iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

User reports and fears that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones are bending in trouser pockets are overblown, according to independent testing by the US non-profit Consumer Reports.

In fact, its tests found that HTC’s One M8 phone bent under the same force as the iPhone 6 – and that the “phablet-size” iPhone 6 Plus was stronger than both. The tests showed, though, that the new phones are substantially less strong than 2012’s iPhone 5, whose body is also used in 2013’s iPhone 5S.

Consumer Reports tested the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPhone 5 against the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and HTC One M8 using a compression testing machine to apply a “three-point flexural test”, where a metered force is applied to the centre of the phone while it is supported at each end.


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It concluded that “while nothing is (evidently) indestructible, we expect that any of these phones should stand up to typical use.”

It found that the 4.7in iPhone 6, which is 7.1mm thick, would show permanent bending with the equivalent of a 70lb (31.8kg) weight placed on the centre of its back. The 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus deformed at 90lbs, and the 4in iPhone 5 – which is 7.6mm thick – at 130lbs.

“While not the strongest smartphones on the market, fears of a serious structural design flaw in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seem overblown,” explained Glenn Derene, electronics editor for Consumer Reports in a video of the tests.

Most of the phones continued to work after deforming, and required an extra 20 to 30lbs to bend enough to separate the screen from the phone’s case.

Apple tests its smartphones using a similar method to Consumer Reports by applying 55lbs of weight to the back of the phones to test resilience to bending, or approximately the weight required to break three ordinary pencils.

Apple said that it only received nine complaints about iPhone 6 Plus phones bending and that it tested 15,000 smartphones during its own investigations.

Previous smartphone tests, which showed the iPhone 6 Plus bending, have used a a less scientific method, with a reviewer applying pressure manually with thumbs pushed into the back of phones.

Initial reports by users of bending iPhone 6 Plus phones were followed up by video tests displaying a bent 6 Plus. Some reviewers of the smartphone have also found that their iPhone 6 Plus phones were either bent initially or bent during the course of their testing. The Guardian has not seen bending during testing of the iPhone 6 Plus, though it was not carried in trouser pockets.


“Like a lot of people, I have a bent iPhone 6 Plus. It’s almost imperceptible, but it’s there: a slight warp right at the buttons on the side. Put the phone screen down on a table, and it wobbles,” said Mat Hohan in a review of the iPhone 6 Plus for Wired. “I haven’t purposefully bent it and I don’t recall sitting on it (but I probably have).”

How many iPhone 6 Plus phones have been bent in users’ pockets is still unknown. Apple claims that it is not an issue for normal use, but phones from other manufactures have suffered similar bending issues.

As smartphones become thinner and longer with bigger screens, their relative strength decreases while the force applied to them inside pockets can increase due to a lever effect.

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HTC launch a M8 mini version smartphone HTC One M8

Within weeks of launch of HTC One M8, the news about its Mini version has started rolling. However, not from official sources, the news has come from popular has earned the reputation of breaking tomorrow’s news, yesterday and some of its earlier leaks regarding smartphones were spot-on.“ HTC One M8 mini going to Verizon ”.

That is what HTC has done in the past; it is no surprise that there is a Mini version to HTC One M8. The only difference being, this time the Mini version seems to be coming lot earlier.


Two screen sizes is fast becoming the norm

Smartphone community is still divided over the ideal screen size. While bigger-is-better still seems to work, practical considerations demand a smaller sized device. As a result, smartphone manufacturers have started releasing their products in two different screen variants.

Sony followed the same philosophy by having Xperia Z1 Compact in addition to the premium smartphone version Xperia Z1.

Two weeks back similar news came from Apple that iPhone 6 will be available in two screen sizes. In addition to 5.5 screen size, Apple is planning for a 4.7in version as well.

Now, HTC is also following the suite. One M8, launched earlier, had a screen size of five inches which some may find unwieldy. The HTC One M8 mini, scheduled to arrive in May, will have a screen size 4.5 inches.

How is HTC One M8 mini different from big brother?

As we have seen in case of other smartphones, the mini / compact version is more practical and affordable. Generally, the specs are tweaked in a manner that it does not hurt the users much.

HTC One M8 mini will differ from premium version in more ways than the screen size alone. Since Mini is being pitched against Moto G, it should have 720p or higher resolution. HTC One M8 had two equally powerful lenses in the rear, something new but bit luxurious. The HTC One M8 mini will have only one 13MP rear camera and a 5MP one on the front. We hope that its camera is the same UltraPixel camera that comes with the higher version.

Mini’s specifications will be slightly lowered to reduce cost – it may have a 1.4GHz – 1.7 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor. Compared to the dual-core HTC One mini, this will be a significant boost. RAM, same as HTC One mini, will be 1 GB. HTC One M8 mini will have 16GB of storage expandable via microSD.

No compromises on operating system though – HTC One M8 mini smartphone will have the latest Android 4.4 along with Sense 6.0.

HTC One M8 mini availability and price

As the objective, to begin with, is to make the smartphone more affordable, HTC One M8 mini must please or rather vow the prospective customers. Verizon will soon announce the billing plans and attractive finance options. The unlocked version of smartphone, as and when it becomes available, should be in the range of $550-600.

Like all other details, in absence of official statement, HTC One M8 mini is believed to be available from Verizon in the month of May. There are no further details provided whether it is an exclusive deal or not.

While premium flagship models are focused towards show of strength, the Mini versions are more suitable for day-to-day usage. For exact details, we will wait for official word from HTC or Verizon and the HTC One M8 Mini.