Apple's new iPad is not an iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro upgrade: 8 things Apple's $330 tablet is missing8

The iPad Air name is out, welcome the new… iPad. That’s right, it’s now simply ‘iPad’, with no adjective in sight.
This new 9.7-inch iPad looks a lot like an iPad Air and feels a lot like an iPad Air, but it’s not an iPad Air 2 upgrade or successor. Apple is selling this new tablet at prices starting at just $330, a stunningly low entry point for such an affordable tablet.
But there are a few bullet points to keep in mind here:
The new iPad does have the same anti-reflective coating as the …

How did Apple score a 'brighter Retina Display' on the new, cheap iPad? No lamination, no coating

Apple’s press release yesterday ushered us in the era of cheap iOS tablets. The new iPad 9.7″ puppy starts at just $329, whereas all of Apple’s 10-inchers before it were $499 at their basic config. Slashing launch prices by a third is not usually in Apple’s DNA, but the iPad is a special animal. Tablets in general have fallen drastically in popularity to begin with. You can, for instance, now get an LG Gram 2017 13″ laptop that weighs two pounds, or about as much as a tablet with a keyboard cover, but has larger screen, lasts 16 hours on charge, and has way more storage. …

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro won't be announced until April

We’re expecting Apple to announce new iPad Pro models at some point during the next few weeks, and as such, the rumor bill has been incredibly busy with trying to conjure up just what we can anticipate from this new hardware. A rumor that  popped up this Monday suggested Apple would be announcing its new iPad models as soon as next week without any proper press event, and a new report from DigiTimes sheds a bit more light on exactly how Apple will go abut announcing this year’s iPads.

In 2017, we should see three new iPads Pros – two updates to the existing 9.7-inch …

Report: Four new iPad tablets are coming; here are their rumored names and color options

Just yesterday, we told you that four iPad Pro models were being tested in San Francisco and Cupertino according to mobile marketing firm Fiksu. Today, a report out of Greece reveals the names of four new iPad models that will be offered soon by Apple. According to the report, these tablets will be called the Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch 2, Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch, Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2 and the Apple iPad Mini Pro.

The 10.5-inch model is expected to feature thinner bezels, and both that tablet and the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2 are said to feature the Apple A10X chip inside. The iPad Pro 9.7-inch …

Apple testing four new iPad Pro models in San Francisco and Cupertino

Earlier today, we told you that Apple could launch its new iPad tablets as soon as next week without any type of major announcement. Confirming   that new iPads are on the way to being announced, is a report published today that cites mobile marketing firm Fiksu. Logs produced by the latter reveal that a number of new iOS tablets have been tested in the area around San Francisco and Cupertino.

The data from Fiksu shows that Apple is testing four different tablets. Fiksu has a special tracking and attribution SDK which thousands of apps use. Apple installs apps on its devices while …

Apple may launch new iPad Pro models as soon as next week without any sort of event

While the iPhone 8 is easily the most anticipated piece of hardware that we’re expecting from Apple in 2017, that’s not all the company will be announcing throughout the year. We’ve been expecting a refresh to the iPad Pro line for some time now, and a new rumor suggests that we could get an announcement on this new iPad hardware from Apple as soon as next week.

“Reputale supply chains” that MacRumors has come into contact with say that Apple will announce new iPad Pro models between March 20 and 24. Past reports have suggested that we’ll be getting three new iPad Pro variants …

Apple releases two more ads for the iPad Pro

Last month, Apple released four commercials about the Apple iPad Pro. Each ad was centered on a real-life tweet that had the profile picture changed for obvious reasons. The solution for each problem mentioned in each tweet is the Apple iPad Pro. The features noted include support for Microsoft Word,  LTE connectivity and the iPad Pro’s proclivity not to catch any viruses.  Today, Apple released two more ads in the series.

One spot opens with a sleepy student in class. She tweets, “My math notes are a mess since I’m half asleep.” The answer is the Apple iPad Pro combined with the …

10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros may be delayed until May, per latest rumor

We know that Apple has new iPads in the works, that much is indisputable. However, questions do remain regarding what sizes we will see and when each of those tablets will be released. The latest rumors based on the Asian supply chain point to delays with the two larger iPad pro models that are in the works.

The rumor reinforces the idea that Apple is working on three new iPads for release this spring — an entry 9.7-inch iPad, a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro — however, it cites the upstream supply chain, including the makers of the touchscreen panels, as …

Apple iPhone takes a big step toward Wireless Charging

Rumors have swirled for a while that Apple might embrace wireless charging beyond smartwatches (including for the next iPhone), and the company only seems to be stoking those expectations.


Apple has quietly joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which governs the Qi standard you see on most devices with wireless charging. This doesn’t guarantee that this year’s iPhone will tout wireless charging, or even that Apple will use the Qi standard at all (the Apple Watch uses a modified take on Qi). However, it does say a lot about Apple’s broader wireless charging strategy.

For over a year, there’s been talk of Apple exploring long-range charging, possibly through a partnership with Energous.

You’d just have to keep your iPhone within several feet of a charging station to top it up. The Wireless Power Consortium move doesn’t mean that Apple has given up on long-distance electricity, but it does suggest that the company believes conventional inductive charging is more practical in the near term. Also, it shows a firmer commitment to the very concept of wireless charging.

Apple doesn’t think it starts and ends with one wearable product.

Apple's 2017 iPad tablets are reportedly delayed until to the second half of the year

If you were looking forward to picking up a new Apple iPad this spring, you might have to make some changes to your calendar. According to the upstream supply chain, the three iOS powered tablets rumored to arrive in the second quarter this year, might not show up until the second half of the year. In fact, the trio of tablets might not even be unveiled until the second half of 2017. It appears that Apple is still mulling over its plans.

The tech titan could release a 9.7-inch iPad at an affordable price, a 10.5-inch model and a 12.9-inch updated iPad Pro. But the buzz from the supply chain …