Canalys says Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry in Q4 2017

Besides luxury chocolates and a neutral geopolitical outlook, Switzerland is known for its precision timepieces. But in this day and age it would appear that smartwatches beat out Swiss watches when it comes to units sold. In fact, based on fourth quarter stats computed by market researcher Canalys and the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, the Apple Watch alone outsold Swiss watches in the three month period that ran from October to December.

Since Apple doesn’t release Apple Watch sales, Canalys had to estimate that over 8 million units of the Apple Watch were shipped during the final …

Apple has invested at least $1.7 billion in LG Display's OLED production, industry watchers say

At the end of May news broke out about LG Display’s intention to invest 4 trillion won (~$3.5 billion) to build a new smartphone OLED panel manufacturing facility in its home country of South Korea. But the company apparently wasn’t done with that round of investment, as it mentions in its latest earnings report that it is pouring an additional 9.6 trillion won ($8.5 billion) into its OLED production business — and industry watchers say Apple may have been a key factor in that decision.

The investment consists of two separate parts: 5 trillion won …

Report estimates a $6.3 trillion app industry by 2021, with more than 6.3 billion global app users

Recent App Annie estimates predict that the global app industry will expand by whopping 380% percent in the next four years, almost quadrupling its current annually generated revenue of $1.3 trillion, to reach $6.3 billion in 2021.

On average, last year, app users spent $379 on average, per person on app store purchases, in-app ads and mobile online shopping, and the figure is set to rise to $1,008 in the next four years. The last factor, namely online purchases, is said to be largest driving force behind the projected increases, with Asia being the quickest expanding …

This hackathon wants to help destigmatize the sex tech industry


In a pitch presentation that capped off hours of collaboration at New York’s first SexTech Hackathon, the subject turned to a decidedly unsexy scenario: Parents talking to their kids about sex.

“How can we foster a safe environment at home for children having conversations about sexual education with their parents?” asked one of the hackathon’s more than 40 participants during a pitch presentation for what would become the event’s winning project. 

Better communication would emerge as a theme as hopeful entrepreneurs — many of them new to sex tech — considered how tech can be used to enrich human sexuality. Read more…

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The best and/or worst corporate songs in the mobile industry

As a company gets older, chances of its marketing team running out of ideas start increasing exponentially, until at a certain point it happens: a corporate song gets made. Even though the medical sector is, for some reason, especially prone to becoming a victim of this phenomenon, we’ve seen a fair share of examples in the mobile industry as well.

Most recently, Lenovo/Motorola unleashed its own take on the corporate song with a rap-based history lesson featuring a smartphone suspiciously similar in look to the rumored Moto X (2017), and this prompted …

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ( Battery flaws )

Samsung said Monday it is “temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note 7 production schedule in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters.”

The comments come following reports that Samsung had stopped production in cooperation with safety regulators from South Korea, China and the US.


The move, however, could spell an end to the short, controversial and explosive life of the Note 7, which launched as one of the best-reviewed Android phones ever made but quickly became an unprecedented nightmare for Samsung. This incident could hurt the company’s credibility with consumers for a long time.

Samsung saw this going so much differently.

The Note 7, which hit the market in mid-August, was expected to solidify Samsung’s lead in the mobile market after a strong showing with its Galaxy S7. The company had just begun to regain its swagger after stumbling the previous year with lackluster products.

Then came the battery problems, which caused some units to overheat and catch fire. Samsung issued a global recall of the popular device last month. It worked with government agencies such as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to get safe replacement units to owners of the phone. The company has said that more than half of its defective phones have been returned and that about 90 percent of people had chosen to trade their old Note 7 in for a new one.

Perhaps those owners should have switched phones entirely. There have been a handful of reports of overheating in replacement devices. One caused the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines flight last week; another hurt a teenage girl. US carrier partners, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have stopped selling the Note 7 and are letting customers exchange their replacement Note 7 for a different phone entirely.

“We recognize that carrier partners have stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7 in response to reports of heat damage issues, and we respect their decision,” the company said in a statement. “We are working diligently with authorities and third party experts and will share findings when we have completed the investigation. Even though there are a limited number of reports, we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously.”

If problems persist, what’s likely up for Samsung next is a rare, second recall.

“If the replacement phones are truly having battery issues, Samsung should immediately discontinue the Note 7,” Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Patrick Moorhead said. He added that the company should now be “focusing [on] selling…the Galaxy S7 line and on redesigning the [expected] Note 8” expected to launch next year.

The Note 7 issues come at the worst possible time for Samsung. Arch-rival Apple released last month its newest iPhones, while Google introduced last week its first Google-branded premium smartphone, the Pixel. Having not one, but two major recalls of a single device deals a blow to Samsung’s finances as well while consumers rush into the arms of competitors.

