Apple releases new ads for the iPad Pro, and iPhone X

A pair of new ads were released today for the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple iPhone X. The 15 second iPad spot stars the little girl named Scout, who also appeared in a previous commercial for Apple’s high-end tablet line. In that ad, which did get plenty of rotation on television, you might recall that when a neighbor saw Scout outside playing with her iPad Pro, she asked her what she was doing on her computer. The little girl answered, “What’s a computer?” The new ad, which once again shows off Scout’s bicycle riding prowess, focuses on Augmented Reality. We know how much AR is a priority inside …

You can now play Civilization VI on iPad

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, the latest turn-based strategy in the series, is now available on the Apple iPad.
Civilization VI arrives on the iPad quite unexpectedly, but it is a game that is worth playing. Named best strategy game of 2016 by The Game Awards, Civilization VI is a game about building a civilization that will last through time. You start off the game with the earliest stages of a civilization, back in the Stone Age, and advance it all the way until the modern information age. From war, diplomacy, and development of a culture, …

Phil Schiller thinks Apple got the home button-less iPhone X right, hints at a Face ID iPad

Apple went through a number of compromises and soul-searching in its first effort to make an “all-screen” phone, as per another fresh interview with its marketing boss Phil Schiller. Chief among those was the decision to ditch the home button with its integrated Touch ID finger scanner, and replace it with a Face ID biometric solution, achieved by the TrueDepth camera kit that warranted a “notch” cutout at the top of the iPhone X display.

As a result, those coming from a legacy iPhone hit both a muscle memory wall, and aspect ratio compatibility issues. No need …

Report: Apple plans to release cheapest iPad ever in Q2 2018

In March 2017, Apple surprised many by introducing the rather affordable 9.7-inch iPad. Now, a report is claiming that Tim Cook & Co. are considering releasing a new model that will be even more inexpensive. 

According to sources of Digitimes, we might see a new 9.7-inch model break cover in the second quarter of 2018. The cheapest version of this iPad will be priced at about $259. If this turns out to be true, it would mean that the new model will have a starting price that’s $70 cheaper than its current counterpart.
Needless …

The best durable Lightning cables you can buy for your iPhone or iPad

As you most probably know, Apple’s mobile devices have their own proprietary data / charging port — the Lightning. And, with every iPhone, iPad, or iPod you buy, you get one official Lightning cable to charge your device with, of course. They are quality-made, sure, but a bit on the short side, and easy to destroy if you yank them a bit too much. So, if you want to grab a second cable for your work space, or you just happened to break your original one, you may be interested to know if 3rd party manufacturers make cables that better fit your needs.

The good news …

Apple launches dedicated YouTube support channel with iPhone and iPad tutorials

Apple is getting on with the times, and just unleashed a dedicated YouTube channel that actually shows how to use your iPhone or iPad, instead of having to imagine the actions from manuals and screenshots. 

Nothing beats a soothing narration that demos you how to find, make or send a rabbit GIF in Messages, take a screenshot, or attach a file in Mail. So far, Apple has just about 10 videos up for learning, and some are for actions that you never asked for, but the collection is sure to be populated bigly big league with time.

Save $200 on the fifth-generation Verizon Apple iPad at Best Buy (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

If you’re seeking out a capable tablet today (Black Friday), Best Buy has a deal that you might find interesting. All Verizon branded fifth-generation iPad tablets with Wi-Fi and Cellular have been cut in price by $200 with an important caveat; you need to sign a two-year contract with Big Red. After the discounts take effect, the 32GB variant will cost you $259. For $359, your iPad will feature 128GB of storage. The usual prices for the tablets are $459 and $559, respectively.

The Gold and Space Gray models can be purchased on Best Buy’s website with other options available at the Big …

Apple's new ad hints that with the iPad Pro, we are close to a post-PC world

Apple says that with the iPad Pro and iOS 11, a post-PC world is closer than we think. And that is the focus of a new ad for the device that was released yesterday by Apple. It isn’t until the very end of the commercial when you understand what Apple is trying to say in 60 seconds. A young girl named Scout (maybe 11 or so) hops on her bike, carrying her iPad Pro in a bag. It’s a busy day for this young iPad Pro user as she meets a friend on an apartment stoop, and works on a report about insects (using the camera to take a picture of a praying mantis).

Our heroine then sits down …

Apple Black Friday deals: best prices on iPhone X, 8 Plus, iPad and Apple Watch

Looking for the best Black Friday deals on Apple products?
We have rounded up the best Apple Black Friday deals available at various retailers in the US, and bring them all together in one place here.
Before we start, though, let us clarify that Apple does not traditionally have huge savings on its devices at the official Apple Stores. The best Apple Black Friday deals are currently found at retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target. Keep in mind that most deals will start on November 23rd, Thanksgiving Thursday, …

Microsoft CEO Nadella insults two iPad owners; "Get a real computer," he says

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently took a trip to India where he happened to run into pair of journalists who were both sporting Apple iPad tablets. “You need to get a real computer, my friend,” the executive said to one of them. Other Microsoft executives earlier this year said that Apple copied the Surface Pro with the iPad Pro. Ryan Gavin, General Manager of the Surface line, was a bit more specific when he stated that the iPad Pro was the result of Apple copying Microsoft in the 2-in-1 category.

There are those who say that there are many similarities between the two devices. Both …