How to open an optical shop

Opening of any optical glass shop is certainly a very nice experience. This experience should be carried on in a well planned manner and that too with outmost concentration. Once this optical shop runs successfully incurring high profits everybody involved in the business from owner to its customers, from suppliers to its employers everyone would enjoy the highest professional meets. Your optical shop would surely meet with everybody’s expectations. Another main reason of an optical shop to do a successful business is its prime location. Location plays a very vital role in success and failure of any business. For an optical shop to grow in popularity among local customers location, thus, becomes the key. Over that if the optical shop provides top class services and sells its item for consumption at a relatively cheaper rate than there is every possibility that this optical shop would earn a good reputation.

Given below are some of the steps which are helpful in opening an optical shop. These are as follows:

* The first step to open an optical shop is to formulate a business plan. If you are the owner of the optical shop, the whole planning should be done under your watchful eyes. Make up your mind about the type of optical shop you are going to set up. Whether your shop would keep fashionable glasses, corrective glasses or both. Then try to coordinate with the different optical glass suppliers operating in your area so that the products doesn’t ever short fall. Evaluate your budget prospective according to the wider dimensions connecting to the business like its business, finance, marketing prospective as well. Creation of a sells team is a must who will help your optical shop known to wider audience and also work to attract various other optical glass suppliers ready to do business with you;

* As stated earlier, decision over a particular location to set up an optical glass shop is always vital. For that, you should choose such a prime location which is well connected with all the means of transport so that your customer and other pedestrians would find easier to commute to your shop.Over that the optical shop would be located at the center of the city where everything is located at a nail throwing distance;

* Once, the optical shop location is fixed and the construction of the optical glass shop is complete, its time for interior decoration. You should fix an appointment with those professional interior designers who have an experience in designing an optical glass shop before. Once you met with the interior designer, you should discus in details about display cases, carpentry work, color if the cabins and above all the appearance inside the optical glass shop would be brighter. If you are satisfied with the interior decorator, then only start the decoration work;

* The fourth point is very vital for your optical glass shop. In this step, you would sign a lease agreement with optical glass suppliers. This is important as you require different testing equipments and signing an agreement means you are getting these optical glass equipment from your optical glass suppliers at a reasonable cheaper rate;

* The last and final step is a grand inauguration of your optical glass shop. Once everything is set and your optical glass shop is all set to make a mark of its own, it’s high time; you make its announcement and invite all your near and dear ones to the ceremony. If you can, invite the media and make it a big shot.

These are some of the steps as how to open an optical shop. If you have any other suggestions, you can suggest.

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We need more Islamophobia – not less. Islam is a death cult, not a religion

Cultural Marxists, a category whose members include most of the political elite, academia and the media, often descry and rage with populist affectation against ‘Islamophobia’. Cultural Marxists moralize that being offended by a pagan Arab fascism, one dedicated to submitting the individual into a collective communal in which the church and state are permanently commingled, is somehow an act of irrationality, almost racist in its scope, and unsophisticated in its approach. As with all matters to do with Cultural Marxism the opposite is of course true. What the vendors of cultural destruction are trying to sell you is the inversion of reality.

‘Islamophobia’ is another juvenile mindless label. We need more Islamophobes not less. We need more people who are educated about the real Islam, and the real nature of ‘Jihad’, not less. We need more realism in identifying the pagan fascist reality of a political theology centered around the racist Koran, founded by an Arab military adventurer who went mad at age 40, deifying the male moon deity of Mecca. Can there be anything more absurd than stating that a program of mindless ritualization, prayer, prostration, irrationality, and following laws emanating from a book which is worse than Mein Kampf, is a religion? Cultural Marxists, are ignorant. It is plainly insipid to criticize someone who understands and resists the evils of Islam.