“First, the lingering around the official recall, then the incidents with replacement devices that were supposed to have the battery issue rectified will leave a bitter taste in consumers’ mouth for longer than first anticipated,” said Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi.

What makes BlackBerry a Leading Brand in Smartphone Industry?

In modern market scenario, number of Smartphone are available it has becomes difficult for consumers to choose a mobile set for them. There are numerous Smartphone manufacturing companiesin the mobile phone market. Some leading mobile handset brands are Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Ericsson and Sony, etc. Companies are doing their level best to satisfy the needs of the people. They are launching several mobile devices with unlimited captivating features and astonishing looks. BlackBerry is leading brand in the arena of Smartphone. Blackberry app developers have done a lot to get the expectations of the mobile users.

BlackBerry is a leading brand of mobile phones manufactured by Research in Motion (RIM), a Canada based company. It is data centric phone.
BlackBerry is not just a mobile, but a mini computer too. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) application is a main reason for its popularity. Nowadays, it has become a status symbol in the corporate world.

BlackBerry is the first mobile phone in the market which has concentrated on e-mails. The user can set up and access up to 10 e-mail accounts at the same time on a blackberry mobile phone. Blackberry Messenger app allows you to unlimited and free chatting with other Blackberry users. This instrument is famous amongst the commercial users for to its ability to receive and send emails from anywhere, and it can access the wireless network easily.

If you are searching for Blackberry mobile applications on the web, you always come up with big smiles on your face. BlackBerry app development can be primarily seen from two perspectives. One is from the user’s perspective, and second from the perspective of an application developer and business owner. Success of application always depends on fulfillment of the needs of the visitor. Some of the most popular applications of the BlackBerry are themes, latest e-mail software, applications for messenger and games. Mobile Data System (MDS) provides tools to develop and implement app for Blackberry Application Development. MDS is also used for building an enterprise Solution for new generation.

BlackBerry always comes with brand new design and models of Smartphone. Blackberry Curve has left behind iPhone in Smartphone section and has become the number one choice amongst US customers. Smart phones available today are far more sophisticated than the earlier phone both from hardware and software perspective. Blackberry Smartphone are not the cheapest phones in the market, but when you expect the best features you choose to pay for it.

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Why Android Application Development Is Gearing Up In The Industry

The industry of development is becoming competitive day by day and no one is left behind. Everyday a number of updates are taking place that provide further enhancements and more edge to spread the information or any service. In this sequence most of the companies are trying to cover the recently announced topics to further chase the battlefield and to enable appropriate information to their end users. All these are trying to make their things user centric in an allured way so that it might not impact quite severely and help businesses for more spread out.

From technology solutions to consulting, there are big numbers in count that offers a dedicated information exchange to their customers. Some of these also try to get feedbacks from the market so that they can enhance their marketing pattern in lucrative ways. In the current flow where user is becoming more engaged with number of devices, the development of mobile applications in masses is really necessary. Most of the businesses are trying to have an innovative app to further communicate and engage their users in more impacted way. In the same sequence, various mobile platforms are also receiving immense popularity including android, iOS, Blackberry, Windowsphone and other. All these platforms are getting supported by number of mobiles and people choose them as per their needs and financial condition.

Android market is deeming to be more lucrative due to large shipment of android mobiles. Various researches are taking place time to time and resulting for the users to make them more acknowledged. Recent surveys done in the mid of 2013 are showing a great increase of android users and the reasons are really obvious of this increment. Low cost handsets and less maintenance are making these mobiles fairly popular among the general people and this is also augmenting the adoption of android platform in masses.

Users love to have updated version of devices and this is not something that make them more inclined with fashion but these devices are also in demands due to their availability of large knowledgeable stuffs. These mobiles associate with various features and number of applications developed by various mobile application development companies doing an exceptional job. Android applications are also getting a great support from Google thus covering the entire market quite wild fully.

Windows phone, blackberry, iOS and other platforms are also here into the market and being accepted by the large user generation. People using iPhone/iPad go with iOS platform whereas Nokia mobile users are going with windows phone platforms and all these devices and platforms are also getting immense popularity among the entire user generation. Various researches also showing that there might be great increase in the usage of windows mobile platform due to the announcement of various Nokia mobiles for their windows users in affordable prices.

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Cyanogen an Innovation for Smartphone Industry

Is Cyanogen here to stay? Is Cyanogen the new yureka found? Let’s give it a break and first lets know what is Cyanogen.

