Unlimited plans introduction brought both good and bad news to U.S. Cellular

US Cellular, which is the fifth largest carrier by subscriber numbers, after Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, released very pleasant for investors quarterly results last week, and saw its stock jump significantly. It turns out, unlimited data plans are to “blame” for the carrier’s stellar performance. After introducing them back in February, U.S. Cellular saw a 51% data consumption increase on its network, but also a jump in subscriber rates.
Nearly a third of its Total plan users are on the unlimited option now, and the average subscriber goes through 3.1 GB …

Check out Apple's official video introduction of the HomePod

This afternoon at WWDC 2017, Apple introduced its long rumored answer to the Amazon Echo. The Apple HomePod is a smart speaker that features integration with Apple Music and Siri. The latter is a very important feature since one of the major components of every smart speaker is an AI personal assistant. For example, On the Amazon Echo, that task is left to up and coming superstar Alexa. On the Harman Kardon Invoke, that job belongs to Cortana; on Google Home, well, you probably can figure that one out. So Siri handles the same chores that Alexa and Google Assistant are in charge of for …

The Google Assistant has turned into a virtual salesman with the introduction of ads

It’s something that was bound to happen sooner or later. Google is the king when it comes to online advertisements, and it’s one of the largest sources of revenue for the company as a whole. Ads are what allow entities such as Google to exist, so I suppose it should only make sense that they appear to have made their way over to the Google Assistant.

Between multiple users on Reddit and a video on Twitter from Bryson Meunier, we have solid evidence that Google is now running an ad for the new Beauty and the Beast remake when you ask the Google Assistant “what’s my day like?” …

Samsung Galaxy S8 2017 introduction


On the matter of displays, we should kick off with the screen sizes for past Samsung flagship phones:
Galaxy S7 – 5.1-inch
Galaxy S7 Edge – 5.5-inch
Galaxy S6 – 5.1-inch
Galaxy S6 Edge – 5.1-inch
Galaxy S5 – 5.1-inch
There’s a clear trend of 5.1-inch panels, which is a decent middle-ground that suits most users. We’d expect the Galaxy S8 to follow suit, although a report from the Korea Herald pointed to two variants: 5.7-inches and 6.2-inches.

We’re also convinced that 2017 might be the year Samsung moves to a 4K display, following on from the Galaxy S6’s introduction of a QHD screen. One report from Weibo suggested that one variant of the Galaxy S8 will use a 4K-resolution screen.

The main argument for introducing a 4K display is the growing popularity of virtual reality. When you use a Gear VR headset today, you’re looking at a Galaxy smartphone’s QHD screen. But because the image display is in stereoscopic mode – split into two, basically – then you’re getting half resolution. Pair that with the fact that your eyes are very close to the screen, and pixel density suddenly becomes very important.

If Samsung moved to a 4K panel, you’d enjoy a significantly enhanced VR experience – visually, anyway. And it’s worth noting that the Snapdragon 820, which powers the Galaxy S7, already supports native 4K displays at 60fps.

Samsung Galaxy S8 2017 introduction Youtube Video Here

A Brief Introduction About Authentic Iphone Spare Parts

Ever since it was introduced to the masses, the iPhone has found much favor in the eyes of many millions. The company is seeing staggering sales with the release of every new model. Despite all its features and functions, one needs to realize that the iPhone is not exactly future proof. It just takes some time to see through the list of changes incorporated into the phone every time a new model is released. The demand for best iPhone parts in USA for this particular phone is also on the rise. Often times it has been noted that the present users of the phone like to invest on spurious or non-authentic spare parts for their products. It goes without the saying that they will realize their folly within a couple of weeks.
There is a reason why people take time and their hard earned money to purchase non-authentic parts for their iPhone. It is because they wish to keep the associated costs to the minimum. They have already invested a lot on acquiring the phone. Now they do not wish to spend anything additional for maintaining the phone in good condition. Hence, they opt for the easy way out, and it is nothing but to visit the local mobile phone spare parts dealer. It is possible to classify cheap iPhone spare parts into two; and they are (a) non-authentic cheap parts and (b) genuine parts at an affordable price tag. Even the most educated ones like to furnish their phones with the first option. They neither have the time nor the patience to seek out the second option.
What are the disadvantages of using non-genuine parts on your iPhone? Firstly, you stand to ruin your chances of tampering with the original warranty offered by the manufacturer. Secondly, you are trying to incorporate substandard parts into the phone – that might affect the overall functioning of the phone. Are you aware of the fact that certain plastic products (found in these spurious parts) can react with your skin? They are known to induce cancer and other harmful conditions such as blisters on the surface of the skin. Why should you take such risks when you have access to genuine iPhone parts in USA? Spend some time researching into this exciting industry, and you might find the best spare parts for your phone.
There are plenty of online dealers who sell iPhone accessories for a cheaper price tag. You can find the dealers who offer the best Samsung Galaxy accessories without making a dent into your yearly savings using the same platform. Plenty of them offer free shipping for the products purchased. Provision is there to send in the damaged spare parts back to the dealer.

