Cartoon from the 1920s is an incredibly old-school meme


Gatsby wasn’t staring at the green light, he was just thinking about a great meme Daisy posted earlier that day.

An image has gone viral on Twitter, that appears to show a comic from the 1920s with a recognisably meme-ish construction.

this comic strip from 1921 is really relatable to this day

— wida (@YoRHaw) April 15, 2018

Some were understandably sceptical of the image, given the difference in darkness of the black ink. However a reputable source was produced, and it turns out the comic originates from the 1921 July edition of Judge magazine. Read more…

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This tweet is the most incredibly accurate description of British weather


Okay, here in Britain we’re not known for great weather. But we sure as hell can turn it into one killer tweet.

Having gone through the “Beast from the East”, and then the “mini-Beast from the East”, Brits are even more fed up with the weather than usual.

To sum up our meteorological woes here’s comedy writer Aaron Gillies, a.k.a. Technically Ron.

How the seasons work in the UK:
Jan – Cold
Feb – Still Cold
Mar – Still cold but snow now
Apr – Rain
May – More rain
Jun – Why is it still raining
July – BEES
Aug – Oh god it is so hot
Sept – I miss the heat
Oct – Heat is simply a memory
Nov – Cold
Dec – Cold but with capitalism

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) March 18, 2018 Read more…

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6 incredibly smart and thoughtful ideas for improving the dog walking app Wag!


Wag! is a popular dog walking app that has been described as the “Uber of dog walking.” Within minutes while you’re away, you can schedule for a walker to come to your apartment and take your dog out for a walk for 30 to 60 minutes. 

While on a walk, the dog walker then sends notifications through the app to the owner at given points during the walk: when the walker arrives at the apartment, checks the leash, when the dog poops and pees, and when the dog is returned to the apartment. 

However, as a user of the app, I’ve come up with some helpful improvements so the dog owner can have an even fuller idea of how their dog’s walk is going. Read more…

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The Queen and Prince Philip release incredibly tender portraits to celebrate 70th wedding anniversary


They certainly are an enduring testament to the power of marriage. 

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary and, for the special occasion, they’ve been pictured in three new portraits.  

British photographer Matt Holyoak snapped the couple, who will celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary with a private dinner in Windsor Castle, for Camera Press against a platinum backdrop (how apt!) in the castle’s White Drawing Room. 

The Queen is wearing a cream dress by Angela Kelly and a “Scarab” brooch designed by Andrew Grima and given to her as a gift from Philip in 1966. Read more…

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This writer's emotional post about depression is actually incredibly uplifting


Anyone with any experience of mental illness will know that it’s not always easy to articulate the way you feel.

It can be difficult to communicate with others, and even more difficult — when you’re in the midst of a depressive episode — to imagine coming out the other side.

But writer Craig Stone has done both of those things.

On Sunday morning, he shared an image of his son taken on the banks of London’s River Thames, alongside an uplifting message about depression.

See that bench. 8yrs ago I sat on it thinking about throwing myself off Blackfriars Bridge. Today, I took this pic of my son. Tomorrow might be the same. But it might also be brighter. It might even bring unimaginable brilliance. Hang in there. Love is always coming#depression

— Craig Stone (@craigstone_) November 19, 2017 Read more…

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ZTE to launch a sequel to the “incredibly successful” Axon 7 soon

ZTE has provided us with a hint to its next flagship smartphone that might arrive in the coming months. It appears that the Chinese company was pretty content with the Axon 7 sales, so the phone is likely to have a sequel very soon.

While ZTE wasn’t too specific on the phone’s specs or release timeframe, it did say “there will certainly be a follow on the incredibly successful Axon 7.”

When the ZTE Axon 7 debuted in the United States, the smartphone offered many premium features a slightly lower price than other flagships available on the market. The price …

Incredibly pragmatic dog braves Hurricane Harvey with, yes, an entire bag of dog food


A dog named Otis wasn’t about to go hungry during Hurricane Harvey. 

As the hurricane made landfall, a dog was spotted wandering around Sinton, Texas carrying a full bag of dog food. 

The German shepherd mix wasn’t a stray—he just got loose from a screen porch. 

“I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wasn’t around,” his caretaker Salvador Segovia told the Houston Chronicle

The dog belongs to Segovia’s 5-year-old grandson, who had evacuated in anticipation of flooding. Otis is well-known in the town of 6,000, Segovia said.

“Otis can go to Dairy Queen and he can get a hamburger. He’s the only dog allowed to lie down in front of the county court house,” Segovia said. “He also goes to H.E.B. He’s not a stray. He’s a good dog.” Read more…

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Incredibly lifelike Stormtrooper helmet mini portable speaker plays tunes for the Empire

Always count on Firebox to deliver something fresh and individual to the gadget realm! The cool stuff shop has this incredibly authentic mini Stormtrooper speaker that seems able and ready to defend the Empire from the Republic scum by blasting tunes from its 2W driver. It’s not surprising that the Bluetooth speaker looks so true, for it is actually modeled from an original Stormtrooper helmet prop dating from 1976. Hence why it looks a bit different from the helmet you probably know best.

Like any self-respecting portable speaker, this one too has a bundled microphone, …

Nokia 3310 pre-orders going incredibly strong in the UK

The unveiling of a rehashed version of one of the most popular feature phones of all time, the Nokia 3310, was a nice surprise not just for fans of the Finnish brand, but also to the whole mobile phone industry.

Even though there are still voices claiming the redesign and some of the improvements added by HMD make the modern Nokia 3310 an entirely different device, the feature phone seems to have attracted a huge mass of fans that want to buy it.

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has already opened pre-registrations for the Nokia 3310, so people can pre-order the feature phone …