As with most destructive cultural changes and posturing, the Marxist uses slander, accusing those who defend traditions, Western superiority, or the modern world with calumnies and distortions. So now we have abortion which is simply the killing of a human, turned into a ‘female right to choose’. How kind. Globaloney Warming fear-mongering is now defined as a ‘science’. Queer coupling and Gay culture is now recasted as normal, perhaps superior, in spite of psychological evidence, treatment and studies to the contrary. Misandry or man-hatred is promoted as female liberation. Anti-semitic racism and hating Jews is simply support for the underdog-Arab. Defaming Christianity and inventing lies about the theology which formed the modern world is repurposed as being progressive and ‘secular’. Slandering capitalism and industry is turned into ‘defending the poor and the minorities’. Those who protest against illegal immigration are racists, and are against all immigration. Anyone who disagrees with the Black Jesus obviously hates Blacks and probably all people of any color. When Muslims war that is okay, but if you defend yourself, you are a Bushitler goon. And so on…….

Islamophobia is thus a word like racism, which the Cultural Marxists will use to beat down anyone who opposes a fascist pagan moon cult from Mecca, responsible for some 300 million dead over 1400 years and the conquering via the sword, which still goes on today, of huge tracts of the planet. So how intelligent are these Cultural Marxists?

Anyone who uses Islamophobia is plainly a simpleton. First, most of the people against the theocratic fascism called ‘submission’, are not against individual Muslims. We know from Nazi records that only 2 million Germans were part of the official Nazi party. In Russia, the Communist party numbered no more than 8 million. This would indicate that superficially at least, most Germans and most Russians were not deployed inside non-Western organizations dedicated to the destruction of the modern world. Most likely, most citizens of Nazi Germany were not interested in Germanic race theory, nor in universalist ambition and supremacy. Same for the Russians of the Cold War. But that is immaterial. The cults which ruled these states, and their liturgy, philosophies, ideals and beliefs, certainly were interested in universal rule, and destroying the reality of the 5 senses. Islam is no different.

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Small Business Start Up Checklist: 5 Crucial Steps When Starting A Business

Every new business needs a small business start up checklist. This list will not only keep your business running smoothly, it will also help you have more organization in your company.

As an entrepreneur, you might want to do things your way, but it can’t hurt to learn a thing or two from the people who have already gone through the path you’re just about to embark on.

Below is the small business start up checklist compiled from different businesses.

1) Create a Business Plan.

A business plan is the heart and soul of every business. Before starting your business, you first have to know what you want to happen and how you can make that happen. Nothing spells disaster more than a business without a concrete plan.

2) Register Your Business Name.

One of the first things to tick off in your small business start up checklist would be the name of your business. You might not think that this is a big deal, but it is one of the first steps you have to take before you can start operations.

Once you have chosen a name, register it with the appropriate organization. Make sure to think of two or three more names just in case the name you want has already been chosen.

3) Meet Legal Requirements.

Starting a business as an adult is not the same as starting your own lemonade stand when you were in grade school. Included in the small business start up checklist is meeting legal requirements.

Now that you want to legally operate your business, you’re going to have to fill out a few documents and make whatever arrangements are necessary. This also includes obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits.

4) Choose a Bank for your Business.

When starting your own business, you naturally have to choose a bank to help you with your operations. You might need the bank when asking for a business loan or when you need to open a business account.

If you have your own accountants, it is also advisable that you consult with them regarding the bank they are most comfortable and familiar with.

5) Create Risk Management.

You have to be ready for emergencies. In case plan A doesn’t work, be sure to have plans B, C and even D lined up. What are you going to do when your business doesn’t skyrocket as you predicted? How are you going to deal with a security breach?

Risk management depends a lot on the type of business you want to have. However, be sure to consider insurance, backup systems and security systems, just to name a few.

A small business start up checklist is mainly composed of all these things. However, it is also important for you to be meticulous. Nothing is too small to take notice of when it comes to running your own business. Your business may still be small now; but given the right management, it will soon grow to be large and prosperous.

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A Retail Inventory Management Key – Think of Inventory in Terms of Time

What’s the value of your inventory on hand?” This is one of the first questions that I ask a prospective client during our initial conversation. And they can almost always give me a straight-forward answer.

Then I ask, “How many weeks of supply is that?”


