So long, Pixel C: the hybrid tablet is gone from the Google Store

The Google Pixel C was a quirky little tablet with a cool magnetically-attached keyboard, introduced way back in December of 2015. It didn’t enjoy much popularity — despite being marketed as a productivity machine, it ran pretty much vanilla Android and it was pricey, starting at $499 with the keyboard being a separate $149 buy. Still, it had its fandom.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time for the Pixel C’s price to drop and the stars to align themselves in the right way so you could pull the trigger and buy one, that moment is quickly fleeting. The Google Pixel C has been silently …

Nokia's Steel HR hybrid watch (compatible with Android and iOS) is now available in the US

Nokia today started selling the Steel HR, a hybrid wearable device
that combines the elegance of an analog watch with (some of) the features of a
smartwatch. Available to pre-order since November, the Nokia Steel HR isn’t
exactly a new product, being a rebranded Withings Steel HR – a watch that was
first announced last year, shortly after Nokia acquired Withings.  


Unlike regular smartwatches, which usually have full digital
displays, the Steel HR only has a small digital screen, the rest of its front
being analog. The watch comes with a heart rate sensor and activity tracking
features, …

Nokia opens pre-orders for its Steel HR hybrid smartwatch, shipping starts in December

Pre-orders for the Nokia-branded Steel HR hybrid smartwatch have just kicked off. The Finnish company took to Twitter to announce the latest developments:
The wait is over
Nokia Steel HR is officially here. Be one of the first to experience our new heart rate and activity tracking watch. By pre-ordering today, your watch will ship early December, just in time for the holidays: #NokiaSteelHR— Nokia Health (@NokiaHealth) November 14, 2017
In case you’re not familiar with the Steel …

Nokia Steel Limited Edition hybrid smartwatches launched

Nokia has already confirmed that its smartwatches are selling very well since it acquired French company Withings. In an attempt to further improve sales of the Nokia Steel hybrid smartwatch, the Finnish company launched two new limited edition models: Rose Gold and Full Black.

Neither of the two Limited Edition smartwatches packs any improvements over the standard models, but they have different designs. According to Nokia, they have been designed for “maximum style and ease of use.”

Both Nokia Steel Limited Edition smartwatches come with their default wristband, …

Fossil outs new connected hybrid watches: its smallest yet

When it comes to smartwatches, all except for the Apple Watch come in two sizes: big and bigger. The new Fossil connected watches finally bring the hybrid smartwatch to a small form factor that more women can wear.
Based off Fossil’s most popular watch designs, the new Fossil Q Neely and Q Jacqueline are the tiniest in the family with watch size of just 36mm. The price for the new watches starts from $155 and their release date is set for October 22nd.
So what smart functions do these new watches have exactly?
Not much …

Deal: Nokia Steel hybrid smartwatch is 20% off for a limited time

Nokia’s hybrid smartwatch is now on sale in Europe until the end of the month, but customers in the United States can get the Nokia Steel slightly cheaper starting next week.

Nokia Steel usually sells for €130/$130, but customers can pick it up for just €105 until September 30. The 20% discount is available on Nokia’s online store and is available for the smartwatch and one additional wristband to go with it.

It’s also worth mentioning that buyers will be able to choose between free shipping (standard method) and express delivery which costs €66, but you’ll …

Samsung's next hybrid smartwatch is called Gear Sport

Samsung confirmed less than two weeks ago that it’s working on a wearable device that it’s not really a full-fledged smartwatch nor a simple fitness band. The South Korean company sent emails to some of the members of the SmartLab Plus program asking for their ideas how to properly promote the hybrid smartwatch that it plans to launch soon.

Well, it looks like Samsung has spilled the beans on its upcoming wearable device, although the leak was unavoidable since the information is accessible online. It appears that the next hybrid smartwatch that Samsung plans to …

Sony made this gorgeous hybrid watch to only sell it in Japan

Sony is no longer keen on making and selling Android Wear smartwatches, but it’s sure upping its hybrid watch game. Unfortunately, it has been keeping the products of its clocksmithing efforts strictly to Japan. Westerners are only to observe from a distance, and potentially look up imports on eBay. Oh, well!

The Three Hands Square is Sony’s latest masterpiece, a clean and attractive hybrid watch that will be available in both round and square designs. The latter is visibly made for female customers. The pictures speak for themselves, while the smart functions these …

Difference between Native Vs Hybrid Mobile App Development

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian etc. are the leading Operating Systems used in Smart devices like Phones and Tablets. There are more than 950,000 apps in iOS store, more than 750,000 apps in Play store and around 200,000 apps in Windows Phone and Blackberry’s play store. It has led to bifurcation among users as a device can have just 1 operating system and hence have access to its app store but not to every app store. Today most of the developers are facing 1 problem i.e. they are unable to decide whether to develop a native app or a hybrid app? This is an old debate and there is no definitive answer to it. Before we answer this question let us first understand out what native and hybrid apps means.

* Native app: This refers to app built for a specific operating system and can be accessed only from the dedicated app store. Like app developed for Android can only be accessed by Android users and is developed using Java, Windows, C++ etc. whereas app meant for iOS are developed using XCode/Ovbjective-C etc. This is a very expensive and very time consuming as complete development process happens for a specific app store at a time.

* Hybrid app: These are the latest HTML5 apps. The biggest advantage of developing hybrid app is consistent, cross platform UI that is compatible with most devices. This is less expensive app development method but cannot be used for every type of app.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages so we would list how to select if the app has to be native app or a hybrid app?

1. Development Cost and Time: Hybrid apps takes least amount of time to develop and are developed at a fairly cheaper price as compared to native app. Building a hybrid app means maintaining just one code whereas with native code you need an app developer for each platform. But this does not mean that native apps are bad because they have their own advantages.
2. User Experience: Native apps provide the best user experience because they are specifically designed for a single app store with which one can get the best compatible apps. The screen size is taken care off and so are the hardware capabilities whereas with Hybrid apps the user experience takes a back seat as it is impossible to provide a good experience with just 1 app for all platforms.
3. Paid or Free app: Since native apps have the best UI hence paid apps are usually advised to be developed as native apps whereas free apps can be developed as hybrid apps.
4. Type of app: Games are hardware and graphic intensive hence native app system is preferred whereas apps where data has to render like news apps then hybrid apps are preferred because of the simplistic UI and less back end work.

Both the app systems are used today but the real question lies in the type of app and its development budget. This is where we need professional mobile app development company technology and process come into play.

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