The 'peanut worm' is amusing the internet, and no prizes for guessing why


How unsurprising: Everyone on the internet is immature.

A group of Australian researchers from Museum Victoria and the CSIRO — the nation’s scientific research agency — have just completed a month-long journey along the eastern coast of the country, keeping a record of what oddities lurk deep beneath the oceans.

Along the way they’ve found this nightmare-inducing faceless fish, but they also happened upon this “peanut worm,” and there’s no prizes for guessing what it happens to look like. 

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Thanks to Beyoncé's twins, the internet is happy about something for once


After a few rough days/weeks/months on planet earth, we needed something purely delightful, like the birth of two potentially preternaturally talented and definitely adorable babies. 

Beyoncé kindly delivered, as she does. 

With the possible exception of Kim Kardashian, seems like pretty much everyone on the internet is just really happy for her and Jay Z. For one precious day, Twitter, a breeding ground for antagonism, is just a party. Thanks, Carters. 

No one is okay

Beyoncé’s had her twins

— Heather (@heatherrthomson) June 18, 2017 Read more…

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Samsung Internet Browser major update adds CloseBy, QR Reader new features

It’s been less than a week since Samsung launched its proprietary Android browser in the Google Play, and it looks like the company has just outed a major update that adds a couple of new features that didn’t make it in the initial release.

Samsung Internet Browser 5.4 offers a lot of additional features and extensions that are meant to provide users intuitive ways to get more out of their mobile internet experience.

The new CloseBy extension is an IoT-to-browser app that offers users more information about their surroundings. The new feature is now part …

Non-beta Samsung Internet Browser now available for Pixel and Nexus phones

Even if you don’t have a Galaxy smartphone, you may know that Samsung has its own internet browser for Android, aptly (albeit dully) called Samsung Internet Browser. 

As of this week, the very latest stable version of Samsung Internet Browser is compatible not just with Galaxy phones, on which it comes pre-installed, but also with Google Pixel and Google Nexus handsets. Previously, only the beta version of the browser was made available to non-Galaxy devices.

If you own a Pixel or Nexus phone (running Android 5.0 or newer), you can go ahead and download Samsung Internet …

New York City's Wi-Fi kiosks have provided users with $15 million worth of free internet service

The 934 Link kiosks that dot the New York City landscape have provided a ton of free data to New Yorkers. The kiosks started operations early last year, and since that time period over one petabyte of data has been employed by mobile device owners in the Big Apple. Based on current rates, that is equivalent to more than $15 million of broadband internet connectivity that has been received for free in New York City.

To give you a better idea of how much data that is, one petabyte is equivalent to one million gigabytes. The amount of data that New Yorkers have used, thanks to the kiosks, is …

A thirsty internet descends upon the South Korean president's hot bodyguard


As we know, the internet loves hot people. And the latest hot person to capture its attention is South Korean president Moon Jae-in’s new bodyguard.

To be fair, he is very handsome. Also, since he is a bodyguard, he is never photographed smiling, which makes him seem mysterious. Cool!

Anyway, the internet is smitten. Some people have even gotten a head start on their fanfic, which is honestly commendable. The heart wants what the heart wants!

excuse me this is the new korean president’s bodyguard

— elena yip (@elena_yip) May 12, 2017 Read more…

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Internet drops? Here's how to use Chrome's new offline download mode on Android

You know the drill – your in-laws have invited you to visit them abroad, and data roaming charges are killing your carefully selected cheapest wireless data plan, yet you still want to read that awesome lengthy article you saw when you woke up during the subway commute, just like at home. Fret not, as Chrome for Android now makes it much easier to download whole weblinks for offline viewing while you piggyback on your in-laws Wi-fi. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get the latest version of Chrome for Android from Google Play;
2. Load the …

Chris Evans reading a bedtime story about superheroes is about to break the internet


We don’t know who came up with CBeebies’ strategy of getting famous actors to read bedtime stories, but frankly they deserve at least several promotions.

We’ve already had three swoonworthy tales from Tom Hardy, and now it’s the turn of everyone’s favourite Captain, Chris Evans.

Here’s a clip of him reading Even Superheroes Have Bad Days:

And here’s a clip of him introducing the bedtime story. Just look at the way his muscles bulge spectacularly out of that white shirt. Also, isn’t his beard perfect?

The full episode airs on CBeebies this Wednesday at 6:50 p.m. Read more…

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The Internet discovered you can swipe to backspace on the iPhone's calculator, and promptly went nuts

How many times have you entered a number in your iPhone’s calculator app, only to enter it wrong, erase it in frustration, and begin the exercise all over again? Hopefully not many, because the ability to swipe left or right on the screen to erase the last digit you entered has been around since at least iOS 4. And iOS 4 is 2010 material! One would have thought people have figured out everything there is about the iPhone calculator by now, but things aren’t always what they seem.

Two days ago, Twitter user @censoredialogue casually posted about the feature, discovering it for himself this …

'SNL' agrees with the internet, turns Harry Styles into a perfect Mick Jagger


The latest “Celebrity Family Feud” on Saturday Night Live is wall to wall with epic impersonations. Cecily Strong as Liza. Kate McKinnon as Kristen Stewart. Jimmy Fallon double-dipping as two different versions of John Travolta.

But Harry Styles is the winner because SNL accepted what the internet already knew: he’s basically Mick Jagger. I mean… this might not be the most accurate picture of the Rolling Stones frontman circa 1977, but it’s funny.

Even when the camera’s not directly on Styles, he’s owning the sketch. Look at this. Just look at it. What is he doing??

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