For many small retailers I speak with, thinking of inventory in terms weeks of supply is a new concept. They can easily talk about inventory in terms of quantity, units, cases or casepacks, as well as how much inventory they need to build an effective display. They may have heard of terms like ‘inventory turnover’ or ‘open-to-buy’ without fully understanding what they mean. They understand return on investment, but in managing the day to day urgencies of their business they are much more focused on sales, believing that maximizing sales will lead to positive cash flow.

This perspective on cash flow is ironic because almost every small retailer I speak with who can’t answer my weeks of supply question also experiences recurring cash flow problems. Let me explain why.

Thinking about inventory in terms of time is the essential starting point in effectively managing inventory. Stated in simple terms, the goal of effective inventory management is to have on hand at any given time only enough inventory to support planned sales until the next delivery arrives, plus a safety stock to cover any short term sales spike and the possibility of a late vendor delivery. This quantity can be stated at any point in time as forward weeks of supply; that is, the number of weeks of planned sales going forward that the current inventory represents. When thinking in terms of weeks of supply, the focus is on maximizing the return on the inventory investment by linking inventory levels directly to planned sales.

However, many small retailers instinctively focus on how much they might be able to sell if they had the stock on hand, rather than the amount of cash they are committing to inventory. Their focus is on having the stock to be able to capture the ‘last sale’. The problem with trying to capture that ‘last sale’, however, is that it’s not possible to know exactly which sale is the ‘last sale’, resulting in inflated inventory levels. And unless they can quantify the number of weeks of supply they have on hand, and the number of additional weeks of supply they are purchasing, they have no way of projecting when they can expect to sell that inventory and convert it into cash.

Clearly, a critical component of forward weeks of supply is planned sales. For small retailers of non-seasonal items, these sales plans can be arrived at quickly by taking the current weekly rate of sale and applying a factor for the current sales trend. For seasonal items, a quick sales plan can be developed by taking the prior years sales for the same period and applying the sales trend factor. For larger retailers, more elaborate demand forecasting software applications are frequently utilized. The point of this discussion is not to review various forecasting methods, but to emphasize the importance of a well thought out sales plan arrived at through careful analysis of past sales volume and patterns, and current trends.

To become a truly powerful inventory management tool, forward weeks of supply should be calculated continually by category or item. For categories of fashion merchandise, for instance, where specific items are constantly changing as assortments, forward weeks of supply should be calculated by category. For staple replenishment items, forward weeks of supply should be calculated by item. And just as on hand inventories should be thought of in terms of forward weeks of supply, purchase quantities should also be evaluated for the number of additional weeks of supply that they represent. Every purchase order should be accompanied by the following question; “How many weeks am I buying?”

Finally, after I’ve taken a moment to explain the concept of weeks of supply to a prospective client, they invariably ask what the weeks of supply should be for their business. And just like they started the conversation by not knowing what their weeks of supply was, I end it by not being able to tell them what their weeks of supply should be. Every retailer has a different optimal weeks of supply, due to their unique mix of product offerings, which have unique selling characteristics, customer expectations, and supply chains. And for most retailers, especially those whose product offerings are highly seasonal, the optimal weeks of supply may vary significantly throughout the year.

The point is not necessarily to identify what the optimal weeks of supply is, but to continually challenge the current forward weeks of supply to identify opportunities for eliminating unnecessary inventory and to free up cash for other urgent needs. As every retailer understands, there’s no such thing as standing still; if you’re not going forward, you can be almost certain that you’re going backwards.

Small retailers who think of their inventory in terms of weeks of supply almost always experience fewer markdowns and fewer build-ups of dead inventory, faster inventory turnover, and healthier cash flows. With healthier cash flows and a keen eye on weeks of supply, a small retailer will always have the ability to be a true merchant, to make that advantageous purchase, chase a key item, or capitalize on the latest emerging trend. And those are the true keys to generating consistent sales increase and profitability.

Source by: Ted Hurlbut
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How To Get Short-Term Cell Phone Service For Your Business

Business owners are tired of paying for cell phone service year round when their business needs vary.  They are frustrated when they have to sign a long-term contract for mobile phones that may be intermittently in use. Business owners are looking for solutions for their changing needs depending on the time of year, weather or the economy. There is no need to sign a cell phone service contract in order to have cell phone plans.

