How Does Broadband Work

Broadband is a communication channel that supports a broader range of frequency compared to the ones used by regular phone lines (baseband). Phone lines are usually used for internet connection, which can only send a maximum capacity of 56kbps of data when coupled with a modem. This makes broadband connection faster and more popular choice for consumers. It is available via ADSL phone lines, wireless fidelity, cable TV, or via satellite.

How does broadband work? Broadband is faster than baseband links because broadband connections is capable of carrying multiple signals. To put it simply, one can think of baseband lines as one channel while broadband lines as multiple channels.

Data from a computer source can therefore be divided and sent simultaneously to its destination using many paths at the same time instead of only having one path to go through. That way, internet connection is quicker and more efficient. One such great analogy to this is the number of lanes a road has. To compare, there would be less road traffic if there are more lanes where vehicles can pass at the same time than just one lane where all the said vehicles pass through one at a time.

But that’s not all. Another thing that makes broadband a fast connection is due to its frequency range. A larger frequency range only means that more data can be placed in a particular channel in contrast to using baseband lines. Going back to the road lane analogy, this means that on one lane there can be more vehicles that can fit at the same time and, which, of course, result to lesser traffic and speedier internet connection.

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Social Media Recruiting: An Employer's Perspective

Social media has done to recruiting what the introduction of iPhone did to the music industry. It has revolutionized the entire recruiting industry to take it online making the whole process, faster, more effective and far less expensive. From a mere 6% of organizations using social media to recruit talent, the number has now grown to a staggering 94%. Today’s generation in fact uses social media for everything including finding a job. From an employer’s perspective, it makes sense to be where new talent is available which is why all organizations are strengthening their social media profiles.

For employers, different social media platforms serve different purposes from a recruiting standpoint. LinkedIn for instance is the foremost used tool for recruiting, with more than 90% of employers using LinkedIn to source and recruit talent. Employers use LinkedIn connections as well professional groups and forums on LinkedIn to source passive candidates and to establish a professional presence on LinkedIn. From an employer’s perspective it makes sense to either form or participate in technology or professional groups related to your industry or your core competency. The best way to hire through LinkedIn is to post job openings as well as post good quality relevant content on a regular basis. Respond to comments on your posts and try and engage in discussion with professionals to get a better understanding of their competency,

Facebook and Twitter are also extensively used as a social recruiting tool, although not for direct sourcing but more for screening candidates. They serve as vetting platforms for employers to get a more holistic view of a candidate beyond what is provided in a resume. There are many instances of employers rejecting candidates due to the presence of objectionable content on their social media profiles.  No employer likes to willingly court controversy and anything remotely controversial in a candidates profile on any social platforms, be it Facebook or Twitter is likely to scare away potential employers. Also, gone are the days when the last step in the recruitment process was to screen an about to be offered candidates Facebook and Twitter profile. Nowadays, more and more organizations have starting using social platforms like Facebook throughout the hiring process, in fact many employers start the recruiting process by screening the Facebook profile and Tweets of candidates who have applied before moving them to the next step in the recruiting process.

Employers need to know that a candidate will fit in both in terms of ability and skill as well as attitude and temperament. Social media provides employers with a good window to assess cultural fitment of a candidate, leading to less chances of bad hiring, which as we all know can prove to be extremely costly for an organization.

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The future of Bluetooth Advertising (proximity marketing) in 2011

After the release of smartphone statistics reports of 2010 that showed that the smartphones that support Bluetooth Marketing was the most common smartphones in the world:



1 – Nokia, Finland 24.0 million for 39%

2 – RIM, Canada 11.2 million for 18%

3 – Apple, USA 8.4 million for 14%

4 – HTC, Taiwan 4.5 million for 7%

5 – Samsung, South Korea 3.0 million for 5%

6 – Motorola, USA 2.7 million for 4%

Rest of smartphone makers 7.9 million

TOTAL smartphones in 2010 Q2 61.7 million _ data is provided by “Tomi Ahonen Consulting”


1 – Symbian (Nokia) 27.0 million for 44%

2 – Android (Google) 11.4 million for 18%

3 – Blackberry (RIM) 11.2 million for 18%

4 – iOS/iPhone (Apple) 8.4 million for 14%

5 – Windows Mobile (Microsoft) 1.6 million for 3%

Rest of Operating systems 2.1 million

TOTAL smartphone OS devices in Q2 61.7 million _ data is provided by “Tomi Ahonen Consulting”


Almost all Symbian phones (near 44% of the global markets) supports/accepts receiving files sent by Proximity Advertising devices.

