OnePlus wants your ideas for its OnePlus 6 launch film

While getting ready to announce and launch the OnePlus 6 – its upcoming flagship smartphone – OnePlus is looking for ideas to better advertise the handset. The company released a “bare bones” video commercial, and it wants you to say how it should be modified – with whatever you may want to see in it. You can share your ideas over at OnePlus’ official forum, by commenting on the video on YouTube, or on Twitter and Facebook (with the hashtag #NeverSettleFilm).
Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like OnePlus will offer any prizes for the ideas that it’s going to pick. However, …

Get gift ideas for your in-laws so you don't have to get them a gift card again


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Ah, the in-laws: whether you love them or just tolerate them, the easiest way to get on their good side is holiday gift that you actually put thought into. Give them something more exciting than a gift card this year —check out our list of unique gifts for the in-laws that already have everything.

For the person who loses everything

If you have an in-law who has left their keys or phone in a restaurant one too many times, a Bluetooth tracker is the perfect giftTile Mate is a tiny, connected tag that attaches to keychains, phones, and any other easily lost belongings. The app can be used to track down the missing item and the Tile Mate button can make a lost phone ring, even if it’s on silent. Get them for $19.99 here. Read more…

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10 smart home gadget gift ideas around $50

The home of tomorrow is here now! Through the myriad of advances in the last few years, the home has grown to encompass a vast array of technologies that help to make our lives easier. While the idea of the smart connected home has been around for quite some time, it’s only recently we’ve seen it become a tangible thing – something we can experience and control.

With the holidays being right around the corner, there are plenty of gift ideas to think about. Then again, transforming the home to a smart home requires some investment, which at times can be considerable depending …

6 incredibly smart and thoughtful ideas for improving the dog walking app Wag!


Wag! is a popular dog walking app that has been described as the “Uber of dog walking.” Within minutes while you’re away, you can schedule for a walker to come to your apartment and take your dog out for a walk for 30 to 60 minutes. 

While on a walk, the dog walker then sends notifications through the app to the owner at given points during the walk: when the walker arrives at the apartment, checks the leash, when the dog poops and pees, and when the dog is returned to the apartment. 

However, as a user of the app, I’ve come up with some helpful improvements so the dog owner can have an even fuller idea of how their dog’s walk is going. Read more…

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Jony Ive: The iPhone X marks "a new chapter" in design, but Apple has more big ideas in store

Even though it’s yet to be released to the public, the iPhone X is already a fairly controversial device. Sure, it has an interesting new design, but many fans have expressed their concerns about the drawbacks associated with it. The two biggest culprits are, of course, the display notch (which may prove to be a distraction when using the phone in landscape mode) and the removal of TouchID (which some people find less obtrusive than using facial recognition).

But whether you like the new iPhone design, it’s starting to become apparent that Apple will …

5 Essential phone ideas we'd like to see in the next iPhone… and 5 we don't

Whatever the new Essential phone lacks, it certainly isn’t innovative spirit. A showcase of intriguing, forward-looking, and slightly bone-headed decisions, the device is exciting and thought-provoking to an extent only commanded by top of the line smartphones by the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Google. 
And that’s a device made by a virtually unknown company whose sole highlight is Andy Rubin, the man who sold an early operating system named Android to Google in 2005. Then again, that’s quite the highlight!
At least five characteristics …

Apple is trying out flexible display ideas for next-generation Apple Watch and wearables

It’s called the Apple Watch, but it’s going to be more of an Apple Bracelet if these newly unearthed patent drawings are anything to go by! They imply Team Cupertino is fooling around with “wearable, rollable, and foldable displays,” exploring the possibilities of OLED technology while searching for the next big thing.

Apple’s vision allows for unconventional approaches, including bezel-free designs and units with embedded communication modules for wireless connectivity. For now, though, the company is focused on interchangeable smart bands, such as one with a built-in …

3 Ideas about making DIY gadget projects for a SmartPhone

Today I am going to share 3 ideas about making DIY gadget projects for a smartphone. In spite of the fact that you can buy it all many people are still trying to find ways save their money on such expenses.


Just as in our case you can make fine DIY projects from old USB plugs torn by your pets.

For instance you can make a flashlight, an adapter and make an earphones or microphone input plug case either from old or new USB plugs!

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