The solution to save money is simple.  Go to and use a cell phone plan from Sprint, AT&T, Alltel, Unicel, or Verizon. There are no activation fees, no start up fees and no termination fees of any kind. Customers can change their cell phone plan, change their wireless provider, or change their mind with no activation fees, no termination fees and no suspension fees, ever.  These plans are not prepaid cell phone plans but rather the same plans available from major wireless providers with a contract.

Small or large businesses are charged the same usage rates as they would pay the provider directly for service. There is never an obligation to continue service or sign a cell phone contract and customers can stop or start one or all of their wireless lines at anytime with no penalties and no early termination fees.


Compare this to signing a contract with a service provider with a guarantee your company will be charged for monthly service regardless if the cell phone is in use.  To terminate the contract, cell phone companies will charge an early termination fee per line.

For more information about wireless plan options, you can visit their website at

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The Importance of Logo in Branding

Logo symbolizes your business and creates an image of your business in the eyes of your customers. Logo, is one of the many important elements of business branding. Sadly, it’s importance is often transparent to many. Either the business doesn’t even have one or it’s not good enough.

The design of the logo and the process of creating one are similar to creating your brand. Your logo has to go together with your brand, with the ability to deliver positive values to your customers. Your logo should also be unique and meaningful so you will shine your market. Proper logo design creates similar effect as proper branding; it is essential to have one for branding purposes and gives your business an identity.

Have you thought of just grabbing one of the “free” logos that you can find on the Internet? Don’t go through that road! You need to be serious about your logo. By having a professional designing it for you at the first place will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Some people might oppose the importance of logo in branding. This is because you don’t necessarily have to have a logo to establish your brand. However, you will look a lot more professional and unique if you have a logo attached to your brand. A logo will help you significantly in building your image and identify along with your brand. That’s what’s important about having a logo. After all, humans are visual species!

A logo is successful when it allows the immediate recognition of the business and represents the business’ character or attitude. A successful logo is a guaranteed marker.

Question: I can’t find a logo that people could remember, such as McDonalds.

Answer: Doesn’t matter how good or how appealing your logo is, without proper marketing, professional products or services, and excellent customer service, people will NOT remember your logo. In another words, build a great company and people will remember your logo.

Once when you have your logo created, you should be consistent with the logo – place it wherever possible: business card, letters, emails, website, products, invoices…etc. This is also why proper logo design at the first place is very important, because changing your logo will have an impact on your business’ identity, professionalism, and credibility.

The Business Minder Logo and Brand

Our Brand: Business Minder

Our Brand Tag Line: Business Minder, Business In Mind

Our Logo: Looks like a human shape, representing a business man. The dot and the checkmark on the top part of the logo are in different colours: the checkmark symbolizes successful and the dot symbolizes “mind.” Business Minder focuses on helping business owners to develop their unique business mindset(s), assisting them to succeed in their business journey(s).

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Is It Possible To Use The Iphone With Any Service Provider?

One of the down falls to many cell phones is that they are exclusive to one network or another which puts you out of luck if you really want a phone on another network but your current provider doesn’t offer that phone. The iPhone is certainly no exception to this rule and many people broke their current contracts or waited until theirs was up and switched to AT&T so that they could use the iPhone since it was a revolutionary development. Still many others don’t do this because they have excellent coverage or customer service on their current network.

The good news is that an iPhone is able to be used on any network once it is unlocked with various software or methods. The software jail breaks the phone releasing it from any locks to the current network from which it was previously tied to, AT&T being the specific one in this case.

You do not have to sacrifice anything when unlocking the phone either. The software remains up to date and many software programs guarantee that you can constantly receive updates to the software even after the phone has been switched and offer customer support as well. There is also a money back guarantee for many of these products if for some reason it doesn’t work.

Another huge perk to this method is that applications can also be unlocked as well saving tons of money from purchasing them or buying something that you ultimately really don’t want or like and wasting your hard earned money by trying it.

Another method many people chose to try is to do it on their own with various tutorials and guides since it is claimed that the phone only requires a few simple steps to unlock and anybody can do it even without a huge technological background or proficiency as long as they can read and follow basic instructions.

