T-Mobile says its LAA rollout brought 5-10x increase in network speeds

We launched LAA in 4Q 17 and have seen material impacts in speed performance – increasing speeds 5-10X— Neville (@NevilleRay) February 8, 2018 
T-Mobile introduced Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) as part of its LTE Advanced Pro network upgrades in the previous quarter, and is already picking the fruits of those labors, it seems. LAA uses carrier aggregation to bind together unlicensed 5GHz spectrum with LTE in the licensed band, enlarging the data pipe significantly.
Verizon and AT&T are also stepping up their LAA efforts, and plan to roll …

Google's Android distribution numbers for November confirm a minimal increase for Oreo

Each month Google publishes a chart that offers us an overall image over the various versions of Android and how are they distributed among users. The chart for the month of November, published earlier today, paints a not so encouraging picture for Android.

Even though it made its debut on the market back in August, the latest version of Android hasn’t been adopted by too many smartphone companies. Currently, only 0.3% of the devices that visited the Google Play Store in early November were running Android 8.0 Oreo operating system.

The situation won’t improve by much since HMD and …

Shortages of all-screen displays likely to increase smartphone manufacturing costs in 2018

Bezel-less smartphones have already become a trend in the industry. Few major smartphone brands have yet to launch an almost bezel-less handset, but come 2018 those few will probably embrace the new trend as well.

Unless there won’t be enough all-screen displays that these smartphones require. In fact, there’s currently a shortage of smartphone panels, which is expected to continue into 2018. The main cause is the strong demand for “customized all-screen panels” and not enough manufacturers to fulfill it.

Apparently, the all-screen panel size requirements …

Efficient, dual-frequency GPS chip to vastly increase location accuracy on select phones in 2018

Chip maker Broadcom has just come up with a new dual-frequency GPS chip that promises to greatly improve GPS accuracy – from around 5 meters as of now to roughly 30cm. A great improvement no matter how you look at it. 
Currently known as BCM47755, this breakthrough new GPS chip got unveiled a few days ago at teh ION GNSS+ summit in Portland, OR, and has been already included in the blueprints for some unspecified upcoming smartphones. It will be easy to speculate that the Galaxy S9. S9 Plus and the LG G7 are the prime suspects at the moment.
The …

T-Mobile raising its Telco Recovery fees for older plan subscribers, prepare for a small increase in your bill

Nobody likes a raise in taxes and fees, but that’s the way it’s going to be for T-Mobile customers that aren’t on the carrier’s ONE unlimited plan. Subscribers that chose to remain on a Simple Choice plan or a different older plan will see their Telco Recovery fee for data charges jump from 83 cents to $1.01, while the voice lines fee goes up from $2.11 to $2.58. The Telco Recovery fee is T-Mobile’s way to recoup its expenses for linking up with other service providers.

Granted, this hike is nothing to cry over, but it’s still a little extra cash out of your pocket …

Nokia reports 400% increase in malware infection rates, mostly on Android smartphones

Nokia is back in the headlines with its second bi-annual ‘Threat Intelligence Report’ where the crafty Finns explore mobile infections and vulnerabilities for the first and second half of the year (2016). The report paints a rather bleak picture – last year saw a 400% increase in malware infection rates, with smartphones being 85% of infected devices.

Unsurprisingly, Android phones and tablets are most vulnerable, for Android is the world’s most popular operating system (yes), and therefore most targeted by attackers. In an interesting twist, infections among Windows PCs have fallen, which …

The iOS free app of the week is a vertical calendar that can increase your productivity

This week’s free iOS app is not a game, and is in fact a visual calendar app called Vantage Calendar. Normally $3.99, you can pick it up for free from the App Store until Thursday. With its vertical UI, you can see future or past dates by scrolling up and down on the screen. The use of different colors, stickers and fonts will make your more important appointments stand out from others. A horizontal bar at the top of the screen moves with the timeline, so you can always have an eye on what date you are looking at. Events can also be turned into tasks that can be checked off when completed.

According …

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Business Productivity With VoIP Download Smart Mouth Mobile

There are many emerging technologies that can boost the overall productivity of the business. Every organization wants to maximize profit and reduce cost. This calls for affordable services which keep the firm running each day. Take for instance, phone calls. According to experts, there is a high correlation between the quality/length of the calls and the number of sales made in each period. So, bearing this in mind every establishment should consider hanging with cheap international calls as they can actually improve the clients’ base while at the same time reducing all the costs associated with calling.

