Mms – the Best Messaging Technology

MMS is a multimedia messaging service and has created a revolution in the messaging method. MMS provides an entire multimedia experience of photos, text, pictures, animations, audio and speech. By using the MMS, the mobile users can send their multimedia messages from their multimedia enabled mobile handset to other email and mobile users. With the MMS technology the mobile users can receive multimedia messages from mobile users, multimedia enabled applications and email users. MMS can support audio formats like WAV, MIDI and MP3. MMS is also used for sending Video clips of a movie or show to other mobiles.

MMS functions in a way similar to SMS. A SMS contain text messages with minimum character limits. But a MMS can send messages with more text capacity. SMS has limitations like only pictures and text can be sent. MMS is user friendly as you can send audio and video clips with text. It provides you advantages like by using MMS you can receive certain MMS messages after your working hours. Older mobile handsets will not have the MMS support and so you cannot have the MMS technology inbuilt in them. Recently introduced handsets of Sony Ericcson, LG and Nokia companies are Multimedia Message Service enabled. The price of these mobile sets has also been reduced significantly. All the service providers have also started to offer MMS to their customers. MMS is used by all the mobile users and has reached similar acceptance level like SMS.

MMS provides the user complete multimedia knowledge and is definitely going to increase the mobile communication usage. Many in the communication industry, for networks of 2.5 G and 3G, consider MMS as one of the biggest potential moneymakers. It is a standard telephony messaging system that allows transferring messages containing multimedia objects like video, audio and objects along with text messages as in SMS. MMS is mainly used in mobile networks along with similar messaging systems like Mobile Instant Messaging, SMS etc. In today’s context, MMS is considered as best and proven messaging technology and it has surpassed Electronic mail and SMS. The penetration of MMS was slow and though it was introduced into the market way back in 2002. In the recent years it has attained mass-market acceptance. By improving its technology, MMS has reached wide adoption by major market players as it offers them greater business opportunity in the whole telecommunication market. Short Message Service or SMS is transformed in full form as MMS. With the MMS technology in a mobile handset, the mobile user need not confine his messages to text only. MMS is designed to operate with GPRS, 1x/EVDO mobile packet data services.

MMS enables a large number of applications used for private communication, business, entertainment and information. MMS is delivered in two modes and they are immediate and deferred. You can take a snapshot using your camera phone and send the image by using MMS to your friend with animated picture messages. You can also send your favorite audio files and can also do simultaneous playback advertising. MMS faces lot of challenges like bulk messaging, distribution lists, WAP Push, handset configuration and content adaptation. MMS is different from EMS that is Enhanced Messaging service that is SMS with additional capabilities. MMS is going to be used as community-based communication method in the future years.

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Cell Phone Recon Product Review – Track Your Child's Cell Phone

Cell Phone Recon Product Review

Product Overview:

Cell Phone Recon is software that gives you the ability to secretly monitor your cell phone. The software logs all of your incoming and outgoing text messages, call history, and emails. The software will also allow you to track your phone location via GPS, so if you lose your phone, or just want to check its location, you can easily find it. Perfect for monitoring your child’s phone, or even your spouse’s phone. Use to investigate suspicious behavior, or to get peace of mind.

The software is installed in “stealth mode” and runs completely hidden in the background, meaning that there are no traces of the monitoring software on your phone.

To view the logged information, simply log into the administration panel via any internet browser, and every text message, email, and ingoing/outgoing phone number will be listed. In addition, the exact street address will be listed next to each text message, phone call, or email, letting you know exactly where the phone was when any of those activities were logged.

For example, if your child text messages or calls you and says they are staying late at school to study, you can check to make sure they are really where they say they are.

Installation and Setup:

Installation is straightforward and simple. Cell Phone Recon comes with an installation web address and license key. Go to the web address on the mobile browser on your cell phone, enter the provided license key, and the phone will install the Cell Phone Recon software. Installation takes just a couple minutes, and when complete, the Cell Phone Recon software will be actively tracking and monitoring the activity on your chid’s cell phone.


While the software is operating on your phone, you won’t see any notifications, windows, or indications that that all of your text messages, emails, calls, and GPS location is being monitored. This is for both ease of use and stealth operation. Phone activity is invisibly transmitted via your phone’s data connection.

