A look back at the evolution of HTC's smartphone designs

Before anything else, most people initially judge a smartphone based on its design. So, just like in real life, something appealing to the eyes tend to evoke favorable opinions about it from a cursory look. If it’s terrible, or just simply cheap looking, opinions would reflect that. First impressions are without question extremely important, so that’s why having a good design is the foundation that can help a phone achieve recognition right from the onset.

Through the years, HTC has been continually praised for the impressive designs that accompany its range of smartphones. Even …

The U12 Life may be HTC's take on iPhone X's notch

Although it’s still unclear whether or not HTC will continue with the same strategy of having two flagships launched every year, it’s pretty clear that the Taiwanese company’s smartphone business needs a reset.

Unfortunately, HTC’s smartphones don’t sell very well, not even during the holiday season, and many believe the upcoming HTC U12+ will be its swan song rather than the product that will turn things around for the handset maker.

Well, HTC won’t go down without a fight since its upcoming lineup includes a mid-range phone packing one of the most controversial features – the …

HTC's new selfie phone announced: dual front cameras, currently exclusive to China

HTC is no stranger to selfie-oriented smartphones. Back in the final months of 2014, it launched the HTC Desire Eye — an upper-tier midranger that had identical 13 MP cameras on both front and back, each supported by their own dual-tone LED flash. With the flagship HTC 10, selfie fanatics got a different type of treat — an OIS module for the front camera, making for less blurry shots and stable video for vlogging.

Now, the company is launching a brand-new selfie-centered handset — a new member of the HTC U family, called the HTC U11 EYEs. Yeah, that’s eyes plural, since …

HTC's Edge Launcher getting new options

HTC introduced the Squeeze Edge feature with its U11 phone and expanded its functionality with the HTC U11+ in November 2017, and now it has pushed one more update that allows you to customize the Lazy Susan menu that pops up with the squeeze feature to your liking.
You can easily scroll through the wheel-like menu with just one finger and this latest update enables changing the order of the icons, and brings a battery saver, auto rotate, and Wi-Fi hotspot quick settings to the listed actions.

You can now have Edge Launcher straight from the lockscreen

Best …

HTC's light bulb can potentially save someone's life

Now, from the company that had some of the best designed smartphones in the world only to take its eye off the ball, comes a new version of an everyday household product that could save your life. HTC, using some of the technology it employs for the Vive VR headset, has developed a light bulb that can detect when a human has fallen in the room brightened by the bulb. If this occurs, a moving antenna is activated to help determine if the human is alive or dead.

The same technology can be used to determine if someone is sitting in one place too long. The Sedentariness Reminder Function will …

The struggle is real: HTC's November revenue drops 26% year-over-year

HTC has disclosed its earnings report for November 2017, and things are not looking good. The manufacturer’s revenue for the last month stands at NT$5.663 billion (~$188 million), down 6.61% from October and a whopping 26.16% from November 2016. Total sales for the January-November period have reached NT$58,1 billion (~$1.93 billion), a notable 19.03% lower than the same period of 2016. 
Anyone following mobile tech news over the last few years will be unsurprised by these figures. Ever since Samsung overtook HTC as the top …

HTC's upcoming Ocean Harmony phablet gets its required CCC certification in China

The China Compulsory Certification (also known as 3C) must be awarded to every product imported, manufactured, sold or used in China. That includes smartphones. Recently, HTC filed with the CCC for its upcoming mid-range phablet with the code name HTC Ocean Harmony. The certification was awarded on December 4th. The CCC logo in China means that a device has been tested, and meets certain standards for safety in the country. It is similar to the UL Underwriters Laboratories safety tests conducted in the states.

The HTC Ocean Harmony is expected to carry a 5.99-inch ‘bezel-less’ display, with …

HTC's Black Friday deals start tomorrow

HTC’s Black Friday deals begin tomorrow, November 21st, at 12:00am EST and continue through November 29th at 12:00am EST. During that stretch of time, you can save $50 on company’s best flagship in years, the HTC U11. That comes with free JBL Reflect Aware C headphones, which normally cost $199.99. In addition, buyers of the U11 will also receive a free HTC Fetch, valued at $19.99. With this keychain style device, you press a button to activate your phone’s ringtone alerting you to the location of your handset as long as it’s within 50 feet of the Fetch.

There are other deals, of course, …

The "Muskie," HTC's original version of the Pixel 2 XL, surfaces on the AOSP

HTC was the manufacturer of the original Pixel and Pixel XL. When rumors first broke about a pair of sequels, it was assumed that HTC would once again be behind both phones. In fact, the original Pixel 2 XL sported a code name of  “Muskie.” In June, this model was dropped by Google, and replaced by a larger screened unit code named “Taimen.” There is some indication that HTC was behind the “Muskie.” The “Taimen” was produced by LG, and it would seem that the latter made a late (albeit successful) bid to replace HTC as manufacturer of the Pixel 2 XL.

There are some interesting differences …

Bummer, the U11 Plus may not be present at HTC's November 2 event

Next week looked like an exciting week in smartphone land, as we would be eagerly awaiting on both the iPhone X release, and the November 2 event before it that HTC sent out invitations for. 

The iPhone launch we’ve known and prepped about for a while now, but the HTC event was no less thrilling as we know there is a new and exciting flagship on the horizon – the U11 Plus – which is supposed to usher HTC into the “bezel-less” era, and then pile a bunch of exciting new features on top. 
Sadly, the November 2 event seems …