Buying Tips for Tumbling Mats

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Tumbling mats are essential requirement for a gymnasts. Whether for a professional gymnast or a learner, to get the basic grip and fall, tumbling mats are required as these mats provide with cushion. During practice or performing, there are chances of the player falling down. Using tumbling mats reduce the impact of the fall, and thereby decrease the chances of injuries. Thus one of the main reasons why these mats are demanded is increased safety. Infact tumbling mats are also used for yoga and martial arts practice.

There are a number of choices available in the market for tumbling mats and at times it becomes very difficult to select the right mat. There are certain factors to consider to choose the right mat which we are discussing below:

  • Firstly, consider the the thickness of the mat. Also know the age of the user. His or her size, weight and level of activity should also be known. The mat should be more durable and more hefty with greater level of intensity and activity. The more thick the mat is, the less painful the fall is. Usually the thickness available are 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch and so on. For tumbling purpose, the tumbling mat should be atleast 2 inch. A thicker mat should always be the preferred choice.

  • The materials used in making tumbling mats are durable, non-porous materials like rubber or vinyl, with tough exterior but soft foam like polyethylene inserts. Mats needed for gymnastics should be thicker, wider, and stronger compared to mats used for yoga.

  • Next comes the size of the mat. Tumbling mats are available in varied sizes. In fact in many homes, for the safety of the kids, the large size tumbling mats covering the floor area are used which serve as an excellent play area for children. So the mat should be chosen as per the activity level and play area space. Tumbling mats sizes vary greatly from 4 x 6-8 feet, 5 x 6-12 feet, to 6 x 8-14 feet, and so on. If there is space constraint, you can opt for foldable mats.


Gymnastic tumbling mats are quite expensive. Though cheaper ones are also available, which may not serve a long time but can serve your purpose. You need to be very sure about the size before you make your purchase. There are many gymnastic supply stores where you can compare prices and quality of tumbling mats. You also visit online sites to see a wider variety. Buying online can be advantageous at times when there are benefits and discounts offered by competent suppliers.

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For more information and wholesale purchase of gymnastic sports products and accessoruies, check out Gymnastic Equipment

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Innovative Marketing Solutions with Vehicle Wraps

Custom wraps and graphics can be applied to almost all forms of vehicles on the land, air and water – cars, trucks, vans, buses, trains, trolleys, small and commuter airplanes, helicopters, boats, kayaks, canoes, and jet skis.  If the graphics wraps are done for commercial purposes then they transform the vehicles into a moving billboard for a specific brand, product, or service.

Unlike paint, all wraps are computer generated designs and once approved the designs are printed on large vinyl panels and then applied by the hands of skilled installers to contour the surfaces of the vehicles.  Designs that completely transform the look and feel by covering the complete surface are full wraps, whereas partial coverage only cover a section of the surface.  When partial wraps are designed correctly they utilize the base color of the car incorporating it into the design.  Windows can also be covered with a different material so they can still be seen through from the inside and continue the image when viewed from the outside.

Vehicle wraps are a high value solution to advertising and with a talented designer the opportunities to convey a clear and eye-catching marketing message is limitless.  Car wraps convey a level of professionalism for the company that increases their reputation and visibility as they drive around.

Vehicle wraps expand the opening for outdoor advertising, giving small and large companies an effective marketing method for high-visibility placement of their message on densely trafficked urban streets, highways, and virtually where ever they drive and park.  For a service company that travels from jobsite to jobsite that travel time now becomes valuable marketing opportunity – not to mention that when you are onsite, you are advertising to the neighbors who will likely need your services and will remember your professional company.

Vehicle wraps convert road construction, congestion, and daily traffic into a positive activity for people sitting in cars and buses are waiting for traffic to move, appreciate and are drawn to dynamic and colorful advertisements where they are likely to notice and remember the message; your message.  In fact, according to a Transportation Advertising Council of America (TACA) study:

  • Vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions – and those impressions have a high efficacy rate:
  • 90% of travelers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles.
  • 75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on the fleet graphics.
  • 30% of consumers base buying decisions on impressions they receive from company vehicles.

There have been several studies in the past decade that have all reported the same result, that vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising available today.  One study from 3M showed that a company would have to spend over $130,000 on television ads to generate equivalent annual impressions of a $3,500-$5,000 car wrap.