Each product license can be installed only on one phone at a time, so if you get a new phone, or need to monitor a different phone, just uninstall the software, and re-install it on a new phone.

Viewing Phone History and GPS Location:

Reviewing call logs, emails, text messages, and logged GPS data from your phone is also straightforward. Log in to your administration panel on any internet browser with your username and password, and all of the data is presented to you in an easy to read table format. You can even sort the table by date, time, address, or phone number.

You can also export the logged phone data to a CSV file (used by Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs) for a quick and easy backup of all your phone usage history.

The GPS tracking feature has another convenient purpose – it records the location of where the phone is at when a particular logged action took place. So if you call your child, and they tell you they are staying late after school, you can verify this by looking at the location on a map. You can also see where the phone was when it sent or received a text message or email.


Cell Phone Recon is compatible with most major smartphone brands – Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS. It has been tested to work with T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and many other US carriers. The one major smartphone that the Cell Phone Recon is not yet compatible with is the Apple iPhone, due to the fact that all programs that run on the iPhone must be approved and sold through Apple’s App Store. If you are looking to monitor an iPhone, you would need a product such as the iPhone Recovery iSpy Stick.


  • Stealth operation for covert monitoring
  • Monitors and records all ingoing/outgoing emails, call history, text messages, and emails
  • View logged information from any internet browser
  • View GPS location of phone on Google Maps
  • Works on almost all major cell phone brands and service providers
  • One-time license fee gets you 5 years of unlimited monitoring


  • Unable to work on Apple iPhone


Overall, the Cell Phone Recon offers a very comprehensive set of cell phone monitoring features. With the ability to log every incoming and outgoing text message, email, detailed call history, and GPS location, this product is a very useful piece of monitoring software for smartphone owners.

Legal Disclaimer:

Cell Phone Recon can only be used to monitor phones that you own, for example, your child or spouse’s cell phone that you pay for. Using this software on a phone that is NOT yours may be illegal. Check all applicable state, local, and federal laws before using this product if you are unsure whether or not your intended use is legal.

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Free iPhone application can make you rich!

Generate a good Cash flow on your free iPhone app

If you have an idea of an application for the iPhone, and are willing to give it away for free, you might have a chance to make serious money on it anyway.


Develop your app for iPhone

First, get hold of the iPhone SDK (software Developer Kit) and get your program made, then get it launched on the Apple market place for application – App Store.

Approve that the application can use Apple iAd, and wait for the response. If your application gets downloaded and used, a revenue stream will come to you as a function of the iAd and not the sales of your application, which is free.

So what is iAd?

iAd – The in-app advertising system Apple offers to developers of iPhone apps.
The iAd system allows developers to include advertising in their apps to earn more money or subsidize free apps. The ads can offer sophisticated interactivity and animation.
Apple sells the advertising and serves the ads from its servers. Revenue from the ads is split 60/40 in favor of the app developer. iAd made its debut along with iPhone OS 4.0 in 2010.

Apple officially launched a developer preview of the iPhone OS 4 in August 2010 with integrated ads, location, and multitasking, promising that most users will have access to it.

Steve Jobs said that the next generation of the most advanced mobile operating system in the world by Apple, contains several enhancements to the OS that users have been asking for, including “tentpole” improvements like multitasking, background task completion, and background location. In total, over 100 new user features were added.

Some, including multitasking and the ability to create folders, have previously appeared in other mobile operating systems. Apple also officially launched its “iAd” mobile ad platform, which will be integrated into the OS and will provide a way, in the words of Jobs, “to keep free apps free.”

Keep applications free

“We’re just babes in the woods,” in mobile ads, Jobs said, adding that Apple would host the ads but not design them. Instead, the company will leave that work to ad agencies and the developer network.

iAd will combine the ability of the Web to provide interactivity, with the ability of TV ads to generate emotion. Apple will keep 40 percent of all ad revenue, ceding the other 60 percent to the developer. By theoretically placing an ad every three minutes in front of a user (who, Apple’s research has found, spends an average of 30 minutes using apps), multiplied by the 80 million iPhones and iPod touches sold to date, is an “incredible demographic,” Jobs said.

iPhone 3G owners and owners of the older iPod touches will not be able to take advantage of some of the capabilities of the new OS, including multitasking, because the hardware simply does not support them.