Nielson Company releases stats on smartphone usage in October 2010  showing that only 3.5% of smartphone users use Symbian Devices, this means that US markets is no more a good market for Bluetooth Advertising.

StatCounter Global Stats claims that near 75% of Africa’s smartphone users use Symbian OS smartphones, and near 57% of Asia’s smartphone users use Symbian OS smartphones and near 52% of South America’s smartphone users uses Symbian OS smartphones.

These smartphones that supports Bluetooth Marketing technology are mainly concentrated in Africa, South America and Asia.

Based on these data iBlue -the leading core Bluetooth advertising software provider for mini PCs and thin clients- iBlue board of directories announced its main target markets for 2011 will be advertising agencies companies in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Advertising agencies and mobile marketing companies will be targeted with iBlue’s latest Bluetooth Advertising core software, that converts mini PC and thin clients to a fully functioning Proximity Advertising system.

Dr.Khaled Awad the CEO of iBlue stated that “iBlue market share increased in Mexico, Middle East, Latin America and Africa due to the usage of compatible smartphones in these countries and our cost efficient custom Bluetooth Advertising Solutions that we offer for companies that would like to start their Bluetooth advertising Business.” Dr.Awad is expecting a very bright future for Bluetooth Advertising in 2011.

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New and Refurbished Flow Cytometers

Flow cytometers come into use in routine clinical analytical procedures in medical research laboratories. New and refurbished models of these products are widely available matching every budget and requirement.

Flow Cytometer – An Indispensable Device in Your Laboratory

Cell analysis, platelet studies, reticulocyte enumeration, multiparametric DNA analysis, cell biology studies, are among the research applications in which flow cytometers are required. These devices are heavy, quite big in size and rather expensive too. They come in a variety of makes and designs with a variety of features. Advanced features such as FAC Station data management system, flexibility and convenience, three or four color fluorescence capability and more can be seen incorporated into these devices.

New Flow Cytometers for Exceptional Quality and Performance

New flow cytometers are the best options for people who really care about the quality and performance of the products they purchase. Newer technology is usually seen incorporated with new products. They come with less maintenance needs, compared to other models. These products are generally supplied with a certain period of manufacturer warranty. So, while using new products, you can be assured that your product will not encounter a problem in the near future.

Save Your Expenses Buying Refurbished Models

The prices of flow cytometers can be quite overwhelming for small laboratories. Instead, purchasing refurbished models is the best choice for those who are running on a tight budget. Refurbished ones can also function like brand new models, while saving your expenses. These are the products returned to the manufacturer or dealer after a certain period of use by the first user. They are then disassembled, replaced and repaired by the manufacturer or dealer, before they are put back on the market. As the packs of these products are once opened, they are offered at substantial discounts.

Through the online shopping facility offered by different retailers, you can easily get new and refurbished flow cytometers for your labs.

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Samsung I900 Phone Beautiful 3G Touch Screen

The i900 Omnia is a beautiful 3G phone that comes with a touch screen and works on a MS Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. The Samsung i900 Omnia phone comes in black coloured & metallic silver casing complete with smooth curvaceous edges. This handset weighs only 127 grams including the fitted battery that is a good size for carrying purposes and measures 56.9mm wide by 112mm tall by 12.5mm deep. The 3.2 Inches touch screen displays a QWERTY keyboard when the user wishes to input text. This stunning 3G phone is a member of the popular Samsung i range.

