iOS 11 Limits Older Devices iPhone 5s & Beyond Safe, Launch Date Could Be Announced Q2 2017

The iOS 11 update may be one that is still quite a long shot to achieve for most Apple patrons, especially with the recent disclosure that came from the company. Moreover, there may be some anomalies among certain applications, if not all that are to come soon.


Known as one of the most popular and efficient mobile operating systems to date, Apple continues to update their versions on a steady basis, showing a growing set of improvements along the way. With the existing version 10.2.1 already in the market, patrons of the successors have been rendered curious on what changes can be expected-whether for better or worse.

As reported by 9 to 5 Mac, the iOS 10.3 update is now on public beta, which as of the moment alerts iOS users with apps that run on 32-bit mode respectively to update them. If the user does not choose to, the apps will not continue to operate further on the future versions, which in this case could be the iOS 11. Other users who use their iPad will be given system alerts that their older apps can affect the speed of the device.

Model-wise, the iPhone 5C is the last 32-bit iPhone that Apple released, implying that models below it will no longer be supported by the iOS 11; thus resulting in only being able to get the iOS 10.3. The iPhone 5s and beyond will be able to bask in the benefits of the future update, unfortunately for those carrying the aforementioned final 32-bit model.

No release date has been announced for the iOS 11 update just yet, but speculations arise that Apple will present the update on a big event this year, presumably by mid-June. A longer process is also expected to take place after the announcement, placing the launch sometime between September and October at the closest.

No other confirmed details have been released for the iOS 11 update thus far, as per Mac World. There were also talks of requested features, but so far, none of which were officially disseminated.