20 year old Norwegian Erik Storli makes around 1500 USD pr day on his iPhone app which turns the iPhone into a flashlight. So far, 350.000 persons have downloaded the free version of the application in the USA and around 1000 from other parts of the world. The application is free in the US, however costs around 99 cents in the rest of the world.


All this is well and fine, but…

1. You need a Good idea

How do you know if your idea is a good one? The first step is to even care if your idea is solid; and the second step is to answer the question does it have at least one of the indicators of success?

 Does your app solve a unique problem? Before the light bulb was invented, somebody had to shout out “Man, reading by candlelight is not good enough anymore!” Figure out what is not good enough anymore, and how your app can make the life of its user more comfortable/effective/fun/cost efficient etc.

Does the app serve a specific niche? Though there are not any stats on the App Store search, the usage of applications is certainly growing with the explosion of App Store inventory. Find a niche with ardent fans (pet lovers, for example) and create an app that caters to a specific audience.

Does it make people laugh? This is a no-brainer. If you can come up with something funny, you are definitely on the right track and your idea may be the golden one. Heck, I hit a red “do not press” button for 5 minutes yesterday.

Are you building a better wheel? Are there existing successful apps that lack significant feature enhancements? Don’t be satisfied with just a wine list; give it a way to talk to their fans!

Will the app be highly interactive? Let’s face it; most of us have the attention span of a flea. Successful games and utilities engage the user by requiring action!

Does your app fall in to one of these categories? If yes, it’s just about time to prepare the necessary tools.

2. Checklist of tools available

Below is a list of stuff you will need (* items are required, the rest are nice-to-have):

  • join the Apple iPhone Developer Program ($99) *
  • get iPhone or iPod Touch *
  • get an Intel-based Mac computer with Mac OS X 10.5.5,
  • prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement *
  • download and install the latest version of the iPhone SDK if you don’t already have it.
  • a spiral bound notebook*

Action: Load up on your required supplies.

3. What are you really good at?

What skills do you bring to the table? Are you a designer whose brain objects to Objective C? A developer who can’t design their way out of a paper sack? Or maybe you are neither, but an individual with an idea you’d like to take to the market? Designing a successful iPhone application is a lot like starting a small business. You play the role of Researcher, Project Manager, Accountant, Information Architect, Designer, Developer, Marketer and Advertiser – all rolled into one.

Remember what all good entrepreneurs know – it takes a team to make a product successful. Don’t get me wrong, you certainly can do it all. But you can also waste a lot of time, energy and sanity in the process. Don’t go crazy, reference the checklist below and ask yourself: What roles are the best fit for you to lead? Then find other talented people to fill in the gaps. The infusion of additional ideas can only enrich the product!

Skills Checklist

  • Ability to Discern what works/doesn’t work in existing iPhone Apps
  • Market research
  • Outlining App Functionality (Sitemap Creation)
  • Sketching
  • GUI Design
  • Programming (Objective C, Cocoa) (we assume here that we are creating a native application)
  • App Promotion and Marketing

Remember to have contractors sign your non-disclosure agreement. Having a contract in place tells your contractor “I’m a professional that takes my business and this project seriously. Now don’t go running’ off with this idea.”

Action: Select skills that are a good fit for you to lead. For those roles where you cannot lead, hire professionals.

4. Do your homework and market research

Market research is a fancy way of saying “Look at what other people are doing and don’t make the same mistakes.” Learn from the good, bad and ugly in the App Store. Coming up with creative solutions in the app concept development and design starts with analyzing other (maybe similar) applications. Even if you encounter a lot of poorly designed apps, your mind will reference these examples of what not to do.

Action: Answer these questions:

  • What problem does your app solve?
  • What products have you seen that perform a similar task?
  • How do successful apps present information to users?
  • How can you build on what works and make it unique?
  • What value does your app bring to your audience?

5. Get to know the iphone/IPod Touch User Interface (UI)

If you want to create an iPhone app, you need to understand the capabilities of the iPhone and its interface. Can you shoot a .45 caliber bullet out of your iPhone? No. Can you shoot videos? Yes!