One worry people may have is the lack of technical support for a jailbroken iPhone since obviously Apple will not cover a phone which has been modified. However, support is endless on the World Wide Web and many third party companies will offer their own support services especially if their software was the one used to unlock the iPhone and allow it to be used on virtually any cell phone network that you desire.

The reason that the iPhone is exclusive is due to a contract with AT&T with Apple which will eventually expire. It is useful to try a variety of methods when jail breaking your iPhone because sometimes a certain method may not work for one person but it will be perfect for another individual. Also, if you’ve tried unlocking it on your own it might not hurt to spend a little money and purchase software which will do the job for you which is as simple as plugging your iPhone into your computer and letting it do its magic. With all the different methods available to you today, there is no reason for you to not have access to your own iPhone.

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Want To Open An Independent Bookstore – Here's A Great Tip You Can Use Now!

Now and then I shuffle through the comment sections which follow articles discussing how to open an independent bookstore. I would like to do this someday, and I’m always on the look out for tips and suggestions I can file away in preparation for when that day comes. But I often don’t find many tips there –  I find questions! Many aspiring new book store owners post a single query or two in response to what they’ve read, such as “I would love to open a bookshop, but what do I do first?” Read on for a great tip about what to do first to successfully open an independent bookshop!

What it takes is a  willingness to spend some time thinking in depth about how to open a bookshop and then putting it in writing. The single best place to start if you are serious about starting a bookstore is by writing a business plan.

A business plan is the backbone of any business. The best business plans start with a mission statement, and then spells out every detail of the book store business-to-be. Various sections of the business plan will cover everything from a choice of location, shop design & fixtures, and sources for inventory to employees, tax considerations, and sources of financing. In fact, having a carefully thought out, well written business plan is instrumental in obtaining outside financing.

Without a business degree or previous experience in starting and running a business, the whole idea of writing a business plan might be a daunting one. However, there are many guides on the market that can lead a prospective book store business owner through the entire process of writing a business plan step by step. Through a combination of research, observation, and inspired thought the business plan will be fleshed out, and it becomes much easier to see just how someone passionate about books CAN successfully open a bookshop.

Source by: Lisa Sliwa
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Free grant money available from the Government of Canada grants

Free grant money are funds that are available with certain government departments, foundations, trusts, and entities for businesses. Usually, free grant money is available for non-profit organizations, but the governments set aside billions to also help those who desperately seek money to set up or expand businesses or to keep their businesses running. A business not only benefits the owners, but also the employees and their respective families. The governments understand that. That is where Government of Canada grants comes in. There are various lines of business for which free grant money is available. One can go for accommodation and food services, agriculture, arts and entertainment, career assistance services, construction, education, healthcare, etc. to name a few.

Many people want to be their own masters but lack the funds for setting up business. Potential and existing entrepreneurs can use free grant money to set up or expand their business through Government of Canada grants.

Many are unaware of the fact that there is something called Government of Canada grants that can help many to set up or expand businesses. Among them many don’t apply for free grant money because they feel that they are not eligible. They also fear the bureaucratic red tapes that may hamper the process. However, the fact remains that the Government of Canada grants are available for all, regardless of social and financial status. All it requires is to apply for free grant money and then go through the very fast processing of the grant. Once the free grant money is approved, some level of reporting is sufficient to carry on with the project.

The entire world is going through a tough economic recession. Many have been rendered jobless and homeless. Many businesses have either cut down production or shut down completely, resulting in a lot of unhappy people, worried about their tomorrow. Free grant money is an ideal way for them to start up afresh in life and be counted again. Government of Canada grants is available for a variety of purposes like general business, employee assistance, product development, business planning, research and development, tourism, non-profit etc.

Whether one wants to lease a business location, or train or hire employees, or needs fresh finance to start a new business, invest in research and development, or market a product or service, or wants to raise working capital, free grant money from the Government of Canada grants can really make a difference.

Most of the banks don’t want to approve loans for small businesses because they fear that the project will not succeed and they will be burdened with bad debts. However, the government can guarantee these loans and make sure that the applicant doesn’t go back dejected.