That’s the part as to what Cyanogen is and what all it is offering. In this booming smartphone market there are many new technologies coming forward to grab hold on the attention of many users, but does all the technologies, softwares stay for long. The answer is certainly NO, and for Cyanogen it’s a new entry and the question is will it stay here in India?

Cyanogen came just after Xiaomi and OnePlus entered the market and was just settling down, Cyanogen made an entry with Micromax officially in India. But it was first seen in OnePlus one. OnePlus one was featured with Cyanogenmod and is still going strong for the overall market, but due some legal issues it is currently being banned in India so the only phone which will feature Cyanogen is Micromax’s Yu Yureka.

From MIUI interface in Xiaomi or Android based phones, Cyanogen with Android is a boom. It not only just gives a new experience but even comes with many pros which are very much better than other OS currently.
* It helps in removing all the unwanted programs which are installed in one’s carrier majorly the Bloatware programs.
* You will receive more updates for security on a frequent basis.
* Users can always have access to the latest version of Android, as many other carriers take months to get the devices updated on one’s network.
* Cyanogenmod gives a much better performance in comparison to MIUI or simple Android versioned smartphone. And it is supported with many extra features.

With all good features comes few drawbacks as well for Cyanogen which includes
* There is a probability that many manufacturers or mobile providers for cyanogen devices offer a limited or void warranty once it is modified.
* there may be security risk once you install rooted OS, as there are many non official apps which if given permissions can increase the security risk for the phone.
* It is not sure since not many cyanogen devices are out, so there may be few stability issues with the phone while working on experimental operating systems.
* One point which is to be kept in mind is that the framework could contain any malicious code. One should try and build their own trusted ROM’s from trusted sources otherwise the device will get off the value.

On an overall view Cyanogen is certainly here to stay, as it is coming up by a trusted Indian Smartphone market and is offering so much to the users. This module will be soon seen in Micromax’s Yu Yureka which is priced at just 8,999 and will be working on the latest versions with a fast processor and ample amount of features.

Nandan Gupta is a Consumer Electronics Expert working with, which is the best hyperlocal marketplace (online and offline) website & App in India. He is an engineering graduate in computer science and has been closely following consumer electronics & Smartphone gadgets space from last 5 years. He also is a technology blogger for the past 3 years.

Blackberry App Development for Healthcare Industry: Benefits

With the advancement in technology, smartphone applications are the most talked about apps for mobile health solutions. According to a research company, research2gudiance, a mobile research company said that by 2015, smartphone applications will allow mobile health industry to reach more than 500 million people. Currently there are more than 20,000 health apps in major mobile applications stores, 75% of which follow the paid business model. As the mobile health market is growing up, more healthcare providers are entering this market and expanding themselves via mobile applications as a result of which the business models will broaden up and include drug sales revenues, advertising, healthcare services and many more.

With major mobile platforms coming up, demand for BlackBerry applications for smartphones and playbooks are in demand for healthcare industry. The mobile or playbook apps for Blackberry can help the healthcare industry in many ways. Clinicians and physicians can practice medicine anywhere with the immediate access to the information they need. Mobile apps for healthcare can help reduce the burden of carrying and keeping files and medical records of the patients on the paper, instant communication at any point of time, costs can be controlled and medical errors can be reduced to certain extent. The healthcare mobile apps can also benefit the patients, wherein they can have an app that could remind them when they need to take the medicines and remind them of their appointment with the doctors, this in turn could also help the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

Mobile app solution for Blackberry will help the doctors to use a single device rather than using many devices which would help in proper communication and workflow management. This way the doctors could be linked to the patients, nurses, support staff etc and vice-versa. The health app could also be used for group messaging critical alerts, calendar and contacts infrastructure, nurse call integration to increase healthcare interoperability and much more.

Mobile health apps have a promising future ahead as per the research records by various analysts which are as follows:

1) Deloitte Center for health solutions found out that more than 50% of the consumers want personal monitoring device that would help them to improve their health or find solutions to ailments.
2) Remote patient monitoring with the help of mobile health apps will be over 5 billion dollar market by 2014, revealed a research done by Juniper.
3) A survey done my Mc Kinsey revealed that people are willing to pay more on mobile doctors and medication logs.
4) Wireless home health market will be around 5 billion dollars by 2013: Parks Associates

With the growth in the mobile applications for the healthcare segment, companies and hospitals are opting for them all across the world. Thus it is safe to say that mobile technology in global healthcare has three advantages:

1) Medical consultation to remote patients
2) Doctors can monitor the patients remotely
3) Making the patient’s information available globally to the healthcare system

Therefore, it is safe to say that Blackberry mobile solutions for healthcare industry are very beneficial and can help you out in every possible way to improve the business for your healthcare department and at the same time find, locate and help patients from remote backgrounds.

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