The good news is that you don’t have to memorize the encyclopedic Apple User Interface Guidelines to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t in iPhone Apps. Download and play with as many apps as you can, and think about what functionality you want to include in your product.

Take note of:

  • How do well-designed apps navigate from screen to screen?
  • How do they organize information?
  • How MUCH information do they present to the user?
  • How do they take advantage of the iPhone’s unique characteristics: the accelerometer, swiping features, pinch, expand and rotate functions?

Action: Download the Top 10 apps in every category and play with all of them. Review the Apple Guidelines for UI design and list at least 5 features you’d like to incorporate into your app.

6. Who is your target group – future users of your application?

We assume here that you’ve already determined that your app will bring value and that you will have a raging audience for your app. Well, fine, they are raging fans, but who are they really? What actions will they take to achieve their goals within the app?

If it’s a game, maybe they want to beat their high score. Or perhaps they are a first time player – how will their experience differ from someone who is getting a nice case of brain-rot playing your game all day?

If it’s a utility app, and your audience wants to find a coffee shop quickly, what actions will they take within the app to find that coffee shop? Where are they when they’re looking for coffee? Usually in the car! Do present an interface that requires multiple taps, reading and referencing a lot? Probably not! This is how thinking about how real-life intersects design.

Action: Line item out the different types of people who will use your app. You can even name them if you want to make the scenarios you draw out as real as possible.

7. Sketch out Your idea

And by “sketch” I mean literally sketch. Line out a 9-rectangle grid on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and get to sketching!

Ask yourself:

  • What information does each screen need to present?
  • How can we take the user from point A to point B to point C?
  • How should elements on the screen be proportioned or sized in relation to each other (i.e. is this thing even tap-able?)

Thumbnailing your ideas on paper can push your creativity far beyond where your imagination might stagnate working in an sketching application! You can also buy the iPhone Stencil Kit to quickly sketch out iPhone UI prototypes on paper.

Action: Create at least one thumbnail page of your application per screen. Experiment with various navigational schemes, the text you put on buttons, and how screens connect. If you want to transfer your sketches into digital format, iPlotz is a good tool to check out.

8. Design your application 

If you are a designer, download the iPhone GUI Photoshop template or our iPhone PSD Vector Kit. Both are collections of iPhone GUI elements that will save you a lot of time in getting started. If you’ve solidified your layout during sketching, drawing up the screens will be less of a layout exercise and more about the actual design of the app.

If you are not a designer, hire one! It’s like hiring an electrician to do electrical work. You can go to Home Depot and buy tools to try it yourself, but who wants to risk getting zapped? If you’ve followed steps 1–3, you’ll have everything you need for a designer to get started.

When looking for a designer, try to find someone who has experience designing for mobile devices. They may have some good feedback and suggested improvements for your sketches. A few places to look for designers: Coroflot, Crowdspring, eLance. When posting your job offer, be very specific about your requirements, and also be ready to review a lot of portfolios.

Action: If you are a designer, get started in Photoshop. If you are not a designer, start interviewing designers for your job.

9. Programming

Even though this how-to is sequential, it’s a good idea to get a developer on board at the same time when you line up design resources. Talking with a developer sooner than later will help you scope out a project that is technically feasible and within your budget.

If you are a Objective C/Cocoa developer crack, open Xcode and get started! A few forums to join if you haven’t already:

  • Apple Dev Forum
  • iPhoneSDK (moderated by Erica Sadun)
  • iPhoneSDKForum
  • iPhoneSB

If you are not a developer, you know what to do – find one! Specify the type of app you want to produce – whether it is a game, utility or anything else. Each type usually requires a different coding skill set. A few places to look for developers: Odesk, iPhoneFreelancer, eLance and any of the forums listed above.

10. Submit your application to Apple Store

OK, so how do you submit your application to Apple Store now? The process of compiling your application and publishing the binary for iTunes Connect can be difficult for anyone unfamiliar with XCode. If you are working with a developer, ask them to help you:

  • Create your Certificates
  • Define your App ID’s
  • Create your Distribution Provisioning Profile
  • Compile the application
  • Upload to iTunes Connect

Action: If you are a developer, map out a development timeline and get started. If you are not a developer, start interviewing devs for your job.