Every type of company that uses cars, trucks, or vans in their daily operations will benefit form the value of custom vehicle wrap.  You already own the space and therefore you don’t have to lease this valuable advertising space from an ad agency.  Many billboard companies charge between $800/month for out of the way location and up to $5,000/month for prime locations; you already own the space on your vehicles to reach thousands of people every day.  Moreover, unlike billboards there is no monthly ongoing expense just the onetime upfront costs.

The value of vehicle graphics is even more valuable for companies who have or manage fleets – technicians, delivery services, distributors, buses, minivans, trailers or taxis.  The statistics from TACA are based on a single vehicle and the increase visibility in repeat exposure is a magnitude by having a fleet branded identically.  Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

Car wraps and vehicle graphics are taking the world of advertising and marketing into a new direction.  Vehicles wraps are surpassing traditional media in their affordability and provide effective marketing tools to all companies.  All companies who use vehicles should seriously consider vehicle wraps as a critical marketing, advertising and promotion solution.

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Producing Pectin from fruit wastes

Pectin is a polysaccharide material that can be extracted from fruit pulp, and pods of citrus such as lemon, lime, oranges and grapes. In view of its high gel forming ability, pectin is widely used in the food industry, especially in the preparation of jams, jellies, fruit juices, preserved canned fruits, and in confectionaries. Medically, pectin is useful in the treatment of diarrhea.

 The basic raw materials required for the production of pectin include, apple, pomace, or pods and pulp of citrus fruits. Some chemicals such as Aluminum Chloride and Alcohol may be required at some point in the production process. Pomace is obtained from fruits after juice extraction.

 Production process initially involves obtaining dried pomace or pulp from fresh fruits. Pulp is dried to about 12% moisture content. Pomace/dried pulp is hydrated to remove soluble carbohydrates, salts, and coloring substances. Thereafter, the hydrated pulp/pomace is further subjected to extraction with a solution of 0.1-2% of citric acid for about 45 minutes. This process will result in the production of soluble pectin. This solution is then heated to a temperature of 1100F for 1hour 30 minutes.

 The obtained pectin solution can be concentrated to 5% pectin content, and then pasteurized at a temperature of 1700F for 30 minutes, and then packed for sale.

 Alternatively, Alcohol can be added to the pectin solution to produce pectin precipitation. The precipitate are pressed and dried at room temperature or under the sun or in ordinary ovens. The dried product is milled to about 100 mesh size and packaged.

 The machinery for this process include, hydraulic press, vibratory sieve, storage tanks for fermentation, centrifuge for clarification, filter press, ball m ill/pulveriser, weighing machine, knives, tray, etc. This process will be adequate for a production capacity of 6,000 tonnes of pectin per annum.

Source by: Bolarinwa Olugbemi (Dr.)
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What to do about iPhone Water Damage

If your iPhone just experienced water damage, here is what to do, how to repair it or if all else fails, how to replace it at the Apple store.

If, after experiencing water damage, your iPhone doesn’t work right or doesn’t work at all, you can now have it replaced at the Apple store. In the past, they wouldn’t replace your iPhone because water damage voids the warranty automatically. This means that your 1 or 2 year warranty is worthless if your iPhone has water damage. There are 2 sensors on your iPhone that you can see and 4 that you can’t get to while opening.

The first one is in the small round hole on top left of the iPhone, and the other one is in the middle of the bottom that separates the connectors. With a light, look at this area and if the sensor is pink it means that water has been in contact with this area. As a result of this pink sensor, Apple will not honor your warranty.

However, Apple has changed its policy. If your iPhone has been water damaged, Apple will replace it for a refurbished phone at a discount price. The refurbished iPhone and warranty for 90 days is much less expensive than the full price of the iPhone and the original warranty. In addition remember that if you purchase your iPhone with a credit card that has protection, you might be able to get your water damaged iPhone replaced for free or at least get some of your money back. You shouldn’t miss out on these options because you will have to pay to replace your water damaged iPhone.

