You can now save live videos on Instagram for Android and iOS, here is how it works

Instagram continues to add new features to its mobile apps, some of them based on the users’ feedback. The option to save live videos must have been on the top of the list since Instagram has decided to make available in the latest version of its app.

If you’ve been using Instagram, then you might want to know that the new feature is part of version 10.12, which has already been uploaded to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Starting today, the option to save live videos can be used on any compatible Android or iOS smartphone at the end of a broadcast. …

Mass Effect: Andromeda companion app hits Android and iOS devices

A few days ahead of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s official release, EA launches the companion app for its upcoming game. The mobile application will allow players execute so-called “strikes” without having to open the game.

On top of that, the companion app allows players to customized their loadout ahead of a multiplayer match. You’ll be able to easily swap character’s weapons, mods, and equipment, as well as spend skill points.

Since these Strike Team missions are available for a limited time, the companion app allows players to check how much time they have left before they expire. …

Avengers, assemble! These are 5 of the best Android and iOS games for Marvel Comics fans

Everyone wants to be a superhero… or a super villain. Mobile games are simply perfect for living out your fantasies. You can be Batman! You can beat up Batman as Superman! Or, as is the case right here, assemble a team of Avengers and save the planet with loads of good old-fashioned butt kicking. Marvel Comics has a strong presence on Android and iOS, so enjoy the wealth of superhero games available and have as much fun as you wish!
MARVEL Future Fight

Download: Android | iOSPrice: Free to play

This game unites …

Oxenfree, one of last year's best indie games, is now available on iOS

One of last year’s indie darlings, Oxenfree, which itself as a “supernatural teen thriller”, has just been released on the iOS App Store. The title is developed by Night School, the studio also responsible for the Mr Robot mobile game previously released on both iOS and Android.

After its release for PCs and Xbox One, the game was lauded for its natural, conversational dialogue which seamlessly integrated with the gameplay. Consequently, it appeared on a number of Game of the Year lists, and for good reason – the title also features an engrossing story …

Super Mario Run officially hits Android on March 23rd; v2 coming to iOS as well?

It’s been a long wait for Android users who wanted to get their hands on Super Mario Run and the wait is almost over. Nintendo was clear the game would be hitting the Google Play Store in March and now we have a more specific release date — March 23rd — this coming Thursday. The big question remains though: Did Nintendo do anything to fix the issues of the iOS release?

According to the tweet by Nintendo announcing the release date of Super Mario Run for Android, the version being released to the Play Store will be v2.0.0. Unfortunately, we don’t know what exactly this update …

Here are five paid iOS apps that are free for a limited time

Even if an iOS app normally costs an arm and a leg, you never know when it might end up free for a limited time, like the rest of the apps on this morning’s list. And when we say “free for a limited time,” it means that if you see something that you like, you better grab it now before it is too late. To check out which paid apps are being offered for free, simply click on the slideshow below.

With each of the apps listed, we include a link to the App Store listing, an image pertaining to the app, and a brief summary. This time around, we have five apps for your perusal. So what are you waiting …

Rejoice! Alexa is now inside the newly updated Amazon for iOS app

Starting now, Amazon is rolling out an update to its Amazon app for iOS. With the update, iPhone users will be able to open the app, click on a microphone icon on the top of the screen, and have access to Amazon’s cloud based personal assistant, Alexa. You can use Alexa to find out where your Amazon package is, check out the weather, get sports scores and more. One negative note is that the version of Alexa found inside the iOS Amazon app will not come with the Door Lock API that normally allows Alexa to lock and unlock smart locks made by Vivint and Kwikset.

Alexa is becoming well known. …

The iOS 10.3 beta lets you check which apps won't work in iOS 11

Ever since the first beta for iOS 10.3 hit, it’s been all but confirmed that the next major release, iOS 11, will likely cut support for 32-bit apps entirely, essentially making nearly 200,000 apps obsolete. It turns out, however, that the company also lets users manually check which, if any, of their installed apps will be affected by the change, though it hasn’t done a good job of advertising it.

The feature, called “App Compatibility”, is buried deep within the settings, where it can be found by tapping on General > About > Applications, provided the device is running …

Atari's RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch rolls its way into Android and iOS devices

Atari is at it again with another cash grabbing mobile game, RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch. The new title is available for free on both the Android and iOS platforms, and if you haven’t guessed by now, it’s full of outrageously overpriced in-app purchases.

Luckily, you’re not forced into buying anything, so you can peacefully build your theme park kingdom. To everyone’s surprise, Atari added a new gameplay mechanic that will allow you to get coasters, rides, decorations and more by opening card packs.

Players obtained these card packs by completing various missions …

Google Chrome for iOS is updated to include a "Read Later" feature

An update to Chrome for iOS has added a useful feature to the mobile browser. A new icon that says Read Later allows a Chrome user to save an online article to the iPhone’s native memory from where it can be recalled later to read, even if the user is not online. This saves on data usage. Unlike Apple’s similar Reading List found on Safari, or the Pocket app, content can only be saved on the device it was originally discovered on. And the Read Later feature on Chrome saves articles in the original “as is” format including text and images. Reading List and Pocket save a lite version of content that …