11. Promote your application

If a tree falls in the middle of the woods and nobody was around to hear it does it make a sound? Apps can sit in the store unnoticed very easily. Don’t let this happen to you. Be ready with a plan to market your app. In fact, be ready with many plans to market your app. Be ready to experiment, some ideas will work, others won’t.

Strategies for maintaining/boosting app sales:

  • Incorporating social media. If your users make the high score on his or her favorite game, it is a good idea to make it easy for the user to post it to Facebook or Twitter. Think about how your app can incorporate social media and build that functionality into your app. At a minimum, set up a fan page for your app on Facebook and Twitter and use them as platforms to communicate with your users and get feedback on your app.
  • Pre-launch promotion. Start building buzz about your app before it has launched. E-mail people who write about things that relate to your app and see if they will talk up the upcoming release of your app.
  • Plan for multiple releases. Don’t pack your app with every single feature you want to offer in the very first release. Make your dream list for the app and make sure that the app is designed to incorporate all of the features at some time in the future. Then periodically drop new versions of the app to boost app store sales.

Action: Make a list of 20 promotional strategies that target the audience for your app. Take action on them yourself or hire someone who can!

12. Stay focused and don’t give up!

It’s easy when you are working on your first app to get all AppHappy, dreaming up a zillion new app-ideas. Dream, but don’t get sidetracked by new ideas. Your first app needs to make a big splash and getting involved in too many projects at once can dilute your passion for making your first application a success.

Action: Get out there and go surprise the audience with some stunning apps!


Stig-Arne Kristoffersen is a Corporate exec with substantial corporate experience. Providing preemptive support in German or English, basic skillset in Russian. Focus on knowledge based information within oil and gas industry, real estate and energy contract drafting and asset negosiations.

Broad experience in all aspects of geoscience, telecom and marketing/ sales management. Direct experience with energy business, technical consulting and venture capital.

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Moving Solutions

If you are moving home, relocating a business, or just transporting products, then the chances are you will need to hire a professional removal company to do the job for you. There are a large selection of moving solutions available, so much so that it can be hard to know what type to choose. This article takes a look at some of the most popular moving solutions, and how to pick the best removal service for your needs.

National Relocations

National relocations are for when you are moving to another part of the country. The most common way to transport goods nationally is by lorry. Trained professionals will be able to help pack, lift, load, and transport your goods smoothly to their final destination. Large, heavy or bulky items can also be transported by rail if there are local rail services available. Some companies will offer a special delivery and pick up from the rail station to ensure that your products get to the final address.

International Relocations

International relocations are for when you need to move your possessions overseas. There are a number of international relocation services available. One of the fastest ways to transport goods internationally is by plane. There are regular cargo planes that fly to almost every large city in the world. There is also the option to transport your goods by sea freight; this option is cheaper than air, but it will take a longer period of time to get there.  A moving specialist will be able to advise you on the right type of transportation for your needs and your budget.

Corporate Relocations

Corporate relocations are when a removal company is able to transport entire small businesses, government departments, and even large corporations to another area. They are designed to transport the goods quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to the running of your business. Staff relocations are also available, for when a staff member is required to relocate to another location.

Storage Solutions

Another option is to place some of your possessions into a secure storage facility. These facilities will be able to safely store your items until you are ready to move them on. There are also storage solutions available for high-value items, such as jewellery, paintings and antiques.

The best place to search for a removal company in your area is by looking online. All of the major removal companies will have a website which displays information on all of the services that they offer, along with their contact details. Always choose a reputable company to ensure that you will be receiving a high quality removal service. You can have a list of questions ready to ask the company when you first call. This list can include things like:

•    How long have they been operating for?
•    Do they offer free quotes?
•    What qualifications do the drivers hold?
•    What insurance cover do they offer?
•    How long will the transportation of your goods take?
•    What unions or associations are they members of?

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Functions of Mechanical Tools and Equipments Used for Construction

A construction site usually has many mechanical tools and equipments in the scene, each having a specific and important function to perform. The main purpose of using mechanical tools like cement mixers is to significantly lower down the work load of the construction site workers.