If the sensors in your iPhone are pink and it isn’t working even after you’ve attempted to dry it out, then you might have to consider sending it to the repair shop. There are numerous repair shops that can repair your water damaged iPhone. First, they will evaluate the damage for a small fee. Next, they will tell you how much they think it will cost to get repaired. Then you will have to decide if you want to purchase a new iPhone or have them to repair it. You need to have them look at your iPhone just in case they can repair it and then you won’t have to purchase a new iPhone, particularly if you have just purchased one. You should check out iPhone repair services because they may help you to save some money.

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Differences Between IPhone and Android Apps

With the official arrival Android, consumers are comparing the apps offered by iPhone and Android. In our technologically savvy age, consumers are making choices based on what are the latest and best options that will perform as they expect. When considering smart phones and the services they can provide, the differences between the apps could determine their decision making process.

New to the Android platform are popular iPhone apps, Facebook and Pandora. The key difference between the user experiences of these apps is that with Android they have a presence on the home screen. Designed by the Android developers to increase the user friendly feel, this is a strength in the Android platform.

iPhone has completed some updates of their Facebook application by adding Facebook Events and video uploading that is direct to Facebook. This update has been well reviewed by diehard iPhone users and critics. The Facebook app is one of the most used and most popular of all of the iPhone apps as social networking sites have grown in popularity.

The Facebook app developed for Android that was created by a collaboration from Google and Facebook has been criticized for lacking many of the integral features that the iPhone app has. However, it does benefit from the ability of running apps in the background that the Android platform has. Its home screen widget and Facebook contacts folder are clear benefits and have an ease of use.

User friendly, the widget created by Android app developers is a blank box where you can update your Facebook status and below it lists your friends’ updates as well and is self updating. From this app, Android creates a contact list based on your friends if they have phone numbers listed in their profile. The contacts are well organized in an alphabetical manner. It also lists their profile picture which can be used as an icon that you can press to pull up their phone number in the Android dialer. The functionality of this app is makes staying in touch via Facebook easy.

When comparing the iPhone and Android app capabilities for Pandora, they are nearly identical. Pandora has proven to be hugely popular with iPhone users, so Pandora wanted to make it just as successful with Android. The Android app developers created an app that focuses on Android’s ability to run applications in the background. A user either use the full screen Pandora app or exit to the home screen where a widget can be used to rate songs and control music playing options easily. However, if you need to switch stations, you will need to go full screen to do so.

As the Android roll out are fairly new, new apps and updates to existing apps will be continually available. If you are in the market for a new smart phone and want to see which platform will suit you best, make sure to do research on the apps available and their reviews for both iPhone and Android.

Source by: Arnold Ward

Benefits Of The Ipad Over The Iphone

Apple completely revolutionized the cell phone market when they released their popular iPhone. Now, Apple is trying to revolutionize computers and technology with the iPad. Simply put, the iPad is a tablet computer that runs like an iPhone, but at a bigger size.

There are multiple benefits to each piece of technology. In the end, however, there are benefits that the iPad has over the iPhone. These four benefits are the core of the iPad, making it a better technology choice for many.


The major benefit that the iPad has over the iPhone comes from the size of the iPad itself. The screen is nearly 10 inches, with a 9.56 inch by 7.47 inch stance. This larger size allows for multiple benefits.

All applications can be seen at a bigger size. Now, iPad app developers have a larger amount of screen to work with. Applications can be more detailed and more intricate, as they have the space to do so. An iPad app development team can also transfer their iPhone applications to the iPad; the iPad automatically resizes nearly all iPhone apps. Now, the most popular iPhone applications can be run on the iPad at a much larger resolution.

The size also makes the iPad a perfect technology piece for watching movies and television shows, as well as for reading books electronically. The size allows for these features to be big enough to be actually enjoyable, as opposed to the small screen that the iPhone offers.


One major question that preceded the release of the iPad dealt with the keyboard itself. Apple fans wanted to know if they keyboard would be revolutionary, making it easier to type on a touch screen. Unfortunately, Apple failed to provide a revolutionary typing system. They did feature the full keyboard on the touch screen, much like the iPhone. The advantage, once again, comes from the size of the iPad. Typing on a touch screen is easier when the touch screen is nearly 10 inches in length in landscape mode.

Battery Life

The iPad claims to have an incredible battery life, with 10 hours of battery life. With that being said, it is important to note that battery life will change with each user as they use different applications.

