourself up as a vendor in the list and set a rate and code in the item field for each service you provide. Next, link the expense side to a payroll account or an owner’s wage account. 

From this window in QuickBooks create a check and allow it to pull your time from your timesheets. If you notice that all the details post to the “item” tab, just keep in mind that we are not going to pay this entire amount.

Next click on the “expense” tab and post a negative dollar amount to the payroll account.

Save and close the transaction. You have now put value to your time with a zero dollar check. 

Now, when you run your ‘Job Profitability Summary’ you have actual cost for your time and you can see if your margins are within 70% of what you billed. If they are not, your pricing is not high enough. I tell my business mentoring clients to always keep in mind that 1/3 of cost goes to overhead, 1/3 of cost goes toward direct cost and the remainder 1/3 goes to the owner.

By using QuickBooks, bookkeeping service owners can put a value to their time, analyze their pricing and manage their time more efficiently. 

Stay tuned. In the next bookkeeping business coaching article we will go over how to streamline your invoicing process by pulling data from your time records.

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