These machine based tools and equipments also enable fast construction works that save time as well as construction costs. It is the result of using these powerful tools that even the biggest construction projects are completed with ease and within the designated deadlines. For the rest of the discussion, you can learn about the functionality of cement mixers and other construction site mechanical tools.

Cement or Concrete Mixers
Concrete is an important constituent required for the construction work. cement mixers are the mechanical tools used for the preparation of concrete by mixing cement, sand and water. The function of these tools is to make concrete ready on the construction site so that it can be used for construction before hardening. These mixers have wheels that make them easy to be transported to different parts of construction sites. Concrete mixing transportation trucks are the advanced versions of these mixers.

Forklift is a useful construction site mechanical equipment type which is also known by many names like lift truck, trailer loader, tow motor and fork truck. An important function of these trucks is to lift the construction materials. They are also used for the transportation of these materials. Some of the common forklift designs include hand pallet truck, rider stacker, side loader, rider stacker and others.

Just like cement mixers and forklifts, loaders too are the important mechanical tools that are a part of any construction project. As the name suggests, these equipments are used to load different construction materials like asphalt, gravel, sand, rock and debris to other types of mechanical equipments. Dump tucks, for example are loaded with debris, dirt or other waste materials using loaders. Some of the popular designs of these equipments include armored wheel loaders, tractor front loaders and skid loaders.

In order to lift and move abnormally heavy loads, cranes are the befitting equipments one can see at different construction sites. It is one machine which makes use of many small mechanical tools to perform its functions. Lever, pulley and hydraulic cylinder are among the small machines that enable a crane to work. There are numerous types of cranes, each designed to perform for different projects related to construction industry.

Backhoe Loaders
Small construction projects require small sized cement mixers and loaders. Backhoe loaders are the mechanical equipments used for building a small house or repairing a road or any other similar type of project. Transportation of building materials, paving roads and demolition of small structures are among the functions performed by these machines.

Skid steer, excavators, crawlers, road rollers and many other mechanical tools and equipments are used in conjunction with cement mixers, cranes and other aforementioned machines to make task easier at construction sites. It is important that all these importance machines are purchased carefully and only from reputed manufacturers and suppliers.

Source by: Vaiv Jais
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How Do Mobile Phone Spy Products Give Good Results?

A cellphone is probably probably the most saleable gadgets out for the market. Entirely various makes, styles and shades are built for every consumers taste and everyday living. Possessing a cell phone can make it simpler to speak it continues to be by means of text or calls. Apart from calling and texting, it is also possible to mobile surf, take footage and videos, enjoy video games and also you can allow it to be a mobile telephone spy.

A mobile phone spy is used to trace and data all communication. All phone calls, textual information and word wide web surfing historical previous might be recorded and shall be despatched to a web web site of mobile spy. With the intention to do this, it truly is critical to gain the phone spy software on the mobile phone from the end user you need preserve monitor. As soon as it is installed,it’ll straight away scout all of one’s actions carried out over a cellphone. The operator of the mobile phone is just not going to know that tool program was placed in and that he’s being spied.

All of the records collected might be despatched by way of a spy site the site you are going to monitor all from the actions carried out. By signing in to the location, it offers you through the complete entry on the cell phones actions.

A cellphone spy could be the neatest remedy to look at all of the actions with the spouse and children, apprentice and other people on whom you want to spy. Having a cellular spy put in with a mobile phone, it’ll on top of that locate the folks location about. It’ll document the time, date and site on exactly where the phone calls and textual content messages had been made.

Even though not all mobile phones are suitable for the system service, you are going to be ready to have it fit in with BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, iPhone, the newest Apple iPad and, Windows Mobile. If your cellphone just isn’t in the checklist, you are able to check out the web page that offers cell telephone spy application and request what other items is compatible.

After a cell telephone spy is installed, you do not have to fret about anything. The owner of your cell phone just isn’t likely to suspect that he is currently being tracked. Having this fit in can be a plan of defending your family members from dangerous things. Figuring out your households routines as to who they discuss and the location they head to will prevent pointless things to take place. As soon as the program is set in, there may be no such thing like a desire so that it is possible to sneak and obtain the folks cellphone to see what is going on. Being an option you simply need to log in on the spy web page to see the data.