Wanting to do business entails a lot of risks. What is most interesting about free grant money is that the government also insures businesses against the various unforeseen events that may occur at one time or another. And if someone wants to relocate to another area for setting up or expanding the business, the government takes care of that too! So, what are you waiting for? Immediately apply for the Government of Canada grants and have your dream fulfilled!

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8 Reasons to Sell Stuff on eBay For a Recession-Proof Business

If you need reasons to sell stuff on eBay, then consider our current recession/depression. It’s important to realize that in any economy – yes, ANY economy – there are folks who make money. And those who understand why eBay can be a recession proof business will be among that elite group because the truth is that those who have the eyes to see the opportunities will do well no matter what. Some – not all – eBay sellers will profit from these eight advantages.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #1: Zero Dollar Starting Costs

One huge reason to sell stuff on eBay in this scary and uncertain time is that it costs you nothing at all to set up your eBay business.

* In five minutes or less you can be signed up as a legitimate eBay seller: cost zero.
* Then spend another five minutes signing up at so that you can accept money from buyers: cost zero.

How many businesses can be created in less than 10 minutes for no money at all?

Recession Proof Business Advantage #2: “Try Before You Buy”

If you are an eBay seller you can “try before you buy”. This means that you can start your eBay business without spending one single penny on merchandise. To do this, take a quick walk through your home. Look around with a careful eye and find a few items that you really don’t want anymore. You know: that purple hippopotamus statue that you got last Christmas from aunt Edna … do you really need it?

Then experiment on eBay by posting a few items for sale and see what happens. Naturally you will want to look around the site for a while and see listings of successful sellers to get an idea of how this is done, but this is an interesting and educational experiment that costs you absolutely no money at all.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #3: Low Risk

Your risk on eBay is ridiculously low because you can list an item for sale for as little as $.10. What could be a bigger bargain than selling on one of the top websites on the planet for such a tiny amount of money? And what’s the worst that can happen? Wow, you lost ten whole cents.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #4: Self Financing

You can finance your business as you go. Rather then putting out huge expenditures of money, you can use the profits from your first sales to finance future merchandise you can sell to bargain hunters. The trick, of course, is not to spend at your profits at first but to reinvest them into inventory.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #5: eBay Sales As Bargain Sales

In these perilous times, everyone is looking for a bargain. Fortunately for the eBay seller, eBay is perceived as a bargain site [even though often prices are as high as those on other famous eCommerce sites]. This works in your favor because when Internet buyers need something they will often turn to eBay. If you have what they’re looking for, your chances for a sale are excellent.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #6: Enormous Traffic

As one of the top websites in the world eBay has enormous traffic. If you set up your own online store, you have the difficult problem of getting enough traffic to make your store worthwhile. Most would-be Internet sellers fail at this step because they have no idea how to get large numbers of real buyers to eyeball their goodies. Fortunately, eBay takes care of all this problem for you – and at a bargain price.

Recession Proof Business Advantage #7: Cheap eBay Advertising

eBay advertising is incredibly cheap! We have mentioned that you can list an item for $.10. Let’s compare this with a favorite way of getting traffic on the Internet: Pay Per Click [PPC]. With Google PPC the advertiser pays for each individual click. Let’s presume that you can get clicks for $.10 on Google and compare costs:

* eBay cost: 10,000 people view your offer = cost $.10
* Google AdWords: 10,000 people view your offer = cost $1,000

Recession Proof Business Advantage #8: Credibility

When money is tighter people are much more careful about what they spend. Their Scam Alert is on full time. It would be hard to find an Internet user who has never heard of eBay and this gives you instant credibility because everybody knows that eBay is a real site and generates tens of millions of dollars in sales every year. This gives the eBay seller a built-in advantage over an unknown website with an unknown product.

In any economic recession there are businesses that will thrive – and those that will wither up and blow away. If you choose to sell stuff on eBay that is ‘hot’,, you can indeed build a recession proof business for yourself and your family. All it takes is a bit of research and creative thinking to figure out what people will pay for in spite of hard times. Recession? What recession?

Source by: Sydney Johnston
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