3g Option/Wi-Fi Capabilities

Many iPhone users complain about AT&Ts 3G network. At times, the network can be slow and overloaded. The iPad gives you two options; one version that allows for monthly 3G plans, and one option that only features Wi-Fi capabilities. This makes it easier for users to use the table in their home, on their home Internet connection, without having to deal with the 3G network.

There have been some who say that the iPad is simply a large iPhone. Both pieces of technology use the same operating system, allowing applications to be transferrable. In the end, the size of the iPad creates multiple benefits over the iPhone. The upgrades in Wi-Fi and battery life make the iPad a smart decision for anyone who is looking for something smaller than a computer to use in their every day lives.

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Spy Apps For iPhone 4 – How Does An iPhone 4 Spy App Work?

Mobile Spy ( has just announced immediate availablility of their iPhone 4 spy app!

iPhone 4 spyware is an iPhone app that is used to secretly spy on the iPhone 4. The way iPhone spy software, is that as soon as the software is downloaded and set up, the iPhone 4 spyware will become undetectable and straight away begins to record a variety of info is undetectable and immediately begins to record various activities (call logs, SMS messages, GPS locations), and then silently uploads all the logs to your online account. The best thing about iPhone 4 spy app, is that all of the “spying” occurs behind the scenes while the iPhone is in use.

Here are all the features found on iPhone 4 spyware:

Retrieve Text Messages – The way this iPhone 4 spy feature works, is that all the SMS text messages which are sent or received from the iPhone 4 are secretly recorded. In addition, full contents of each message are recorded along with the date and time the text message was sent/received. This means you’ll be able to easily retrieve all deleted text messages. If you ever were looking for a way to recover delted text messages from an iPhone 4, this is it!

Secretly View Incoming/Outgoing Call Logs – This iPhone 4 spy feature enables you to find out all incoming and outgoing call details of the iPhone. Furthermore, the contact stored in the iPhone’s contact list / address book that is assocated to the number in the call logs will be shown.

If you’re wondering what the most common reasons why people use iPhone 4 spy apps, here they are:

* Uncover Relationship Cheating: Probably the #1 reason why a person chooses to decides to purchase iPhone 4 spyware, is to find out of their spouse is having an affair . Using an iPhone 4 spy app, a suspicious spouse can secretly gather all the “evidence” they need.

* Keep An Eye On Your Kids iPhone Use: Now with iPhone 4 spy apps, parents now have an easy way to monitor their kids iPhone use.

* Monitor Employees: iPhone 4 spy apps can also be used to monitor company issued iPhones. Employers now have an easy way to monitor and track their employees to ensure they are in compliance and/or being honest about there whereabouts|iPhone 4 spy software gives employers a new way to track and monitor their employees to ensure they are being honest when they say they are out meeting clients.

In summary, iPhone 4 spy phone software is an iPhone 4 spy app that’s used for a variety of reasons from catching a cheating spouse to keeping tabs on your kids use of their iPhone.


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Turn Your Iphone In To A Small Scale

The iPhone pocket scale has the capacity to weight up to 650 grams at a time. The scale supports four weighing modes including grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), and deadweight tonnage (dwt). With these four weighing items, you do not have to calculate things like silver or gold, you can weigh them using their native weights. The iPhone mini scale is suitable for the measurement of spices, herbs, gold, silver, diamonds and any small object you can think of!

The scale can be used to weight the tiniest objects – as small as 0.1 grams without bouncing up and down between the figures. The very accurate result of the objects weight is displayed on the awesome LCD digital display. The display is designed to be read in any number of lighting conditions including darkness or daytime.

The high quality box of the iPhone pocket scale has a similar appearance with the real iPhone box. The box of the scale is similar with the real iPhone in terms of the size, dimension, weight and color scheme, and most people won’t even be able to tell it’s a fake. The secret stash box offers the scale an added method of secrecy because people will think it’s just a brand new iPhone in the box.
The silver, stainless steel case of the scale can be flipped over and use as a weighing pan for larger items that need to be weighed. The tare functions automatically resets the scale to zero weight when the cover is placed on top so you can use it to hold things that tend to fall off the scale.

The iPhone Pocket Scale has a comprehensive auto power off function which automatically shut the scale off when it is idle for one minute of time. The dimension of the scale is 115 x 60 x 14mm which is exactly the size of the iPhone. The iPhone Pocket Scale is powered by 1 CR2032 battery which is included in the package. The iPhone scale is built upon a platform with the dimension of 68 x 50mm. The weight of the iPhone pocket scale is 110g – similar to the that of the real phone.

