Video from HTC previews some new Edge Sense features

A video released today by HTC reveals some upcoming new capabilities for the Edge Sense feature on the HTC U11. By squeezing both sides of the flagship handset, you can have the phone respond in certain ways. Certain apps can be opened, and photos taken. Based on the new features seen on the video, activating Edge Sense will allow you to zoom in on Google Maps. A similar function will be available for Google Photos. Squeeze in to zoom in on a picture, and squeeze again to return it to the original size.

The new Edge Sense features even extend to the HTC Calendar. While the latter …

HTC U11 review: 10 key takeaways

The HTC U11 is the new kid on the flagship block, and it aims no lower than the biggest guys around: the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy phones.
The 10 things you should know about the U11We have already had the HTC U11 for quite a while, and we’ve even got a full HTC U11 review for you to explore (with proper benchmark testing and detailed analysis), but if you don’t have time for the full review, we have also compiled a much quicker and easier to digest collection of the 10 key takeaways about the U11.
In the slideshow …

Stunning solar red HTC U11 finally coming to the US

Hate it when the smartphone you want to buy isn’t available where you live? You’re far from alone, and whether we’re talking about entire handsets that simply aren’t for sale in certain countries, or maybe just particular versions of a phone with special features or color options, it’s nothing but frustrating to know that your dream-phone is just out of reach due to some happenstance of geography. But sometimes all it takes to put you together with the phone you’ve been craving is a little patience, and today we’ve got good news for smartphone fans who were feeling a bit jealous of shoppers …

HTC U11 battery life test score is out: aces benchmarks, but standby is below average

The HTC U11 is a 5.5-inch flagship phone with a stunning design and aspirations to have one of the best cameras ever put in a handset, but what about its battery life?
The 5.5 incher comes with a 3,000 mAh battery, a size smaller than most devices of the same physical caliber, yet it also sports the Snapdragon 835 system chip, a newer and more power efficient chip than most others have.
How does this combination work together in terms of actual battery life?
Turns out that the answer is …

The HTC U11 supposedly squeezed in more sales than its predecessors in less than a month

Focus Taiwan reports the new HTC U11 smartphone has already outsold both its predecessors, the HTC M10 and M9, in less than a month on the market. The information comes directly from the president of HTC’s smartphone and connected device division, Chang Chia-lin.

According to the director, HTC’s smartphone business is facing the challenge of a homogeneous market where increased sales won’t always translate to increased profits. As part of its strategy to combat this, HTC is re-focusing is research and development efforts on preparing the launch of 5G services by …

HTC U11 gets a big first update, but the changelog is nowhere to be found

HTC’s new squeezable flagship, the U11, is getting its very first update. Coming in as version 1.11.617.3, the patch weighs in at the rather massive 1.9GB.
With such a hefty size, one would assume that the new version will be accompanied by a changelog of similar proportions. Sadly, this is not the case, as the only thing mentioned in said changelog is that the new software upgrade includes system enhancements.
The update has started rolling out via OTA in the US, but keep in mind that it might take some time …

Watch the HTC U11 fail a popular durability test

The HTC U11 is a unique handset. Not only is it absolutely stunning, thanks to its so-called liquid surface design, but it also comes with an interesting feature – squeezing the sides on the phone can be used as a shortcut.

Our review of the HTC U11 also showed us a great camera, blazing-fast performance, and respectable battery life. However, looks and performance don’t matter much if a device can’t survive everyday use.

Zach, of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, put the HTC U11 through one of his famous torture tests, complete with scratching, burning, and whatnot.

The …

Deal: HTC 10 costs just $240 at Sprint, no need to be a Sprint customer

Despite the fact that HTC recently introduced its new flagship smartphone, the HTC 10 is still popular among Android fans. To make it even more appealing, Sprint has dropped the last year flagship’s price tag to just $240 outright.

Moreover, Sprint customers who want to take advantage of the deal can grab the HTC 10 for free on $10 monthly payments for 24 months. The current promo is available to Sprint customers online and over the phone, but not at brick and mortar stores.

However, if you’re not a Sprint customer, you can still buy the HTC 10 for $240 directly …

Beautiful nature and landscape wallpapers in ultra high-res, perfect for your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Pixel XL, LG G6, HTC U11 and others

After a short hiatus, we’re back with yet another collection of beautiful, high-resolution wallpapers for your smartphones and tablets! All of the images that made our list have been hand-picked to ensure that they are both good-looking, as well as large and detailed enough to look sharp on even the most pixel-dense displays out there!

If you’re not really into theming, icon packs, custom launchers and all that, sometimes a simple wallpaper switch will help breathe some fresh air into your smartphone. It’s pretty much universally simple to get the deed done, and …

HTC U11 is now shipping in the US, also available at Sprint and Amazon

Ready to squeeze an HTC U11? Well, if you have pre-ordered one in the US, you are about to get it soon because HTC’s latest flagship is finally shipping. And demand for it seems to be exceeding what HTC can supply, seeing that at, the smartphone is now out of stock, with new shipments expected in two to four weeks. 

Yet if you want one badly, Sprint has the HTC U11 available online and at its retail stores. The unlocked version of the HTC U11, compatible with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, is also sold at Amazon for $649 where it is listed as “in …