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Indoor Plant Hire: Benefits to Nature

The world has been struggling with pollution, carbon emission, and global warming for some time now. The best way to live a human’s life here on earth is to get as close to nature as possible. In contemporary times, global warming has taken its toll on living organisms here on earth. More than 100,000 people have been killed by disasters due to climate change. We can help save our species and restore the beauty and kindness of Mother Earth by starting to align ourselves with nature.

Planting Indoors – The First Step
No one can deny the beauty and marvel of nature in its wildest and rarest form. People always take time to plan and prepare trips to the beach, mountains, falls, and other spots where huge stone buildings and busy streets are almost nonexistent. The rich and fresh air, serene and sacred aura of trees, soothing and calming waves, — these are all gifts of nature to man’s overworked soul. Man is at peace with nature; after a stressful time in urban reality he needs rest and relaxation, he goes home in nature.   
Making Your Home Eco-Efficient

Indoor plant hire can make your living quarters healthy, therapeutic and stylish. It is environmentally-friendly as well. So give a gift to yourself, your family, your home and nature! Beautify and use the gifts from the divine. Hire some talents to help you customize and create a new and wonderful place for your family and friends.

To take advantage of indoor plant hire services is more convenient and less costly if you are a novice at planting and designing. You will be assured that the plants you include in your household or personal space is the right plant fit for the theme of the area. Indoor plant hire services are available in any part of the world. Wherever you are, locate indoor plant hire services and pledge your contribution to nature and humanity.

Go Green Now
Indoor Plant Hire services will provide you with valuable information about taking care of plants in home or office conditions. Bring the bounty of nature inside your homes and personal spaces. Reconnect and recharge with the mystery and beauty of the great divine by meditating on a plant.

Refresh the air that you breathe, get oxygen-releasing organisms now! Plants inhale air, process the components of our atmosphere, makes use of carbon dioxide and releases oxygen for humans and animals to survive. There are lots of activities and aesthetic pleasures man can derive from the presence of plants and natural things. So start now. Change your life one step at a time. Go for the better, greener mode of living.  Take advantage of indoor plant hire services.

Visit Lease a Leaf for indoor plants hire and maintenance.

Source by: Benard Worseley
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Auto Body Shops In Edmonton

Now days, people believe that making an auto body replacement is the only way to repair auto body damages or to produce quality results for repairing auto body damages. The Edmonton auto body shops are a business to repair auto body damages which are being maintained by auto body mechanics and specialists. Usually, these auto body repair shops are less expensive and cost only a fraction of what auto body replacement costs. Also auto body repairs can be completed in just a few hours in most cases so, you don’t have to wait for long. However, if these auto body damages can result into more damages if not repaired on time. One should consider the following useful tips to get you started with your auto body repair and get your vehicle to look the best:

1.One should check whether your insurance policy covers your vehicle damages or not if yes, then to what extent it covers.

2.Secondly, you need to calculate the expenditure you have to make for the auto body repairs based on the extent of insurance coverage.

3.You need to find a professional, a highly trained and well qualified technician who serves you with quality repairs, competitive rates and extraordinary service and handles your insurance claims in a superior manner by ensuring quick and efficient work. Edmonton auto body shops provide real competitive services at very affordable prices.

4.If your vehicle requires any multiple repairs then make sure the auto body shop offers you with all the services your vehicle needs and ensures high quality work. Once you have received an estimate for the work, you can schedule a time to have your vehicle repaired.

Your automobile is just like any other automobile needs repairs at regular interval of time. Your automobile requires a timely examination of its body parts and the fixation of the auto body damages, if required. Edmonton Auto body shops help to simplify your problem to a considerable level just by contacting them, you can relax and they will take care of your automobile. The technicians at these auto body repair shop minutely examines your automobile to find the damages, utilizes the best quality body parts and transforms your automobile from being a decaying form to a fresh and new one. One can drive their car freely and safely with them at your service!

However, there are a lot of things that one needs to keep into mind while planning to have your vehicle repaired. So, it is essential to take your vehicle to appropriate Edmonton Auto body shops as simply taking your car to just about any auto body repair shop is not an ideal option. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle gets the required maintenance and ensures a longer life.