A built in 5 megapixel camera with auto oozes sophistication & style. The phone includes high quality imaging, communication & business features that will draw much attention. This stylish Samsung Omnia phone supports WiFi, Bluetooth & 3G HSDPA technology. The phone also has music player that provides high quality music features for the user to enjoy that supports MP3, WMA, OGG, AMR, AAC & AAC+ music formats. The Samsung Omnia works on a quad band network that allows the user to enjoy worldwide roaming. The Samsung i900 covers four GSM bands & HSDPA that provides the user with flexibility when roaming.
The handset includes 8 gigabytes of internal memory plus expandable memory capabilities by adding a MicroSD memory card up to a further 8 gigabytes in size. The i900 Omnia supports easy to use connectivity options that include Bluetooth, WiFi technology EDGE and USB wired connectivity. Omnia comes with a WAP browser, supports RSS feeds and easy to use messaging services that includes MMS messaging, text messages, instant messages & create emails. The i900 comes with a fitted battery that allows the user to gain up to 500 hours of battery standby time or up to 5.8 hours talk time.Samsung i900 comes with 8gb and 16 gb and you can sotor a lot of music, video and your top clip which your like most. Now Samsung i8510, Samsung F480 Tocco and Samsung i900 are top selling phone of samsung you can compare a lot of contract deals at variour online mobile sites and get the cheapest tariff with your latest phone which you like.

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Get a free iPad without completing offers: Here's what I found out

Get a free iPad without completing offers: everyone wants to get their hands on a free iPad nowadays. The demand is very high and Apple is probably working overtime trying to determine the best way to supply all of the eye pads which are in such demand.

You employed to be able to your iPad in 1 to 2 weeks. Now the wait time is almost certainly about a month just before you are able to get your hands on 1 after you obtain it. But we aren’t here to talk about purchasing an iPad. We are here to talk about the best way to get your hands on one for free, right after all that’s what everybody wants.

Get a free iPad without completing offers: so this is how it works. There are actually hundreds and hundreds of businesses that need to have your support with locating out even more about their niche markets. They need to locate out extra about what makes their buyers take, what their buyers like about certain products, and regardless of whether buyers dislike about certain items.

In order to get this specifics they’ve to provide free of charge incentives often just to get men and women to aid them out to give them info. This is where the iPad comes in. I’m going to show you in the link below how you’ll be able to get your hands on 1, and it really is free.

So, all you do is go to the link below this page, or at the bottom of this write-up. There you may go to yet another page and it will ask you for your e-mail address. Immediately after that you said you give them your e-mail address and they will send you to your inbox directions on easy methods to get yours for totally free. The new page even lets you determine what color you need. It’s kind of cool.

So go ahead to the link now, and soon after you obtain yours in a month or so because of the high demand, let me know how it works out for you.

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Ios Arcade Game Controller For IPad

The motor car dash installed iPad. These started turning up within days of the iPad release. Earlier versions affixed your iPad to your dash completely, but newer versions effortlessly enable you to remove it.

The vintage Mac mod. Stuck in 1984? Nicely, one brave soul got his iPad back in its history with him, utilizing an empty Macintosh Basic shell to carry his newborn. It fits excellent aside from the “home” button being covered.

The manual typewriter iPad mod. It may be the only way to type slower than using a touch screen. A man by the title of Jack Zylkin has generated a mod package that hooks your iPad around a vintage typewriter, to constantly remind you just why an iPad is acquired by you to begin with.

The iPad “guitar.” A DJ called Franz Keller states to function as initial to mash upward his iPad with a new Plexiglass body and different deejaying gadgets to produce a guitar designed iPad synthesizer. It will not earn any aesthetic awards, but it’s quite cool, among others is active attempting to make their very own iPad-tars.

Video gaming shall never fade. It is a thing that keeps individuals sane and content though there are several downsides because of dependence on it. Almost every full day, game developers produce brand-new and astounding video gaming that catch the attention of the people especially the kids and the teenagers. New types of video consoles are increasingly being innovated and produced. The famous types are usually from the Sony PlayStation series, Xbox series, and the Nintendo household. Whether it’s a handheld the game console. Or perhaps a Wii, video gaming captures the youngster in every one of its players. However, traditional arcade or video games ought never to be taken from the picture. As a matter of fact, nowadays these classic or even old video gaming are the base of the video gaming industry. Besides, enjoying some classic can do the right to the body too.