Making a Voip Call

Any individual or a company employee wishing to make a voip call should have a phone which is data enabled or a computer having internet connection. All new models of phones are GPRS, WAP, EDGE or 3G enabled and can be hardy when it comes to voip calls. On the hand, those wishing to use a computer to make the calls should buy a modem or contact an internet service provider to install a WIMAX radio receiver to the business or home premises. However, if one is in a publicly accessible internet hotspot, modems and mobile wireless carriers are not necessary. Once you have a working connection download a voip application from the internet.

How the app works

Cheap international calls are made once an application synchronizes your phonebook and makes the contacts available in the app database. Once that procedure is done, you can see who is online via the same app and you can start calling or sending free text messages. The process is simple and it just requires pressing a single button. On the computer you are supposed to have a headset intended for this purpose which usually comes with an inbuilt microphone and earpiece.

Advantages of such calls

Since the calls are not carrier dependent and are not billed by your mobile services provider, they are far much cheaper as compared to regular phone calls. An individual or a business can even upgrade to the available saving plans on the app which will allow one to call any type of phone including mobiles and landlines. Portability is also one of the benefits associated with this app as one can make a call using a normal phone. The overall saving margin is up to 90%.

Voip and Security

Cheap international calls service providers understand that your personal information is private and do not sell or give your personal information to spammers. Since in most cases you will be required to sign up for the service your name, email address and phone are kept securely in a remote server guarded with anti-session hack tools. So, don’t waste your business or personal capital anymore, but consider having a good application to talk to your clients and increase your market leads and share.

Turn Your iPod To iPhone And Start Making International Calls

It can be very expensive nowadays to make international calls which cost a lot and sometimes quality and delay can be very questionable. To eliminate this, majority of people are adopting voip strategies to make unlimited calls worldwide without having to worry about carrier charges. Voip is great for individuals and business and is carrier independent and requires a user only to have a data plan. However converting an iPod to iPhone to make that valued calls can be very hard without the proper knowledge.

How to go about it

If you have an iPod making a phone call can be very expensive as it requires an upgrade whereby you are supposed to pay some money but thanks to the available apps for doing the job. Before you start calling your friend you require a special mic which is a cheap dongle that plugs in the syncing port of your iPod. Once you got the right hardware, you need to install the right app which is copied so easily using your iPod installer. If one does not want to do this manually, one can use SSH and install the voip app successfully using a desktop application supporting ftp such as Filezilla for windows or Cyberduck which works with all operating systems.

Setting up the Voip Account

Unfortunately when you convert iPod to iPhone you can not make calls with the most common voip services available but you have to open an account with the providers who are providing the voip applications for download.. One is only required to create an account and register his/her details. Once your account is successfully configured you may be required to purchase calling credits which are by far cheaper as compared to regular mobile phone charges. Some of the voip service provider will even give you a free trial period.

Launching the application

We have successfully acquired the right hardware and have installed and configured the right software. Next we want to make sure we put the right settings in the software so that they reflect those being held by the voip service provider. Just go to the app settings enter your username and password and hit connect button. Depending on your voip provider, there may be other details which need to be completed, just do as required and you will be back on track.

Making and receiving calls

Luckily our method of changing an iPod to iPhone has succeeded and we need to make that call. Making a call is just as easy as dialing your recipient’s number but the hard part is receiving calls. However, one can still call friends or buddies who are also using the same application. Receiving a call world wide may require that your register your free call account with other services providers who will then give you a routing number to ring your iPod touch but is location dependent. So, make a move and start making those calls.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Business Productivity With VoIP Download Smart Mouth Mobile

How Manufacturers Can Use Mobile Sales Enablement To Increase Sales?

Sales is not easy ways to do, it need some personal skills and knowledge about the market as well as customer minds. You need grab the opportunity by getting sales more and prevent from loses to the company. Mobile sales enablement is a right information getting in right place and time to the right seller thought mobile devices. There is many manufacture companies using in many ways to increases the sales process. By the mobile sales enablement you can guide your customer to the take decision that your product are better than others.

Grab Every Opportunity to Get into Buyers Awareness

If your customer didn’t know about your product then they will not buy it. To avoid such situation to create awareness through multimedia to customers. Person to person contact in manufacture industry is the key of getting awareness to customers. Such big manufacture industry doesn’t have entire product details completely on site where distributor doesn’t follow up potential clients even.
Mobile sales enablement best tool where company can follow up complete details as well as potential clients. If any question rise from the clients they can ask, suggest and also they give feedback about the product and service of the company. It makes sales dynamically increase in market as well as value of the company. Mobile enablement make the paper work less and gives the multiple solution to sales manager. Though mobile enablement sales manager aware about the next or future sales and purchase decision.