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The future of Bluetooth Advertising (proximity marketing) in 2011

After the release of smartphone statistics reports of 2010 that showed that the smartphones that support Bluetooth Marketing was the most common smartphones in the world:



1 – Nokia, Finland 24.0 million for 39%

2 – RIM, Canada 11.2 million for 18%

3 – Apple, USA 8.4 million for 14%

4 – HTC, Taiwan 4.5 million for 7%

5 – Samsung, South Korea 3.0 million for 5%

6 – Motorola, USA 2.7 million for 4%

Rest of smartphone makers 7.9 million

TOTAL smartphones in 2010 Q2 61.7 million _ data is provided by “Tomi Ahonen Consulting”


1 – Symbian (Nokia) 27.0 million for 44%

2 – Android (Google) 11.4 million for 18%

3 – Blackberry (RIM) 11.2 million for 18%

4 – iOS/iPhone (Apple) 8.4 million for 14%

5 – Windows Mobile (Microsoft) 1.6 million for 3%

Rest of Operating systems 2.1 million

TOTAL smartphone OS devices in Q2 61.7 million _ data is provided by “Tomi Ahonen Consulting”


Almost all Symbian phones (near 44% of the global markets) supports/accepts receiving files sent by Proximity Advertising devices.

Nielson Company releases stats on smartphone usage in October 2010  showing that only 3.5% of smartphone users use Symbian Devices, this means that US markets is no more a good market for Bluetooth Advertising.

StatCounter Global Stats claims that near 75% of Africa’s smartphone users use Symbian OS smartphones, and near 57% of Asia’s smartphone users use Symbian OS smartphones and near 52% of South America’s smartphone users uses Symbian OS smartphones.

These smartphones that supports Bluetooth Marketing technology are mainly concentrated in Africa, South America and Asia.

Based on these data iBlue -the leading core Bluetooth advertising software provider for mini PCs and thin clients- iBlue board of directories announced its main target markets for 2011 will be advertising agencies companies in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Advertising agencies and mobile marketing companies will be targeted with iBlue’s latest Bluetooth Advertising core software, that converts mini PC and thin clients to a fully functioning Proximity Advertising system.

Dr.Khaled Awad the CEO of iBlue stated that “iBlue market share increased in Mexico, Middle East, Latin America and Africa due to the usage of compatible smartphones in these countries and our cost efficient custom Bluetooth Advertising Solutions that we offer for companies that would like to start their Bluetooth advertising Business.” Dr.Awad is expecting a very bright future for Bluetooth Advertising in 2011.

Source by: Khaled Awad
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Professional Reviews on iTouch to Computer Transfer

The Professional iTouch to Computer Transfer Review, Mac iTouch to Computer Transfer Review– transfer songs, videos, photos, play lists, podcasts and more from your iTouch to PC, iTouch to Mac, Mac to iTouch, iTouch to iTunes.

– iTouch to PC, PC to iTouch, iTouch to iTunes, iTouch to iTouch

There are huge amount of iTouch to Computer Transfer, Mac iTouch to Computer Transfer on the market. Before you choose one, you ought to consider the overall quality of the product and choose the best one for you. Our review experts have tested many similar products and narrow them down to the top five products. It can help you decide which iTouch to Computer Transfer is the best to meet your needs.

The criteria used by our expert reviews to rank the iTouch to Computer Transfe are as follow:

  • Speed – iTouch to Computer transfering should happen at a reasonable quick speed. It shouldn’t take forever to transfer iTouch songs, movies, photos to computer.
  • StabilityiTouch to Computer software should work without error and ought to complete each task without glitches. The program should also work well with any iTouch and other programs, such as iTunes.
  • Easy to Use – It is true that the fewer the number of click, the easier the iTouch to Computer transfer is to use. One thing you should require of your software selection is an easy-to-access output folder. Even a perfect transferring is worthless if you can’t find the transferred file.
  • Features – iTouch to Computer Transfer should offer many practical features, such as you can manage the iTouch content and import and export files between the devices and your computer.
  • Support – Having multiple forms of help is important. Great help and support is essential.

Please use the information below to determine which iTouch to Computer Transfer is the best for you. We are in the process of testing additional iTouch to Computer Transfer software, and we will add new iTouch to Computer Transfer reviews as we complete these tests. The best iTouch to computer transfer is Cucusoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer, this is our testing inclusion!

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