iPhone 7 Rumors

The iPhone 7 rumors have already started pouring in even though the iPhone 6 just came out.

Fans are speculating about the release date and features for the iPhone 7, among other aspects.

Mac World notes that it could actually be referred to as the iPhone 6S.


“However, it’s been rumoured for a few years now that Apple is considering dropping the ‘S’ naming convention, as it’s beginning to be perceived negatively. After all, it does make it seem like it’s not a completely new device, but rather a stepping stone to the next iPhone,” it said. “Another option is that the iPhone 7 will be called the iPhone Air.”

The release date is initially pegged as sometime in September 2015, although it could come as early as next spring.

While it’s likely that the iPhone 7 will have new features, it probably won’t have a new design.

But the design could incorporate “sidewall displays,” which extend onto the sides of the device, or “a display that extends onto the sides of the device, providing interactive or touch sensitive portions that give access to the slide to unlock functionality, music player controls, messaging readout, caller ID, system controls and more.”

There are rumblings that Apple could try for a sapphire display for a future iPhone, maybe the iPhone 7.

But DisplayMate president Ray Soneira says that it wouldn’t be a good idea, because the displays give off to much glare.

He said in a note that the anti-reflection screen coating that is used on the iPad Air 2 should do the work.

“Presumably Apple’s future products will have the same Anti-Reflection coatings as well,” he said, “so forget about Sapphire on future iPhones because if you apply an Anti-Reflection coating to Sapphire, which has a very high 8 percent Reflectance all by itself, you lose its very high scratch resistance because the softer coating is now on top.”


Meanwhile, Flickr user Jan-Willem Reusink has come out with some interesting iPhone 7 renderings.

They show a sharper body style as well as a reimagined home button.

Other improvements from the iPhone 6 include an edge-to-edge display, a completely solid back panel, and five application columns on the home screen as opposed to four.