Some of the best iPhone parts in USA can be found online. Buying the cheap iPhone spare parts do not necessarily mean you are investing on substandard products.

Kuwait mobile phone sticker machine introduction

Smart merchants in Kuwait has imported mobile phone sticker machine from China to expand their mobile phone stickers business in their local stores. The machine can produce custom skin for any brand and model of mobile phone all over the world, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Blackberry, LG, Oneplus…etc. Mobile phone skin ban be manufactured within 3 to 5 minutes on spot, and then sold to the customer with a price ranging from 5 to 30 US dollars according to different textures of sticker material.

The core of this machine is the mobile skin designing software called 3D DAQIN mobile beauty master, which contains above 3,000 of mobile phone templates and over 5,000 design photo. By selecting the target mobile phone model, such as iPhone 6S, and then select your favorite picture, there will be a preview for the final effect of phone skin. Of course, upload your personal photo to the software is OK. Editing on the picture and typing text is OK. Also it can add some patterns for decoration.

There are 3 machines in total which are necessary for producing phone stickers: 6 colors ink-jet printer, A3 size 4 rollers cool lamination machine and DAQIN sticker cutting plotter.
The making process of custom phone skin can be divided into 5 steps. Each step will need one machine.

Step 1. Software operation.

Select your mobile phone brand and model, such as the brand of iPhone, and the model of iPhone 6S plus. And then the iPhone 6S plus template will be displayed in the editing area. Upload your own picture for designing, or select favorite picture from the software database. Preview the final effect once editing is completed. Adjustment on the design can be made until satisfied.

Step 2. Printer operation.

Put an 20cm wide and 30cm long size of 3M white printing design film into the 6 colors ink-jet printer such as Epson R330. Set the best printing quality in the printing parameters. Print out the design.

Step 3. Lamination machine operation.

Choose a special texture lamination effect film with 20cm wide and 30cm long, such as glossy, matte, flash-matte, ice-flower, twill, gridding, 3D water drops, leather…etc. Put the lamination effect film on the surface of the previous well-printed film, and then laminate them by the 4 rollers cool lamination machine.

Step 4. DAQIN cutting plotter operation.

Put the well-laminated film into the DAQIN cutting plotter. Cut it into phone stickers.

Step 5. Manually applying operation.

Peel of the sticker from the backing paper, and then manually apply it on the mobile phone.

The above 5 steps cost about 3 to 5 minutes to complete. The material cost is 0.2 to 1.5 US dollar, while the sales price can be ranging from 4 to 20 US dollars depending on different texture films. Nice profit, isn’t it?

Custom Cellphone stickers, phone stickers and mobile phone sticker machine are the popular Mobile Phone Skin Design System and these deals are available on DAQIN MOBILE PRINK.

DIY Spliced cell phone skins introduction

The yellow and black color shining film can be spliced together to create 2 version of unique DIY cell phone skins which showed as picture below. If you look closely, you will discover that the batman logo on the 2 phones are the same, except for the color difference: one is yellow, the other one is black. Such phone skins actually were spliced by several smaller pieces of stickers. Simply speaking, the batman logo sticker is separated from the rest stickers. But it spliced so well, it looks as if it’s an complete sticker.

The method to create the black version batman spliced phone skin: Firstly produce the iPhone 6S color shining skins 2 times, yellow and black. Secondly, peel off the big piece of black sticker from the backing paper and then apply it on the iPhone 6S. And then peel off the smaller yellow sticker from the backing paper, apply it to the ellipse area which can be perfectly spliced. Finally apply the black batman logo sticker on the remaining area.

Since the layer of yellow and black stickers are the same width, so that it looks and touches very flat, as if it’s a complete sticker.

The batman logo pattern is created by the software of 3D DAQIN mobile beauty master, which allow the users to draw custom vector image for making DIY spliced mobile skins. Over 3,000 mobile skin templates of multiple brands and models of mobile phone are included in the database. Monthly update package will be sent by email attachment to the user for automatically adding the new templates to the software. Such as the newly released Samsung Galaxy A5, MI 5, Nexus 6P…etc.

All the templates are drew by DAQIN technical staff with original mobile phone. The templates are tested many times before it added into the software, in order to ensure high-accuracy.

For the sake of the customers in the long term, free updating service is provided in 2016. All the users of 3D Mobile beauty master will receive monthly update package for adding the latest models of mobile phones totally for free. In this way, the customers will be always capable of producing phone skin for the constantly releasing mobile phones.

Also, hundreds of sticker paper and rolls are available from DAQIN. Multiple colors for each kind sticker optional. There will be a book of sample materials for the customer who purchase the DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine, so that they can actually see and touch the material before they make an order.

Custom Cellphone stickers, phone skins and cell phone skins are the popular Mobile Phone Skin Design System and these deals are available on DAQIN MOBILE PRINK.