Remember the 16-colour visuals and the 8-bit audio of gaming? This is how were seen way back whenever a dollar appeared to be lots of money. If you could actually catch these classic video games, you may be missing them right now for sure. But you don’t have to be sad for the fast innovations because these classic video games that you were playing when you were still young are still alive. Yes and you can actually play them online! Some of the top vintage games that can still be played on-line (as a matter of fact, some sport consoles launch traditional/ vintage as well and you will get them on sport disks) are the following:

The Donkey Kong

Based on the public college curriculum, students are usually instructed within the usage of computer systems in first quality, but usually do not start the “Style to understand” process until 4th grade. Once we can notice, there exists a gap of 3 years before learning students are taught to type. Consider of the prospect of the technological development of college students that may be acquired from pc instruction in those 3 years by using app advancement for tablet computer systems, just like the iPad.nd

Currently, the highest frequency of computer usage among elementary students (across 15 different countries) is for the purpose of playing games.


For more info here:

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Ace your AP Economics Test with AP Economics: Up Down Study for iOS!

Seoul, Korea – The CheongShim International Education Research Institute has today announced the release of AP Economics – Up Down Study for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  Developed to be a stand-alone mobile study tool, this app helps engaged high-school students prepare for their AP Economics Test wherever and whenever they want. To ensure its effectiveness, this learning utility focuses only on the most relevant Economics topics which are taught through proven learning methods. AP Economics – Up Down Study is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for only $3.99.

This learning application was developed for with the sole focus of effectively preparing users to take the AP Economics Test. The stakes here are high – a single point difference in their test’s overall score can mean the difference between getting a semester’s worth of college credit & getting nothing at all. AP Economics – Up Down Study gives students a mobile study portal that they can bring along and review from anywhere, helping them study more flexibly and without logistical restrictions or hassles. To this end, the app also includes a full point-by-point concise overview of both AP Microeconomics & AP Macroeconomics classes.

Furthermore, AP Economics – Up Down Study effectively maintains a complete focus on reviewing the most relevant information students need to understand and memorize specifically for the general AP Economics Test. This app is not simply filled with helpful content tough. With a keen eye on the maxims of the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, the app itself is structured to promote the most efficient learning processes. This extra attention to proper learning technique means that students can acquire – and perhaps more importantly retain – the informational content included within AP Economics – Up Down Study as quickly as possible.

The concepts covered throughout this app are both nuanced and complex. In recognition of this reality, the app’s developers made sure to give students constant access to the app’s dedicated interactive Facebook page. This is a place studiers can appeal to whether they find themselves confused, or simply want to get a second opinion on a given topic. This learning forum is managed by eminent Economics teacher Dr. Han & provides users with an effective and reliable platform form which to ask specific relevant questions or to share their own knowledge with the app’s community of students. Studying for the final AP Economics test is challenging, but with AP Economics – Up Down Study committed high school students can effectively lessen the burden of this sizable task.

iTunes link on the App Store:

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Iphone Money Apps – Enjoy the More Money you can Get from iPhone

Iphone money apps can turn iphone to wealth…

You have heard of a lot of ventures you can undertake employing your pc that can earn you a lot of money, but have you ever visualized earning a lot of money through your mobile phone or iphone? It’s true, your mobile phone or iphone can also your means of income. It’s all possible due to the fact of mobile marketing, which means marketing with the consumption of a mobile device.

This so-called mobile marketing is advantageous most especially for moneymakers like you with many reasons. One, it is very much portable. Second, allow you save time in sending messages to your objective audience because you can create one message then send to a lot of people. This way of marketing is cheaper because there is no need for you to spend money for the different communications media other than sending bulk messages through your mobile phone.

But the question now is how to make money out from your phone? Just so simple, iphone money apps is the answer. Iphone applications are really much popular and it is likewise in demand to all people with mobile phones and many people today own one. The procedure of making money through iphone money apps is simple because you merely have to create an application clients can use or that will allow a client to market their products from. Everybody loves iphone apps, so when you produce one you can earn a lot of money.