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Is It Possible To Use The Iphone With Any Service Provider?

One of the down falls to many cell phones is that they are exclusive to one network or another which puts you out of luck if you really want a phone on another network but your current provider doesn’t offer that phone. The iPhone is certainly no exception to this rule and many people broke their current contracts or waited until theirs was up and switched to AT&T so that they could use the iPhone since it was a revolutionary development. Still many others don’t do this because they have excellent coverage or customer service on their current network.

The good news is that an iPhone is able to be used on any network once it is unlocked with various software or methods. The software jail breaks the phone releasing it from any locks to the current network from which it was previously tied to, AT&T being the specific one in this case.

You do not have to sacrifice anything when unlocking the phone either. The software remains up to date and many software programs guarantee that you can constantly receive updates to the software even after the phone has been switched and offer customer support as well. There is also a money back guarantee for many of these products if for some reason it doesn’t work.

Another huge perk to this method is that applications can also be unlocked as well saving tons of money from purchasing them or buying something that you ultimately really don’t want or like and wasting your hard earned money by trying it.

Another method many people chose to try is to do it on their own with various tutorials and guides since it is claimed that the phone only requires a few simple steps to unlock and anybody can do it even without a huge technological background or proficiency as long as they can read and follow basic instructions.

One worry people may have is the lack of technical support for a jailbroken iPhone since obviously Apple will not cover a phone which has been modified. However, support is endless on the World Wide Web and many third party companies will offer their own support services especially if their software was the one used to unlock the iPhone and allow it to be used on virtually any cell phone network that you desire.

The reason that the iPhone is exclusive is due to a contract with AT&T with Apple which will eventually expire. It is useful to try a variety of methods when jail breaking your iPhone because sometimes a certain method may not work for one person but it will be perfect for another individual. Also, if you’ve tried unlocking it on your own it might not hurt to spend a little money and purchase software which will do the job for you which is as simple as plugging your iPhone into your computer and letting it do its magic. With all the different methods available to you today, there is no reason for you to not have access to your own iPhone.

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What is Android and What Does it Do?

By now you have seen the commercials for the new Android phone that state that it is something that “does” things. The things that this new smart phone does were created by Android application developers in conjunction with Google. Introduced as an alternative to the iPhone, the very things that this smart phone does will be what can differentiate it from the competition.

What exactly is an Android phone and what does it do? Is it like the iPhone or better? To better understand what it is and what it can do, you first need a little background information on cell phones and how they work.

All cell phones smart or otherwise, have operating systems. This software that is permanently stored on your phone is what makes the phone function. In the past, these systems would only support apps or programs that were created by the original developers giving them complete control over the functionality of the phone. With Android, this is not the case.
Android features and open source operating system which means that anyone who wants to develop apps for the Android platform can. Android apps developers can create new applications or programs for anyone to use. This shift from the past proprietary systems gives freedom and offers advantages for users.

Some notable benefits are:

•Application Variety. With innumerable apps developers using their creativity to develop unique apps, there can be an endless variety of types and functions of apps. Nearly any idea for an app that can be conceived can be made into reality.

•Innovative applications. In the past, applications could take months to create. With this platform, Android developers can create their applications in less time while bringing new and fresh ideas to life.

•Money saving. Due to the move past proprietary systems to open source systems, the cost of your cell phone will be reflective of the actual hardware as the costs for research and development will not be present. This used to be a major part of the cost of the phones in the past.

•Multiple carriers. With Android you have your choice of cell phone carriers rather than just one carrier, like the iPhone. This can possibly be money saving as well as you can compare several companies to find the best plan for you. Additionally, there have been issues with the coverage area for iPhone users that may not be present with those that offer Android.

•Multi-task. With the Android phone, the notification bar will alert you to various things such as new voice messages, email messages (in Gmail and others), Facebook notifications and new text messages for example. If the Android app developer created an app that has notification capability, it can alert you quickly and in the background without disrupting anything else you may be doing with your phone. With the iPhone, which depends on a single system where not all applications may have access, you do not have this ability.

Source by: Arnold Ward
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