Advantage of mobile sales enablement in manufacture industry
Sales manager are no need more stay with system in their desk anymore ones mobile sales enablement app added in their smartphones, so it makes feels for them to have all thing they need make on their phone. Instated of searching through thousands of emails in system, to find the particular product details, a mobile sales enablement app can make updates easy to find in a second of the time.
Most of the companies understand the requirement of sales enablement. Mobile sales enablement can be execute fast and cost-effectively. That means adopting a mobile sales enablement idea now could give you a major advantage for your manufacturing company where other company’s struggling with how to keep their sales teams up to date. What detail may be missing from it. Furthermore, by comparing this with customer service data in your CRM, it can help you understand the impact the mobile app are having on the sales update and in turn the future income strike to the business.

Mobile Sales Enablement is a Key for Success

Today’s successful companies are adopted digital tools like mobile apps, to help mangers have more information customer behaviors about product and services that helps increases sales. Because strong investment in digital/mobile apps occur in next few years, make sure your companies changes its strategy and ready face the competitors.

The few keys to your company success.

1) Enable sales managers to have a “valuable conversation with customers”
2) Involve sales manager in Front of the “right arrange of customer stakeholders”
3) Solve problems and add closely to the customer’s buying cycle
4) Learn how being equipped with real-time coaching and other assets at the front end will turn meets customers.
5) Discover best technologies like mobile application that keep sales people in the driver’s seat of the sales conversation.

Finally, it is risks to follow up on every buyer decision whether they decide to buy from your firm or not. Which ones were read and which ones were ignored? And how does this difference between win and lose? The analytics that come from using mobile application can help answer these questions and let your sales flows continually learn and improve after each activity. Investment on mobile app development idea is high across countries, apps recognized as top. How are you need your sales manager to sell more? How have you hold sales enablement in your companies?

Are your searching mobile sales app development company?

FuGenX are the top mobile apps development companies in New York, USA. We have developed app for manufacturing companies, retail, travel and tourism, oil and gas industries and many more. We have developed more than 1000 mobile apps and games in various platform. Our major services are iphone app development companies in new york, Android application development company in new York, Windows apps development company in new york, Blackberry application development companies in new york.

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Win a Free iPhone Demo Video and Increase Your App’s Audience

No matter the industry and no matter the product, promotion is essential to increase a company’s potential customer base and raise profits. Video services, for example, can be used by companies who would like to demonstrate their products through a medium more effective than still images. Videos reveal more information about the product such as its uses and applications than images often can. A customer is more apt to purchase a product after seeing how it works in a video rather than going on photographs alone. Video services have recently found unique niche in the app world as developers and companies strive to promote their app in a market saturated of 500,000. Creating an iPhone demo video for an app can increase sales and ultimately market the app to a larger audience.

There are many different companies that can create an iPhone demo video for an app, but only a few have the expertise to create a video that will successfully showcase the product while remaining affordable. A company that offers these different services should also be committed to helping an app succeed beyond the creation of a video. Downshift Interactive is one such company that not only produces the video, but also offers customer support and different options that fit the needs of every app. This company is also offering a free iPhone demo video when you sign up here: http://www.downshiftinteractive.com/promotional-video-giveaway/.

Every month, Downshift Interactive gives away a free video package to new customers. In addition to a free video that promotes the winner’s app, Downshift Interactive will create a YouTube channel for the company to use in the future. This channel will include the app video and additional links in the description. Support is provided in the future from Downshift Interactive.

There are several different templates offered for the iPhone, the iPad and Android devices. Clients may choose from four different templates, include descriptions and titles with each screenshot, and company logos and URLs. These videos are designed to showcase the app so that it becomes more visible in the flooded market. A company will benefit from a video for an app as it is an effective means of marketing that will convince customers to purchase or download the app.

Read more about available packages at www.downshiftinteractive.com. Don’t forget to enter every month to have the chance to win a free video package.

Braden Johnston is an iPhone app enthisiast who has written many reviews and articles about different types of video services available on the market. He has also written articles about different types of iPhone apps marketing strategies. Here in this article he has briefly described about how to promote apps through iPhone demo video.