Other than that, iphone money apps can permit you of keeping 70% of all you sell in the iPhone Application Store and that is one attractive commission that you will get from there. And because that the mobile phone industry doesn’t have the vocabulary of stopping their manufacture of newer models, this iphone money apps venture can genuinely take you to where many opportunities can be found. Plus, you can work from home and be your own boss. To sum up all, iphone money apps is the most convenient venture nowadays because by just staying at home, you can earn money.

Now you know how you can get richer from iphone money apps, get started and visit this site In this site, you can determine more on how you can gain more income from iphone money apps. Find out all about this product and interpret how and what it can perform to make your iphone a well of riches for you and win over you that there is indeed money in the iphone!

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How to protect your cell phone?

“The only body organ that is detached from my body is my cell phone”, this line was quoted on Twitter by one of a very well-known celebrities. This simple line gathered a lot of appreciation and retweets. It actually expresses the importance that a cell phone holds in the life of common man. Imagining the life without it is difficult. On one hand, mobile handsets have made the life easier and on the other, it has made the users insecure. People live in the constant fear of the loosing the important and confidential data that the phone holds. Earlier, people used to store their details in dairies, but now life becomes miserable if the contact details are lost. Not only this, protecting the handsets from bangs, drops and theft is also a task.

The article talks about the ways through which you can prevent these loses. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. You can’t avoid them completely, but taking reasonable amount of precaution is always recommended. Here are some of the points that will make sure that your personal data don’t end up in wrong hands and your expensive handset is protected.

1.Secure data with strong password

Setting a strong password by using the alphanumeric characters is the first line of defense that you can provide to the stored data. Don’t save all your passwords in the phone, especially, if you are using phone banking and other such facilities. You need to take extra care when you are using any open Wi-Fi network that is unprotected. These  networks make it easy for the hacker to sneak into your internet activities. You may use social media sites, but avoid using emails, internet banking and other such apps.

2.Use security app

You will find a lot of security apps at your mobile store. Provide a secondary layer of protection to your phone through these apps. Install Anti-virus and App Locks. These software can reduce the vulnerability of your phone, but you are still required to be cautious. Don’t download any third party apps. Avoid clicking on the links or emails that you receive from any unknown source.


There is always a threat of your phone facing any hardware related problem. It sometimes happens that your cell stop working and the only way to bring it back to it’s normal working condition is to reset it. Prepare yourself for such situation by keeping a backup. Without a backup, you will loose your entire data and information. You can keep the backup in your laptops or at any place, from where you can access it easily.

4.Deal with theft

Don’t leave your phone unattended. Keep it out of sight when you are at a crowded place. Keeping it in your hands or in pockets is invitation to theft. If you still loose your phone, somehow, then, the first thing you need to do, is to enable remote wipe. As soon as the thief will switch it on the entire data will be wiped. The next thing is to file a FIR as your SIM card can be used for any wrong purpose. You surely don’t want to land into trouble. You already have the backup of data, so, the next thing is to track it, if your phone has an inbuilt device tracking app. You are almost ready to deal with the crisis. For the monetary lose, you must be having the insurance as mostly all the smart phones are insured at the time of purchase.

5.Cover your phone

The external bangs and drops are equally hazardous. They damage the hardware from within. Moreover, you can’t afford to have scratches on your expensive handset. Use a full body clear protector that covers the cell entirely. Tempered glasses are a must to keep the screen safe. You can get a phone case as well. There are cat themed phone cases, available in the market, that has kitties printed on them. Allow your feline to protect your handset. Along with security, the kitties will add a subtle charm to your mobile.

Bastex 3d Character Silicone Case for Apple Iphone 5c – Hot Pink & Tan Monkey.#iphonecases #phonecases

— For your cellphone (@forcellphone) August 25, 2016

Don’t just sit and wait for any unwanted thing to happen to the appliance that is so important to you. Take precautionary measures and be ready for such undesirable situations.

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